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        General Assembly
        Security Council

2 April 1990


Forty-fifth session
Item 35 and 112 of the preliminary list*
Forty-fifth year

Letter dated 2 April 1990 from the Chargé d'affaires a.i. of the
Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations
addressed to the Secretary-General

I have been instructed by my Government to call your urgent attention to the gruesome, ruthless and systematic wave of assassinations carried out against Palestinian Arabs in Judea, Samaria and the Gala district by PLO and other Palestinian terrorist death squads.

From December 1987 to March 1990, more than 200 Palestinians were murdered in cold blood. Many were burned alive, strangled, hanged or hacked to death. Others were decapitated, dismembered or otherwise mutilated. Many of the 23 women who were assassinated were raped before they were killed, and most of the victims were savagely tortured. A list of the victims (that includes United Nations personnel) is enclosed.

In this brutal campaign of intimidation, murder attempts were perpetrated against hundreds of other Palestinians by "brother" Palestinians, resulting in 573 seriously wounded victims, many of whom were maimed for life. In addition to the heavy human toll many stores and homes were ransacked or subjected to arson, causing extensive damage and loss.

These acts are abhorrent within any context. The wanton taking of human life is especially horrifying and cannot be condoned. The assassins' claim that these terrorist attacks against defenceless people are aimed against "collaborators" (a term which conjurs up shades of the heroic resistance against the Nazis during World War II) is an attempt to present the PLO campaign of terror against its own people as a semi-legitimate and acceptable activity. The PLO and its executioners are well aware that their claim has no grounding in reality. This is amply documented in PLO leaflets, statements and press articles.

I cite but two examples: In a leaflet distributed in Khan Younis on 21 July 1989, the "Unified Command of the Intifada" acknowledged that most of the accusations against "collaborators" were groundless. Similarly, Faisal al-Husseini and Faiz Abu Rahma, two well-known Palestinians, admitted, in separate statements in the media, that not all victims worked for Israel and that many of the killings were based on doubtful rumours.

What is beyond doubt, Excellency, is the direct involvement and the full responsibility of the PLO for this new wave of terrorism as evidenced in the following statement of its chief, Yasser Arafat, published in the Jordanian newspaper al-Ra'y on 10 October 1989:

This clear-cut assumption of responsibility was reiterated as recently as 19 January 1990 in Arafat's interview to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Mussawar.

The long silence and passivity of the United Nations in regard to this untenable situation as well as the constant complacency shown towards all PLO murderous activities has been construed by them as tacit encouragement to amplify and accelerate their campaign of terror against the Arab population of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza district. The numbers speak for themselves: In 1987, two Palestinian Arabs were murdered by PLO hit squads. In 1988, 16 Palestinians were assassinated. By 1989, the annual number of victims rose to 138. In the first two months of 1990, 44 Palestinians were murdered and the number of assassination attempts was substantially increased.

I appeal for your personal, forceful condemnation of these despicable activities. On its part, the Government of Israel is determined to continue its efforts to curb this campaign of terror and intimidation with all legal means at its disposal.

It would have been appropriate to circulate this letter and its annex as an official document of the General Assembly under the agenda item entitled "Measures to prevent international terrorism which endangers or takes innocent human lives or jeopardizes fundamental freedoms and study of the underlying causes of those forms of terrorism and acts of violence which lie in misery, frustration, grievance and despair and which cause some people to sacrifice human lives, including their own, in all attempt to effect radical changes". We are aware, however, that this item does not appear on the preliminary list for the forty-fifth session.

I have the honour to request that this letter and its annex be circulated as an official document of the General Assembly, under items 35 and 112 of the preliminary list, and of the Security Council.

