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        General Assembly
        Security Council

16 September 1985


Fortieth session
Item 38 of the provisional agenda*
Fortieth year

Letter dated 12 September 1985 from the Permanent Representative of Jordan
to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

With reference to the letter from the Israeli Ambassador in document S/17448 of 9 September 1985, and on instructions from my Government, I wish to state the following:

The Israeli Ambassador stated in the above-mentioned letter that the Palestine Liberation Organization "... has recently escalated its campaign of terror by infiltrating terrorists and smuggling weapons and explosives from Jordan".

In this connection I wish to point out the unfoundedness of this Israeli accusation, which is contrary to the truth, for everyone knows that the resistance to Israeli occupation arises within the occupied territories, and that this resistance is escalating as a natural reaction to the practices of the Israeli occupation authorities, involving oppression, injustice, suppression of freedom, detention of innocent people, expulsion and deportation of citizens, confiscation of land and property, the construction of settlements and the bringing in of immigrants. Moreover, the individuals to whom these acts of resistance are ascribed belong to a generation of the Palestinian people that was born and has lived under Israeli occupation, which has lasted for 18 years, and most of them are students and adolescents from the population of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip who have never left, despite Israel's inhuman and illegal measures to that end.

The reasons for this violence and resistance within the occupied territories lie in the Israeli occupation, and the instruments of this resistance are mainly stones and knives originating in the Arab territories which are suffering under the yoke of the occupation. The Israeli representative's letter shows a blatant disregard of these facts and represents a deliberate attempt on his part to make the international community believe that Israel is not responsible for what is happening within the occupied Arab territories.

The meaning of this Israeli allegation is clear and hardly require any effort of comprehension. Israel wishes to sow confusion with regard to the Jordanian peace move recently represented in the Jordanian-Palestinian agreement signed by Jordan and the PLO on 11 February 1985, which Jordan is seeking to crystallize and consolidate with all the parties concerned and other peace-loving parties and which is aimed at achieving a just and lasting peace. This will put an end to all forms of violence and war, while ensuring justice for all on the basis of international legitimacy.

The fact that Israel is now waging such a campaign against Jordan and is disregarding the real reasons for the violence, which lie in Israel's continuing occupation and its attempt to evade its responsibility for this state of affairs is regrettable and illustrates Israelis persistent refusal to face reality, an attitude which in the final analysis merely serves the cause of terrorism and extremism in the region.

I have the honour to request you to have this letter circulated as a document of the Security Council and of the General Assembly under item 38 of the provisional agenda.

(Signed) Abdullah SALAH
Permanent Representative

*Reissued for technical reasons,.



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