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07/31/2002A/57/2Mideast situation/Palestine question - Report of the Security Council, 16 June 2001-31 July 2002 (excerpts)2002/07/31
07/31/200278/2002OPEC fund assistance to traumatized children in West Bank - OPEC Fund press release/Non-UN document2002/07/31
07/31/2002S/2002/937Security Council - Work assessment under UK presidency, incl. SecCo briefing by SecGen (July 2002) - Letter from United Kingdom (excerpts)2002/07/31
07/31/2002Annan appalled by fatal bomb attack at Hebrew University - UN news item2002/07/31
07/31/2002DPR/Chron/2002/7Chronological Review of Events/July 2002 - DPR review2002/07/31
Mideast situation/attack - Letter from Israel2002/07/31
07/31/2002European Commission approves further aid for Palestinians - EU Press release2002/07/31
07/31/2002Situation in the OPT - WHO report2002/07/31
07/31/2002Jerusalem bomb attack, Jenin report - SecGen Spokesman's briefing (excerpts)2002/07/31
07/31/2002WB_policy_200207Long term policy options for the Palestinian Economy - World Bank study2002/07/31
07/31/2002SG/SM/8320Bomb attack at Hebrew University - SecGen statement - Press release2002/07/31
07/30/2002Easing Palestine's humanitarian crisis - UNRWA Commissioner-General's report - UNRWA press release2002/07/30
07/30/2002S/PV.4593Mideast situation/UNIFIL - SecCo meeting - Verbatim records2002/07/30
07/30/2002S/RES/1428 (2002)UNIFIL - SecCo resolution2002/07/30
07/30/2002UNIFIL mandate extended for six months by Security Council - UN news item2002/07/30
07/30/2002S/Agenda/4593Mideast situation/Women - SecCo provisional agenda2002/07/30
07/30/2002SC/7473UNIFIL - Mandate renewal, SecCo action - Press release2002/07/30
07/30/2002Italy provides jobs and rebuilding aid in Bethlehem - UNDP press release2002/07/30
07/30/2002Red right arrow IconA/ES-10/186Events in Jenin and other Palestinian cities - SecGen report under A/RES/ES-10/10,2002/07/30
07/29/2002SG/SM/8317Continuing violence in Middle East - SecGen statement - Press release2002/07/29
07/29/2002SecGen introduces new UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - UN news item2002/07/29
07/29/2002Situation in Hebron - SecGen Spokesman's noon briefing (excerpts)2002/07/29
07/29/2002S/2002/846UNIFIL mandate - SecCo draft resolution2002/07/29
07/29/2002A/57/282Palestine refugees - Higher education - SecGen report2002/07/29
07/29/2002SC/7471SecCo President - Statement on the Middle East/update - Press release (excerpts)2002/07/29
07/29/2002Latest Middle East clashes - SecGen urges end to violence - UN NewsService2002/07/29
Mideast situation/Attacks - Letter from Israel2002/07/26
07/26/2002S/2002/843Security Council - SecCo work under Syrian presidency (June 2002) - Letter from Syria (excerpts)2002/07/26
07/26/2002SecCo to resume debate on Middle East - UN news item2002/07/26
07/26/2002TD/B/49/9Palestinian economy - UNCTAD report2002/07/26
07/26/2002OCHA Weekly Humanitarian Update OPT (20-26 July 2002) - OCHA press release2002/07/26
07/26/2002TD/B/49/9/Corr.1Palestinian economy - UNCTAD report - Corrigendum2002/07/26
07/26/2002S/2002/30/Add.28SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement - Addendum2002/07/26
07/26/2002SC/7469SecCo President - Press statement on Middle East - Press release2002/07/26
07/25/2002S/Agenda/4589Mideast situation/Women - SecCo provisional agenda2002/07/25
Situation in the OPT/Repercussions of occupation on living conditions - Resolution2002/07/25
07/25/2002ECOSOC/6027ECOSOC calls for end of occupation - Voting - Press release (excerpts)2002/07/25
Human rights situation of Lebanese detainees in Israel - ECOSOC decision2002/07/25
07/25/2002S/PV.4589Palestinian women - SecCo verbatim record (excerpts)2002/07/25
Human rights situation in the OPT - ECOSOC decision2002/07/25
