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About the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People
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        General Assembly
        Security Council
5 July 1978


Thirty-third session
Item 31 of the preliminary list*


Letter dated 30 June 1978 from the Acting Chairman of the
Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the
Palestinian People addressed to the Secretary-General

I have the honour to inform you that, in the light of recent events, the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People deems it highly relevant to bring to the attention of all Member States certain important communications received by you from the Palestinians in the occupied territories, which were transmitted to the Committee on 6 March 1978 by the Secretariat.

The Committee is convinced, on the basis of the signatures appended to the documents, that they represent the true sentiments and aspirations of the Palestinian people.

The elements put forth in the first document are the following:

(I) The Palestine Liberation Organization is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and as such not only has the full right but is duty-bound to express the views and attitudes of the Palestinian people.

(II) It recalls the commitment of the world to the United Nations resolutions, especially General Assembly resolution 3236 (XXIX) of 22 November 1974, and to the resolutions of the Algiers and Rabat summit meetings recognizing the Palestine Liberation Organization as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. It further declares their adherence to these resolutions, confirms their commitment to the decisions of the thirteenth Palestinian National Conference held in Cairo, demands that all parties respect the will of the peoples of the world, including the Palestinian people, and denounces any attempt to derogate from the legitimate rights of the people, at the forefront of which is the right to self-determination.

Proceeding from the above-mentioned premises, it affirms the following principles:

(I) It stresses that the fierceness of the battle taking place in the face of the present imperialist onslaught against the achievements of the Palestinian people and all the Arab peoples requires that a wide Arab front be organized to include all the Arab States that reject all forms of that imperialist onslaught in the region, as well as all the Arab people's organizations and the Palestine Liberation Organization, and that all the economic, political and military capabilities be mobilized to deter that attack, thus putting an end to plots against all the national achievements in the Arab region and deepening the alliance of that front with all anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist forces.

(II) The Palestinian people in the occupied territories clearly confirm their complete faith in the unity of the Palestinian people inside and outside those territories. They also affirm the unity of the Palestinian representation through the Palestine Liberation Organization, which is the only source authorized to speak on behalf of that people, and they denounce any attempt at organizing a substitute or equivalent leadership.

(III) The rights of the Palestinian people as affirmed by various United Nations resolutions are not subject to bargaining. Foremost among these is their legitimate right to determine their own future on their land in complete freedom. Consequently they reject any form of trusteeship, no matter what its source may be, and any form of solution that detracts from the independence of the Palestinian people and the independence of their will and hence they reject also any mandatory link between the Palestinian State with any other party so long as such a course runs counter to the freedom of the Palestinian people to determine their own future.

(IV) The Palestinian people from the occupied territories salute the struggle of all Arab peoples and all the forces that lend their support to our just struggle. Above all, they salute the struggle of their expatriate people under the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization and call for a firm stand in the face of all attempts aimed at shaking Arab solidarity based on the will of the Arab nation to rid itself of the imperialist onslaught and Zionist aggression.

The signatures appended to this document are given in annex I of this letter.

The second document is as follows:

"Memorandum from the masses and the institutions of the West Bank to
the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization

"We in the occupied territories, because of our faith in the Palestine Liberation Organization as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, affirm that we are unified in rallying around the Palestine Liberation Organization in confronting the challenges it is facing and resisting internal and external pressures, as represented by the imperialist Zionist and Arab reactionary pressure which is being applied to it to induce it to make concessions and ultimately support the United States solution. Accordingly, we consider it imperative that the strong position of the Palestine Liberation Organization - which was reflected in the decisions of the thirteenth session of the National Council in March 1977 - be supported, particularly the unequivocal rejection of the United States imperialist designs and solutions that conspire against the struggles and achievements of our people in order to subject the whole region to the imperialist influence. We also emphasize the following:

"I. Rejection of any solution, regardless of its origin, not containing a clear recognition of the right of our people to self-determination and to establishing their own independent national State. We mention in particular United Nations Security Council resolution 242 (1967) and the new American conspiracy aimed at subjecting the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to a tripartite (Israeli, Jordanian and international) trusteeship.

"II. The masses of the occupied territories denounce the pressures exerted on the Palestine Liberation Organization by Arab rightists acting as agents of the United States, which is still trying to create, through glittering promises and empty dreams, conditions favourable to its attempts to mislead the Arab masses~ and the Palestinians in particular.