(Signed) Johanan BEN
Acting Permanent Representative



2 April 1990

Internecine Palestinian Killing During the "Intifada"

Two Hundred and Five Murdered as of 30 March 1990

The Victims:


1) 29 Dec: Fakri Abdullah Abd el Meguid Musalah, Bureij (Gaza)

2) 31 Dec: Hussein Hamouda Muhammed Al-Sar, Sheikh Radwan (Gaza)


3) 24 Feb: Muhammed Iyad Abdullah Zakarna, Kabatia (Jenin)

4) 7 Mar: Nabil Jumaa Hussein Farah, Aqbat Jabber (Jericho)

5) 22 Mar: Naim Muhammed Ahmed Abu-Lahia, Wadi Ghaza (Gaza)

6) 8 May: Amana Ahmed Ali Aramat, Jenin

7) 23 May: Azmi Ali Hasan Sarfi, Askar (Nablus)

8) 20 Jul: Yasser Ibrahim Ahmed Najar, Jelazoun (Ramallah)

9) 1 Aug: Muhammed Suleiman Abed el Rahim Hussein, Beit Amin (Kalkilya)

10) 10 Sep: Assad Ahmed Muhammed Othman, Nablus

11) 14 Sep: Adli Rushdi Suleiman Thalgi, Nablus

12) 25 Sep: Naim Tawfik Hassan Satitya, Nablus

13) 6 Oct: Mustafa Salim Mustafa Salameh, Bidya (Kalkilya)

14) 6 Oct: Ahmed Yussef Taher Zaarur, Um El Fahem

15) 7 Oct: Muhammed Aref Abd el Rahim Salah, Barka (Nablus)

16) 15 Oct: Khader Ali Abu Hamda, Yatta (Hebron)

17) 24 Nov: Nawal Hassan Ibrahim HAlawa, Shatti (Gaza)

18) 13 Dec: Jabber Muhammed Hassan Abu Fadallah, Burkin (Jenin)


19) 4 Jan: Bassam Mussa Hussein Barhama, Jericho

20) 9 Jan: Kayid Muhammed Aziz Tamizi, Idna (Hebron)

21) 12 Jan: Nasser Muhammed Falah Iruti, Nablus

22) 19 Jan: Ahmed Anis Hussein Jaradath, Atli1 (Tulkarem)

23) 22 Feb: Rasmieh Ibrahim Abed el Fatah Shaklieh, Nasser (Gaza)

24) 23 Feb: Mahmoud Atia Halil Abu Darab, Beit Lahia (Gaza)

25) 2 Mar: Bashir Muhammed Ibrahim Siyam, Zeytoun (Gaza)

26) 13 Mar: Sarris Hussein Jadawa Attawni, Rimal (Gaza)

27) 17 Mar: Muhammed Doulah, of Gaza, at the Ketziot detention facility

28) 25 Mar: Subhi Hamdan Muhammed el Doufi, Rimal (Gaza)

29) 25 Mar: Jamal Abd el Hamid Muhammed Nadi, (Gaza)

30) 2 Apr: Jamal Muhammed Khatib, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

31) 17 Apr: Rebecca Iyad, Gaza

32) 17 Apr: Kamal Khalid Iyad (son of above), Gaza

33) 17 Apr: Nadra Abed el Jabber Barakat Bolous, Nablus

34) 20 Apr: Musalim Mahmoud Shahin, Irtas (Bethlehem)

35) 22 Apr: Omar Ibrahim el Jarbali, of Rafah (Gaza), at Ketziot

36) 23 Apr: Rabhi Muhammed Hamed Bani Odeh, Tamoun (Jenin)

37) 23 Apr: Fawzi Radi Mahmoud Muhareb, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

38) 25 Apr: Azzam Abd el Rahim Fatahalla Qadi, Nablus

39) 25 Apr: Faik Sabri Salah Arar, Ras Atiya (Kalkilya)

40) 26 Apr: Amar Hussein Zakut, of Gaza, at Ketziot

41) 28 Apr: Kamal Salah Darwish Abu Zanat, Nablus

42) 1 May: Yusef A'li Abdallah Galan, Gaza

43) 1 May: Aahed Ahmed Muhammed Zeidan, Ramin (Tulkarem)

