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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: European Union (EU)
15 October 2014

Press Release
PR/14/2014 Jerusalem

15 OCTOBER 2014

Single Support Framework 2014-2015:
The EU and Palestine sign new multi-annual programming

On 15 October 2014, the European Union Representative, Mr John Gatt-Rutter, and the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Dr Rami Hamdallah, signed a new EU programming document, the Single Support Framework (SSF). This document confirms the EU's continuing support for the Palestinian Authority through PEGASE, for East Jerusalem and for UNRWA in the coming year. It also sets out three areas of focus for EU assistance namely: governance, economic development, and land and water development. The SSF includes a particular emphasis upon Gaza in line with the commitments made at the recent Cairo Conference.

The SSF sets out, for the first time, the EU's priorities for assistance to the Palestinian people on a multiannual basis. These priorities have been developed in order to support the Palestinian Authority's own Palestinian National Development Plan 2014-2016 (PNDP) as well as to complement the EU-Palestinian agreed agenda for reform, the Joint Action Plan.

The SSF confirms the EU's continuing support for East Jerusalem and for the Palestinian Authority through PEGASE direct Financial Support as well for UNRWA's General Fund. The objective of this assistance is to maintain the viability of the two-state solution, with Jerusalem as the capital of two states.

In addition it sets out three sectors of intervention namely: governance at local and national levels; support for the private sector and sustainable economic development and support for water and land development. The three sectors were selected from among the PA's own priorities and are fully in line with the division of labour between the EU Member States (included in the Local Development Strategy of the EU and its Member States). Support for civil society will be mainstreamed throughout all sectors of intervention.

The indicative bilateral allocation for 2014 and 2015 is between €508 million and €621 million, with €300 million already committed for 2014. A special effort will be needed to address the situation in Gaza (notably following the 50-day conflict this Summer). In particular it will be crucial to further extend the EU's efforts to support institution-building of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. Precise allocations for 2015 will be agreed according to the conclusions of the Cairo Conference for Gaza Reconstruction and discussions on the Gaza Early Recovery and Reconstruction Plan 2014-2016 and the ongoing Damage Needs Assessment for Gaza led by the PA and currently carried out by the EU, the World Bank and the UN.

"The EU is the most important donor, reliable and predictable partner of the Palestinian people and is present in every aspect of life in the West Bank including East Jerusalem and in Gaza through a variety of tools. This includes institution-building with the goal of creating the institutions necessary to exercise effective governance in a future State of Palestine, water and land development, supporting the private sector to achieve sustainable economic developments, "said the EU Representative John Gatt-Rutter. "The adoption of a Single Support Framework is an important development in bilateral relations between the EU and Palestine as this is the first time that the EU has aligned Palestine to all its other partner countries, shifting from an annual to a multi-annual programming covering 2014 and 2015, "he added.

The SSF has been finalised after having been extensively discussed, shared and agreed in the course of 2013 and early 2014 with representatives from the Palestinian Authority, EU Member States and civil society in East Jerusalem, the rest of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


The Office of the European Union Representative: Shadi Othman (02 5415 867, 0599 673 958)

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