"III. A strict policy should be followed in dealing with the Palestinian elements known for their loyalty to the Hashemite regime and close relationships with the occupation authorities who have audaciously stated their shameful position and one which the Palestinian masses reject.

"We salute you and all the militants of our revolution, each in his position, and promise you our continued resistance to all forms and practices of the Zionist occupation of the Palestinian territory."

The signatures appended to this document are given in annex II of this letter.

The third document, dated 1 November 1977, is as follows:

"His Excellency, the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States,

"The convening of the Conference of Arab Ministers for Foreign Affairs to discuss various issues, foremost of which are the Palestinian cause and the Israeli aggression facing the Arab nation at this stage of its history, is an occasion for us, the Palestinian masses deep-rooted in the land of our fathers and forefathers, to state that - proceeding from the justice of our cause, of the national demands and aspirations of the people and of their right to exercise their full legitimate rights on the soil of their Palestinian sacred homeland; and after some voices had begun to ring out from various places, speaking about low-level representation for the Palestinian people, once with inverse or soothing concepts and once with proposals aimed at striking at the Palestinian national movement and at its unity, such as the proposal to have the Palestinians represented by persons from inside the occupied Palestinian territories - we assure you, Sir, the Arab nation and the entire world, that we stress the following facts:

1. The Palestine Liberation Organization, which is the product of the Palestinian people's conscience, pains and hopes, as well as of the struggle and martyrdom of the Palestinians, is the legitimate and sole representative of the Arab Palestinian people.

2. The Arab Palestinian people are entitled, like any other people, to determine and practise their full national rights.

3. The masses of our Palestinian people in the occupied territories condemn all the negative pressures and practices calling for the alienation of the Palestine Liberation Organization from its fundamental and basic attitudes vis-a-vis the principled issues of our people.

4. The masses of our Palestinian people, who strongly support their legitimate representative, condemn most decisively and unswervingly all the attempts aimed at weakening and bypassing the Palestine Liberation Organization, thus bringing into existence an illegitimate alternative to it. They also condemn the pronouncement of slogans calling for lowering the level of Palestinian representation in various fields, which would inevitably affect, in an adverse way, the essence and just character of the Palestine issue, and would therefore cause the national movement of the Arab Palestine people to disintegrate.

5. Despite their daily suffering in obtaining their sustenance and their simplest basic human rights, the masses of the Palestinian people most determinedly insist on the evacuation of the Israeli forces from all the occupied Arab territories and on the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and to establish their independent Palestinian State on their national soil.

"While stressing all the foregoing, our people in the occupied territories are aware that the failure to thwart the imperialist plots amounts to enabling the enemies to have the Arab cause in general under their control, and that the support of the Palestine Liberation Organization by the Arab nation and enabling the former to pursue it's struggling national practices for the realization of the rights of its people is a responsibility imposed by the oneness of the cause and by the need to be aware of it."

The signatures appended to this document are given in annex III of this letter.

The fourth document, dated 8 August 1977, is as follows:

"His Excellency, the Secretary-General of the United Nations

"The latest measures taken by the Israeli Government reveal its real intentions, its defiance of international instruments and of world public opinion and its disdain of human values and the rights of peoples. Those Israeli measures: which Israel untruthfully called "unification of services", were not the first of their kind. Since the occupation in 1967, Israel has constantly been carrying out its expansionist policy; it decided unilaterally to annex Jerusalem and therefore imposed the excise duty and, later on, the Israeli customs laws; this was followed by the imposition of the value-added tax and the revenue tax amended according to the Israeli scales, as well as other taxes whose imposition is now allowed in occupied territories. Furthermore, there is the settlement policy, Israel's decision to establish three more settlements and its declaration that it intends to establish more; all such successive steps are a clear indication of the true expansionist intentions which lie behind such a measure. While declaring our refusal of the latest measures, we, the people in the occupied territories, declare that:

I. The allegation that unification of services helps to serve human, and not political purposes is only camouflage for the true objectives which the Israeli officials announced in the course of their interpretation of the nature of those measures, and of whether they meant annexation, in regard to which they said that he who owned did not annex.

2. As far as its objective is concerned, the unification of service does not differ from the unjust and illegal tax laws which were applied to the occupied territories, nor does it differ from the military atmosphere in which we live.

