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Source: Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
15 March 2005


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OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes
Update for oPt (9 - 15 March 2005)

INSIDE: Physical Protection - Deaths and Injuries -- Shelter and Property - People displaced/House demolition/Demolition orders -- Natural Resources - Land levelling/Requisitions/Tree Uprooting -- Facilitation of Humanitarian Assistance - Incidents involving safety and movement of ambulances, medical teams, humanitarian organisations -- Access and Movement for Civilians - Curfews, Access to Education, Access to Employment, Closures/Movement Restrictions -- Additional Protection Issues

1. Physical Protection

Deaths and Injuries

Palestinians: Deaths: 1; Injured: 5 (approximate)
Israelis: Deaths: 0; Injured: 0 (approximate)
Internationals: Deaths: 0; Injured: 0

Selected incidents:
9 March: IDF shot at a Palestinian car at Al Badhan road (road 57) in Nablus injuring one Palestinian. He and two other men in the vehicle were subsequently arrested.
10 March: One Palestinian was killed in An Nazlat Wusta in Tulkarm Governorate when the IDF demolished his house while he was inside.
11 March: Palestinians and peace activists held demonstrations protesting against the construction of the Barrier in Bil’in and Budrus villages, west of Ramallah. The IDF used tear gas and rubber-coated metal bullets to disperse the protesters. A number of Palestinians suffered from gas inhalation, and one IDF soldier was injured.
13 March: About two hundred Palestinian women with support from international and Israeli peace activists held a demonstration in Bi’in village against the construction of the Barrier. The IDF fired tear gas to disperse the protesters. Two women were reportedly injured.
13 March: Palestinian shepherds from the community of Jawayah were attacked and beaten by Israeli settlers from Ma’on, while grazing their animals in an agricultural area north of road 317, close to the settlement.
14 March: The following day, the same Israeli settlers from Ma’on, south Hebron, shot at and attacked the Palestinian shepherds grazing their animals north of road 317.
14 March: Clashes erupted between the IDF and Palestinian students from Bir Zeit University when the IDF set up a flying checkpoint on the main road beside the university to search cars and check Palestinian IDs. The IDF fired tear gas canisters and rubber-coated metal bullets at the students. One student suffered respiratory problems due to gas inhalation and one student was arrested.
15 March: Three Palestinian minors (between 10 and 16) were injured by rubber-coated bullets when the IDF entered Budrus village, west of Ramallah.

Sources: OCHA FCU, PRCS, UNRWA, WHO, IDF website, Israeli MoFA, offices of governors.

2. Shelter and Property

People displaced/House demolitions/Demolition orders

West Bank: (2 homes)
10 March: One house was demolished in Mount of Olives in Jerusalem due to lack of building permits. Eleven persons have been affected by the demolition.
14 March: One house containing two apartments located in Sameramis, North Jerusalem was demolished due to lack of building permits.

The Gaza Strip:
• No incidents reported.


3. Natural Resources

Land levelling/Requisitions/Tree Uprooting1

West Bank:
9 March: Settlers from Asfar uprooted more than fifty five olive trees near Wadi Ibrahim belonging to Palestinians from Sa’ir and Ash Shuyukh, in the Hebron Governorate.
10/14 March: Settlers from Al Matan uprooted several olive trees (number unknown) belonging to farmers from Kfur Thulth in Qalqiliya Governorate.
11 March: The IDF issued a requisition order covering 6.3 dunums of agricultural land for construction of a new military observation tower near Shufa in Tulkarm Governorate.
12 March: A requisition order was issued for 16.6 dunums of land in Deir al Hatab village east of Nablus.
9-15 March: The IDF issued the following requisition orders for land in the Ramallah governorate: 9 to 15 March: Levelling of land near Kafriat checkpoint, Tulkarm Governorate continued in preparation for a new tunnel under Road 557.
9-15 March: Levelling of land continued near Az Zawiya, Deir Ballut and Masha in preparation for Barrier construction.

1 4 dunums = 1 acre; 10 dunums = 1 hectare

Jerusalem Barrier:
North West Jerusalem Villages:
9 to 15 March: North Jerusalem
9 to 15 March: East Jerusalem
9 to 15 March: Land levelling continued east of Ar Ram near the Coptic housing project and Wadi Ayyad near Neve Yaakov settlement, and on the northern side of Anata and Shufat refugee camp.
South Jerusalem Sur Bahir
9 to 15 March: Barrier construction continued on the eastern side and on the southern side of the village.
Requisition orders
7 March (not included in last week’s briefing notes): The IDF issued a requisition order for Dahiyet Al Bareed covering 26.2 dunums for the Barrier construction. With this requisition order, the Barrier will divide Dahiyet Al Bareed in two parts leaving one part in Jerusalem side and the other part in the West Bank.
8 March (not included in last week’s briefing notes): The IDF issued a requisition order for Sheikh Saed covering 41.3 dunums for the construction of a road that connects Sheikh Saed with Sawahreh El Sharqiyeh.

