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Source: Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
18 May 2007

Protection of Civilians Weekly Report

9 – 15 May 2007

Of note this week
Intense factional violence across the Gaza Strip erupted following the killing on 13 May of a senior Fatah leader. Heavy armed clashes occurred on Gazan streets between Fatah forces and Hamas and its affiliated Executive Support Force (ESF) and rival factions established checkpoints, searched vehicles and arrested/abducted people. As at 15:00 hours 15 May, 18 Palestinians were killed and more than 80 injured, including a four year-old girl in inter-factional violence, armed family feuds and reckless use of weapons/handling explosives.

Gaza Strip:

Palestinian/Israeli violence continues:

Israel: 2. Physical Protection - other incidents involving casualties2

Gaza Strip:

4 dunums = 1 acre; 10 dunums = 1 hectare

Qalqiliya Governorate:

Ramallah / Al Bireh Governorate:

Construction of an Israeli police station in E1, or East 1, an area north of Ma’ale Adumimm and Road 1 within Jerusalem governorate and the West Bank is ongoing.

The road between Anata and Al ‘Eizariya is under construction (Road 70). Another road (Road 80) is planned that will link Abu Dis to Road 1 east of the planned Barrier around Ma’ale Adummim. The road will be open for Palestinians only.

Jericho Governorate:
No incidents to report. Bethlehem Governorate:

9 May: The IDF prevented access through the Tunnels Checkpoint (Bethlehem) between 08:00 and 11:00 hours after their was shooting in the area.
Ongoing incidents:

- Barrier construction:

Hebron Governorate:

14 May: The IDF closed down the gate leading to Al Fawwar Camp (Hebron) for more that one hour to Palestinian traffic.

5. Access and Movement for Civilians

a) Curfew

No incidents of curfew were reported.

b) Access to education

13-15 May: The IDF and Israeli Police came on time to escort Palestinian students to and from their homes in Tuba and Magyar Al Abid to their elementary school in At Tuwani (south Hebron).On other days during the reporting period students did not go to school due to the strike by PA teachers. The escort has been provided since 2004 to protect the students from attacks by Israeli settlers from the Ma’on settlement.

c) Access to employment

Ongoing incidents:

Jenin Governorate: Salfit Governorate: Ramallah / Al Bireh Governorate:

No incidents to report.

Jericho Governorate/Jordan Valley:

10 May: The IDF erected a flying checkpoint daily along the Dead Sea road to prevent all Palestinian vehicular and pedestrian movements into the Dead Sea area. Palestinians with West Bank IDs are not allowed into the area except with permits to work inside settlements.

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