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        General Assembly
13 November 1997

Official Records

General Assembly
Fifty-second session
First Committee
22nd meeting
Thursday, 13 November 1997, 10 a.m.
New York

President: Mr. Nkgowe .........................(Botswana)

The meeting was called to order at 10.50 a.m.

Agenda items 62 to 83 (continued)

Action on all draft resolutions submitted under all items


The Chairman: As I informed the Committee yesterday afternoon, the Committee will proceed to take a decision on draft resolutions A/C.1/52/L.27/Rev.1, L.36/Rev.1 and L.6.


The Chairman: The sponsors of the draft resolution have expressed the wish that the Committee adopt it without
a vote.

May I take it that the Committee wishes to adopt the draft resolution?

Draft resolution A/C.1/52/L.36/Rev.1 was adopted.

The Chairman: I now call on those delegations that wish to explain their position or vote after the decision.

Mr. Danieli (Israel): Israel is satisfied that a draft resolution which is particularly important to all Mediterranean States has been adopted without a vote. It has already been with us for some years, and it sets out some major principles, with a view to strengthening security and promoting a multilateral action-oriented cooperative dialogue between States of the region. The draft resolution can remain a matter for consensus as long as it is not harnessed for short-sighted objectives. It must continue to reflect the spirit in which it was conceived and adopted.

It is the position of my delegation that all security matters pertaining to the Middle East are subject to the peace process in the region as a whole. Operative paragraph 5 does not take this principle into account. It is Israel's view that primacy should be attached to regional security arrangements, which can be complemented where appropriate by endorsing global agreements.

Mr. Dehghani (Islamic Republic of Iran): My delegation supports the basic thrust of the draft resolution contained in document A/C.1/52/L.36/Rev.1. However, we would like to go on record with our reservations about the eighth preambular paragraph, on the Middle East peace process.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has a principled position on the Middle East peace process, and does not believe that the current process will lead to the fulfilment of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and the establishment of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the region.


Mr. Lin Kuo-Chung (Secretary of the Committee): Draft resolution A/C.1/52/L.36, entitled “Strengthening of security and cooperation in the Mediterranean region”, was introduced by the representative of Algeria at the 15th meeting of the Committee on 5 November 1997. The draft resolution was sponsored by those countries listed in the draft itself and in document A/C.1/INF/2. The revised version, draft resolution A/C.1/52/L.36./Rev.1, has just been introduced by the representative of Algeria.

The Chairman: The sponsors of the draft resolution have expressed the wish that the Committee adopt the draft resolution without a vote. If I hear no objection, I will take it that the Committee wishes to act accordingly. Draft resolution A/C.1/52/L.6 was adopted. The Chairman: As no representatives wish to explain their position on the draft resolution just adopted, and no sponsors of draft resolutions are ready to introduce them now for action, that concludes our business for today. Tomorrow the Committee will take decisions on the remaining draft resolutions that are ready for action: draft resolutions A/C.1/52/L.43, L.2, L.3, L.11/Rev.1, L.42/Rev.1, L.51 and L/27/Rev.1.

The meeting rose at 11.15 a.m.

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