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17 October 2007

Report No. 49
Implementation of the Agreement on Movement and Access
(19 Sep – 2 Oct 2007)

The United Nations1 is submitting the 49th bi-weekly report on the implementation of the 15 November 2005 Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA), covering the period 19 September – 2 October 2007.

Overall Progress:
The closure of the Rafah and Karni crossings for the movement of goods and people is ongoing. A single-lane conveyor belt at Karni was open for five days for the entry of grains and animal feed compared to three days in the previous reporting period. Sufa and Kerem Shalom continue to function as the principal alternative entry points for commercial and humanitarian supplies, though Sufa still lacks the appropriate infrastructure to handle food and medical supplies. Concerns are growing with regards to the impact of the approaching rainy season on Sufa as it is a wide-open dirt field. The quantity of goods entering into Gaza continued to decline compared to previous reporting periods. A total of 633 truckloads, including 34 for humanitarian agencies, were allowed entry into Gaza this period, compared to 793 truckloads in the previous reporting period. This represents a 20% decrease from the previous reporting period and a 61% decrease from the same period last year.

Erez crossing was open on 10 days out of 14 scheduled days for people with special coordination arrangements with the Israeli District Civil Liaison, including a limited number of medical cases. While Erez has been closed since early 2006 for Palestinian workers, it was also closed for Palestinian traders during this reporting period.

Changes of note since Report No. 48 (18 September):
No Change since Report No. 48 (18 September):


1 The Office of the Quartet’s Special Envoy closed on 28 April. Since then, the United Nations, through the OCHA oPt office, has assumed reporting responsibilities on the implementation of the AMA.


Complete document in PDF format (Requires Acrobat Reader)

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