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03/31/1998DPR/Chron/1998/3Chronological Review of Events/March 1998 - DPR review1998/03/31
03/31/1998A/AC.183/SR.236CEIRPP meeting - Summary record (French)1998/03/31
03/31/1998GA/PAL/775CEIRPP meeting - Press release1998/03/31
03/31/199898-32443DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXI, No. 2 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (March 1998) - DPR publication1998/03/31
Mideast situation/Israel assassination policy - Letter from Palestine1998/03/30
03/30/1998HR/CN/835Human rights situation in the OT - CHR debate - Press release (excerpts)1998/03/30
03/30/1998UNESCO/98/57UNESCO awards/Hebron - Press release1998/03/30
03/30/1998CERD/C/304/Add.45Racial Discrimination Convention - Consideration of Israel's combined 7th to 9th periodic reports1998/03/30
03/30/1998SG/T/2122Mideast situation - SecGen visits Lebanon, 20 - 21 March - Press release1998/03/30
03/27/1998ITU_Document 126-ESupport for PA membership in ITU - World Telecommunication Dev. Conf. - Document submitted by Tunisia1998/03/27
03/27/1998DP/1998/17/Add.4Assistance to the Palestinian people - UNDP - Administrator report1998/03/27
03/27/1998E/CN.4/1998/SR.20Human rights situation in the OAT - CHR - Summary record (excerpts)1998/03/27
03/27/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/3Israeli settlements - CHR resolution1998/03/27
03/27/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/4Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR resolution1998/03/27
03/27/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/2Human rights situation in the OT/Golan - CHR resolution1998/03/27
03/27/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/1Human rights situation in the OT - CHR resolution1998/03/27
UNCTAD/UNIDO investment alliance - Press release1998/03/26
03/26/1998SG/T/2125Mideast situation - SecGen's Mideast visit (Israel) - Press release1998/03/26
03/25/1998SG/SM/6505/Rev.1*SecGen visit to Israel - Statement in Jerusalem - Press release1998/03/25
03/25/1998SG/SM/6504/Rev.1*SecGen address before the Israel Foreign Relations Council and UN Assn of Israel - Press release/Rev.1998/03/25
03/24/1998HR/CN/824Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - CHR debate - Press release (excerpts)1998/03/24
03/24/1998E/CN.4/1998/NGO/98Racism and racial discrimination - Statement by Coordinating Board of Jewish Organizations1998/03/24
03/23/1998Red right arrow IconSG/SM/6501Peace process/Crisis of confidence - SecGen address to Palestinian National Council - Press release1998/03/23
03/21/1998A/ES-10/21*Jerusalem/Settlements - GA emergency session - Letter from Syria1998/03/21
03/20/1998E/CN.4/1998/NGO/80Human rights situation in the OT - Statement by International Federation of Human Rights Leagues1998/03/20
03/20/1998E/CN.4/1998/SR.9Human rights situation in the OAT - CHR - Summary record (excerpts)1998/03/20
03/20/1998HR/CN/821Human rights situation in the OT - CHR debate - Press release (excerpts)1998/03/20
03/19/1998CERD/C/SR.1271Racial Discrimination Convention - Draft concluding observations on Lebanon's 6th to 13th periodic reports/Israel's 7th to 9th periodic reports - Summary record (excerpts)1998/03/19
03/19/1998CERD/C/SR.1272Racial Discrimination Convention - Draft concluding observations on Israel's 7th to 9th reports - Summary record (excerpts)1998/03/19
03/19/1998E/CN.4/1998/SR.7Human rights situation in the OAT - CHR - Summary record (excerpts)1998/03/19
03/19/1998Report of Sp. Rapporteur's visit to OPT - Informal note on press briefing - Press release1998/03/19
03/19/1998E/CN.4/1998/SR.8Human rights situation in the OAT - CHR - Summary record (excerpts)1998/03/19
03/18/1998HR/CN/819Human rights situation in the OT - CHR debate - Press release (excerpts)1998/03/18
03/18/1998SG/T/2120Mideast situation - SecGen visit to Jordan (17-18 March) - Press release1998/03/18
03/18/1998E/CN.4/1998/SR.5Human rights situation in the OAT - CHR - Summary record (excerpts)1998/03/18