44) 3 May: Taysir Issa Assad Naasan, Mughayer (Ramallah)

45) 4 May: Muhammed Zaki Jibran, Jenin

46) 6 May: Hassan Ghanem Salim Hanidik, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

47) 13 May: Hassan Ali Salah Odeh, Thilth (Kalkilya)

48) 13 May: Hussam Tamim Sayid al Saka, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

49) 14 May: Ahmed Ibrahim Fakawi, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

50) 15 May: Aishah Zaki Halil Abu-Shawish, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

51) 24 May: Faraj Deib Ahmed Nasser, Jabalya (Gaza)

52) 27 May: Hussein Abd el Hamid Abu Odeh, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

53) 31 May: Khaled Mustafa Awad Harzallah, Yaabed (Jenin)

54) Jun: Mahmoud Slieman Wawi, Ramallah

55) 1 Jun: Musabah Khalil lssa lki, Gaza

56) 6 Jun: Ziyad Abbas Sallah Abu-Ras, Nablus

57) 8 Jun: Mahmoud Ahmad Salah Suelha, Nablus

58) 8 Jun: Taleb Kamal Amin Yaamin, Nablus

59) 11 Jun: Samir Abd el Latif Hamdan Samara, Baka el Khatab (Kalkilya)

60) 15 Jun: Sayid Mahmoud Aashour Shehadeh, Sheikh Radwan (Gaza)

61) 15 Jun: Zuhadi Ahmed Taher Immam, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

62) 20 Jun: Hitler (Fahd) Fawzi Ibrahim Maadi, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

63) 20 Jun: Samir Muhammed Ali Antiz, of Jabalya (Gaza) , at Ketziot

64) 21 Jun: Hassan Muhammed Bakar Bakar, Nablus

65) 23 Jun: Wail Juma'ah Sahlami, Gaza

66) 23 Jun: Muhammed Farej Yusuf Ali Abu Jadallah of Shatti, at Ketziot

67) 23 Jun: Ibrahim Muhammed Deib Fakya, Katana (Ramallah)

68) 25 Jun: Aadel Abd el Rahman Muhammed Lahaam, Nablus

69) 26 Jun: Sabah Taysir Yusuf Kanaan, Nablus

70) 27 Jun: Muhammed Abd el Hamid Jana, of Moughazi (Gaza), at Ketziot

71) 27 Jun: Ali Hashad Khijazi Kasaaf, of Nouseirat (Gaza), at Ketziot

72) 4 Jul: Halil Atta Ahmed Najar, Nablus

73) 5 Jul: Jamil Fares Hassan Kaddoumi, Nablus

74) 6 Jul: Hamid Mahmoud Daoud Shatiya, Kafr Salem (Nablus)

75) 6 Jul: Musa Subhi Debai, Shueifat (Jerusalem)

76) 7 Jul: Ahmed Rajah Mahmoud Yihye, Kafr Rai (Jenin)

77) 7 Jul: Ismaen Hussein Abd el Rahman el Harish, Yata (Hebron)

78) 8 Jul: Mustafa el Abd Mustafa Saad, Sejaiyeh (Gaza)

79) 12 Jul: Abdul Karim Muhammed Abdullah Abu el Tiyour, Rafah (Gaza)

80) 14 Jul: Mahmoud Muhammed Amaad, Rafah (Gaza)

81) 15 Jul: Muhammed Yusuf Abdallah Khader, Kalkilya

82) 16 Jul: Hosni Mahfouz Hussein Shahin, Gaza

83) 17 Jul: Razzek Abd el Razzek Rizzak Bairat, Taibeh

84) 24 Jul: Razzak Hassan Qassem Joundiyeh, Gaza

85) 24 Jul: Ahmed Hassan Daoud Hammad, Ziyabed (Tulkarem)

