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Press Release
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Fifty-eighth General Assembly
Third Committee
47th & 48th Meetings (AM & PM)
17 November 2003


Draft Resolutions Introduced
On Human Rights along with Amendment to Draft on Family



The Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) will continue its consideration of human rights questions, including alternative approaches for improving the effective enjoyment of human rights, as well as human rights situations and the report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

For further background information, see Press Release GA/SHC/3766 of 14 November 2003.



RASTAM MOHD ISA (Malaysia) said terrorism in all its forms must be condemned, and he called on the international community to strengthen efforts to combat it.  However, the fight must be carried out without prejudice to any religious or ethnic groups whose rights must be protected.  Terrorism must be addressed in a holistic manner, according to national and international law.  Perpetrators must be brought to justice, but attention must also be given to addressing the root causes of terrorism.

He said the gross violation of human rights by Israel against the Palestinian people continued to be of great concern.  The recent reports of special rapporteurs had provided more evidence of Israel’s inhumane policies and practices that violated the human rights of Palestinians in the occupied territories, resulting in 60 per cent of Palestinians living in acute poverty and completely dependent on food aid, with lack of access to adequate health care.  The construction of the wall would only cause health and education services to deteriorate further and aggravate economic collapse in the occupied territories.


MU’TAZ HYASSAT (Jordan) said his country believed that the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms was a pillar in ensuring more respect for the dignity of all human beings and promoting deeper understanding among nations.  In that context, the Government of Jordan had taken several progressive steps, including launching a national popular information campaign to anchor this concept in the public mind and to consolidate justice, equality and the rule of law. 

His delegation had taken note, with appreciation, of the report of Special Rapporteur John Dugard, on the question of the violation of human rights in the Occupied Arab territories.  While, condemning these violations, he expressed his deepest concern that no measures had been taken by the Israeli Government to end them and prevent their recurrence.  Even more alarming, was what the Special Rapporteur had flagged regarding the Israeli actions and practices, in particular the unlawful construction of the wall.

The Government of Jordan called upon the Israeli Government to fulfil its obligations with respect to Palestinian people and the occupied territories in accordance with international law, he said.  Jordan believed that bringing and end to such violations, as well as the violence in general, would help the Palestinians and Israelis in implementing their obligations in accordance with relevant United Nations resolutions and agreements, as well as the Road Map, and thus achieving a just, comprehensive and lasting peace agreement.


Statements on Human Rights

RANIA AL HAJ ALI (Syria) ...


She welcomed the report of Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian occupied territories, as well as the reports of Special Rapporteurs that had highlighted the mistreatment of Muslims caused by anti-terrorism measures.  There was a need to distinguish between terrorism and the right to resist occupation, she said.


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