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07/30/2008S/2008/572Security Council - Work assessment under United Kingdom presidency (May 2008) - Letter from the United Kingdom (excerpts)2008/07/30,2008/05/31
05/31/2008S/2008/572Security Council - Work assessment under United Kingdom presidency (May 2008) - Letter from the United Kingdom (excerpts)2008/07/30,2008/05/31
05/31/2008DPR/Chron/2008/5Chronological Review of Events/May 2008 - DPR review2008/05/31
05/31/200808-28747CEIRPP/DPR - Information note (2008)2008/05/31
05/31/2008NBC_RRR_Framework_6June08Nahr el-Bared refugee camp relief, recovery and reconstruction framework for 2008-2011 - UNRWA report2008/05/31
05/31/200808-59069DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXI, No. 5 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (May 2008) - DPR publication2008/05/31
05/31/2008HM0508The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT, Number 25 (May 2008) - OCHA report2008/05/31
05/31/2008OCHA_oPt_PoC_MonthlyTables_May08Protection of civilians - Summary OPT data tables (May 2008) - OCHA report2008/05/31
05/31/2008Nahr El Bared refugee camp - Relief, recovery and reconstruction 2008-2011 - UNRWA executive summary2008/05/31
05/31/2008UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0508OPT socio-economic report (May 2008) - UNSCO2008/05/31
05/31/2008RapidAssessmentReport_May08Palestinian food insecurity - Joint rapid food security survey - FAO, UNRWA, WFP2008/05/31
05/31/2008S/2008/10/Add.21SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement - Addendum2008/05/31
05/30/2008UNSCO/2008/30/5Socioeconomic, macroeconomic conditions, private sector and banking in the OPT (May 2008) - UNSCO report2008/05/30
05/29/2008Japan gives 5.7 million US dollars for food aid to Palestine refugees - UNRWA Press Release2008/05/29
05/29/2008Human Rights Council fact-finding mission into events in Beit Hanoun by Archbishop Tutu and Prof. Chinkin - Press conference (excerpts)2008/05/29
05/29/2008Archbishop Tutu shocked at living conditions in Gaza - UN Radio audio feed2008/05/29
05/28/2008SC/9341United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East peace process Robert Serry briefs SecCo - Israeli-Palestinian negotiations - Press release2008/05/28
05/28/2008S/Agenda/5899Mideast situation/Palestinian question - SecCo meeting - Provisional agenda2008/05/28
05/28/2008Human Rights Council high-level fact-finding mission to Gaza by Archbishop Tutu and Prof. Chinkin - Daily press briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for SecGen (excerpts)2008/05/28
05/28/2008S/PV.5899Mideast situation/Palestinian question - Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2008/05/28
05/28/2008S/2008/355Security Council - Work assessment under Russian Federation presidency (March 2008) - Letter from Russian Federation (excerpts)2008/05/28
05/28/2008A/HRC/8/4/Add.1Promotion and protection of all human rights - HRC eighth session - Report of the Special Rapporteur on independence of judiciary (Despouy)(excerpts)2008/05/28
05/27/2008SC/9340Protection of civilians in armed conflict - SecCo debate - Press release (excerpts)2008/05/27
05/27/2008Demolitions_in_Area_C_May_2008OCHA Special Focus report: 'Lack of Permit" house demolitions and displacement in West Bank Area C - Report2008/05/27
05/27/2008WBN261OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (21-27 May 2008)2008/05/27
05/27/2008PKO/181United Nations to mark 60 years of peacekeeping, UNTSO, on 29 May - Press release2008/05/27
05/27/2008S/PV.5898 (Resumption 1)Protection of civilians in armed conflict - SecCo meeting, debate - Verbatim record (Resumption 1 - excerpts)2008/05/27
05/27/2008European Council - Middle East Peace Process - Council conclusions - Non-UN document (excerpts)2008/05/27
05/27/2008AMA66Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA) - Sixty-sixth biweekly implementation report (OCHA)2008/05/27
05/27/2008S/PV.5898Protection of civilians in armed conflict - USG for Humanitarian Affairs briefs SecCo, debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)2008/05/27
05/27/2008A/63/138Security and Cooperation in the Mediterranean region - Information recd from Poland, Qatar - SecGen report (excerpts)2008/05/13,2008/05/27
05/25/2008WHO/HAC Highlights No. 209Health situation in OPT - WHO information highlights 19 - 25 May 2008 (excerpts)2008/05/25
05/23/2008GA/PAL/1088UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine, 3-4 June 2008 (Malta) - Background release2008/05/23
05/23/2008WHA61.3Health conditions in the OPT and Golan - WHO World Health Assembly - Resolution2008/05/23
05/23/2008Declaration on organizing public/ private dialogue and partnership - Palestine Investment Conference (Bethlehem) - Text/Non-UN document2008/05/23
05/22/2008Palestine Investment Conference (Bethlehem) - Speech by World Bank Managing Director2008/05/22
05/22/2008WBClosureUpdate0508West Bank closure update (May 2008) - OCHA report2008/05/22
05/22/2008World Bank sees opportunities for Palestinian investments - World Bank Managing Director remarks at Palestine Investment Conference (Bethlehem)2008/05/22
05/22/2008ILO/08/15New ILO report on situation of workers in occupied Arab territories - ILO press release2008/05/22
05/21/2008S/2008/335Protection of civilians in armed conflict - SecCo meeting participation request - Letter from Palestine2008/05/21
05/21/2008Visit of French Foreign Minister Kouchner to the Palestinian territories and Israel - French Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2008/05/21
05/21/2008A61/INF.DOC./4WHO 61st World Health Assembly - Health conditions in the OPT - Report of PA Health Ministry2008/05/21
