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Source: World Health Organization (WHO)
1 October 2004

PRCS Health Incidents at checkpoints for the period 25 Sep.-01 Oct. 04

During this reporting period, a total of 59 deaths and 240 injuries were reported in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Khan Younis, 01/10/2004 (08:00am): A PRCS ambulance was stopped and denied access by Israeli soldiers while on route to transport a wounded person from Al Qarara area to a local Palestinian hospital..........
Without any provocation, the soldiers started screaming at the crew and they shot in the air to threaten them. They forced the crew to get out of the ambulance, and proceeded to searched it. Unable to reach the wounded person, the crew was obliged to return back to base.

Jabalyia, 30/9/2004 (15:00pm): A PRCS ambulance was subjected to direct Israeli Army gunfire while on route to transport injured persons from Jabalyia to a local Palestinian hospital. One PRCS medic was seriously injured and was transported to hospital. 

Jabalyia, 30/9/2004 (18:30pm): The Israeli Army opened fire towards a crowd of Palestinians and fired one tank round, which exploded 20 meters from a PRCS ambulance. The ambulance windshield was shattered and one Palestinian civilian was injured. Fortunately the PRCS crew sustained no injuries and they succeeded in transporting the wounded to hospital.

Jabalyia, 29/9/2004 (22:00pm): The Israeli Army blocked all the entrances to Muaskar Jabaliya area and prevented movement in or out of the area. A PRCS ambulance, which happened to be in the area at the time, was denied access out of the area. The ambulance was allowed to pass on 01 October 2004, at 16:00 PM, after the coordination efforts through the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

In addition to the above, the following table lists incidents of delay and denial of access during this reporting period.

PRCS BranchDateCheckpointDelay of access (unless indicated 'denied access')
Gaza26/09/2004Al Tuffah60 minutes
26/09/2004Al Tuffah60 minutes
27/09/2004Al Tuffah95 minutes
28/09/2004Al Tuffah110 minutes
Qalqiliya25/09/2004Beit Iba40 minutes

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