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Source: Department of Public Information (DPI)
4 October 1948
Department of Public Information
Press and Publications Bureau
Lake Success, New York

Press Release PAL/326
4 October 1948


"Deliberate Jewish campaign led by Military Governor Dr. Bernard Joseph to discredit Truce Commission and Acting Mediator Dr. Bunche now apparent developing along lines of attack launched against late Count Bernadotte prior to his assassination and marked by such deliberate discourtesies as release to press of communications sent to United Nations Organizations before their receipt by addressees. (This campaign) obviously undertaken in effort to destroy public confidence in and arouse public animosity toward the two bodies now striving to enforce truce in Jerusalem and bring about demilitarization of Jerusalem in accordance with Security council resolution of July 15. (This campaign also) coincides with Jewish effort before General Assembly to obtain incorporation of Jerusalem in the State of Israel and is calculated to prove both Jewish determination to keep Jerusalem and inability of United nations to internationalize City in accordance with late Mediator's recommendations.

"In reply to Dr. Bunche's statement that Israel authorities were lax in providing security for Count Bernadotte, Dr. Joseph, in a press release, blamed United Nations authorities for negligence in security measures. He claimed United Nations had declined Jewish suggestion that United Nations personnel be accompanied by Israel military personnel. He maintained 'Jewish authorities, had they received slightest intimation that United Nations representatives wished to have special protection accorded to them, would have gladly complied with the request.'

"Truce Commission is writing to Dr. Joseph as follows:

"'As long as Jewish officials pretend to exercise governmental authority in Jerusalem for safety United Nations personnel: will hold him (Dr. Joseph) personally and Israel army Jerusalem command responsible for acts by Jewish terrorists; however restrictions on freedom of movement of United Nations personnel under pretext of "safety reasons" will not be tolerated; if safe, free movement throughout Jewish area cannot be guaranteed, Dr. Joseph should acknowledge ability to maintain law and order.'

"In a second press release, a proposal by the Truce Commission that a zone comprising the King David Hotel, YMCA, French and American Consulates General be considered a neutral area, was declared inacceptable by the Israel army. Dr. Joseph claimed the Truce commission had no authority to designate neutral zone and reserved freedom of action. He stated no Jewish troops were now in the area.

"In accordance with instructions from the late Mediator to implement the Security Council resolution of July 15 with respect to the demilitarization of Jerusalem, and in an effort to assure the safety of United Nations personnel, the Truce Commission on August 30 proposed to both military commanders the creation of (the above mentioned neutral) zone as demilitarized area. The Area commander accepted in principle but the Jewish commander ignored the letter and the press release of yesterday.

"Truce Commission and United Nations observers here consider such a zone not only as logical first step towards demilitarization but necessary for the safety of United Nations personnel here.

"Truce Commission consider it essential to bring to the Security Council's attention the actions of the Military Governor and the local Israel army command in view of the grave consequences which may result from malicious and distorted attacks on United Nations bodies. The attitude adopted appears to be expressly designed to hinder the carrying out of the Security Council resolution of July 15.

"The Truce Commission believes that the non-cooperativeness toward United Nations exhibited by local Jewish authorities is diametrically opposed to the statements of responsible spokesmen of the Provisional Government of Israel pledging utmost cooperation with the efforts of the United Nations.

"John J. MacDonald
"Chairman, Truce Commission."

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