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7 November 1949

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held in New York on Monday,
7 November 1949, at 4 p.m.

Mr. Yalcin


Mr. de Boisanger(France)
Mr. Rockwell(U.S.A.)
Mr. SerupSecretariat
Mr. Erim"
Mr. Ladas"

Draft reply to Israeli note of 27 October 1949; proposed press release concerning the draft Instrument for Jerusalem

Mr. ROCKWELL pointed out that there had not been sufficient time to study the text of the draft reply to the latest Israeli note. He suggested that the Commission should consider the text at a meeting on Wednesday, 9 November.

Mr. de BOISANGER supported the suggestion and further proposed that the reply should be despatched to the Israeli delegation on Friday, 11 November, and that the proposed statement to the press concerning the draft Instrument for Jerusalem should be released on the same day.

The Commission adopted both proposals.

Declaration regarding the protection of Holy Places outside the Jerusalem area

Mr. LADAS (Secretariat) informed the Commission that the Arab delegations had agreed to make a written declaration, which would be submitted to the Commission within a few days. He had also been advised that the Israeli delegation had received the requested statement from Tel Aviv and would communicate it to the Commission on Wednesday.

Consideration of the question of Jaffa-Tel Aviv

The CHAIRMAN was of the opinion that the Commission should register a protest in some way against the action of the Government of Israel, and make it clear that that action was a violation of the terms of the Protocol of 12 May 1949.

Mr. de BOISANGER, while agreeing with the Chairman’s view, pointed out that the Commission was in possession of no documentation or precise information on the question. The Commission could not afford to take up the matter or register a protest until it could base its remarks on more precise data than were at present available from the Egyptian delegation or the New York Jewish press. He suggested that the Secretariat should request Mr. Barnes in Jerusalem to forward the official text of the action taken by the Israeli Government, at the same time making unofficial inquiries from the Israeli delegation as to whether more precise information was available.

The Commission adopted the French representative’s proposal.

Egyptian proposal regarding the protection of minorities

Mr. de BOISANGER commented on the fact that although the Commission had raised the question of protection of minorities in its letters of 12 September to the two parties, the question was one which had received no mention in the resolution of 11 December 1948. As regards the document submitted by the Arab delegations, he was not sure whether or not it should be transmitted to the Israeli delegation, since it was a spontaneous proposal which was not based upon the request in the Commission's letter of 12 September.

Mr. ROCKWELL could see no advantage in transmitting the document in its present form to the Israeli delegation. He suggested that the Commission should once more request each of the parties to make a declaration of its own intention: regarding protection of the minority groups within its own territory.

The CHAIRMAN agreed with Mr. Rockwell, and suggested that the Commission’s request should take the form of letters to the two parties.

The Commission adopted the proposals of Mr. Rockwell and the Chairman.

Egyptian note on frontier incidents

Mr. de BOISANGER suggested that the Egyptian delegation’s note should be transmitted to the Secretary-General with a request for information at the disposal of the Chairman of the Mixed Armistice Commissions.

Mr. .ROCKWELL agreed, and further proposed that the note should be communicated to the Israeli delegation, and that the Arab delegations should be informed of the action taken by the Commission.

The Commission adopted both suggestions.

The meeting rose at 5:05 p.m.

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