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12/31/2015WBN633Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (15 - 28 December 2015)2015/12/31
12/31/2015ECHOFactSheet_Dec15European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection - Palestine - ECHO factsheet/Non-UN document2015/12/31
12/31/20157,443 refugee families in Gaza receive support for rental subsidies and repair works - UNRWA press release2015/12/31
12/31/2015DPR/Chron/2015/12Chronological Review of Events/December 2015 - DPR review2015/12/31
12/31/2015WFPBrief_311215WFP Palestine | Brief (1 Oct. - 31 Dec. 2015) - WFP update2015/12/31
12/31/2015OCHA_MOVEOB311215Movement obstacles as of 31 December: Selected impacts - OCHA map2015/12/31
12/31/2015MBDec2015Monthly Bulletin on action by UN system and IGOs relevant to question of Palestine (December 2015) - DPR publication2015/12/31
12/31/2015UNICEF_CAAC-4thQ15Children Affected by Armed Conflict - Israel and State of Palestine (Fourth Quarter 2015) - UNICEF Bulletin2015/12/31
12/31/2015Dev30Developments/Peace process review: January-December 20152015/12/31
12/31/2015OCHA_HumOverview-2016Fragmented lives - Humanitarian Overview 2015 - OCHA annual report2015/12/31
12/31/2015UNRWA_LEBRPT311215Survey on the Socioeconomic Status of Palestine Refugees in Lebanon 2015 - UNRWA Report2015/12/31
12/31/2015UNRWAANNUALRPT_2015Annual Operational Report 2015 - UNRWA report2015/12/31
12/31/2015A/AC.183/L.2/Add.37Compilation of resolutions and decisions adopted in 2015 (English and French) - DPR publication2015/12/31
12/30/2015OCHAPR_301215170 Palestinians and 26 Israelis killed in 2015 - OCHA press release2015/12/30
12/29/2015HUMNEEDSOV_NOV162016 Humanitarian Needs Overview: Occupied Palestinian Territory - OCHA OPT report2015/12/29
12/28/2015S/2015/1033Israel calls on Security Council to condemn Palestinian attacks - Letter from Israel2015/12/28
12/27/2015WHOSitRpt271215_Issue2Situation Report #2 (27 Dec. 2015): occupied Palestinian territory - WHO report2015/12/27
12/25/2015UNRWA participates in "First Arab Regional Meeting on Education in 2030" - UNRWA press release2015/12/25
12/23/2015World Bank transfers US$22 million in budget support to Palestine - WB press release2015/12/23
12/23/2015UNRWA holds forum on technical and vocational training in Amman - UNRWA press release2015/12/23
12/23/2015UNRWA launches school-based teacher development programme - UNRWA press release2015/12/23
12/23/2015UNICEF provides winter assistance to Palestine refugee children in Lebanon through UNRWA ATM cards - UNRWA press release2015/12/23
12/23/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue124Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 124) - UNRWA update2015/12/23
Turmoil and deterioration of situation in Occupied Palestinian Territory continues - Letter from Palestine2015/12/23
12/22/2015UNRWA releases "Education Brings Hope in Times of Emergencies" animated video - UNRWA press release2015/12/22
12/22/2015WHO_ReferralsOct2015Referral of Patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (October 2015)2015/12/22
12/22/2015Water network rehabilitation project in Anata funded by Japan completed - Japan MoFA press release/Non-UN document2015/12/22
12/22/2015E/CN.6/2016/6Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - Secretary-General report2015/12/22
12/22/2015GA/11746General Assembly adopts resolution on permanent sovereignty of Palestinian people over their natural resources - Press release (excerpts)2015/12/22
12/22/2015A/RES/70/225Permanent sovereignty over natural resources in OPT and Golan - GA resolution2015/12/22
12/21/2015Finland contributes US$3.9 million for improving infrastructure in Palestine - WB press release2015/12/21
12/21/2015Japan funds human security projects in Palestine - Japan MoFA press release/Non-UN document2015/12/21
12/21/2015Young Palestinian artists strengthen heritage preservation through their elegant art - UNESCO news item2015/12/21
12/20/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue123Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 123) - UNRWA update2015/12/20
