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12 January 1972



On instructions from my Government, and further to my letter of 24 September 1971 (S/10335), I have the honour to bring to your attention that in recent weeks there has been a marked increase in acts of terror warfare against Israel perpetrated from Lebanese territory.

As in the past, the armed attacks from Lebanon are directed in particular against the civilian population and aim at inflicting casualties on unarmed citizens and damage to their property.

The gravity of this campaign of aggression is illustrated by the following series of attacks:

On 10 December 1971 - The town of Nahariya was attacked from Lebanese territory with Katyusha rockets of 130mm. One rocket exploded in Nahariya itself and another in the neighbouring Kibbutz Saar.

On 16 December - A military vehicle near Abbassiya was fired upon from bazookas.

On 18 December - Attackers from Lebanon placed four explosive charges at a wall of a dwelling-house in Kibbutz Yiftah. The charges were discovered and dismantled.

On 19 December - The town of Kiryat Shmona was attacked from Lebanese territory by Katyusha fire. A rocket caused damage to electricity lines and to a civilian vehicle.

On 26 December - A squad of marauders crossed the cease-fire line from Lebanon near Avivim and clashed with an Israeli patrol. Two Israeli soldiers were wounded.

On 30 December - Fire was opened from bazookas and automatic weapons on a civilian vehicle near Idmit.

On 31 December - A bazooka shell was fired on an Israeli patrol in the area of Har Noter, north of Misgav Am.

On 6 January 1972 - The area south of Margaliot and the fields between Kfar Blum and Kiryat Shmona were shelled from Lebanese territory.

On 9 January - A Katyusha rocket was fired in the direction of Safed and exploded north of the town.

On 9 January - An Israel patrol near Kibbutz Yeraon intercepted a squad of attackers who had penetrated from Lebanon and killed three of them.

On 9 January - The town of Manara was shelled by bazookas.

On 11 January - Kiryat Shmona was again attacked, and a Katyusha rocket hit and damaged a kindergarten and several adjacent buildings.

The Government of Israel cannot and will not acquiesce in acts of armed aggression directed against Israel from Lebanon and is duty-bound to take all the necessary measures of self-defence for the protection of its territory and its population.

The terror organizations do not conceal the fact that they are conducting their operations against Israel from Lebanese territory, their principal base being located, under an agreement with the Lebanese authorities, in the south-eastern region of Lebanon. In statements issued by them, including communiques published in Beirut, they admit their nefarious activities and confirm that the defence measures taken by Israel are directed against them.

Moreover, the Lebanese Government has repeatedly proclaimed its support for the terror organizations and their campaign of aggression.

On 1 January 1972, Radio Beirut quoted the Prime Minister of Lebanon as having declared: "We always endeavour to help our fedayeen brethren and to supply them with whatever we possess".

According to a report by the Associated Press on 6 January 1972 he stated: "Lebanon has participated and will participate in the struggle against Israel. Military action is one of the ways to participate in this struggle".

As stressed in my previous letters, it is the duty of the Government of Lebanon to put an immediate end to such armed attacks against Israel from Lebanese territory. The Lebanese Government cannot be allowed to ignore its obligations as it does also in the letter of its Permanent Representative of 11 January 1972 (S/10502). By not complying with them, the Government of Lebanon assumes responsibility for grave violations of international law, the Charter of the United Nations and the cease-fire established by the Security Council and accepted by Lebanon on 31 July 1967.

I have the honour to request that this letter be circulated as an official document of the Security Council.

(Signed) Yosef TEKOAH
Permanent Representative of Israel
to the United Nations

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