86) 26 Jul: Khaled Nayef Toufik Aabadin, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

87) 28 Jul: Walid Muhammed Mahmoud Baroud, Shatti (Gaza)

88) 29 Jul: Kamal Abd el Salim Muhammed Namnam, Shatti (Gaza)

89) 1 Aug: Jamil Muhammed Jamil Shehadeh Abu Warda, Jabalya (Gaza)

90) 5 Aug: Ziyad Abd el Muhammed Bana, of Sabra (Gaza), at Ketziot

91) 5 Aug: Ahmed Salim Ali Jeis, of Bureij (Gaza), at Ketziot

92) 6 Aug: Naji Joumaa Muhammed Abu Asi, Bani-Suheilah (Gaza)

93) 8 Aug: Suleiman Burak Muhammed Abu Hammad Jeroubil, Gaza

94) 11 Aug: Samir Nazi Ayoub Kamal, Nablus

95) 12 Aug: Jamal Muhammed Abdullah Khatib, Bidya (Kalkilya)

96) 12 Aug: Murashed Hussein Ahmed Kanira, Nablus

97) 13 Aug: Mustafa Muhammed Mustafa Dahrouj, Wadi Ghaza (Gaza)

98) 18 Aug: Abd el Rahim Abd el Latif Awad Jabbar, Kafr Lakif (Kakilya)

99) 19 Aug: Salah Suleiman Muhammed Shiekh el Eid, Rafah (Gaza)

100) 19 Aug: Gasser Sleiman Muhammad Krinawi, Gaza

101) 26 Aug: Issam Abd el Karim Darwish Abu Tiyam, Kalkilya

102) 29 Aug: Hussein Ahmed Hilal Awajneh Barhama, Jericho

103) 31 Aug: Bourham Izat Suleiman Badawi, Nablus

104) 1 Sep: Muhammed Sadek Hussein Harsha, Kafin (Tulkarem)

105) 1 Sep: Muhammed Nasser Hassan Boulboul, Tel Sultan (Rafah)

106) 2 Sep: Abd el Rahman Habis Jiyad Abu Shelouf , Rafah

107) 3 Sep: Riad Abbas Salem Nasser, Gaza

108) 5 Sep: Naim Farhi Ibrahim Ifanah, Shabourah (Rafah)

109) 7 Sep: Ahmed Izat Suleiman Amaran, Dir el Khatab (near Nablus)

110) 8 Sep: Naaman Mahmoud Ahmed Hilal, Rafah (Gaza)

111) 9 Sep: Mustafa Abdullah Yusuf Ramadan, Kafr Tal (near Nablus)

112) 9 Sep: Yusuf Muhammed Abd el Hadi Milhim, Kalkilya

113) 11 Sep: Rifat Muhammed Abd Hasnin, Daraj (Gaza)

114) 13 Sep: Jibara Muhammed Mahmoud Abu Taha, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

115) 22 Sep: Salah Muhammed Hilal Abd el Hadi, Kalkilya

116) 22 Sep: Said lsmael Salman al Jazar, Rafah (Gaza)

117) 24 Sep: Majid Mahmoud Abd Rabbu Nawaji, Rafah (Gaza)

118) 24 Sep: Aadel Joumeh Zarik Abu Shalouf, Rafah (Gaza)

119) 24 Sep: Sayad Zeid Suleiman Abu Moukhsan, Rafah (Gaza)

120) 25 Sep: Hani Amil Salfiti, Nablus

121) 28 Sep: Shehadeh Ahmed Khalil Abu Tir, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

122) 30 Sep: Salah Jadallah Musalem Kareh, Bani-Suheilah (Gaza)

123) 3 Oct: Hamid Zaki Hamili Barbakh, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

124) 4 Oct: Salah Issa Muhammed Jalaiteh, Jericho

125) 4 Oct: Yusuf Muhammed Yasin Dawik, Darej (Gaza)

