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        General Assembly
        Security Council

18 February 1986


Forty-first session
Item 37 of the preliminary list*
Forty-first year

Letter dated 18 February 1986 from the Permanent Representative of Lebanon
to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

On instructions from my Government, I have the honour to inform you of the following:

Within the framework of its policy of provocation, on Monday, 17 February 1986, Israel carried out large-scale military operations in southern Lebanon, under the supervision of the Israeli Minister of Defence, Yitzhak Rabin. A military force composed or more than 600 troops, supported by large number of tanks and personnel-carriers and also by helicopters and aircraft, attacked 15 Lebanese villages and penetrated deep into Lebanese areas until it reached the
vicinity of the town of Tyre. After receiving reinforcements that brought the number of troops to more than 1,000 men and the number of vehicles to hundreds of tanks and personnel-carriers, this force returned to continue its operations on Tuesday, 18 February 1986. It again crossed the border of what the Israeli call the "security zone" in a northerly direction, set up road blocks, raided houses and interrogated the inhabitant. after assembling them in the public square or in hospitals, as was the case in the town of Tibnin, located in the area of operation of the Irish contingent of UNIFIL. The Israeli forces are still occupying the villages of Shaqra, Sultaniyah, Qa'qa'iyah, Haris, Kafra and Haddatha. The
helicopters and aircraft are flying in the airspace over the areas of Tyre, Marjayoun, Bint Jbayl and Nabatiyah, sometimes at a low altitude in order to terrorize the civilian population.

The pretext resorted to by Israel this time was the disappearance of two Israeli soldiers, not in Israel but in Lebanese territory. If Israel had implemented Security Council resolution 425 (1978) and 509 (1982), none of its
troops would have been exposed to danger in Lebanese territory and it would have spared the peaceful population in Lebanon much bloodshed and wreckage.

The Lebanese Government vehemently condemns these Israeli provocations and oppressive methods that tend to render the situation in southern Lebanon critical and explosive. The Lebanese Government renews its call for a final end to Israel's abusive and inhumane action. and practices and reserves its right to call for a meeting of the Security Council at the appropriate time.

I request that this letter be circulated as an official document of the General Assembly, under item 37 of the preliminary list, and of the Security Council.

(Signed) Rachid FAKHOURY
Permanent Representative of
Lebanon to the United Nations




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