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Source: Secretary-General
16 February 2005

New York, 16 February 2005 - Secretary-General's Press Encounter on his way to the Security Council Meeting on Iraq


Q: There has been an announcement about a common front, a joint front, between Iran and Syria. Do you read this as directed against Iraq or against Lebanon? And are you worried to what it might lead, to consequences?

SG: I need to look at the details of that announcement. We are monitoring developments there very, very closely, as you can imagine. So I would not want to comment in detail on that.

Q: Is it worrisome that there is such an announcement of a common front?

SG: I think I won't (inaudible) what was said.


Q: What are you going to do on the team, on the Lebanon report? What's your first step?

SG: We are studying the Security Council request very carefully, in order to begin taking prompt action. But I am not in a position to go into details.

Q: How prompt? When should we expect the first step?

SG: I would hope in the course of the week.

Q: [The] course of a week? It will take a week before you take the first step?

SG: In the course of a week.


Q: Middle East envoy, are you ready to announce that? Do you have anything?

SG: Kieran is working on that for me – Kieran Prendergast.

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