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        Economic and Social Council
1 December 2008

Original: English

Commission on the Status of Women
Fifty-third session
2-13 March 2009
Item 3 (c) of the provisional agenda*
Follow-up to the Fourth World Conference on Women and
to the twenty-third special session of the General Assembly,
entitled “Women 2000: gender equality, development and
peace for the twenty-first century”: gender mainstreaming,
situations and programmatic matters

Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women

Report of the Secretary-General

The present report summarizes the situation of Palestinian women between October 2007 and September 2008, in accordance with Economic and Social Council resolution 2008/11. It reviews the situation of Palestinian women and provides an overview of the assistance provided by entities of the United Nations system with regard to, inter alia, education and training; health; employment and entrepreneurship; women’s human rights; violence against women; and humanitarian assistance. The report concludes with recommendations for consideration by the Commission on the Status of Women.


I. Introduction II. Situation of Palestinian women III. Assistance to Palestinian women A. Education and training B. Health C. Employment and entrepreneurship D. Women’s human rights

E. Violence against women

F. Humanitarian assistance G. Advocacy and information H. Gender mainstreaming IV. Conclusions and recommendations

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