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09/17/2008S/2008/581Security Council - Work assessment under Viet Nam presidency (July 2008) - Letter from Viet Nam (excerpts)2008/09/17,2008/07/31
07/31/2008S/2008/581Security Council - Work assessment under Viet Nam presidency (July 2008) - Letter from Viet Nam (excerpts)2008/09/17,2008/07/31
07/31/2008SecGen confers with Israeli FM on peace process - UN news item2008/07/31
07/31/2008OCHA_oPt_PoC_MonthlyTables_July08Protection of civilians - Summary OPT data tables (July 2008) - OCHA report2008/07/31
07/31/2008Restricted access to hospitals puts West Bank pregnant women at risk - UNICEF press release2008/07/31
07/31/2008HM0708The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT, Number 27 (July 2008) - OCHA report2008/07/31
07/31/2008UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0708OPT socio-economic report (July 2008) - UNSCO2008/07/31
07/31/2008Operational Priorities: OPT - WFP report (excerpts)2008/07/31
07/31/200809-57719DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXI, No. 7 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (July 2008) - DPR publication2008/07/31
07/31/2008A/63/2Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo report to GA (excerpts)2008/07/31
07/31/2008S/INF/63Mideast situation/Palestine question - Resolutions & Decisions of the Security Council (1 Aug. 2007-31 July 2008) (excerpts)2008/07/31
07/31/2008DPR/Chron/2008/7Chronological Review of Events/July 2008 - DPR review2008/07/31
07/30/2008S/2008/572Security Council - Work assessment under United Kingdom presidency (May 2008) - Letter from the United Kingdom (excerpts)2008/07/30,2008/05/31
07/30/2008UNSCO/2008/30/7Socioeconomic, macroeconomic conditions, private sector and banking in the OPT (July 2008) - UNSCO report2008/07/30
07/30/2008NAM 2008/Doc.1/Rev.2NAM Ministerial Conference/Final document (Tehran, July 2008) - Non-UN document (excerpts)2008/07/30
07/30/2008A/62/929Mideast situation/Palestine question - NAM XV Ministerial Conference - Final document (excerpts), Declaration2008/07/30
07/30/2008NAM 2008/Doc.4/Rev.1XV NAM Ministerial Conference (Tehran, July 2008) - Declaration on Palestine/Non-UN document2008/07/30
07/29/2008WBN270OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (23-29 July 2008)2008/07/29
07/29/2008Hunger's global hotspots/OPT (29 July 2008) - WFP press release (excerpts)2008/07/29
07/28/2008IFC and Bank of Palestine form partnership - IFC/ World Bank press release2008/07/28
07/28/2008A/63/175Interim report of the Special Rapporteur on torture (Manfred Nowak) - excerpts2008/07/28
07/28/2008A/HRC/9/1Human rights violations in Palestine and other OATs - Annotations to HRC ninth session prov. agenda - SecGen note (excerpts)
Human Rights Coucil - Annotations to the agenda for the ninth session - SecGen note (excerpts)
07/28/2008A/63/180Report of UNESCO Director-General on Communication for Development/Collaboration among UN agencies and with civil society - SecGen Note2008/07/28
07/26/2008S/2008/10/Add.29SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement - Addendum2008/07/26
07/25/2008ECOSOC/6370Economic and social repercussions of Israeli occupation - ECOSOC meeting, vote - Press release (excerpts)2008/07/25
07/25/2008E/2008/INF/2/Add.1Palestinian women, Socioeconomic repercussions of Israeli occupation - ECOSOC 2008 substantive session - Resolutions and decisions (excerpts)2008/07/25
07/25/2008UNICEF_250708Organized 'recreation days' relieve stress for children in Gaza - UNICEF press release2008/07/25
Coordination of humanitarian assistance - OPT - SecGen report (excerpts)2008/07/25
07/25/2008CCPR/C/ISR/3International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - Third periodic report of Israel2008/07/25
07/25/2008EU Presidency statement on construction of housing units in Maskiot settlement - EU press release/Non-UN document2008/07/25
SecGen report on economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC decision2008/07/25
Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC resolution2008/07/25
Palestinian women - ECOSOC resolution2008/07/25
07/25/2008E/2008/SR.44Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC debate, vote - Provisional summary record (excerpts)2008/07/25