3. The deterioration of services in the occupied territories since the occupation in 1967 up to the present time and their underdeveloped level in our region, both qualitatively and quantitatively, refute categorically the humane character which the Israeli Government wants to give to such measures.

4. Out of our adherence to their national rights to land, State and self-determination, we reject the settlement policy, both in terms of what has already been carried out and in terms of the settlements that the Israeli Government intends to establish. We consider this policy and all other arbitrary measures as a serious violation of our rights and national existence; by means of which violation the Israeli Government deepens the enmity in the region, obstructs the peace efforts, escalates tension and opens up a single door to attain rights, namely that of force in an era which disapproves of it.

"Consequently, we, the people of the occupied territories, raise our voices aloud, condemning such measures in their entirety, and while rejecting and disapproving them, we appeal to world public opinion, through the United Nations, to take all steps that ensure that such aggressive measures against our people are checked and annulled, as they prevent them from attaining their human hopes in uniting and establishing their independent free State under the leadership of their legitimate and sole representative, namely, the Palestine Liberation Organization."

The signatures appended to this document are given in annex IV of this letter.

The fifth document is as follows:

"On behalf of national and women's bodies, trade unions, vocational and labour unions, families and relatives of political prisoners and students in the West Bank, the following statement is addressed to: Dr. Kurt Waldheim, Secretary-General of the United Nations; the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Cairo; the International Red Cross Committee, Geneva; the Commission on Human Rights, Geneva; all General Consulates in Jerusalem; and the Arab Bar Association.

"Whereas recognition of the dignity and the equal rights of human beings is the foundation of freedom, Justice and peace in the world; whereas the peoples of the United Nations reaffirmed their faith in human rights when in 1948 the General Assembly proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and called for a world in which human beings would enjoy freedom of speech, belief, work and movement, and freedom from fear and want; whereas disregard of human rights is distressing to man's conscience; and in view of the events currently taking place in our occupied homeland and the measures being taken against our people in violation of the provisions of the Geneva Convention;we, the undersigned: national and women's bodies, trade unions and vocational and labour federations, appeal to your conscience to heed the repeated calls of the people of the occupied territories for the realization of their rights, for justice and for the initiation of prompt action, at both the Arab and international levels, to safeguard human rights and freedoms in the sacred occupied land, to eliminate the confusion and mass punishment to which all classes of the people of the occupied Arab territories are subjected, and to achieve the just demands set forth hereunder:

1. To form a committee comprising Arab and friendly States to request the United Nations to help to apply the provisions of the Geneva Convention to political prisoners, treating them as prisoners of war, meeting their just demands for medical treatment, for sufficient foods, clothing, covering, newspapers and books; and to help to put an end to the practice of solitary confinement, coercive work, and treatment which is incompatible with human dignity.

2. To form an international medical committee to visit such prisons in order to investigate the deteriorating health conditions of the prisoners and to secure the release of those who are chronically sick so that they may receive treatment abroad.

3. To stop all mass arrests of students, the imposition of excessively heavy fines on their families, their subjection to severe punishment when undergoing interrogation, their removal from city schools to remote village schools and the holding of sham trials in which they are given no opportunity to defend themselves.

4. To stop the seizure of lands and the establishment of settlements in violation of article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which provides that "no one shall be subjected to confiscation of his land, and every people is entitled to being protected by the international law against such violation", and to cancel the unjust laws which the people are neither able nor willing to accept.

"Consequently, in order to affirm the total obligation to safeguard these rights, and the rights guaranteed by article 5 of the said Declaration, which provides that "no one shall be subjected to ... cruel... treatment or punishment", which is presently the case in all concentration camps; and in order to secure the educational, economic and social human rights which are indispensable in one's land and homeland, we call for the combination of Arab national efforts and international co-operation, and appeal to the world conscience to support this steadfast and suffering people, to take a firm and just attitude with a view to protecting their rights and freedoms in their sacred land and to putting into effect the purposes adhered to by 146 States with regard to seeking peace and brotherhood as a right for peoples, so as to enable them to enjoy, in their land and home, the dignity and freedom provided for in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

The signatures appended to this document are given in annex V of this letter.

I have the honour to request that this letter, with its annexes, be circulated as an official document of the General Assembly under item 31 of the preliminary list.

(Signed) Raul ROA KOURI
Acting Chairman
Committee on the Exercise
of the Inalienable Rights
of the Palestinian People


* A/33/50/Rev.1.



