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- Special Coordinator Warns Security Council of "Explosive" Environment Developing in Middle East While Welcoming US President’s Personal Engagement - Security Council Press Release 26/05/2017
- OHCHR Condemns Execution of Three Men by the Authorities in Gaza - UNOG Press Briefing Note (Excerpts) 26/05/2017
- EU Heads of Cooperation Visit Area C Projects in the Jordan Valley - EU Press Release 25/05/2017
- Canada Supports Vulnerable Families In The West Bank And Gaza - WFP Press Release 25/05/2017
- Annual Report of the UNRWA Health Department 24/05/2017
- UNRWA Releases Latest Annual Report from the Agency's Department of Health - UNRWA Press Release 24/05/2017
- EU and Norwegian Missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah Urge Authorities in Gaza Not to Carry Out Execution of Prisoners - EU Statement 24/05/2017
- WFP Palestine Country Brief, April 2017 - WFP Update 24/05/2017
- High Commissioner Zeid Urges Israel to Respect Human Rights of Detainees – OHCHR Press Release 24/05/2017
- Readout of Meeting Between US President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu (Excerpts) 23/05/2017
- Readout of Meeting Between US President Trump and State of Palestine President Abbas 23/05/2017
- OHCHR: Gaza Death Sentences Illegal – OHCHR Press Release 23/05/2017
- Remarks by US President Trump and President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority in Joint Statement 23/05/2017
- Health Conditions in OPT, Golan - 70th World Health Assembly Draft Decision 23/05/2017

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