126) 7 Oct: A'del Badr Badr, Ramallah

127) 12 Oct: Nuzhah Ibrahim Bakr Mabruka, Nablus

128) 13 Oct: Fatimah Sabitan Razek Shaar, Rafah (Gaza)

129) 15 Oct: Abd Rabbo Salim Abd el Karim Abu Amareh, Rafah (Gaza)

130) 20 Oct: Harb Uda Harb Issa, Bureij (Gaza)

131) 20 Oct: Taher Salah Taher Abu Salah, Yasminah (Nablus)

132) 22 Oct: Bassam Abd el Latif Salem Mansour, Kalil (near Nablus)

133) 24 Oct: Salah Rafik Hassan Abu el Waffa, Burkin (Jenin)

134) 25 Oct: Faiz Muhammed Abdullah Sahwil, Beit Hanoun (Gaza)

135) 26 Oct: Susssan Abd Al Magid Taleb Abu Al Hassin, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

136) 28 Oct: Rasmiyah Muhammad Abd Bana, Nablus

137) 31 Oct: Samiya Ahmad Muhammad Al-Kadi, Rafah (Gaza)

138) 31 Oct: Suriyah Ahmad Muhammad Al-Kadi, Rafah (Gaza)

139) 3 Nov: Na'ima Nasser Muhhammad Ga'arah, Nablus

140) 4 Nov: Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Suleyman Al-Hainah, Gaza

141) 7 Nov: Nabil Ahmad A'aref Samhan, Balata (Nablus)

142) 8 Nov: A'atef Muhammad Manssur Al Akhras, Rafah (Gaza)

143) 11 Nov: Yusuf Muhamad Yusuf Filfil, Rafah (Gaza)

144) 11 Nov: Nahtaf Jamil Shehada, Rimal (Gaza)

145) 12 Nov: Abd Al Hamid Ahmad Nassar Tamizi, Idna (Hebron)

146) 17 Nov: Attiyah Ahmad Muhammad Najjar, Rafah (Gaza)

147) 22 Nov: Husayn Hammed Husayn A'qila, Bitonya (Ramallah)

148) 22 Nov: Muhammad Mustafa Said Nazal, Jenin

149) 23 Nov: Haniyyah Abd Al Rahim Sawissa, Nablus

150) 25 Nov: Muhammad Abd Al Fattah Salim Saud, Nablus

151) 28 Nov: Mara'b Ibrahim A'li Badr, Ramallah

152) 30 Nov: Maamun Ali Abd Al-Rahim Masri, Beit Iva (Bekaot)

153) 4 Dec: Mabruqa Ibrahim Barhum al Akra'a, Dir el Balah (Gaza)

154) 10 Dec: Nasser Yusef Mustafa Ziedan, Jenin

155) 14 Dec: Sa'adi Nasser Mahmoud Bakir, Kalkilya

156) 16 Dec: Khalil Muhammad Raduan Kara'im, Silwan

157) 17 Dec: Khaled Ibrahim Masoa'd Brahma, Nablus

158) 26 Dec: Gawad Hassan Mahmoud Tamizi, Hebron

159) 28 Dec: Rabih Faiz Ahmad Shtiyah, Kfar Salem (Bekaot)

160) 29 Dec: Ahmad Muhammad Abu-Shahma, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

161) 30 Dec: Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Hamdan, Jelazoun (Ramallah)

162) 30 Dec: Masu'd Ibrahim Hamid Nadi, Nusseirat (Gaza)


163) 5 Jan: Jihad Yusef Abd-al Massorwa, Tira

164) 5 Jan: Ayub Ibrahim Hassan Mansur, Tira

165) 8 Jan: Gafra Hamza Hassan Abu Labada, Rafah (Gaza)

166) 9 Jan: Eiman Abd Al Salam A'ish Qamim, Nusseirat (Gaza)

