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        General Assembly
        Security Council

1 August 1997

Fifty-second session Fifty-second year
Item 155 of the provisional agenda*

Letter dated 1 August 1997 from the Chargé d'affaires a.i.
of the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations
addressed to the Secretary-General

I have the honour to attach herewith the text of a letter from Mr. David Levy, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, addressed to his counterparts, following the terrorist attack in Jerusalem on 30 July 1997.

I should be grateful if you would have the present letter and its annex circulated as a document of the General Assembly, under item 155 of the provisional agenda, and of the Security Council.

(Signed) David PELEG
Chargé d'affaires a.i.



Letter dated 31 July 1997 from the Deputy Prime Minister
and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel

Yesterday, in two terrorist attacks in the heart of Jerusalem, 13 Israelis were killed and over 150 injured, including more than 10 in critical condition.

There is no justification of any sort for these atrocities, nor can there ever be. Indeed, these attacks came as Israel was continuing to implement measures designed to ease the economic conditions of the Palestinian community and had reconvened the bilateral committees charged with addressing the most pressing issues on the Palestinian agenda - as a result of my recent meetings with the Palestinian leadership - in a genuine effort to restore the trust and confidence between the sides.

These attacks came at a time when the Palestinian Authority has consistently failed to fulfil its obligations, to combat violence and terror, to refrain from incitement to violence and hatred, and to cooperate with Israel in the security sphere. Instead, we have been witness to the early release from detention of known terrorist activists, the continued use of official Palestinian media to disseminate hateful slogans and calls for continuation of the armed struggle against Israel, and the sight of senior officials of the Palestinian Authority participating in anti-Israel demonstrations and Israeli flag burning ceremonies. The Palestinian populace clearly perceives these actions as expressions of official approval for continued violence and terror.

In the absence of security cooperation between the sides, the destructive impact of these attacks extends far beyond the immediate loss of life and injury to body and property: they tear away at the basis of our people's faith in this peace process and in our Palestinian partner - faith which the goodwill and expressions of sorrow and condolence from the international community are helpless to restore.

We seek peace. We wish to seek the mutual implementation of the agreements signed between the sides and to proceed with the negotiations towards a comprehensive and lasting peace in our region. Yet, if the Middle East peace process is to be salvaged, dramatic and effective steps must be taken immediately by the Palestinian Authority to address the security issue. Terror and peace cannot coexist. Those who seek peace must fight terror, lest it consume them and the peace process itself.

The international community can and must play a more effective role in this regard. A clear and unequivocal message must be sent to Chairman Arafat and the Palestinian Authority that the Palestinian Authority must act effectively and consistently to uproot the terrorist infrastructure, and must renew unconditionally the security coordination with Israel. Without such action, all of the well-intentioned efforts of Israel and the goodwill and assistance of friendly countries will be destined to fall victim to the same destructive forces which struck yesterday in the heart of our capital.

I call upon all members of the international community to bring their full moral and political weight to bear on the Palestinian Authority to ensure that it fulfils it obligations and acts consistently and effectively to remove the terrorist scourge. If you wish, as we do, and as we believe the majority of Palestinians do, for this process to survive, your voice must now be heard.

(Signed) David LEVY
Deputy Prime Minister and
Minister of Foreign Affairs


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