Signatures appended to first document

    Hassan Mohammed Milhim
    Mayor of Halhoul

    Fahed Kawasmi
    Mayor of El-Khalil (Hebron)

    (Signature illegible)
    Mayor of Dourah

    George Hazboun
    Deputy Mayor of Bethlehem

    Atallah El-Rashmawi
    Member, Beit-Sahur Municipal Council

    Fuad Rizk
    Deputy Mayor of Beit-Jala

    Public Utilities Workers and Staff Union (seal)

    George El-Rayi Abu-Eitah
    President, Arab Orthodox Club
    of Beit-Sahur

    Yusuf Abdallah Abou-Zeid

    Dr. Haidar Abdel-Shafi
    Former President of the Legislative
    Council, Gaza

    Shaban Eid
    Member, Legislative Council

    Mohammad Al-Radwan

    Nictor Kuffah
    Pharmacist, Landlord

    Yunis El-Jarou

    Sami Mohammad Abu Salim

    Qalqilya Municipal Council
    (signature and seal)

    Municipality of Jenin
    (signature and seal)

    (Signature illegible)
    Mayor of Salfeet

    Khaled El Awad

    Municipality of Arraba
    (signature and seal)

    Charity Association of Jenin
    (signature and seal)

    Saad Eddine El-Alamy
    Mufti of Jerusalem

    Hilmi El-Mubtasib
    President, Islamic Council

    Dr. Salem Matouk
    President, Red Crescent Association,

    Dr. Amin El-Khateeb
    President, Charitable Asscoiations
    President, Arab Alumni Club, Jerusalem

    Jiryes El-Khoury
    Vice-President, Jordanian Bar
    Association and its representative
    in the West Bank

    Ibrahim El-Daqqaq
    President, Engineers Association,
    West Bank

    Mamoun El-Sayed
    Editor-in-Chief, El Fajr daily newspaper

    Tailors Workers Union, Jerusalem
    Yakoub Farraj, Secretary

    Hind El Husseini
    Director, Arab Children's Home,

    Shoemaking Workers Union, Jerusalem
    (signature and seal)

    Restaurateurs and Coffee-Shop Owners
    Ali Abu Assab, Abdel-Rauf Abu Assab

    Al-Shaab Arabic daily newspaper,
    (signature and seal)

    Jerusalem Electric Corporation
    Workers Union
    Abed Abu Diad, Secretary

    Abdallah El-Akkawi
    Headmaster, Dar El-Awlad School

    Mahdi Abdul-Hadi
    President, Arab Intellectual Assembly

    Isamil Ajweh

    Khalil Khano

    Construction and Public Institution
    Workers Union
    Ramallah-Al-Bireh (signature and seal)

    Kareem Khalaf
    Mayor of Ramallah

    Al-Bireh Minicipal Council
    (signature and seal)

    Betunia Municipality Department
    (signature and seal)

    Orthodox Club of Ramallah
    (signature and seal)

    Family Rehabilitation Association,
    (signature and seal)

    Al-Hilal Athletic Club
    (signature and seal)

    Beir Zeit Municipality
    (signature and seal)

    An-Nahda Women's Association, Ramallah (signature and seal)

    Ramallah First Boy Scouts Troop
    (sigature and seal)

    Comnunity Friends Charitable Society
    El-Bireh - Ramallah
    (signature and seal)

    El-Bireh Youth Association
    (signature and seal)
Daoud El-Sayegh

Yusna El-Barbari
President, Gaza Women's Federation

Mohammad Ali Basheer
Former member of the Legislative
Council for Deir El-Balah

Fayez Abu Rahma
President, Bar Association

(Signature illegible)
Mayor of Nablus ( seal)

Municipality of Tulkarm
(seal - signature illegible)

Tullcarm Chamber of Commerce
(signature illegible)

Medical Association, Tulkarm
President, Dr. Ghazi Hannoun

Anabta Municipal Council
(signature and seal)

Palestine Red Crescent Association,
Sarah Hannoun

Qalqilya Chamber of Commerce and
(signature and seal)

General Federation of Trade Unions,
(signature and seal)

Municipal, Public Utilities, Commercial
Stores and Private Business Workers and
Employees Union of Tulkarm
(signature and seal)