167) 12 Jan: Seif Al Din Sa'ad Al Din Darwish Quasi, Bureij (Gaza)

168) 13 Jan: Na'im Muhammad Yusef Handuqa, Rimal (Gaza)

169) 17 Jan: Atiya Hadayeb Abd Al-Hadi Al-Warth, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

170) 19 Jan: Hamza Mahdi Muhammad Al-Fara'h, Khan Yunis (Gaza)

171) 21 Jan: Farhan Hassan Mahmoud Salahat, Bekaot

172) 21 Jan: A'del Faiez Ahmad Qaduha, Shueiba (Tulkarem)

173) 22 Jan: Hamad Muhammad Sa'ad Musa, Jenin

174) 22 Jan: Abdallah Galeb Abd Al Qader O'mar, Bitonya (Ramallah)

175) 25 Jan: Muhammad Ibrahim Ahmad Hamarsha, Ya'abed (Jenin)

176) 28 Jan: Ismail Abd A'li Abu-Yussuf (Gaza)

177) 30 Jan: A'tawa Abd Al-A'ziz Abd Al Hallak Al A'ziz, Rafah (Gaza)

178) 1 Feb: Wahid Abd Allah Rashid Abu-Kamash, Jamallah (Ramallah)

179) 3 Feb: Rafik Muhammad Ismail Shuhana, Thilth (Kalkilya)

180) 4 Feb: Ia'tidal Nazir Kalil Sha'ath, Khan Yunis

181) 4 Feb: Mahmoud Abd Al A'ziz Ahmad Abu Gazal, Khan Yunis

182) 5 Feb: Gamil Razq Muhammad Buyuk, Khan Yunis

183) 5 Feb: Intisar Buyuk, Khan Yunis

184) 8 Feb: Mahmoud Ahmad A'bd Allah Galak, Rimal (Gaza)

185) 13 Feb: A'bdallah Ahmad Hassan Harish, Ramallah

186) 15 Feb: Muhammad Mustafa Mahmoud Khatatba, Beit Furik (Bekaot)

187) 15 Feb: Sa'adi Ismail Mustafa Lidawi, Rafah

188) 17 Feb: Shahanaz Muhammad Muhammad Timraz, Rafah

189) 19 Feb: Husayn Muhammad Hasan Raduan, A'mari (Ramallah)

190) 22 Feb: Gawad Asa'd Khalil Shmalah, Sheikh A'jlun (Gaza)

191) 24 Feb: A'ahed Salem Haddad, Ramallah

192) 27 Feb: A'li Asa'd Hassan Nasasra, Beit Furik (Bekaot)

193) 3 Mar: Sa'adi Muhammad Abd Alfattah Mussalem, Bureij (Khan Yunis)

194) 3 Mar: Fahmi Sha'aban Ahmad Al-Hittl, Jabalya (Gaza)

195) 9 Mar: Ibrahim Hassan Muhammad Al-Batinjl, Rafah

196) 10 Mar: Ahmad A'li Hassan Abu-Leil, Bourga (Bekaot)

197) 11 Mar: Abd Al Ma'ati Juma'a Sa11m Abu Mandil, Khan Yunis

198) 13 Mar: Fatma Abd Al-Kalek A'bd Abu Naga', Nusirat (Khan Yunis)

199) 17 Mar: Mazan Yunis Musa Bishawi, Nablus

200) 18 Mar: Ibrahim Hassan A'li Sawan, Bethlehem

201) 21 Mar: Ahmad Khalil Muhammas Mussabah, Khan Yunis

202) 28 Mar: Yasser Sa'id Muhammad Asa'd, Tu1karem

203) 28 Mar: Samyah Husni Ibrahim Theim, Rafah

204) 28 Mar: Yasser Kazmuz, Tulkar,

205) 28 Mar: Sa'id Kazmuz (father of above), Tu1karem


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