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        General Assembly
19 September 2000

Official Records
General Assembly
Fifty-fifth session
23rd plenary meeting
Tuesday, 19 September 2000, 3 p.m.
New York

President: Mr. Holkeri..............................(Finland)

The meeting was called to order at 3 p.m.


Agenda item 9 (continued)

General debate

The President: I now call on the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International cooperation of Sierra Leone, His Excellency Mr. Sama Banya.

Mr. Banya (Sierra Leone): ...

We have just entered a new millennium, bringing with us many unresolved problems — problems which have been discussed in this and other international forums over the years and which appear to lack any solution. We have only one world, and my delegation believes that it is worth our love. We should therefore demonstrate that love by adequately addressing outstanding issues like general disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation, peaceful settlement of disputes, prohibition and control of small arms, prohibition of landmines, poverty alleviation, affordable drugs and treatment of debilitating and killer diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS, advancing the Middle East peace process in accordance with various Security Council resolutions, equitable trade negotiations and, of course, reform of the Security Council.


Mr. Singh (India): ...

We support the Middle East peace process and find the trend encouraging.


Mr. Ismail (Sudan) (spoke in Arabic): ...

My delegation expresses its deep concern about the difficulties facing the peace process in the Middle East. In this respect, we reiterate the importance of total Israeli withdrawal from all occupied Arab territories in accordance with United Nations resolutions, in order to enable the Palestinian people to restore full sovereignty to their territories, to establish their independent State with Holy Jerusalem as its capital and to enable the Syrian Arab Republic to reinstate sovereignty over the Golan Heights. We are convinced that without implementation of these resolutions, stability in this important region will never be realized and will remain a mere dream. In this context, we commend the resistance and heroic struggle of the people of Lebanon in the liberation of their territories.


Mr. Adada (Congo) (spoke in French): ...


With regard to peacekeeping and international security, extensive efforts have been deployed by the United Nations to free humanity of the scourge of war. And although our successes may be remarkable, they are far from meeting the expectations of millions of men, women and children around the world, who await with anguish. That is why we strongly support the proposals in the Brahimi Report and call for their rapid implementation. In addition, we follow with interest and hope the negotiations between the State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and we greatly hope that these efforts will be crowned with success.


The meeting rose at 6.30 p.m.

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