05/21/2008Palestine Investment Conference (Bethlehem) - Remarks by US Treasury Deputy Secretary - Press release2008/05/21
05/21/2008A61/INF.DOC./3WHO 61st World Health Assembly - Health conditions in the OPT - Report of Israeli Health Ministry2008/05/21
05/20/2008WBN260OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (14-20 May 2008)2008/05/20
05/19/2008Jordanian Premier and IAEA head on Palestinian-Israeli conflict - 2008 World Economic Forum on the Middle East (Sharm el Sheikh) - WEF session summary/Non-UN document2008/05/19
05/19/2008Operational Priorities: OPT - WFP report (excerpts)2008/05/19
05/19/2008President Bush meets with President Abbas in Egypt - Press briefing - White House/Non-UN document2008/05/19
05/18/2008Press briefing by US National Security Advisor Hadley on President Bush's Middle East trip - White House/Non-UN document (excerpts)2008/05/18
05/18/2008US Secretary of State Rice press availability (en route to Maryland) - USDOS/Non-UN document2008/05/18
05/18/2008President Bush speech at the Mideast World Economic Forum (Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt) - White House/Non-UN document2008/05/18
05/15/2008SecGen stresses support for Palestinians - Daily press briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for SecGen (excerpts)2008/05/15
05/15/2008Gaza exhibition: "I come from there and remember" - Opening address by UNRWA Commissioner-General AbuZayd2008/05/15
05/14/2008UNRWA Open Day in Damascus showcases youth and economic development initiatives - UNRWA press release2008/05/14
Mideast situation/Rocket attack - Letter from Israel2008/05/14
05/13/2008A/63/138Security and Cooperation in the Mediterranean region - Information recd from Poland, Qatar - SecGen report (excerpts)2008/05/13,2008/05/27
05/13/2008AMA65Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA) - Sixty-fifth biweekly implementation report (OCHA)2008/05/13
05/13/2008S/2008/10/Add.4SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement - Addendum2008/05/13
05/13/2008GA President holds talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders during Mideast tour - UN news item2008/05/13
05/13/2008Assistance to the Palestinian people - UNCTAD mandate2008/05/13
05/13/2008Quartet Representative Blair's package proposal to improve socioeconomic situation in OPT - Statement by UN Special Coordinator2008/05/13
05/13/2008Quartet Representative Blair's package proposal for West Bank and Gaza - World Bank statement - Press release2008/05/13
05/13/2008A61/18 Rev.1WHO 61st World Health Assembly/Health conditions in the OPT - WHO report2008/05/13
05/13/2008WBN259OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (7-13 May 2008)2008/05/13
05/13/2008Red right arrow IconGreater freedom of movement for economic growth - West Bank and Gaza - Package proposal by Quartet Representative Blair/Non-UN document2008/05/13
Mideast situation/Rocket attack - Letter from Israel2008/05/12
05/09/2008A/63/21Palestine question - GA Cttee on Information - Report on 30th session (excerpts)2008/05/09
05/07/2008Press briefing by US National Security Advisor Hadley on President Bush's Middle East trip - White House/Non-UN document (excerpts)2008/05/07
Assistance to the Palestinian people - SecGen report2008/05/07
05/06/2008PEGASE contribution for Palestinian salaries and pensions - EU press release/Non-UN document2008/05/06
Friends of UNRWA exhibit - SecGen remarks - Press release2008/05/06
Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ESCWA report2008/05/06
05/06/2008Palestine refugees: exile, isolation and prospects - UNRWA Commissioner-General - Lecture (Princeton)2008/05/06
05/06/2008WBN258OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (30 April-6 May 2008)2008/05/06
05/05/2008SG/SM/11544Meeting of Ad Hoc Liaison Committee - SecGen remarks - Press release2008/05/05
05/05/2008Quartet meeting, peace process - SecGen press encounter (excerpts)2008/05/05
05/05/2008SG/T/2603SecGen's activities in the UK 1-2 May 2008/Quartet, AHLC meetings - UN Press release2008/05/05
05/05/2008SG_UNRWAexhibitSecGen remarks at UNRWA exhibit in New York - UN news item2008/05/05
05/04/2008US Secretary of State Rice and Israeli FM Livni - Joint press availability (Jerusalem) - USDOS/Non-UN document2008/05/04
05/04/2008PA President Abbas and US Secretary of State Rice - Joint press availability (Ramallah) - US DoS/Non-UN document2008/05/04
05/03/2008US Secretary of State Rice press availability (en route to Israel) - USDOS/Non-UN document2008/05/03
05/02/2008A/HRC/8/3Promotion and protection all human rights/Role of national commissions of inquiry - HRC eighth session - Report of the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions (Alston)(excerpts)2008/05/02
05/02/2008WB_PalReformAHCLdoc020508Implementing the Palestinian Reform and Development Agenda - World Bank report2008/05/02
05/02/2008London AHLC meeting - Chair's summary/Non-UN document2008/05/02
05/02/2008SG/2137Quartet principals meeting, statement (2 May 2008) - Press release2008/05/02
05/02/2008Lack of fuel and rising food prices hampering UNRWA efforts - UN news item2008/05/02
05/02/2008Norway chairs AHLC meeting in London - Norwegian Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2008/05/02
05/02/2008IMF_AHLCrep020508West Bank and Gaza macroeconomic and fiscal framework: First review of progress - IMF report for AHLC2008/05/02
05/02/2008Quartet press conference (2 May 2008) - USDOS/Non-UN document2008/05/02
05/02/2008London AHLC meeting - Opening address by Norwegian Foreign Minister (Chair)/Non-UN document2008/05/02
05/01/2008Ahead of Quartet talks, SecGen meets with officials in London - UN news item2008/05/01
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