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        Economic and Social Council
3 March 2004


Sixtieth session
Item 8 of the provisional agenda


Written statement* submitted by the Federation of Cuban Women,
a non-governmental organization in special consultative status

The Secretary-General has received the following written statement which is circulated in accordance with Economic and Social Council resolution 1996/31.

[30 January 2004]


* This written statement is issued, unedited, in the language(s) received from the submitting non-governmental organization(s).


The massacres sustained by the army of Israel, is an attempt to finish with the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people, that for a long time has been in a permanent struggle for its national liberation. The young Palestinian people began a battle against the Zionist occupation, for about more than three decades of occupation and with more than 4 million Palestinian living in refugee camps.

Once more, we see with indignation the sharpening of the flagrant violations of human rights committed with impunity by the government of Israel, against the Palestinian people.

The present Israeli attack is characterized by a cruel repression and violence that comes from the arsenals of nazism. Thousands of Palestinian stay confined in their houses and have been marked with identification numbers like the nazis did when they made tattooing in the Jewish arms.

Everyone knows that violence calls violence, why don’t they give pacific solutions to these conflicts, predicate a policy of respect and recognition of international right and to national sovereignty without interference. Humanity is disgusted with some much war, so much death, and so much blood.

United States Imperialism has indorse impudently Ariel Sharon’s policy and is evident that Bush’s administration is accomplice of the escalade against the Palestinian people.

Although, imperialism tries to prove that this is an internal conflict between two factions what is seen by the eyes of the world is that the Zionist state is carrying out a racist campaign of extermination against an oppressed people.

The role of the United Nations goes against the interests of the Palestinian people and during years has given its back to the historic demands of the region and endorse the existence of Israel state in the abduct territories and now demands Israel with weakness to come out of the autonomous territories. At the same time condemns Palestinian terrorism, putting in the same level oppressors and oppressed.

Both United Nations and The European Union go forward in a new process of peace based in the role of Israel as gendarme in the region and creates a fiction of a Palestinian State in the autonomous territories.

We also condemn the Arab bourgeoisie who prefers to betray their people than put into risk their economic interests and their relationship with US Imperialism, this is happening especially with the countries that have oil, been a way to pressure the United States Government, which is strongly dependant of the oil in the region.

We see with satisfaction, that mobilizations begin to take place in the Arab, European and Latin American Countries against the Israeli offensive, showing the way to stop the violent military attack of Israel’s army, and demand the immediate withdrawal of the autonomous territories. We support these actions and condemn any maneuver of this type that will risk the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.

We pronounce ourselves for the self-determination and the right of the Palestinian people to have their own state. A new multi-ethnic state should come out, where genocide practices of the current government of Israel would not find space. This new no racist Palestinian state should emerge in an atmosphere of full democracy, where the Palestinian people will play the political role always denied.

In front of this hypocrite imperialist campaign denouncing as terrorism the legitimate defense of the Palestinians, we defend their right to face oppression and the massacres of the Israeli government.

The selective extermination policy, the daily number of murders perpetuated under the order of Ariel Sharon, with the unconditional support of the government of the United States, pursues as an objective to posses at any price all the Palestinians territories.

Is time to put an end to so many years of impunity of Zionism. We demand the fulfillment of the resolutions adopted in the General Assembly of UN, in the Human Rights Commission and in the Security Council, that state the withdrawal of Israel from the occupied territories, because the government of the United States makes an indiscriminate and antidemocratic use of the right to veto, obstructing the normal course of those resolutions.

We express our unconditional support to the Palestinian sisters, giving solidarity to them and their family and hardly wish an end be put to those unjust massacres. No more girls and boys massacred.

The world can not be silent in front of this inadmissible abuse. The world must know the Palestinian reality that the transnational of the misinformation quiets.

We wish a future of peace for the sons and daughters of the Palestinian people. A peace that will not be possible while the destiny of the planet is in the hands of a hegemonic power. A powerful country that has nothing to do with international agreements nor with the will of a great majority. A majority that is needing more than ever that the United Nations Organization will act with the principles that rule its existence.


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