Jack Hazmou
Editor, Al-Bayadir magazine,
Beit Hanina

Dr. Samir Katbeh
President, West Bank Medical

Dr. Naseeb Abdul-Lateef
President, Dental Association

Pharmacists Asscoiation, West Bank
Ammad El-Tazeez, President

Daoud Istanbuli
President, Agricultural Engineers
Association, West Bank

Taysir Kanaan
Presiding Judge, Appellate Court

Salah Eddin Advertising, Publishing
and Insurance Agency, Jerusalem
(signature and seal

Mahmoud El-Hibiyieh
Director-General, El Makased
Islamic Society

Fatima El-Nisnas
Member, Women's Association

Khalil Touma

Fayeq Barakat

Ali Mahmoud El-Taziz
Chairman, Jerusalem Chamber of

Kamel El-Duweik
Member, Executive Committee,
Employees Association

Akramah Sabri
Preacher, El-Aqsa Mosque; Director
Preaching and Guidance

Youth Activities Centre, Jalazone
(signature and seal)

Youth activities Centre, Tulkarm
Refugee Camp
(signature and seal)

El-Arroub Refugee Camp Youth
Activities Centre
(signature and seal)

Kalandia Youth Activities Centre
(signature and seal)

Balata Refugee Camp Youth Activities
(signature and seal)

Jericho Women's Charity Association
(signature and seal)

Jericho Municipality
(signature and seal)

West Bank Chambers of Commerce Office
(signature and seal)

Youth Activities Centre - Dheisheh
Refugee Camp

Fatima Jibril
President, Kalandia Camp Co-operative
for Sewing and Handicrafts

Khadija Salim
Director, Kalandia Camp Community
Promotion Centre

Bashir El-Barghouthi
Palestinian Journalist

El-Bireh Chapter, Arab Women's
(signature and seal)

Jerusalem Government Employees Club
(signature and seal)

Volunteer Work Committee of Ramallah,
(signature and seal)

Salwad Municipal Council, Region of
(signature and seal)

Bani Zeid Club, Region of Ramallah
(signature and seal)

Bani Zeid Municipal Council
(signature and seal)

Jordan Family Planning and Welfare
Association, Bireh/Ramallah Branch (signature and seal)

Red Crescent Society of El Bireh,
President (signature illegible)


Signatures anpended to second document

Friends of Community Charitable Society, El-Bireh/Ramallah
(signature and seal)

Karim Khalaf
Mayor of Ramallah

El-Bireh Municipal Council
(signature and seal)

Orthodox Club-Ramallah
(signature and seal)

Family Rehabilitation Society, El-Bireh (signature and seal)

First Ramallah Boy Scouts Troop
(signature and seal)

El-Bireh Youth Institution
(signature and seal)

Upper Beit Oor Cultural and Athletic Club (signature and seal)

Bani Zeid Club
(signature and seal)
Volunteer Work Committ~e of Issawieh

Volunteer Work Committee of El-Bireh/Ramallah

Volunteer Work Committee of Kalandia

Arab University Graduates Club, Jerusalem (signature and seal)

Al Ittiliad Club of Bethlehem

Bir Zeit University
(signature and seal)

Ramallah Municipality
(signature and seal)

Betunia Municipal Department
(signature and seal)

Bani Zeid Municipal Council
(signature and seal)


Signatures appended to third document

Hekmat Al-Masry

Ahmed Shawky Mousa Mahmoud

Qalqilya Municipality

Nablus Chamber of Connnerce
(seal and signature)

Nablus Municipality
(seal and signature)

Deir Diwan Municipal Department
(seal); signed by the Head of the

Nablus Red Crescent Society
(seal); signed by Dr. Faek Al-Masry

Family Rehabilitation Society of
(seal); signed by Mohamed Saad El-Din
and (the name is illegible)

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of
... (illegible; seal and signature)

Tulkarm Municipality
(seal and signature)

Arab Federation of Trade Unions
(seal; signature is illegible)

For the physicians of Nablus,
Dr. Salah Al-Bustamy

For the dentists of Nablus,
Dr. Nadim Awad

Jordanian Red Crescent Society, Al-Bireh
(seal and illegible signature)

Mohamed Hassan Milhim, Mayor of Halhul
(seal and signature)

Jordanian Family Control and Protection
Society, Halhul
(seal and illegible signature)

Trade Union of Sewing Workshop Workers
of Al-Khalil
(seal and signature)

Ragaei ... (last name is illegible),

Mayor of Al-Khalil, Engineer
Fahd Al-Qawasmi
(seal and signature)

