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        Security Council
10 May 2004

Original: Arabic

Letter dated 10 May 2004 from the Permanent Representative of Lebanon to the United Nations addressed to the President of the Security Council

Israel has continued to violate Lebanese airspace, since on 5 May 2004 between 1027 hours and 1215 hours 16 warplanes simultaneously violated Lebanese airspace, flying over various parts of Lebanese territory, including the capital, breaking the sound barrier and terrifying peaceful inhabitants, including children. Then, between 1425 hours and 1515 hours, four other planes violated Lebanese airspace and were met with resistance from Lebanese anti-aircraft fire. At 1550 hours two warplanes again violated Lebanese airspace and attacked southern Lebanon, firing five rockets in three bursts.

Immediately after these grave acts of aggression, on 6 May 2004, the Personal Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Southern Lebanon, Staffan de Mistura, convened a press conference during which he stated: “By way of commentary on the violation of the Blue Line, I should like to emphasize today the gravity of this violation and the importance of the fact that it has put an end to a phase in the ceasefire which had lasted for six to eight weeks … This incident began at 10.30 a.m. when a number of Israeli violations took place, and by the end of the day the total number of military violations amounted to 27. In our view this is a grave infringement and violation of the Blue Line and Lebanese sovereignty, and, through the United Nations, the Security Council, the Secretary-General and the Member States and in our own personal capacity, we have repeatedly called on Israel to put an end to the violations and pointed out the gravity of the matter and its provocative nature.”

Lebanon, which adheres to the resolutions of international legitimacy, attributes to Israel the responsibility for anything which may occur as a result of its aggressive conduct and appeals to the United Nations, the Security Council and the international community to bring all possible pressure to bear upon Israel to stop these violations and acts of aggression.

In drawing your attention to the extreme gravity of these actions by Israel, which constitute flagrant acts of aggression and violations of Lebanon’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the Lebanese Government appeals to you to intervene and demand that Israel cease these acts and return to the earlier state of affairs. It further requests you to make Israel bear any consequences that may arise from its violations of the Blue Line and of Lebanese sovereignty and territorial integrity.

I should be grateful if you would have this letter circulated as a document of the Security Council and the General Assembly. Lebanon reserves its right to call for a meeting of the Security Council to discuss these acts of aggression whenever it deems it appropriate.

(Signed) Sami Kronfol
Permanent Representative


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