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        Security Council
3 June 1968


Upon instructions from my Government, I have the honour to bring to Your Excellency's attention another serious violation perpetrated by the Israeli forces of occupation in Al-Khalil (Hebron) in collaboration with a group of religious Jews.

In April 1968, about eighty Orthodox Jews moved into the Park Hotel on the northern outskirts of the city, ostensibly to celebrate the Passover holiday, but then announced that they had come to stay. They soon tried to rent houses and shops. The citizens did not comply with these wishes. The Mayor of Al-Khalil cabled the Israeli Prime Minister and asked for the removal of this group of Jews. Consequently, they abused the Mayor and asked him to withdraw his cable. Upon refusing their demand, they demonstrated in the streets and claimed that they were there to stay and their task was part of the "redemption of the Land of Israel". Their acts of provocation continued and the Israeli Government was inactive on this matter.

The inhabitants of Al-Khalil became more aware of the seriousness of the problem. After a meeting of members of Parliament, senators, lawyers, physicians, pharmacists, teachers, members of the Chamber of Commerce and workers on 9 May 1968, they sent a delegation to meet the Military Governor and submit a memorandum protesting against the settlement of Jews in the city of Al-Khalil, and emphasizing that their presence was potentially dangerous for public security and their stay would bring about grave consequences.

The delegation met the Military Governor and submitted a memorandum to that effect. The Military Governor asked them for calmness and promised to discuss the matter with his authorities.

Meanwhile the so-called "The Land of Israel Movement", whose motto is "The Land is ours if we will occupy it and build it up", appealed to the Israeli Government to give its approval and support for the "first group of Jewish settlers". Israeli public meetings were held in support of such movements.

The Labour Minister, Yigal Allon, visited the religious group and voiced his full support for them. Several other Israeli personalities and organizations visited the group and pledged their support and gave financial help.

The attitude of the Israeli authorities constituted an authorization to the Israeli Military Governor in Hebron to "attend to the defence and housing needs of the settlers". Later it was announced that prefabricated housing units will be erected in Hebron to accommodate this group of Jewish "settlers".
Once again the Israeli authorities are taking measures against the will and wish of the people of the West Bank of the Jordan. What has been going on in Jerusalem is now taking place in Al-Khalil and other places. These acts violate the letter and spirit of the Charter and the United Nations resolutions.

I am bringing this new act of provocation to Your Excellency's attention with the request that adequate and effective steps be taken to put an end to Israeli acts of lawlessness and continued defiances of the United Nations authority.

I request that this letter be circulated as official documents of the General Assembly and the Security Council.

Please accept, etc.

(Signed) Muhammad H. EL-FARRA
Permanent Representative


* Also issued under the symbol A/7103.

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