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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: League of Arab States
24 April 2004

Secretary General's Statements before Departing Cairo (24-4-2004)

Secretary General Amre Moussa of the Arab League condemned the blatant threats made by Prime Minister Sharon of Israeli to assassinate the Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.

"They are a serious violation of all norms. We are all alert now to any action that might target President Arafat's life", Moussa said describing Sharon's threats.

In a press statement he made before departing Cairo to the Sultanate of Oman-within his consultations over preparing for the summit- Moussa warned that any threats against President Arafat would have grave long-term consequences.

"This is not an Israeli political game", Moussa said pointing out that this issue will be of extreme seriousness at a vast scale.

"The Israelis must be cautious in their arrogance and reliance on the immunity they are provided with", Moussa said stressing that "it is a different matter when it comes to President Arafat", and further confirming that "it is no less serious than their oppressive practices against the Palestinian civilians and all other Palestinian personalities".

As concerns Iraq, Moussa commented on Lakhdar Brahimi's announcement over convening a conference concerning Iraq in Cairo by the end of next month saying that he has not received any word from Brahimi in that concern so far. He further said he expects a contact with the UN envoy within the next few days. Secretary General Moussa underlined the importance of convening a conference in which all the Iraqi national factions would partake describing it as required idea.

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