07/25/2002A/57/214/Add.1Nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East - SecGen report - Addendum2002/07/25
07/24/2002S/Agenda/4588Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo provisional agenda2002/07/24
07/24/2002S/2002/831Mideast situation - SecCo meeting - Letter from Syria2002/07/24
07/24/2002S/2002/830Mideast situation - SecCo meeting request- Letter from Palestine2002/07/24
07/24/2002S/PV.4588Mideast situation - SecCo meeting - Verbatim record2002/07/24
Palestinian women, assistance - ECOSOC resolution2002/07/24
Mideast situation/Lebanon/SecGen report on UNIFIL - Letter from Lebanon2002/07/24
07/24/2002TD/B/49/1Assistance to the Palestinian people - UNCTAD report (excerpts)2002/07/24
07/24/2002SC/7465Middle East situation/Palestine question - SecCo debate on Israeli attack on Gaza City - Press release2002/07/24
07/23/2002HR/4614UNHCHR condemns Israeli air attack on Gaza - Press release2002/07/23
07/23/2002Air attack in Gaza - SecGen statement - UN news item2002/07/23
07/23/2002E/2002/L.22Living conditions in the OPT - Draft resolution2002/07/23
07/23/2002UNHCHR condemns Israeli air attack on Gaza - Press release2002/07/23
07/23/2002Reconstruction of Jenin - UNRWA/Red Crescent agreement - UN news item2002/07/23
07/23/2002Aid to Palestinians, resumption of political dialogue - SecGen appeal - UN news item2002/07/23
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2002/07/23
07/23/2002S/2002/828Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo meeting - Letter from Saudi Arabia2002/07/23
07/22/2002SG/SM/8316Israeli air attack on the Gaza Strip - SecGen statement - Press release2002/07/22
07/22/2002ECOSOC/6024Living conditions of the Palestinian people - ECOSOC debate - Press release (excerpts)2002/07/22
07/22/2002UNIFIL operations/mandate - SecCo President statement - UN news item2002/07/22
Mideast situation/Lebanon/SecGen report on UNIFIL - Letter from Lebanon2002/07/22
07/22/2002PAL/1927Mideast crisis/Reconstruction of Jenin - UNRWA/Red Crescent agreement - Press release2002/07/22
DPI International Media Seminar on Mideast peace - Press release2002/07/19
07/19/2002Assistance - Summer camps for Palestinian youth- UNDP/PAPP - UNDP press release2002/07/19
Mideast situation/Attack on Tel Aviv - Letter from Israel2002/07/19
07/19/2002OCHA Weekly Humanitarian Update OPT (13-19 July 2002) - OCHA press release2002/07/19
07/19/2002SG/SM/8313Destruction of Palestinian homes in the West Bank - SecGen statement - Press release2002/07/19
07/18/2002S/PRST/2002/20Mideast situation/Quartet meeting (New York) - SecCo Presidential statement2002/07/18
07/18/2002S/PV.4578Mideast crisis/SecCo support for Quartet statement - SecCo meeting - Verbatim records2002/07/18
07/18/2002SC/7457SecCo support for Quartet statement (New York) - Press release2002/07/18
07/18/2002DPI International Media Seminar on Mideast peace (Copenhagen)/Envoy address - UN news item2002/07/18
DPI International Media Seminar on Mideast peace - Press release2002/07/18
07/18/2002S/Agenda/4578Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo provisional agenda2002/07/18
07/17/2002S/PV.4576Mideast crisis/UNIFIL - SecCo official communiqué - Verbatim records2002/07/17
Mideast situation/Bus attack - Letter from Israel2002/07/17
07/17/2002S/Agenda/4576Mideast situation/UNIFIL - SecCo provisional agenda2002/07/17
07/17/2002Preparations for UNEP's study of OPT's environment - UNEP press release2002/07/17
UN International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East (Copenhagen, 17-18 July 2002) - SecGen message - Press release2002/07/17
07/17/2002SecGen calls for extension of UNIFIL mandate - UN news item2002/07/17
DPI International Media Seminar on Mideast peace/Copenhagen - Press release2002/07/17
07/17/2002SG/SM/8311Suicide bombing in Tel Aviv - SecGen statement - Press release2002/07/17