03/18/1998E/CN.4/1998/SR.6Human rights situation in the OAT - CHR - Summary record (excerpts)1998/03/18
03/17/1998A/ES-10/PV.8Jerusalem/Settlements - GA 10th emergency session debate - Verbatim record1998/03/17
03/17/1998E/CN.4/1998/145Human rights situation in the OT - CHR - Letter from Palestine1998/03/17
03/17/1998A/ES-10/PV.9Jerusalem/Settlements - GA emergency session debate - Verbatim record1998/03/17
03/17/1998A/AC.183/L.2/Add.19Palestine question/Mideast situation - GA 10th emergency special session - Compilation of resolutions adopted in 1997 and 1998 (English and French)1998/03/17
03/17/1998E/CN.4/1998/SR.3Human rights situation in the OAT - CHR - Summary record (excerpts)1998/03/17
03/17/1998E/CN.4/1998/137Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR debate - Letter from Palestine1998/03/17
03/17/1998E/CN.4/1998/SR.4Human rights situation in the OAT - CHR - Summary record (excerpts)1998/03/17
03/17/1998Red right arrow IconA/RES/ES-10/5Jerusalem/Settlements/Fourth Geneva Convention - GA emergency session - Resolution1998/03/17
03/16/1998E/CN.4/1998/134Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR - Letter from Palestine1998/03/16
03/16/1998E/CN.4/1998/136Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR - Letter from Palestine1998/03/16
03/16/1998E/CN.4/1998/133Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR - Letter from Palestine1998/03/16
03/16/1998WOM/1050Palestinian women - CSW vote - Press release (excerpts)1998/03/16
03/16/1998E/CN.4/1998/NGO/61Human rights situation in the OT - Statement by North-South XXI1998/03/16
Mideast situation/Lebanon - Letter from Lebanon1998/03/16
03/15/1998E/CN.4/1998/144Human rights situation in the OT - CHR - Letter from Palestine1998/03/15
03/13/1998SG/SM/648625th session of OIC Foreign Ministers (Doha) - SecGen message - Press release1998/03/13
03/13/1998A/ES-10/22Jerusalem/Settlements - GA emergency session - Letter from Colombia1998/03/13
03/13/1998A/ES-10/23Palestine question/Settlements - GA emergency session - Letter from Palestine1998/03/13
Palestinian women - CSW 42nd report (Excerpts) - resolutions1998/03/13
Situation in the OPT - Letter from Palestine1998/03/12
03/11/1998E/CN.4/1998/20Human rights situation in the OT - CHR fifty-fourth session - SecGen report1998/03/11
03/10/1998E/CN.4/1998/128Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR - Letter from Israel1998/03/10
03/10/1998GENPB/10MAR98Israel CERD report consideration - Press release1998/03/10
03/06/1998GENPB/06MAR98Israel CERD report consideration - Press release1998/03/06
03/06/1998CAT/C/33/Add.3Torture Convention - Israel second periodic report1998/03/06
03/06/1998WOM/1041CSW - Forty-Second Session - Press release1998/03/06
03/06/1998WOM/1043CSW - Forty-Second Session - Press release1998/03/06
03/05/1998CERD/C/SR.1251Racial Discrimination Convention - Israel's 9th periodic report - Summary record1998/03/05
03/05/1998WOM/1038CSW - Forty-Second Session - Press release1998/03/05
03/04/1998PAL/1855European NGO Symposium on the Question of Palestine (Brussels) - Press release1998/03/04
03/04/1998CERD/C/SR.1250Racial Discrimination Convention - Israel's 7th-9th periodic report - Summary record1998/03/04
03/04/1998WOM/1035CSW - Forty-Second Session - Press release1998/03/04
Jerusalem - Israeli events - Letter from Syria1998/03/03
03/03/1998Assistance to the Palestinian People - Programme of Cooperation 1998-1999 - UNSCO report1998/03/03
03/03/1998WOM/1034CSW - Forty-Second Session - Press release1998/03/03
03/03/1998WOM/1032CSW - Forty-Second Session - Press release1998/03/03
03/03/1998Economic situation in the OPT - UNSCO special report (Summary)1998/03/03
03/02/1998WOM/1031CSW - Forty-Second Session - Press release1998/03/02
03/02/1998PAL/1854Conference in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Pal. People (Brussels) - Press release1998/03/02
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