07/24/2008E/2008/SR.43Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC meeting, introduction of draft resolution - Summary record (excerpts)2008/07/24
07/24/2008ECOSOC/6369Introduction of draft resolution on economic and social repercussions of Israeli occupation - ECOSOC meeting - Press release (excerpts)2008/07/24
SecGen report on assistance to the Palestinian people - ECOSOC decision2008/07/24
07/24/2008UNRWA Press Release240708Gaza households slump below poverty line - UNRWA press release2008/07/24
07/24/2008EC-funded UNRWA project targets poorest refugees in Gaza - UNRWA press release2008/07/24
07/24/2008SG/SM/11717Secretary-General urges Israel to freeze all settlement activity - SecGen statement - Press release2008/07/24
07/24/2008A/HRC/9/4World Programme for Human Rights Educations - HRC ninth session - UNHCHR annual report and reports of the Office of the High Commissioner and the Secretary-Geneneral2008/07/24
07/24/2008SocEcoDev07Prolonged Crisis in the OPT - Socio-Economic developments in 2007 - UNRWA report no. 32008/07/24
Palestinian women, assistance - ECOSOC resolution2008/07/23
07/23/2008E/2008/SR.40Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - ECOSOC debate, vote - Provisional summary record (excerpts)2008/07/23
07/23/2008ECOSOC/6368Palestinian women - ECOSOC meeting, vote - Press release (excerpts)2008/07/23
07/22/2008S/PV.5940 (Resumption 1)Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs briefs SecCo, open debate (continued, incl. CEIRPP statement) - Verbatim record2008/07/22
07/22/2008ECOSOC/6367Socioeconomic repercussions of Israeli occupation, assistance to Palestinian people - ECOSOC debate, introduction of reports - Press release (excerpts)2008/07/22
07/22/2008Hunger's global hotspots/OPT (22 July 2008) - WFP press release (excerpts)2008/07/22
07/22/2008S/Agenda/5940Mideast situation/Palestinian question - SecCo meeting - Provisional agenda2008/07/22
07/22/2008A/63/161Mission to Israel and OPT - Sp. Rapporteur on freedom of religion (Jahangir)- Interim report(excerpts)2008/07/22
07/22/2008WBN269OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (16-22 July 2008)2008/07/22
07/22/2008S/2008/482Mideast situation/Palestinian question - SeCo open debate - Israel statement (Addendum)2008/07/22
07/22/2008S/PV.5940Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo, open debate - Verbatim record2008/07/22
07/22/2008E/2008/L.26Economic and Social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC Draft resolution - Adopted2008/07/22
07/22/2008SC/9402USG for Political Affairs B. Lynn Pasco briefs SecCo, open debate - Encouraging Mideast developments - Press release2008/07/22
07/22/2008E/2008/SR.38Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation, Assistance to the Palestinian people - ECOSOC debate - Summary record (excerpts)2008/07/22
07/21/2008Providing medical services for Palestinian refugees in Syria - UNICEF press release2008/07/21
07/18/2008UNICEF_Rpt07182008Situation of children in OPT - UNICEF humanitarian action update2008/07/18
07/18/2008S/2008/473Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo meeting participation request - Letter from Palestine2008/07/18
07/16/2008Humanitarian appeal 2008 (CAP) - OPT/Mid-year review - OCHA report (excerpts)2008/07/16
07/16/2008Exchange of prisoners in Israel - SecGen press encounter in Berlin - Transcript (excerpts)2008/07/16
07/15/2008E/2008/SR.30Special economic, humanitarian and disaster relief assistance - ECOSOC meeting - Summary record (excerpts)2008/07/15
07/15/2008SecGen discusses Middle East peace process with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in Paris - UN Radio audio feed2008/07/15
07/15/2008A/63/127Culture of Peace/Palestinian women, children - UNESCO report - SecGen note (excerpts)2008/07/15
07/14/2008GA/PAL/1096Palestinian Rights Committee toldĀ settlement activity threatens Middle East peace process - Press release2008/07/14
07/14/200811773/08Settlement activity in Har Homa and Pisgat Zeev - EU Presidency declaration/Non-UN document2008/07/14
07/14/2008A/AC.183/SR.310CEIRPP meeting - Summary record2008/07/14
