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        Economic and Social Council
25 September 2006

Original: English

Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations
2007 regular session
22 January-2 February 2007

Quadrennial reports 2002-2005 submitted through
the Secretary-General pursuant to Economic and
Social Council resolution 1996/31

Note by the Secretary-General



(Special Consultative Status granted in 1998)

I. Introduction

i. Aims and purposes of the organization and its main course of action

Eco Peace Middle East Environmental NGO Forum, commonly know as Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) is an organization that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli environmentalists. Our primary objective is the promotion of cooperative efforts to protect our shared environmental heritage. In so doing, we seek to advance both sustainable regional development and the creation of necessary conditions for lasting peace in our region. FoEME has offices in Amman, Bethlehem, and Tel-Aviv.

The people and wildlife of our region are dependent on many of the same natural resources. Shared surface and sub-surface freshwater basins, shared seas, common flora and fauna species and a shared air-shed are some of the characteristics that necessitate regional cooperation.

The Jordan River Basin, a major source of freshwater in a water scarce region, the Gulf of Aqaba, a highly sensitive eco-system giving life to arguably the world's most beautiful coral reef, and the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth and the world's saltiest non-shallow body of water, are all examples of unique shared eco-systems in the region which necessitate regional cooperation if they are to be preserved.


ii. Changes that had a significant impact on the organization vision and/or functions in terms of orientation, program or scope of work

New organization affiliation, 2005: Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) - a coalition of grassroots organizations which foster people-to-people coexistence in the Middle East.

II. Contribution of the organization to the work of the United Nations

i. Participation in the work of the Economic and Social Council and its subsidiary bodies and/or major conferences and other United Nations meetings (+side events)

ii. Cooperation with United Nations bodies and/or specialized agencies in the field and/or at Headquarters

iii. Initiatives undertaken by the organization in support of internationally agreed development goals, in particular the Millennium Development Goals

Goal 3 – Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

Goal 7 – Ensure Environmental Sustainability



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