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Middle East situation/Palestine question - Documents of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers - Letter from Iran2002/09/20,2002/06/27
06/30/2002UNRWA - 16th emergency appeal progress - UNRWA report2002/06/30
06/30/2002DPR/Chron/2002/6Chronological Review of Events/June 2002 - DPR review2002/06/30
06/30/2002A/57/13 (SUPP)UNRWA - Annual report of the Commissioner-General2002/06/30
06/30/2002Impact on Palestinian productive activities of closure & mobility restrictions - UNSCO report (1 Jan.-30 June 2002)2002/06/30
06/29/2002TIPH food distribution in Hebron - TIPH press release2002/06/29
06/28/2002A/57/122Cooperation between UN and AALCO - SecGen report (excerpts)2002/06/28
06/28/2002S/2002/759Mideast situation - Report on SecCo wrap-up session - Letter from Syria2002/06/28
06/28/2002DP/2002/15Assistance to the Palestinian people - UNDP - Administrator's report (excerpts)2002/06/28
06/28/2002S/2002/30/Add.24SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement - Addendum2002/06/28
06/28/2002OCHA Weekly Humanitarian Update OPT (21-28 June 2002) - OCHA press release2002/06/28
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2002/06/28
Middle East situation/Palestine question - Documents of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers - Letter from Iran2002/09/20,2002/06/27
06/27/2002Conference on the Socio-Economic Rehabilitation of the OPT - Briefing - ESCWA press release2002/06/27
06/27/2002OIC FM meeting (Khartoum) - Declaration on Palestine - Non-UN document2002/06/27
06/27/2002A/RES/56/294UNDOF/Financing - GA resolution2002/06/27
06/27/2002IP/02/947Commission decides on emergency rehabilitation for PA administrative structure - European Commission Press release/Non-UN document2002/06/27
06/27/2002A/RES/56/214 BUNIFIL/Financing - GA resolution2002/06/27
06/27/2002Middle East situation/Palestine question - Final communiqué of 29th Session of OIC FMs - Non-UN document2002/06/27
06/27/2002GA/10032UNDOF/UNIFIL financing - GA vote - Press release (excerpt)2002/06/27
06/27/2002PACE Resolution 1294 (2002)PACE - Situation in the Middle East - Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly resolution/Non-UN document2002/06/27
06/27/2002G8 leaders remarks on Mideast peace/Summit Chair's summary (excerpts) - G8 Kananaskis Summit - Press release/Non-UN document2002/06/27
06/27/2002A/56/PV.105UNDOF/UNIFIL financing - Fifth Cttee debate - Verbatim records (excerpts)2002/06/27
06/26/2002GA/PAL/894UN African NGO Workshop (Rabat) - Press release2002/06/26
06/26/200202-52783African Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (Rabat, June 2002) - Report - DPR publication2002/06/26
06/26/2002A/57/114Mideast situation/Missiles - SecGen report2002/06/26
06/26/2002Mideast situation/President Bush’s proposal - SecGen remarks to the Press - UN news item2002/06/26
06/25/2002Mideast situation/President Bush’s proposal/Int'l conference under discussion - SecGen press encounter - Transcript (excerpts)2002/06/25
06/25/2002UN African Meeting (Rabat) - Final Communiqué2002/06/25
06/25/2002S/2002/701Security Council - Wrap-up session - Note verbale from Syria2002/06/25
06/25/2002SG/SM/8288OIC FM meeting (Khartoum) - SecGen message - Press release2002/06/25
06/25/2002GA/PAL/896UN African meeting (Rabat) - Press release2002/06/25
06/25/2002GA/PAL/893UN African Meeting (Rabat) - Press release2002/06/25
UN African Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (Rabat, 24-26 June 2002) - SecGen message - Press release2002/06/24
06/24/2002GA/PAL/895UN African meeting (Rabat) - Press release2002/06/24
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2002/06/24
06/24/2002Red right arrow IconSG/SM/8285US President Bush reaffirms Mideast peace process outcome should establish State of Palestine - SecGen statement - Press release2002/06/24
06/24/2002Red right arrow IconTwo-State vision - US President Bush - Statement/Non-UN document2002/06/24
06/24/2002Israeli re-ocupation of Palestinian-controlled lands/Secretary-General remarks - UN news item2002/06/24
06/24/2002SG/SM/8283Israeli re-occupation of six Palestinian-controlled towns in the West Bank - SecGen statement - Press release2002/06/24
06/24/2002GA/PAL/891UN African Meeting (Rabat) - Press release2002/06/24
06/22/2002Seville European Council - Declaration on Mideast - Non-UN document2002/06/22
06/21/2002S/2002/30/Add.23SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement - Addendum2002/06/21
Mideast situation/Attacks - Letter from Israel2002/06/21
06/21/2002S/2002/688Mideast situation/Palestine question - Syrian FM statement - Letter from Syria2002/06/21
06/21/2002Suicide bombings/Special Coordinator meeting with Yasser Arafat - Special Coordinator remarks - UN news item2002/06/21
06/21/2002UNRWA supplementary appeal - UN News Service2002/06/21
06/21/2002SpCttee on Israeli practices planned visit to the Middle East - UN news item2002/06/21
06/21/2002A/57/91Mediterranean security & cooperation - SecGen report2002/06/21
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2002/06/21
Mideast situation/Palestine question - GCC communiqué - Letter from Oman (excerpts)2002/06/20,2002/06/08
06/20/2002IP/02/906European Parliament Cttees vote for continued EU aid to PA - European Commission Press release/Non-UN document2002/06/20
