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HQ/01/200701/31/2007Irish Govt gives €11.4 million in aid for Palestine refigees - UNRWA press release
HQ/02/200702/08/2007UNRWA services in Gaza back to full operation - UNRWA press release
HQ/03/200703/16/2007UN convoy attacked in North Gaza - UNRWA press release
HQ/04/200703/23/2007Belgian Foreign Minister visits Amari refugee camp - UNRWA Press Release
HQ/05/203/28/2007United Nations aids victims of sewage spill in Gaza - OCHA Press Release
HQ/05/200703/27/2007UNRWA coping with flooding disaster in the Gaza Strip - UNRWA Press Release
HQ/06/200705/20/2007Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal funds training for UNRWA doctors in Gaza - UNRWA press release
HQ/200706/27/2007Summer programmes for children in Gaza - UNRWA news release
HQ/2009/201/14/2009Pregnant women and newborns unseen victims of Gaza conflict - UNFPA press release
HQ/20/200612/19/2006Gaza violence putting humanitarian operation in jeopardy - UNRWA press release
HQ/21/200612/20/2006UNRWA signs $6 million agreement with Zayed Bin Sultan Foundation for schools in Gaza and West Bank - UNRWA press release
HQ/56212/05/1995Tribute to Yitzhak Rabin - Press release
05/09/200270 million needed for West Bank/Gaza refugees - UNRWA press release
HQ/A/4/200005/11/2000UNRWA - Donors/host governments reiterate support - Press release
HQ/A/4/200105/10/2001UNRWA - Donors/host governments reaffirm support - Press release
HQ/G/01/200501/31/2005Ten-year-old child killed in UNRWA school in Gaza - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/01/200601/03/2006UNRWA condemns attack on UN facility in Gaza - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/02/200502/03/2005Refugee camps - New shelters for Rafah homeless - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/02/200602/23/2006Japan helps build human security in the West Bank and Gaza Strip - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/03/200401/08/2004Japan donates $5.9 million to Palestine refugees - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/03/200502/22/2005Japan donation for re-housing and job creation - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/03/200602/28/2006European Commission announces $76 million for UNRWA annual budget - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/04/200402/20/2004Switzerland and UNRWA to host conference on refugees - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/04/200502/24/2005Palestine refugees - 2004 donations pass $500 million - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/04/200603/19/2006Japan Hands Over $ 4.2 million for UNRWA's Regular Food aid Programme - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/05/200305/07/2003House demolitions in West Bank and Gaza - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/05/200403/01/2004Japan contributes to UNRWA's Food Assistance Programme - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/05/200502/24/2005Palestine refugees - UNRWA presents $1.1 billion plan to donors - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/05/200603/22/2006Only a fully functioning Karni Crossing can avert looming humanitarian crisis - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/06/200202/28/2002Situation in the OPT/Israel entered Palestinian towns of Jenin and Nablus, including Jenin and Balata refugee camps - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/06/200305/12/2003Gaza closure cripples UN relief work - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/06/200404/01/2004UNRWA suspends emergency food aid in Gaza - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/06/200502/28/2005Palestine refugees - Saudi Fund for Development donation to UNRWA - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/06/200604/11/2006UNRWA Director: “Counting down to a crisis in Gaza” - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/07/200112/05/2001UNRWA/ Fourth Geneva Convention/Conference - Humanitarian Situation in OPT - Press release
03/03/2002UNRWA - IDF blocks UN delivery of medicine and food to Jenin camp - Press release
HQ/G/07/200305/18/200318 UN agencies and NGOs protest Gaza closure - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/07/200605/13/2006Norway increases contribution to UNRWA by 50 per cent - UNRWA press release
03/04/2002UNRWA/Refugee camps, Jenin - Press release
HQ/G/08/200503/14/2005SecGen pays respect to slain UNRWA staff/bids farewell to Hansen - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/08/200606/19/2006UNRWA Advisory Commission opens first regular session - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/09/200203/06/2002UNRWA protests bomb damage to Gaza blind school - Press release
HQ/G/09/200405/13/2004UNRWA calls on all parties to respect neutrality of its ambulances - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/09/200503/21/2005Japan contributes to UNRWA's Food Assistance Programme - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/09/200606/20/2006Advisory Commission expresses support for UNRWA’s Organizational Development initiative - UNRWA press release
03/07/2002UNRWA protests Israeli bomb landing close to schoolchildren - Press release
HQ/G/10/200405/16/2004UNRWA: alarm at planned demolitions - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/10/200504/03/2005Karen Koning AbuZayd named Acting UNRWA Commissioner-General - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/10/200606/20/2006UNRWA commemorates World Refugee Day 2006 - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/11/200203/21/2002UNRWA cost estimates/Incursion into refugee camps and the bombing of Gaza City centre - Press release
HQ/G/11/200306/11/2003Israel prevents UNRWA management from meeting - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/11/200505/19/2005UNRWA shares hopes and fears for Gaza disengagement with donors and host authorities - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/11/200606/22/2006UNRWA strongly condemns death and injury to Gazan refugees - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/12/200405/20/2004House demolitions in Rafah resume - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/12/200505/19/2005US announces $20 million donation to UNRWA' emergency appeal and signs cooperation agreement - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/12/200607/14/2006US Government Announces $50.8 Million Contribution to UNRWA - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/13/2002, PAL/191304/07/2002Israeli assault on refugee camps - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/13/200309/10/2003Japan funds community projects for Palestine refugees - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/13/200405/24/2004New shelters for Gaza homeless - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/13/200505/23/2005UNRWA shares hopes and fears for Gaza disengagement with donors and host authorities - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/13/200607/14/2006Japan contributes $5.5 million to UNRWA - UNRWA press release
