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03/06/2015Secretary-General concerned about PLO Central Committee's decision to suspend security coordination with Israel - SG Press release
SG/198002/04/1993Situation in the OPT - SecGen meets with Jewish org. and with Perm.Observer of Palestine - Press release
SG/207708/01/2002Events in Jenin and other Palestinian cities - SecGen report - Press release
SG/208612/01/2003Separation barrier - Report of the SecGen/GA 10th emergency special session - Press release
SG/209109/22/2004Quartet principals meeting, statement (22 September 2004) - Press release
SG/210212/05/2005Quartet consultations, statement/Netanya attack (5 December 2005) - Press release
01/26/2006Quartet consultations, statement/PLC elections (26 January 2006) - Press release
01/30/2006Quartet meeting, statement/"Quartet principles" (30 January 2006) - Press release
SG/210502/07/2006Joint UN, EU and OIC statement shares 'anguish' of Muslim world at Mohammed caricatures, but condemns violent response - Press release
03/30/2006Quartet statement/New Palestinian Government (30 March 2006) - Press release
06/17/2006Quartet principals meeting, statement/Temporary International Mechanism (17 June 2006) - Press release
SG/211609/20/2006Quartet principals meeting, statement/Middle East developments (20 September 2006) - Press release
12/22/2006Quartet statement/TIM extension (22 Dec. 2006) - Press release
SG/212202/02/2007Quartet principals meeting, statement (2 February 2007) - Press release
02/09/2007Quartet principals consultations, statement/Agreement on Palestinian National Unity Government (9 February 2007) - Press release
SG/212402/21/2007Quartet principals meeting, statement (21 February 2007) - Press release
03/21/2007Quartet principals consultations, statement/Establishment of Palestinian National Unity Government (21 March 2007) - Press release
05/30/2007Quartet principals meeting, statement/Gaza situation (30 May 2007) - Press release
06/27/2007Quartet principals meeting, statement/Appointment of Tony Blair as Quartet Representative - Press release
SG/213007/19/2007Quartet principals meeting, statement - Press release
09/23/2007Quartet principals meeting, statement (23 Sept 2007) - Press release
SG/213311/27/2007Quartet principals meeting, statement/Annapolis conference - Press release
SG/213412/18/2007Quartet principals meeting, statement/Paris Donors' Conference (18 Dec. 2007) - Press release
SG/213705/02/2008Quartet principals meeting, statement (2 May 2008) - Press release
SG/214006/24/2008Quartet principals meeting, statement (24 June 2008) - Press release
SG/214309/26/2008Quartet principals meeting, statement (26 September 2008) - Press release
SG/214511/09/2008Quartet principals meeting with PA President Abbas and Israeli FM Livni, statement (9 November 2008) - Press release
SG/214712/15/2008Quartet principals meeting, statement (15 December 2008) - Press release
SG/215206/26/2009Quartet principals meeting, statement (26 June 2008) - Press release
SG/215509/24/2009Quartet principals meeting, statement/Fayyad plan (24 September 2009) - Press release
SG/215703/12/2010Quartet statement/New housing units in East Jerusalem (12 March 2010) - Press release
SG/215803/19/2010Quartet principals meeting, statement (19 March 2010) - Press release
SG/215905/11/2010Quartet statement/Start of Proximity Talks (11 May 2010) - Press release
SG/216006/21/2010Quartet statement/Israel's announced easing of Gaza blockade (21 June 2010) - Press release
SG/216108/20/2010Quartet statement/Launch of direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians (20 August 2010) - Press release
SG/216802/05/2011Quartet statement/Implications of regional developments to Arab-Israeli peace (5 February 2011) - EU Press release/Non-UN document
SG/217203/14/2011Quartet Strongly Condemns West Bank Murder of an Israeli Family of Five - Press release
SG/217405/20/2011Quartet statement: Urgent need to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, support for Pres. Obama's speech (20 May 2011) - Press release
SG/217507/05/2011Quartet statement on the situation in Gaza - Press release
SG/217608/16/2011Quartet statement on new housing units in "Ariel" and East Jerusalem - Press release
SG/217708/22/2011Quartet statement on attacks in southern Israel - Press release
SG/217809/23/2011Quartet to engage with parties towards resumption of negotiation, takes note of UN application - Quartet statement