06/20/2002Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecGen briefs SecCo closed meeting - UN news item2002/06/20
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2002/06/20
06/20/2002A/56/722/Add.1UNIFIL/Financing - Fifth Cttee action - Report (Addendum)2002/06/20
06/20/2002S/Agenda/4556Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo provisional agenda2002/06/20
06/20/2002Mideast situation/Int'l conference to be about substance, not process - SecGen press encounter2002/06/20
06/20/2002Red right arrow IconMideast situation/Occupation, settlements/Lebanon/ Quartet efforts/Proposal for an int'l conference - Private meeting of the Security Council - SecGen remarks2002/06/20
06/20/2002S/PV.4556SecGen addresses SecCo in closed meeting - Official communiqué2002/06/20
Mideast situation/Lebanon - Letter from Lebanon2002/06/20
06/19/2002GA/PAL/890CEIRPP meeting - Press release2002/06/19
06/19/2002A/AC.183/SR.264CEIRPP meeting - Summary record2002/06/19
Mideast situation/Attacks - Letter from Israel2002/06/19
06/19/2002Attack in Jerusalem area/Special Coordinator meeting with Yasser Arafat - Special Coordinator remarks - UN news item2002/06/19
06/19/2002A/56/973UNDOF/Financing - Fifth Cttee action - Report2002/06/19
06/19/2002Attack in Jerusalem area/Special Coordinator meeting with Yasser Arafat - Special Coordinator statement2002/06/19
06/18/2002Attack in Jerusalem area - SecGen remarks - UN news item2002/06/18
06/18/2002Special Cttee on Israeli Practices to visit Egypt, Jordan and Syria - UNOG press release2002/06/18
06/18/2002Attack in Jerusalem area - SecGen remarks 2002/06/18
06/14/2002A/57/100GA 57th regular session - Preliminary list of items for provisional agenda2002/06/14
Mideast situation/Palestine question - Shanghai Cooperation Organization declaration - Letter from Russian Federation (excerpts)2002/06/14
06/14/2002CRC/C/Q/ISR/1Rights of Child Convention - Committee on Rights of Child - Initial report of Israel/List of issues2002/06/14
Middle East situation/Attack - Letter from Israel2002/06/14
06/13/2002S/PV.4552 (Resumption 1)Mideast crisis/Ramallah, attacks, proposed int'l conference, monitoring force - SecCo meeting - Verbatim records2002/06/13
06/13/2002S/PV.4552Mideast crisis/Ramallah, attacks, proposed int'l conference, monitoring force - SecCo meeting - Verbatim records2002/06/13
06/13/2002S/Agenda/4552Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo provisional agenda2002/06/13
06/13/2002S/2002/658Mideast situation - SecCo meeting request - Letter from Palestine2002/06/13
06/13/2002SC/7424Middle East situation/Palestine question - SecCo debate - Press release2002/06/13
06/12/2002EU Presidency declaration on Mideast - EU Press release/Non-UN document2002/06/12
06/12/2002E/CN.4/Sub.2/2002/17Economic, social and cultural rights - Return of refugees' or displaced persons' property - Working paper pursuant to Sub-Commission decision 2001/1222002/06/12
06/11/2002S/2002/655Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo meeting - Letter from Bahrain2002/06/11
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2002/06/11
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2002/06/10
06/10/2002ILO/02/28ILO calls for urgent support for OTs, urges social dialogue - ILO Press release2002/06/10
06/10/2002ILO to launch new jobs plan for OT - UN News Service2002/06/10
06/10/2002International peace conference - Remarks by US President Bush and Israel's PM Sharon - Non-UN document (excerpts)2002/06/10
Mideast situation/Lebanon- Israeli violations - Letter from Lebanon2002/06/10
Mideast situation/Palestine question - GCC communiqué - Letter from Oman (excerpts)2002/06/20,2002/06/08
06/07/2002E/ICEF/2002/P/L.22Situation in the OPT - Programme2002/06/07
06/07/2002Fourth ASEM Foreign Ministers' Meeting Declaration on The Middle East Peace Process- Declaration (Non-UN document)2002/06/07
06/07/2002S/2002/642Mideast situation/Suicide bombings - Letter from Israel2002/06/07
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2002/06/06
06/06/2002S/2002/622Security Council - Summary paper on follow-up action on SecCo work - Letter from Singapore2002/06/06
Israeli nuclear capabilities and threat - Letter from Iraq2002/06/06
06/05/2002DP/2009/22Assistance to PA police services - UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS) report2002/06/05
Mideast situation/Attacks - Letter from Israel2002/06/05
06/05/2002SG/SM/8260Attack in northern Israel - SecGen statement - Press release2002/06/05
Mideast situation/Attacks - Letter from Israel (Corrigendum)2002/06/05
06/05/2002E/C.12/Q/ISR/2Economic, Social and Cultural Covenant - Israel second periodic report - List of issues to be taken up2002/06/05
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2002/06/04
06/04/2002UNEP/2002/44UNEP to study OPT's environment late June/early July - UNEP press release2002/06/04
06/04/2002UNRWA Commissioner-General statement - Press release2002/06/04
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2002/06/03
06/03/2002Launch of Task Force on Reconstruction and Reconciliation in the Middle East - UNESCO DirGen statement - UNESCO press release2002/06/03
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