The Gaza Strip:
• No incidents reported.

Sources: OCHA FCU, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, UNRWA, Palestinian DCL, Village Council

4. Facilitation of Humanitarian Assistance

Incidents involving safety and movement of ambulances and medical teams

West Bank:
Denial of access: 0
Delay (more than 30 minutes): 0
Shooting/Damage to Ambulance: 0

The Gaza Strip:
Denial of access: 1
Delay (more 30 minutes): 3
Shooting/Damage to Ambulance: 0

14 March: A PRCS ambulance was delayed for approximately 60 minutes at Al Tuffah checkpoint in Khan Younis while on route to Naser hospital with a female patient from Al Mawassi.

Sources: OCHA FCU, WHO, PRCS, Palestinian MoH

5. Access and Movement for Civilians
A. Curfews
9 March: The IDF placed Baqa Ash Sharqiya north of Tulkarm under curfew overnight.
12 March: The IDF placed Seida and Illar under curfew (1 day) while conducting a search-and-arrest campaign.

Sources: OCHA FCU, Village Councils, UNRWA, Palestinian DCL

B. Access to Education

West Bank:
10 March: Students from ‘Aba village (Jenin) were delayed approximately one hour at ‘Aba checkpoint on their way to their schools in Jenin.
12 March: Pupils from schools in Azzun in Qalqiliya Governorate were denied access through the Barrier gate into Azzun Atma, which also affected pupils from Beit Amin who attend their classes in Azzun Atma. The students were delayed for more than three hours. The schools in Azzun had planned for a cross-village school visit that day in which the school in Azzun Atma was included.

The Gaza Strip:
• During the reporting period, the 24 pupils living in As-Seafa continued to reach their schools late because they were delayed at the As Seafa gate. Upon return, the pupils were again delayed for several hours and were not allowed to enter the area before approximately 3.30pm.

Sources: OCHA FCU, UNRWA, UNICEF, Palestinian DCL

C. Access to Employment

West Bank:(The figures below are reported on monthly basis)
Bethlehem: As of 1 March there are 1,472 active permits for workers and 1,081 for traders in Bethlehem Governorate, according to the Israeli DCL.
Hebron: No figures were available from the Israeli DCL in Hebron.
Nablus: 1-28 Feb: 700 permits for traders and 509 for workers issued.
Jenin: 1-28 Feb: 290 permits for traders issued.
Tubas: 1-28 Feb: 150 permits for traders and 102 for workers issued.
Ramallah/Al Bireh: 1 Jan - 1 March: 1,100 permits for traders and 1,269 for workers issued.
Tulkarm: 1- 28 Feb: 1,307 permits for workers issued.
Qalqiliya: 1-28 Feb: 387 permits for workers.
Salfit: 1-28 Feb: 531 permits for workers issued.

The Gaza Strip:

Sources: OCHA FCU, UNRWA, UNSCO, Palestinian DCL

D. Closure/Movement Restrictions

Tulkarm Governorate:
Qalqiliya Governorate:
Nablus Governorate:
Tubas and Jenin Governorates:
Ramallah/Al Bireh Governorate:
Jerusalem and Jericho Governorates:
Hebron Governorate:
The Enclosed Areas in the Gaza Strip:
Source: OCHA FCUs and UNRWA

6. Additional Protection Issues

Searches and Arrests

9-15 March: IDF search-and-arrest campaigns took place in El Far'a refugee camp (Tubas), Talluza village (Nablus), Nablus city and Salim village (Nablus). In total, 11 Palestinians were reported to have been arrested.

9 to 15 March: IDF search-and-arrest campaigns took place in Seida, Attil, Illar, Bal’a, Nazlat Isa, Nazlat al Gharbiya, An Nazlat Wusta, Baqa Ash Sharqiya, An Nazlat Ash Sharqiya (Tulkarm), Kfur Qaddum (Qalqiliya). In total, 5 Palestinians were reported to have been arrested.

Ramallah /Al Bireh
9-15 March: Throughout the week, IDF search and arrest campaigns took place in Bil’in, Al Jalazun Camp, Silwad, Shuqba and Bir Zeit University. Seven Palestinian males were arrested.

14 March: Two Palestinians were detained in Abu Dis following the burning of Barrier construction equipment.

9–15 March: Search campaigns took place in the old city of Hebron with two Palestinians arrested. In Bethlehem three Palestinians were arrested from Ad Duheisha refugee camp.

The Gaza Strip
13 March: The IDF opened fire against three Palestinians who were observed approaching the Green Line southeast of Beit Hanoun. Two were reported injured of which one was arrested as well.

Sources: OCHA FCUs, UNRWA, UNSECCORD, UNSCO, Palestinian DCLs, Palestinian Governors’ offices, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, IDF

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