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        Security Council
20 November 1967


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: draft resolution

The Security Council,

Expressing concern at the lack of progress towards a political settlement in the Middle East and at the increased tension in the area,

Noting that there have even been violations of the cease-fire called for by the Security Council in its resolutions 233 of 6 June, 234 of 7 June, 235 of 9 June and 236 of 12 June 1967, a cease-fire which was regarded as a first step towards the achievement of a just peace in the area and which was to have been strengthened by other appropriate measures,

Recalling General Assembly resolutions 2252 (ES-V), 2253 (ES-V), 2254 (ES-V) and 2256 (ES-V),

Emphasizing the urgent necessity of restoring peace and establishing normal conditions in the Middle East,

1. Declares that peace and final solutions to this problem can be achieved within the framework of the Charter of the United Nations;

2. Urges that the following steps should be taken:

(a) The parties to the conflict should immediately withdraw their forces to the positions they held before 5 June 1967 in accordance with the principle that the seizure of territories as a result of war is inadmissible;

(b) All States Members of the United Nations in the area should immediately recognize that each of them has the right to exist as an independent national State and to live in peace and security, and should renounce all claims and desist from all acts inconsistent with the foregoing;

3. Deems it necessary in this connexion to continue its consideration of the situation in the Middle East, collaborating directly with the parties concerned and making use of the presence of the United Nations, with a view to achieving an appropriate and just solution of all aspects of the problem on the basis of the following principles:

(a) The use or threat of force in relations between States is incompatible with the Charter of the United Nations;
(b) Every State must respect the political independence and territorial integrity of all other States in the area;
(c) There must be a just settlement of the question of the Palestine refugees;
(d) Innocent passage through international waterways in the area in accordance with international agreements;

4. Considers that, in harmony with the steps to be taken along the lines indicated above, all States in the area should put an end to the state of belligerency, take measures to limit the useless and destructive arms race, and discharge the obligations assumed by them under the Charter of the United Nations and international agreements.

* * *

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