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23 August 2013


Between the announcement of resumption of negotiations (July 30th) and the third Israel-Palestine meeting (August 20th), 25 Palestinian homes have been demolished in Occupied East Jerusalem

Since 1967, Israel’s stated goal in Jerusalem is to maintain a Jewish demographic majority in the city. Towards this end, Israel has introduced a series of discriminatory policies that specifically target Palestinian residents living in occupied East Jerusalem. These policies are designed to:

a) Reduce the size of the Palestinian population living in occupied East Jerusalem;

b) Facilitate Israeli settlement expansion and the illegal transfer of Israel’s own population into occupied East Jerusalem; and

c) Achieve exclusive Israeli control over all of Jerusalem. These policies resulted in population displacement, expulsions and home demolition.

The main purpose of the house demolition policy is to dispossess Palestinian families from East Jerusalem and change the nature of the city. Estimates indicate that since 1967, Israel demolished more than 3,380 homes and other structures in occupied East Jerusalem, including several historic and religious sites, such as the historic Moroccan Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. According to UN OCHA, Israeli occupation authorities demolished hundreds of homes in the last 6 years:

These policies effectively force many Palestinians from their land, as the difficulty and expense of building or rebuilding proves too great. Furthermore, Israeli demolition policy is intended to continue as evidenced by hundreds of pending house demolition orders and the ongoing plans for the demolition of homes in Silwan (88 units), Ras Khamis (55 units), and Al Thuri (32 units). These demolitions have left thousands of Palestinians without homes and contribute to their forced eviction from occupied East Jerusalem.

Recently Israeli occupation authorities displaced 53 people from Kaabna Beduin compound by bulldozing their homes and animal shelters. The compound is located north of Beit Hanina near the Atarot Industrial settlement. The community lived in that area more than 20 years ago and the majority of the people are Palestinian ID holder. Currently there are another 150 beduins located near Anata town who are similarly will be facing displacement.

Since the May 29 demolition of the Salaimeh family home in Beit Hanina and the displacement of approximately 14 people, there have been 5 self-imposed demolitions—one each in Sur Bahar and A-Tur and three in the Old City—conducted in order to avoid substantial fines enforced by the authorities. Including the leveling land in the Khalit Al-Ein of At-Tur, there have already been a total of 711, including a conservative minimum of 38-40 residential units.


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