04/16/2002Israeli assault on refugee camps - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/14/200309/16/2003New shelters for Khan Younis homeless - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/14/200405/24/2004Latest Israeli operation leaves 575 Palestinians homeless - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/15/200309/21/2003The Curse of Statelessness - UNRWA Commissioner-General speech - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/15/200405/25/2004UNRWA demands apology and retraction for "baseless charges" against UNRWA ambulance drivers - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/15/200509/06/2005Japan contributes $5.5 million to rehabilitate shelters of Gaza refugees - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/15/200608/24/2006Children pay the price as UNRWA operations in Gaza are grinding to a halt - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/16/200309/24/2003UNRWA pleads for emergency funds for West Bank and Gaza - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/16/200405/26/2004UNRWA completes its demolition assessment of Operation Rainbow - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/16/200510/18/2005New Deputy Commissioner-General for UNRWA - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/17/200405/31/2004UNRWA launches $15.8 million crisis appeal for Rafah - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/17/200511/17/2005First UNRWA Hosts and Donors Meeting opens at Dead Sea - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/17/200611/08/2006UNRWA strongly condemns Israeli military operations in Beit Hanoun - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/18/200511/18/2005Strong support for UNRWA as major hosts and donors meeting concludes - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/18/200611/18/2006Two children shot inside UNRWA school - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/19/200406/02/2004UNRWA condemns Rafah school shooting - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/19/200511/29/2005UAE donates US$13 million to re-house homeless refugees - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/1/200106/22/2001UNRWA - Third emergency appeal - Press release
HQ/G/1/200201/14/2002SecGen deplores attacks in Israel/Gaza - Press release
HQ/G/20/200301/20/2004UNRWA Commissioner-General seeks support for Palestine refugees in China, Japan and South Korea - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/20/200406/24/2004UNRWA agrees with PA and UAE NGO to rebuild 400 houses in Rafah - UNRWA Press release
HQ/G/21/200407/01/2004Vanessa Redgrave's humanitarian appeal/UNRWA’s Emergency Appeal for the West Bank and Gaza - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/22/200407/11/2004UNRWA, UNDP and Palestinian Authority sign land
agreement to rebuild homes in Rafah - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/23/20007/14/2004UNRWA delivers food for 20,000 people in Beit Hanoun - Convoy comes under fire- UNRWA press release
HQ/G/23/200209/18/2002UNRWA hands over new shelters to Rafah refugees - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/24/200211/18/2002UN plans largest food aid programme for Palestinians - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/24/200409/01/2004UNRWA protests Gaza closure and curbing of UNRWA Commissioner-General's freedom of movement - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/25/200212/10/2002UNRWA - Emergency appeal - Press release
HQ/G/25/200409/07/2004A child was hit inside a UN flagged school by Israeli gunfire - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/27/200409/24/2004Israeli authorities impose more restrictions on UNRWA staff - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/28/200409/27/2004Young UNRWA student dies in hospital after being hit inside classroom by Israeli gunfire - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/2/200201/14/2002UNRWA assists homeless refugees - Press release
HQ/G/30/200410/04/2004Response of UNRWA Commissioner-General to allegations of misuse of UN vehicle - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/31/200410/04/2004Israel's 'malicious propaganda' endangers UN staff - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/32/200410/07/2004UNRWA convoy delivers first humanitarian relief to Northern Gaza - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/33/200410/12/2004Israeli gunfire hits 11-year-old girl hit inside UNRWA classroom - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/34/200410/13/2004Child Shot in UNRWA School Dies - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/35/200410/14/2004UNRWA holds two-day meeting with donor countries and host authorities on future of assistance to Palestine refugees - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/36/200410/27/2004UN investigations clears ambulance driver/SecGen support for UNRWA head - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/37/200411/04/2004UNRWA Commissioner-General sends his condolences to UAE on death of HH Sheikh Zayed - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/38/200411/05/2004Concerns at humanitarian impact of strike - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/39/200411/19/2004UNRWA appeals for $186 million in emergency relief for West Bank and Gaza - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/3/200409/06/2004UNRWA to open replacement shelters and school in Rafah - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/40/200412/16/2004Jenin's centre rebuilt - UNRWA press release
HQ/G/5/200202/20/2002Situation in the OPT/Bombardment of Gaza City/UNRWA school damaged in Gaza - UNRWA press release
HQ/J/200408/25/2004Israeli military forcefully occupies UNRWA school - UNRWA Press release
HQ/J/3/200405/23/2004UNRWA protests Israeli incursion into UNRWA project office, detention of senior project manager - UNRWA Press release
04/18/2002Mideast crisis/Gaza food shortages - Press release
02/10/2003Aid for Palestinians suffers due to focus on Iraq - Press release
03/07/2003Eleven Palestinians killed in Israeli raid on Jabalya refugee camp - Press release
03/10/2003UNRWA school in Beit Lahia damaged by Israeli military - UNRWA Press release
04/03/2003Israeli military forcefully occupies UNRWA school - Press release
05/22/2003UNRWA pledges to continue Gaza operations - Press release
06/06/2003UNRWA launches $103 million appeal for West Bank/Gaza - UNRWA press release
06/10/2003New shelters for Gaza homeless - Press release
08/06/2003UNRWA welcomes US pledge to emergency appeal - Press release
05/11/1999Israel's UN membership/Gift unveiling - SecGen remarks - Press release
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