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        General Assembly
15 December 2003

Original: English

Fifty-eighth session
Agenda item 117 (b)

Human rights questions: human rights questions, including alternative approaches for improving the effective enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms

Report of the Third Committee*

Rapporteur : Mr. Abdulla Eid Salman Al-Sulaiti (Qatar)

I. Introduction

1. At its 2nd plenary meeting, on 19 September 2003, the General Assembly, on the recommendation of the General Committee, decided to include in the agenda of its fifty-eighth session, under the item entitled “Human rights questions”, the sub-item entitled “Human rights questions, including alternative approaches for improving the effective enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms” and to allocate it to the Third Committee.

2. The Third Committee considered the sub-item at its 37th to 55th, 57th, 58th and 61st meetings, from 10 to 14 and from 17 to 21, and on 24 and 26 November and 1 December 2003. At its 37th to 48th meetings, the Committee held a general discussion on sub-item 117 (b) jointly with sub-items (c) and (e). An account of the Committee’s discussion is contained in the relevant summary records (A/C.3/58/SR.37-55, 57, 58 and 61).

3. For the documents before the Committee under this item, see A/58/508.



* The report of the Committee on this item will be issued in six parts, under the symbol A/58/508 and Add.1-5.

II. Consideration of proposals

A. Draft resolution A/C.3/58/L.30/Rev.1 and Rev.2 and amendments contained in documents A/C.3/58/L.59 and L.81

10. At the 42nd meeting, on 12 November, the representative of Israel introduced a draft resolution entitled “Situation of and assistance to Israeli children” (A/C.3/58/L.30/Rev.1), which read:

11. At its 49th meeting, on 18 November, the Committee had before it a revised draft resolution (A/C.3/58/L.30/Rev.2) submitted by the sponsor of draft resolution A/C.3/58/L.30/Rev.1, in which the sixth preambular paragraph had been revised to read:
12. At the 50th meeting, on 19 November, the representative of Egypt, subsequently joined by Indonesia, introduced amendments (A/C.3/58/L.59) to draft resolution A/C.3/58/L.30/Rev.1, by which:
13. At the 54th meeting, on 21 November, the representative of Egypt, on behalf of Bahrain, Brunei Darussalam, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, the Sudan, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen, introduced amendments (A/C.3/58/L.81) to draft resolution (A/C.3/58/L.30/Rev.2, by which:

(a) The title of the draft resolution would be revised to read “The situation of and assistance to children in the Middle East region”;

(b) The fifth preambular paragraph would be replaced by:

(c) After the fifth preambular paragraph, a new paragraph would be added, reading:
(d) The seventh and eighth preambular paragraphs would be replaced by the following text:
(e) Operative paragraphs 1 and 2 would be replaced by:
14. At the same meeting, the representative of Egypt withdrew document A/C.3/58/L.59 (see A/C.3/58/SR.54).

15. At the 58th meeting, on 26 November, the representative of Israel made a statement, in the course of which he withdrew draft resolution A/C.3/58/L.30/Rev.2.

16. In the light of the statement made by the representative of Israel, no action was taken on the amendments contained in document A/C.3/58/L.81.

17. At the same meeting, statements were made by the representatives of Egypt and the United States of America (see A/C.3/58/SR.58).



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