12/18/2015Italy contributes €2.18 million for food assistance to Palestine refugees in Gaza - UNRWA press release2015/12/18
12/18/2015UN Rapporteurs express concern about harassment of human rights defenders in Occupied Palestinian Territory – OHCHR press release2015/12/18
12/18/2015New World Bank project to create jobs by supporting start-ups and developing skills of youth and women in Palestine - WB press release2015/12/18
International community must be resolute in demanding Israel immediately halt all illegal practices - Letter from Palestine2015/12/18
12/18/2015A/70/626Cuba's message on occasion of Intl. Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - Letter from Cuba2015/12/18
12/17/2015GA/PAL/1357UN Civil Society Forum on Question of Palestine, Jakarta, 16 Dec 2015 - Press release2015/12/17
12/17/2015Germany contributes €45.8 million to support Palestine refugees in Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan - UNRWA press release2015/12/17
12/17/2015Quartet Envoys’ joint press statement - Note to correspondents2015/12/17
12/17/2015WBN632Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (1 - 14 December 2015)2015/12/17
12/17/2015UNRWA reiterates call to support annual #shareyourwarmth campaign - UNRWA press release2015/12/17
12/17/2015GA/11745General Assembly adopts resolution on Palestinian people's right to self-determination - Press release (excerpts)2015/12/17
12/17/2015A/RES/70/141Right of Palestinian people to self-determination - GA resolution2015/12/17
12/16/2015SC/12164Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs briefs Security Council on situation in Middle East, including Palestinian question - Press release2015/12/16
12/16/2015S/PV.7584Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record2015/12/16
12/16/2015UNRWA completes implementation of family health team approach in its health centres in Jordan - UNRWA press release2015/12/16
12/16/2015UN-Habitat's new project targets Palestinian communities in E. Jerusalem - UN-Habitat news item2015/12/16
12/16/2015GAZACROSS_NOV15Gaza Crossings' Operations Status: Monthly Update - November 2015 - OCHA factsheet2015/12/16
12/15/2015UNHCHR gravely concerned at unrelenting violence in Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel - OHCHR press briefing note (excerpts)2015/12/15
12/15/2015EU_151215EU Heads of Mission visit Hebron - EU press release/Non-UN document2015/12/15
12/15/2015GA/PAL/1356International Conference on Question of Jerusalem, Jakarta, 14-15 Dec 2015 - Plenary II/Closing session - Press release2015/12/15
12/15/2015OFID signs agreements with UNDP in support of East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip projects - UNDP press release2015/12/15
12/15/2015International Conference on Question of Jerusalem, Jakarta, 14-15 Dec 2015 - Chair's Summary2015/12/15
12/14/2015SG/SM/17413-GA/PAL/1354International Conference on Question of Jerusalem, Jakarta, 14-15 Dec 2015 - Secretary-General message - Press release2015/12/14
12/14/2015GA/PAL/1355International Conference on Question of Jerusalem, Jakarta, 14-15 Dec 2015 - Plenary I - Press release2015/12/14
12/14/2015GA/PAL/1353International Conference on Question of Jerusalem, Jakarta, 14-15 Dec 2015 - Opening session - Press release2015/12/14
12/14/2015OCHA_CAS141215Casualties in Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel (1 Oct. - 30 Nov. 2105) - OCHA infographic2015/12/14
12/14/2015US pledges over $123 million in support for UNRWA - UNRWA press release2015/12/14
12/14/2015A/70/L.18/Add.1Addendum - Assistance to Palestinian people - GA draft resolution2015/12/14
12/14/2015S/2015/970Israel calls on Secretary-General and Security Council President to condemn Palestinian incitement and wave of attacks - Letter from Israel2015/12/14
12/11/2015UNICEFSitRpt_111215Humanitarian Situation Report (State of Palestine) December 2015 - UNICEF update2015/12/11
12/10/2015GA/11737General Assembly adopts eight resolutions on Israeli-Palestinian issue - Press release (excerpts)2015/12/10