Kamal Al-Doweik, member of the Municipal
Council of Al-Khalil

Jordanian Red Crescent Society,
Al Khalil Branch
(seal and illegible signature)

Ishak Al-Natsha, lawyer, member of the
Municipal Council of Al-Khalil
For the pharmacists of Nablus,
Dr . Omar Al-Masry

Ms. Faiza Abdul-Mohsen, authoress and
woman of letters, head of the Childhood
and Maternity Society,
Nablus District

Hamdi Kanaan

Palestinian Red Crescent Society,
(seal and signature of Sarra Hannoun)

H. Helmi and A. Al-Hadi

Betunia Municipality Department
(seal and signature of
Ahmed Lutfi Othman, Mayor)

Ramallah Municipality Department
(seal and signature of the Acting Mayor)

Al-Bireh Municipal Council
(seal and illegible signature)

Beir Zeit Municipality

For the lawyers of Nablus,
Saleh Abu-Obeidah

Salwad Municipal Council, Ramallah
(seal and signature of
Mousa Mahmoud Mousa)

Ali Said Ashour, member of Al-Khalil

University Graduates Association of
Al-Khalil District
(seal and illegible signature)

Dr. Awni Al-Saghir, member of Al-Khalil

Mustafa Abdul-Nabi, Deputy Mayor of

Representative of the subsidiary
Committee of the Egyptian Bar
Association in Al-Khalil
(illegible signature)

Abdul Kader ..., member of Al-Khalil

Mayor of Dora,
(seal and signature)

Khalid Al-Oseili, member of Al-Khalil


Signatures appended to fourth document

Tulkarm Municipality
(seal and illegible signature)

Chairman of the Sub-Committee of the
Doctors' Syndicate, Dr. Salah Al-Bustami (signature)

Nablus Chamber of Commerce
(seal and illegible signature)

General Federation of Trade Unions, Nablus (seal and signature of the Secretary­
General of the Federation)

Nablus Municipality
(seal and illegible signature)

Jenin Municipality
(seal and signature of
Ahmed Shawki Mousa Mahmoud)

Mayor of Halhul
(seal and illegible signature)

Chamber of the Sub-Committee of Doctors'
Syndicate in Jenin, Dr. Khalid ... (signature)

Chairman of the Sub-Committee of
Pharmacists' Syndicate in Nablus,
Dr. Nimr Al-Masri

For the engineers of Nablus District
(illegible signature)

Association of Arab Women Federation,
Nablus, Ms. Andalib Al-Amad
(seal and signature)

Qalqilya Municipal Council
(seal and illegible signature)
For Nablus dentists, Dr. ...
(illegible signature)

Lawyers' Sub-Committee in Nablus,
Salah Abu-Obeidah

Jenin Charitable Society, Jenin
(seal and illegible signature)

Family Rehabilitation Society, Al-Bireh
(seal and illegible signature)

Hanna Khoury Al-Atrash, Mayor of
Beit Sahour
(seal and signature)

Municipal Federation of Bethlehem
(seal and illegible signature)

Syndicate of Workers and Employees of
Public Institution in Bethlehem
(seal and illegible signature)

Municipality of Beit Jala
(seal and illegible signature)

Al-Bireh Municipal Council
(seal and illegible signature)

Ramallah Municipal Department
(seal and signature of the Mayor of


Signatures appended to fifth document

Mayor of Al-Khalil, Engineer Fahd
(seal and signature)

Nablus Municipality
(seal and illegible signature)

Head of the Islamic Organization
(illegible signature)

Faiza Abdul-Meguid, for women's
organizations in the West Bank

Illegible signature

Society of Arab Women Federation, Nablus
(seal and the signature of
Ms. A1-Andalib Amad)

Nablus Chamber of Commerce
(seal and illegible signature)

Syndicate of Doctors' Sub-Committee
in Nablus
(illegible signature)

Syndicate of Pharmacists' Sub-Committee
in Nablus
(illegible signature)

Mr. Fawzy Al- ...
(the last n~e is illegible),
for the lawyers in the West Bank

Municipalities, the Bar Association and
charitable organizations in the

Al-Bireh Municipal Council
(seal and illegible signature)
Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce
and Industry, Bethlehem area
(illegible signature)

Municipal Corporation of Bethlehem
(seal and illegible signature)

Dr. ...

Mayor of Jericho
(illegible signature)

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