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        Security Council
8 June 1982




1. On 6 June 1982 at 2140 hours New York time, the Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 509 (1982), the operative part of which reads as follows:

"The Security Council,


2. I immediately transmitted the text of the resolution to the Foreign Ministers of Israel and Lebanon and to the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization. With special reference to paragraph 3 of the resolution, I requested them to send their communications to me by 2140 hours New York time on 7 June 1982.

3. The reply of Lebanon is contained in the following letter dated 7 June 1982 from the Permanent Representative of Lebanon, which was received at 1930 hours New York time, 7 June 1982.

"Upon instructions from my Government, I have the honour to communicate to you Lebanon's position with respect to Security Council resolution 509 (1982) of 6 June 1982.

"As we stated during the debate, we consider that Israel has violated the General Armistice Agreement of 1949. While we continue to reiterate our adherence to this Agreement, Israel has continued its aggressive acts against Lebanon, against Lebanese territory, Lebanese cities and villages, and Lebanese civilians.

"Despite the present Israeli aggression, Lebanon has not become a party to the hostilities that have ensued.

"While my Government would have preferred a resolution clearly based on the Armistice Agreement, calling on Israel to abide by it, we cannot but welcome resolution 509 (1982) in its present form and the call for a cease-fire which it reiterates, though we have not become a party to the hostilities, but merely victims of aggression.

"In the hope that the Security Council will be able to restore peace and security in Lebanon, my Government pledges its full support for the efforts deployed in this direction.

"However, we cannot but regret that Security Council resolution 509 (1982) did not provide, as it should have, for stronger means of implementation. We trust that such means will be examined by the Council at the appropriate time.

"My Government takes note with great appreciation of preambular paragraph 3 of resolution 509 (1982), which reaffirms the strict respect for the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and political independence of Lebanon within its internationally recognized boundaries. We hope that in the light of this paragraph, the Security Council will be able to ensure the full, immediate, and unconditional withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon."

4. The reply of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is contained in the following letter dated 7 June 1982 from the Permanent Observer of PLO, which was received at 2010 hours New York time, 7 June 1982.

"I am instructed to convey to you the following message from Chairman Yasser Arafat:

'In its meeting at 22 hours Beirut time today, the Lebanese Palestinian Joint Command has decided to agree to the contents of your message relevant to Security Council resolution 509 (1982).'"

5. The reply of Israel is contained in the following letter dated 7 June 1982 from the Permanent Representative of Israel, which was received at 2130 hours New York time, 7 June 1982.

"In response to Security Council resolution 509 (1982) of 6 June 1982, I am instructed to communicate to you the following:

"1. The 'Peace for Galilee' operation was ordered because of the intolerable situation created by the presence in Lebanon of a large number of terrorists operating from that country, equipped with modern, long-range weaponry, threatening the lives of the civilian population of Galilee.

"2. Any withdrawal of Israel military forces prior to the conclusion of concrete arrangements which would permanently and reliably preclude hostile action against Israel's citizens is inconceivable.

"3. The inherent right of self defence is one of the fundamental rights of sovereign States. Article 51 of the United Nations Charter reaffirms the right of self defence of all Member States.

"4. The Government of Israel reiterates its statement published on 6 June 1982 that 'Israel continues to aspire to the signing of a peace treaty with independent Lebanon, its territorial integrity preserved.'"


* Reissued for technical reasons.


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