12/10/2015OCHAPR_101215Humanitarian agencies salute work of human rights defenders in Hebron on occasion of International Human Rights Day - OCHA press release2015/12/10
12/10/2015GA/11738General Assembly adopts resolution on assistance to Palestinian people - Press release (excerpts)2015/12/10
12/10/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue122Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 122) - UNRWA update2015/12/10
12/10/2015Sweden contributes US$22 million for improving infrastructure in Palestine - World Bank press release2015/12/10
Situation in Occupied Palestine continues to deteriorate at alarming rate - Letter from Palestine2015/12/10
12/10/2015A/RES/70/108Assistance to Palestinian people - GA resolution2015/12/10
12/09/2015A/RES/70/89Israeli settlements in OPT and Syrian Golan - GA resolution2015/12/09
12/09/2015A/RES/70/90Israeli practices affecting Palestinian human rights - GA resolution2015/12/09
12/09/2015A/RES/70/83Assistance to Palestine refugees - GA resolution2015/12/09
12/09/2015A/RES/70/85Operations of UNRWA - GA resolution2015/12/09
12/09/2015A/RES/70/86Palestine refugees' properties and their revenues - GA resolution2015/12/09
12/09/2015A/RES/70/87Work of Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices - GA resolution2015/12/09
12/09/2015A/RES/70/88Applicability of Fourth Geneva Convention to OPT and other Arab territories - GA resolution2015/12/09
12/09/2015Belgium contributes €1.5 million to provide cash assistance to Palestine refugees in Syria - UNRWA press release2015/12/09
12/09/2015UK gives additional GBP 20 million to Palestine refugees affected by Syria crisis - UNRWA press release2015/12/09
12/09/2015UNRWA inaugurates housing project in Khan Younis and construction of four schools in Gaza - UNRWA press release2015/12/09
12/09/2015A/RES/70/84Persons displaced as result of June 1967 and subsequent hostilities - GA resolution2015/12/09
12/09/2015A/70/PV.70Question of Palestine - GA 70th general debate (excerpts)2015/12/09
12/08/2015HB301115Humanitarian Bulletin (November 2015) - OCHA OPT monthly report2015/12/08
12/08/2015FSS_SEFSec1314Summary results of annual socio-economic and food security survey - Food Security Sector report/Non-UN document2015/12/08
12/07/2015US $2.5 million from Sweden to support cash assistance programme for displaced non-refugees in Gaza - UNDP press release2015/12/07
12/07/2015EU and UNDP support Nablus Municipality in revitalizing Khan Al Wakalah site - UNDP press release2015/12/07
12/04/2015Local EU statement on recent demolitions in Area C - EU press release/Non-UN document2015/12/04
12/04/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue121Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 121) - UNRWA update2015/12/04
12/04/2015WBN631Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (24 - 30 November 2015)2015/12/04
12/03/2015UNESCO supports right to information in Palestine - UNESCO news item2015/12/03
12/03/2015Palestine: Improving teaching quality in primary schools - World Bank news item2015/12/03
12/03/2015PR/23/2015EU contributes €19 million to PA's payment of November salaries and pensions - EU press release/Non-UN document2015/12/03
12/02/2015UN Special Coordinator Mladenov concerned by slow progress in resolving Dawabsha family case - UNSCO statement2015/12/02
12/02/2015GA/PAL/1352International Conference on Question of Jerusalem to be held in Jakarta on 14-15 Dec. 2015 followed by Civil Society Forum on 16 Dec. - Press release2015/12/02
State of Palestine reiterates appeal to Security Council to act to end Israeli aggression and occupation - Letter from Palestine2015/12/02
12/02/2015OCHA_HNO021215Humanitarian Needs Overview 2016: Occupied Palestinian Territory - OCHA factsheet2015/12/02
12/01/2015UNRWA launches annual winter fundraising campaign - UNRWA press release2015/12/01
12/01/2015A/70/480*Permanent sovereignty of Palestinian people in OPT and Golan over their natural resources - GA Second Committee report2015/12/01
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