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        General Assembly
        Security Council

30 May 1990


Forty-fifth session
Items 23, 35 and 77 of the preliminary list*
Forty-fifth year

Letter dated 30 May 1990 from the Permanent Observer of Palestine
to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

I have the honour to transmit to Your Excellency a memorandum dated 25 May 1990 from the Unified National Leadership of the Intifada, the Occupied State of Palestine, Jerusalem, for any action you may deem necessary.

I should be grateful if you would arrange to have the text of this letter, including the attached memorandum, circulated as an official document of the General Assembly, under items 23, 35 and 77 of the preliminary list and of the Security Council.

(Signed) Zuhdi Labib TERZI
Permanent Observer of Palestine to
the United Nations


* A/45/50.

Memorandum dated 25 May 1990 from the Unified Leadership
of the Intifada addressed to the Secretary-General

After 42 years of dispersion and exile of our people and their deprivation of the national rights which other peoples of the world enjoy; after 42 years of the international community's attempts at solving the Palestinian question by means of scores of resolutions adopted by the United Nations and the Security Council; our people, nevertheless, are still denied their right to return and self-determination, and to establish their independent state; and continue to suffer the injustice of occupation and its oppressive expansionist policies.

The convening of your emergency session in Geneva to provide Mr. Yasser Arafat, President of the State of Palestine, the opportunity to present the Palestinian case, clearly indicates increased international concern for the plight of our people in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 - the suffering inflicted by the Israeli occupation authorities and the increase in the intensity of the bloody massacres committed against our unarmed people.

Your countries have issued statements declaring their condemnation and denunciation, as well as grief for the victims of the massacres. It should be clearly understood that such reactions are not commensurate with a people's struggle for freedom, independence, peace and the indivisible right to self-determination - the foundations of the Charter of the United Nations.

Therefore, your countries bear a large portion of the responsibility to undertake serious and effective action in order to lay the foundations for peace, on the basis of international legitimacy and in compliance with all resolutions pertinent to the question of Palestine as adopted by the Security Council and by the General Assembly.

The Government of Israel, in its rejection of international efforts to begin a peace process in the region, has succeeded in obstructing all peace efforts. Consequently, the responsibility for establishing international security, peace, and stability is to be borne by your countries. An international order based on dialogue, mutual respect, and the non-violation of the rights of others cannot be envisaged while the Middle East area speedily hurtles towards war. This necessitates your immediate intervention to prevent further deterioration and to provide protection and support for our Palestinian people.

Therefore, in order to prevent a potential explosion in the region, your effective intervention, in accordance with international legitimacy, is essential in order to formulate a political equation which will take into account the rights of all peoples in the area, including the national rights of the Palestinian people.

We believe that the only realistic means to accelerate the establishment of peace is the convening of a fully empowered International Conference with the participation of the five permanent members of the Security Council and all parties to the conflict including the State of Palestine represented by its leadership, the PLO, our sole and legitimate representative under United Nations supervision.

In the mean time, the drastic conditions in Occupied Palestine can bear no further delay. Our people under occupation are subjected to oppressive measures including: the killing of innocent civilians; demolition of houses; confiscation of land; erecting settlements; closure of houses of worship and of educational institutions; destruction of the economic, cultural and social infrastructures; and other measures, all of which drastically violate international charters, accords and conventions.

We therefore call upon you to act with urgency to implement the following:

1. To set up an international investigation committee, in order to reveal the deteriorating conditions before the international community as well as the magnitude of the daily suffering inflicted on the Palestinian people.

2. To bring Israel, as an occupation authority, to comply with the terms of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 pertaining to the treatment of civilians in times of war.

3. To condemn Israel and to make it shoulder full responsibility for all acts in violation of our people's rights, the most recent being the massacre which began at dawn on 20 May including the subsequent indiscriminate shooting, killing and maiming of innocent Palestinian civilians at the hands of the Israeli army.

4. To impose sanctions on Israel to force it to cease its expansionist and oppressive policies and measures and to make it comply with international law and will.

5. To provide our people in the occupied territories with international protection as a step towards full Israeli withdrawal from all territories occupied in 1967 and in order to enable our people to exercise its right to self-determination, to implement its national sovereignty on its own land, and to allow for the return of Palestinians from their exile.

6. To form a committee to prepare for the convening of the fully empowered International Conference.

7. To make Soviet Jewish immigration contingent upon the establishment of a peaceful settlement which would guarantee the national rights of the Palestinian people, including the right of return in accordance with General Assembly resolution 194 (III) of 11 December 1948 and including the establishment of the Independent Palestinian State.

In spite of the intensity of our pain, we declare our full commitment to the Palestinian peace strategy as presented by the PLO in the nineteenth session of the Palestinian National Council which convened in Algiers in November 1988.

We affirm before the world that we are a people seeking a secure and peaceful life. This can be achieved only in the context of the independent Palestinian State committed to the Charter of the United Nations along with all other peoples and States of the region in particular and of the world in general.


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