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Source: World Social Forum
Palestine Convergence Assembly
29 March 2013

Palestine Convergence Assembly
March 29, 2013

World Social Forum - 2013 March 26 to 30
Palestine Convergence Assembly
March 29, 2013

In Tunis, this Convergence Assembly on Palestine convenes at the World Social Forum (WSF) at a time of intense popular struggle in Palestine against Israeli apartheid, colonization and occupation, and for full implementation of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. We appreciate the central place given to Palestine in this world social forum in Tunis.

The convergence assembly on Palestine intends to reaffirm the support to Palestinian popular resistance and our full commitment with the following common objectives :

-­-Self determination right for the Palestinian people against the colonial occupation and settlements and -­-to reaffirm the importance of the vote in UN general assembly for recognition of state of Palestine
-­-Stop the apartheid and dismantle the wall
-­-Freedom for political prisoners
-­-End of Gaza blockade and free Palestine
-­-The right of return as per Resolution 194 of UNO
-­-Stop the Judaization of Jerusalem and closures

We denounce any complicity with the state of Israel (States, institutions and corporations) that allow Israel’s impunity. In this respect we denounce the USA policy and the misuse of their veto in the Security Council of the UNO.

In order to realize these objectives we support the following actions and campaigns:

-­-to reinforce and expand the BDS movement worldwide (A special mobilization must commence against G4S, the biggest international security company engaged with Israeli occupation in prisons and check points)

-­-for the suspension of the EU-Israel association agreement (on the basis of Article 2). There is a precedence in case of Sri Lanka -­-to stop arms trade with Israel -­-for release of all political prisoners -­-to stop inhuman Gaza blockade through actions like the Flotilla and Arch of Gaza -­-to bring the Palestine case against Israeli crimes in front of the International Criminal Court -­-to demand reestablishment of the UN special committee against apartheid and the dissolution of the Quartet. -­-in support of Palestinian refugees in Syria and other countries who risk expulsions -­-of Trade Unions in support of Palestinian work and social rights -­-Civilians missions to Palestine -­-to spread the conclusions of Russell Tribunal on Palestine denouncing Israeli crimes, claiming implementation of the international law

We will work towards building a strong international solidarity movement for Palestine. We will continue to use the social forum process to strengthen solidarity movement with Palestine.


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