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Source: Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
1 November 2005


P.O. Box 38712 East Jerusalem
Phone: (972) 2 – 5829962 / 5825853, Fax: (972) 2 – 5825841,

Protection of Civilians - Weekly Briefing Notes

26 October - 1 November2005

Of note this week
• Violence continued to escalate this week resulting in a sharp increase in Palestinian and Israeli casualties; including a suicide bombing in Israel and IAF aerial strikes targeting Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.
• For the last Friday Prayers in Ramadan, IDF and Israeli Border Police further increased movement restrictions into Jerusalem compared to previous Friday prayers during October.

1. Physical Protection


26 October: A 19-year-old Palestinian from Qabatyia village, Jenin, conducted a suicide attack in Hadera city in Israel killing 5 Israelis and injuring approximately 30 others. The Islamic Jihad group claimed responsibility for the attack.
26 October: Israeli settlers from Kiryat Arba’ severely beat one Palestinian man from Wad Al Huseen neighbourhood of the H2 area of Hebron city.
26 October: Three Palestinian boys (aged 10, 13, and 16 years old) were injured in the Palestinian town of Yatta, Hebron, after IDF soldiers during a search an arrest campaign responded to stone and bottle throwing by firing live bullets.
27 October: Israeli settlers from the outpost of Tel Rumeida, Hebron, injured 3 members of a Palestinian family (42 and 48-year-old parents and their 13-year-old daughter) in the H2 area of Hebron city.
27 October: Seven Palestinians, including 3 children aged 14 and 15 years old (2), were killed and another 19 bystanders wounded, including two seriously, in an IAF targeted missile strike on a vehicle in Jabalia camp, the Gaza Strip.
27 October: A Palestinian youth stoned an Israeli vehicle near Silwad village, Ramallah. One Israeli was injured.
28 October: One Palestinian militant was killed and another injured when the vehicle they were traveling in was targeted by IAF helicopter missiles in Beth Hanoun, the Gaza Strip.
30 October: A 30-year-old Palestinian man was shot and injured when the IDF opened fire in the direction of the evacuated northern settlement area in Al Seafa, the Gaza Strip.
30 October: Four Palestinian boys (aged 9, 13, 15, and 16 years old ) were injured by the IDF in the Palestinian town of Dura, Hebron. The confrontation took place when the IDF detained a group of local Palestinian residents. The IDF fired live and rubber-coated metal bullets toward a group of Palestinian stone throwers, injuring four of them.
30 October: Two Palestinian gunmen were killed (aged 22 and 29 years old) and another 8 Palestinians injured after an exchange of fire between the IDF and Palestinian gunmen when the IDF surrounded a house in Qabatyia village, Jenin.
30 October: A group of Israeli settlers from Elon Moreh, Nablus, injured a 73-year-old Palestinian shepherd from Beit Dajan village while he was grazing his sheep in fields east of the settlement.
1 November: Palestinians threw explosive devices at the IDF in Jenin city, Jenin, during a search and arrest campaign. One IDF soldier was injured. Two Palestinians were also injured during the clashes.
1 November: Two Palestinians were killed and five injured in an IAF targeted missile strike on a vehicle traveling in Jabaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip.

2. Shelter and Property:

• No incidents to report.

Other shelter/property related incidents:
27 October: A bridge in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip, was damaged by an IAF missile strike
28 October: The main electricity former was damaged north of Beit Lahia, northern Gaza Strip, when IAF fired two missiles into uninhabited areas.
28 October: A group of Israeli settlers from Kedumim settlement occupied an empty Palestinian house in Jit village, Qalqiliya, for several hours.

3. Natural Resources:

Land levelling/Requisitions/Tree Uprooting1

Nablus, Jenin and Tubas Governorates:
Tulkarm Governorate:
Qalqiliya Governorate:
Salfit Governorates:
Ramallah / Al Bireh Governorate:
Hebron Governorate:
Bethlehem Governorate:
Jerusalem Governorate: Jericho Governorate:
The Gaza Strip:

1 4 dunums = 1 acre; 10 dunums = 1 hectare

4. Restrictions on Medical Assistance:

West Bank:
23 October (previously not reported): A PRCS ambulance trying to transport an injured person at Beit Furik checkpoint, Nablus, to hospital was denied access to the patient and returned to the base.
25 October (previously not reported): A PRCS ambulance was delayed by the Israeli Border Police at Allenby bridge checkpoint for 30 minutes while on route to transport a patient from the Border Crossing to Jericho city.