New Asian-African Strategic Partnership Ministerial Conference On Capacity-Building for Palestine - Outcome documents, Letter from Indonesia, South Africa2008/07/14
07/13/2008UNRWA signs agreements valued at US$ 6 million with Saudi Committee for the Relief of the Palestinian People - UNRWA press release2008/07/13
07/11/2008S/2008/455Children and armed conflict - SecCo Working Group - Annual report (excerpts)2008/07/11
07/11/2008A/63/119Pattern of conferences (UNRWA, CEIRPP) - SecGen report (excerpts)2008/07/11
07/10/2008UN Special Coordinator visits Gaza to assess humanitarian situation - UN news item2008/07/10
07/10/2008A/63/115 (Part I)Nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East - SecGen report2008/07/10
07/10/2008BR_Update8July2008Humanitarian impact of the West Bank barrier - Update No. 8 - OCHA, UNRWA report2008/07/10
07/09/2008Denmark finances UNRWA school in Syria - UNRWA press release2008/07/09
07/09/2008G8 Summit (Japan, 9 July 2008) - Summary of the Chair (excerpts)2008/07/09
07/09/2008UN Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process wraps up talks in Egypt and Jordan - UN news item2008/07/09
07/08/2008A/63/123Gaza blockade, Palestinian self-determination - IPU 118th Assembly Resolutions, Letter from Italy2008/07/08
07/08/2008WBN268OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (9-15 July 2008)2008/07/08
07/08/2008AMA70Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA) - Seventieth biweekly implementation report (OCHA)2008/07/08
07/08/2008AMA69Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA) - Sixty-ninth biweekly implementation report (OCHA)2008/07/08
07/08/2008BarrierRouteProjections_July2008Separation barrier gates open to Palestinians, barrier route projections - OCHA tables, map2008/07/08
07/07/2008UNRWA Press Release No. 17/2008UNRWA opens four music centres for Palestine refugee children - UNRWA press release2008/07/07
07/07/2008ParisDonorsConf_Chair_CoChairs070708Paris Donors' Conference - Follow-up on pledges - Statement by Chair and Co-chairs/Non-UN document2008/07/07
07/07/2008UNICEF070708Adolescent-friendly space empowers young Palestinian refugees - UNICEF press release2008/07/07
07/04/2008HR/08/078Special Committee on Israeli Practices concludes visit to Damascus - UNOG Press release2008/07/04
07/04/2008SpCttee040708Special Committee to investigate Israeli practices voices concern over human rights situation in occupied Syrian Golan - UN news item2008/07/04
07/03/2008CERD/C/ISR/CO/13/Add.1Racial discrimination/Implementation of CERD concluding observations - Information provided by Israel2008/07/03
07/03/2008S/2008/440Situation in the OPT/Settlements - letter from Pakistan, OIC2008/07/03
07/02/2008WBN267OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (2 - 8 July 2008)2008/07/02
07/02/2008SG/SM/11672SecGen condemns attack in Jerusalem - SecGen statement - Press release2008/07/02
07/02/200832 COM 7A.18Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls - UNESCO World Heritage Cttee - Decision2008/07/02
07/02/2008SecCo work programme for July, Mideast situation open debate - Press conference by SecCo President2008/07/02
07/02/2008S/2008/430Mideast situation/Jerusalem bulldozer attack - Letter from Israel2008/07/02
07/02/2008S241/08European Socialist Party Conf. on the Middle East - EU High Representative for CFSP - Summary of remarks - European Council press release/Non-UN document2008/07/02
07/02/2008Settlers' rocket attack on Palestinian village of Burin - Daily press briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for SecGen (excerpts)2008/07/02
07/01/2008WBN266OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (25 June -1 July 2008)2008/07/01
07/01/2008France EU presidency - Press conference by Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations (excerpts)2008/07/01
07/01/2008SpCttee010708UN Special Committee receives accounts of worsening conditions for Palestinians - UN news item2008/07/01
07/01/2008HR/08/075Special Committee on Israeli Practices concludes visit to Amman - UNOG Press release2008/07/01
05/31/2008S/2008/572Security Council - Work assessment under United Kingdom presidency (May 2008) - Letter from the United Kingdom (excerpts)2008/07/30,2008/05/31
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