SG/218103/12/2012Quartet holds informal consultations (12 March 2012) - Note by the Quartet
SG/218204/11/2012Quartet statement/Israeli-Palestinian dialogue, assistance (11 April 2012) - SG press release
SG/219607/30/2013Quartet statement in support of resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations (30 July 2013) - SecGen press release
SG/220209/27/2013Quartet statement/Progress in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations (27 Sept. 2013) - SecGen press release
SG/220607/31/2014Joint statement by UN Secretary-General Ban and US Secretary of State Kerry on the 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire announcement - SG statement
02/06/2015UN and LAS appeal to donors to honour financial commitments for Gaza - SG spokesperson's statement
SG/221402/08/2015Statement by Middle East Quartet's Principals - Office of SG Spokesperson press release
SG/221605/27/2015Quartet Representative Tony Blair plans to step down - Press statement
SG/222009/30/2015Statement by Middle East Quartet - Press statement
SG/222210/23/2015Statement by Quartet Principals (Vienna, 23 October 2015) - Press release
SG/222402/12/2016Statement by Middle East Quartet (Munich, 12 Feb. 2016) - Press release
SG/223209/23/2016Quartet reiterates call for Israel, Palestine to implement its Report's recommendations - Quartet joint press statement
SG/A/100205/12/2006SecGen appoints Kevin M. Kennedy as Deputy Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process - Press release
05/10/2007SecGen appoints board members of UN Register of Damage caused by separation wall in the OPT- Press Release
05/21/2007SecGen appoints Michael C. Williams as Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process - Press release, biographical note
SG/A/110610/30/2007SecGen appoints Max Gaylard of Australia Deputy Special Coordinator for the Middle East peace process a.i. - Press release
11/29/2007SecGen appoints Vladimir Goryaev as Executive Director of Office of UN Register of Damage caused by the Construction of the Wall - UN press release
12/04/2007SecGen appoints Robert Serry Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process, Personal Representative to the PLO and PA - Press release
03/04/2008SecGen appoints Max Gaylard of Australia Deputy Special Coordinator for the Middle East peace process - Press release
06/27/2008SecGen appoints Ronald Bettauer of United States to Board of UN Register of Damage caused by the Construction of the Wall in OPT - UN press release
01/20/2010Secretary-General appoints Filippo Grandi of Italy Commissioner-General of UNRWA - Biographical note
01/20/2010Secretary-General appoints Margot B. Ellis of US as Deputy Commissioner-General of UNRWA - Biographical note
09/06/2012Secretary-General appoints James W. Rawley as Deputy Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator for the OPT - SecGen press release
11/20/2013SecGen appoints Pierre Krähenbühl of Switzerland UNRWA Commissioner-General - Press release
02/05/2015Secretary-General appoints Nickolay Mladenov as UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process (UNSCO) -- SG press release
05/04/2015Secretary-General appoints Robert Piper of Australia as Deputy Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process - SG press release
06/01/1994SecGen appoints Special Coordinator in the OTs/UN assistance focal point - Press release
01/12/1996SecGen appoints Commissioner-General of UNRWA - Press release
SG/A/70509/21/1999Mideast peace process/Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process, PersRep to PLO, PA - Press release
06/13/2000UNRWA - Deputy appointment - Press release
SG/A/75612/07/2000SecGen appoints personal representative for southern Lebanon - Press release
SG/A/81408/07/2002SecGen appoints Personal Humanitarian Envoy (Bertini) - Press release
SG/A/89712/14/2004Lebanon/Roed-Larsen appointed special envoy - SecGen statement - Press release
01/13/2005SecGen appoints personal envoy for southern Lebanon deputy of UN mission in Iraq - Press release
SG/A/92105/06/2005SecGen appoints Alvaro de Soto as new Middle East Envoy - Press release
SG/A/92205/13/2005SecGen appoints Detlev Mehlis as Commissioner of UN International Investigation Commission - Press release
06/28/2005Sec Gen appoints Karen AbuZayd as UNRWA Commissioner-General - Press release
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