DPI International Media Seminar on Mideast peace/Copenhagen - Press release2002/07/17
07/16/2002Mideast situation/Quartet meeting (New York) - UN news item2002/07/16
07/16/2002Red right arrow IconMideast situation/Quartet meeting (New York, 16 July 2002) - Press communiqué/ Press conference transcript2002/07/16
07/16/2002Mideast situation/Quartet meeting (New York) - Transcript - Press conference2002/07/16
07/16/2002Quartet principals meeting, statement/Task Force for Palestinian reform (16 July 2002) - Non-UN document2002/07/16
07/16/2002ECOSOC/6020Assistance to the Palestinian people - ECOSOC debate - Press release (excerpts)2002/07/16
07/16/2002SG/SM/8305Attack on Israeli bus in the West Bank - SecGen statement - Press release2002/07/16
07/15/2002E/2002/SR.23Humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people - ECOSOC summary record (excerpts)2002/07/15
07/15/2002A/57/214Nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East - SecGen report2002/07/15
07/15/2002A/57/257Mideast situation - National Assembly of Iraq statement - Letter from Iraq2002/07/15
07/15/2002Quartet to meet in New York - UN news item2002/07/15
07/15/2002ECOSOC/6019Assistance to the Palestinian people - ECOSOC debate - Press release (excerpts)2002/07/15
07/12/2002Assistance to the Palestinian people - World Food Programme emergency operation underfunded - WFP brief2002/07/12
07/12/2002S/2002/746UNIFIL - Extension of mandate - SecGen report2002/07/12
07/12/2002High-level meeting on technical assistance to Pal. workers held in Geneva - UN news item2002/07/12
07/12/2002OCHA Weekly Humanitarian Update OPT (5-12 July 2002) - OCHA press release2002/07/12
07/11/2002ILO/02/36High-level meeting on technical assistance to Pal. workers - ILO Press release2002/07/11
Mideast situation/Lebanon - Israeli incursion - Letter from Lebanon2002/07/11
07/10/2002E/CN.4/Sub.2/2002/NGO/25Mideast situation - CHR Sub-Comm. - NGO statement2002/07/10
07/10/2002E/CN.4/Sub.2/2002/NGO/26Mideast situation - CHR Sub-Comm. - NGO statement2002/07/10
Illegal Israeli actions in the OPT - Letter from Palestine2002/07/09
07/09/2002SG/SM/8301General Meeting of UN and OIC - SecGen message - Press release2002/07/09
07/09/2002PI/1431DPI International Media Seminar on Mideast peace - Press release2002/07/09
07/09/2002S/2002/739UNIFIL - Extension of mandate - Letter from Lebanon2002/07/09
Mideast situation/Lebanon - Blue Line violations - Letter from Israel2002/07/08
07/08/2002E/CN.4/Sub.2/2002/NGO/24Mideast situation - CHR Sub-Comm. - NGO statement2002/07/08
07/06/2002UNICEF opens summer camp for Palestinian children - UNICEF press release2002/07/06
Assistance to the Palestinian people - SecGen report2002/07/05
07/05/2002OCHA Weekly Humanitarian Update OPT (29 June-5 July 2002) - OCHA press release2002/07/05
07/03/2002A/57/157Questions relating to information - SecGen report (excerpts)2002/07/03
07/03/2002Mideast crisis/Quartet meeting (London) - UN news item2002/07/03
07/03/2002E/AC.51/2002/L.6/Add.5Programme questions: Proposed revisions to the medium-term plan for the period 2002-20052002/07/03
07/02/2002A/57/138Human rights situation in the OPT - Extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions under A/RES/55/111 - Special Rapporteur report/SecGen note (excerpts)2002/07/02
07/02/2002A/57/182Human rights situation in the OPT - Report of the SecGen's Representative on Human Rights Defenders - Special representative report/SecGen note (excerpts)2002/07/02
07/02/2002PAL/1921UNRWA appeals for extra West Bank aid - Press release2002/07/02
07/02/2002The Arab Human Development Report 2002 - UNDP study2002/07/02
07/01/2002Mideast crisis/Quartet meeting (London) - SecGen Spokesman press briefing (excerpts)2002/07/01
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