The Gaza Strip:
• This week, 7 out of 112 Palestinian medical referrals were denied access at Erez crossing for treatment in Israel.

5. Access and Movement for Civilians:

a) Curfew
• No incidents to report.

b) Access to Education

West Bank:
• 27-30 October: The IDF closed Beit Furik checkpoint for all persons except residents of Beit Dajan village. About 60 teachers from other villages were unable to reach schools in the area and schools were forced to close.
27 October-1 November: About 300 students from Beit Furik village were unable to attend schools and universities in Nablus city because of the closing Beit Furik checkpoint.

29 October: The IDF closed Khirbet Jubara Barrier gate prohibiting the school bus from collecting the students from Khirbet Jubara village west of the Barrier.

29 October: Teachers and students from Cordoba elementary school in H2 area of Hebron city were attacked by a group of Israeli settlers from the settlement of Beit Hadassah. The settlers threw stones and empty bottles towards the Palestinian students.
30 October: The Israeli military escort resumed for the Palestinian students who travel from Tuba to attend their classes in At Tuwani School, south Hebron. The escort had been suspended since the 16 October. The escort has been provided since 2004 to protect the students from attacks carried by Israeli settlers from the Ma’on settlement.
• Ongoing incidents: c) Access to Employment

This week, the IDF and Border Police continued to impose external closure on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip; workers and traders with valid permits were not allowed to enter Israel. This closure has been in place since 24 September.

Special permits were issued for workers in the agricultural sector and large traders.

d) Closures/Movement restrictions

The external closure imposed on the oPt since 24 September is still in place. Permits previously issued are no longer valid and only in some limited humanitarian cases was access facilitated to Israel.

Nablus Governorate:
Jenin Governorate:
Tubas Governorate:
Tulkarm Governorate:
Qalqiliya Governorate:
No major incidents to report.

Salfit Governorates:
Ramallah / Al Bireh Governorate: Hebron and Bethlehem Governorates:
Movement restrictions remain in place for private Palestinian vehicles on Road No. 60; only Palestinian taxis and buses were allowed to move between Zif junction (Road No. 317) and Al Khadr (Road No. 60, in Bethlehem). Entrance into Bethlehem is possible through the Beit Jala DCO checkpoint.

Jerusalem Governorate:
Jericho Governorate:

6. The Olive Harvest:
• 26 October: The IDF denied the access of international volunteers and Palestinian farmers from the Palestinian village of Karma from reaching their olive trees in area adjacent to the Israeli settlement of Otni’el, Hebron.
29 October: Israeli settlers from Susya settlement, Hebron, denied the access of Palestinian farmers to their olive trees. The settlers entered the Palestinian olive groves and harvested around 40 trees. IDF and Israeli police arrived to the area and detained three of the settlers.
29 October: IDF closed all Barrier gates in Qalqiliya governorate for all Palestinians. Farmers were unable to reach there fields and olive groves west of the Barrier.
31 October: IDF closed Mas-Ha Barrier gate in Salfit governorate for all Palestinians. Farmers were unable to reach there fields and olive groves west of the Barrier.

7. Additional Protection Issues:
• 25 October – 1 November: Palestinian militants fired 54 home made rockets and 2 mortar shells from the Northern Gaza Strip towards the southern Israeli town of Sderot. IAF aircrafts fired 29 missiles into open areas east of Beit Hanoun and IDF ground forces stationed at the Green Line fired artillery shells 45 times at various locations east of Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahia and eastern Khan Younis.
25 October – 1 November: IAF F16s produced some 25 sonic booms by flying at a low altitude and breaking the sound barrier across the Gaza Strip.
26 and 29 October: Settlers from the Israeli settlement of Beit Hadassah, Hebron, threw stones and empty bottlers toward the houses of the Palestinians living along Shohada street, H2 area of Hebron city.
28 October: Palestinian and international protesters held a demonstration against the Barrier construction in Bil’in, Ramallah. The protesters stoned IDF jeeps and soldiers responded by firing rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas canisters. At least 13 people were affected by the gas inhalation.
30 October: The IDF destroyed 50 metres of the main water pipe which supplies water for the Palestinian town of Idhna, Hebron. The destruction took place when the IDF bulldozers reinforced the closure near the entrance of the town from Road No. 35.
1 November: The prisoners’ family visits to Israeli prisons in West Bank resumed being suspended since 24 September 2005.

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