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07/31/2014NoonBriefing_310714Secretary-General calls for humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2014/07/31
07/31/2014SC/11504UNRWA Commissioner General and USG for Humanitarian Affairs brief SecCo via video on the crisis in Gaza, stressing the need for an immediate ceasefire - SecCo press release2014/07/31
07/31/2014SG/2206Joint statement by UN Secretary-General Ban and US Secretary of State Kerry on the 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire announcement - SG statement2014/07/31
07/31/2014Quartet Rep Tony Blair welcomes the ceasefire with the goal of securing a long-term solution for the Gaza crisis - OQR statement/Non-UN document2014/07/31
07/31/2014S/Agenda/7232Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo 7232nd meeting - Provisional agenda2014/07/31
07/31/2014UNRWA Commissioner-General briefs SecCo on Gaza - UNRWA article2014/07/31
07/31/20141823-31-07-2014Comment by the Information and Press Dept. of the Russian Ministry of F.A. regarding the development of the situation around Gaza - Russian MFA press release/Non-UN document2014/07/31
07/31/2014S/PV.7232USG for Humanitarian Affairs and UNRWA Commissioner-General brief SecCo via video on the situation in Gaza - Teleconference- Verbatim record2014/07/31
07/31/2014140731/02EU condemns the shelling of an UNRWA school in Gaza and of a market in Shuja'yeh - EU statement/Non-UN document2014/07/31
07/31/2014OchaGazaSitRpt_310714Hostilities in Gaza and Israel - OCHA situation report (31 July 2014)2014/07/31
07/31/2014DPR/Chron/2014/7Chronological Review of Events/July 2014 - DPR review2014/07/31
07/31/2014WHO_ReferralsJuly2014Referral of patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (July 2014)2014/07/31
07/31/2014UNICEFSitRpt_310714State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report - UNICEF update2014/07/31
07/31/2014FSS__310714Situation Report: Gaza Strip Crisis - Food Security Sector report (#18)2014/07/31
07/31/2014Gaza_HumSnap310714Gaza Emergency: Humanitarian Snapshot - OCHA factsheet2014/07/31
07/31/2014UNICEF_CAAC-2ndQ14Children Affected by Armed Conflict - Israel and State of Palestine (Second Quarter 2014) - UNICEF Bulletin2014/07/31
07/31/20141504144DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXVII, No. 7, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (July 2014) - DPR publication2014/07/31
07/31/2014UNICEF_CAAC-JulyAug14Children Affected by Armed Conflict in East Jerusalem, Gaza and southern Israel (Jul. & Aug. 2014) - UNICEF Bulletin2014/07/31
07/30/2014UNRWA strongly condemns Israeli shelling of its school in Gaza as serious violation of int. law - UNRWA statement2014/07/30
07/30/2014Gaza_SchoolShellingDeadly shelling of a second UN school in Gaza draws condemnation and calls for ceasefire - UN news item2014/07/30
07/30/2014NoonBriefing_300714Secretary-General condemns attack on Gaza school and Relief Coordinator alarmed at intensity of violence in Gaza - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2014/07/30
07/30/2014PR/08/2014EU provides through PEGASE a contribution of £13 million for East Jerusalem hospitals - EU press release/Non-UN document2014/07/30
07/30/2014SC/11502Security Council discusses Gaza crisis - SecCo's 7231st PM Meeting - Press release (excerpts)2014/07/30
07/30/2014USG for Humanitarian Affairs Amos alarmed at the intensity of violence in Gaza - OCHA statement2014/07/30
07/30/2014Switzerland and Norway donations enable WHO to purchase essential medical supplies for Gaza - WHO article2014/07/30
07/30/2014UNICEF's statement on Gaza, Israel: "Outrage has become commonplace" - UNICEF statement2014/07/30
07/30/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue22Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 22) - UNRWA update2014/07/30
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Humanitarian situation in Gaza has become catastrophic owing to Israel's military aggression - Letter from Palestine2014/07/30
NAM and Group of 77 call for an end to Israeli aggression in Gaza - Communiqué, letter, annex2014/07/30
07/30/2014OchaGazaSitRpt_300714Hostilities in Gaza and Israel - OCHA situation report (30 July 2014)2014/07/30
07/30/2014SRSG for Children and Armed Conflict Leila Zerrougui: No safe place for children of Gaza - Statement2014/07/30
07/29/2014SecGen_Gaza290714Secretary-General warns against further escalation in the Gaza conflict - UN news item2014/07/29
07/29/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue21Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 21) - UNRWA update2014/07/29
07/29/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue20Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 20) - UNRWA update2014/07/29
07/29/2014OchaGazaSitRpt_290714Hostilities in Gaza and Israel - OCHA situation report (29 July 2014)2014/07/29
07/29/2014WFPSitRpt_290714WFP Gaza Emergency, 29 July 2014 - WFP situation report #172014/07/29
07/29/2014Gaza_HumSnap290714Gaza Emergency: Humanitarian Snapshot - OCHA factsheet2014/07/29
07/28/2014Secretary-General updates the press on the current situation in the Middle East - SG's press encounter2014/07/28
07/28/2014SG/SM/16051Secretary-General calls on Israelis and Palestinians to renew a humanitarian pause and exert effort for a durable ceasefire - SG press statement2014/07/28
07/28/2014No safe place for children in Gaza - UNICEF article2014/07/28
07/28/2014S/Agenda/7225Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo 7225th meeting - Provisional agenda2014/07/28
07/28/2014S/PRST/2014/13SecCo President's statement on the crisis in Gaza and loss of civilian lives - SecCo statement2014/07/28
07/28/2014SG/SM/16054SG urges all sides to avoid any escalation including dropping leaflets warning thousands to leave their homes in Gaza - SG Spokesman's statement2014/07/28
07/28/2014NoonBriefing_280714Secretary-General urges end to violence in Gaza as world marks Eid Al-Fitr and UNRWA able to deliver medical supplies to Yarmouk camp for the first time since January - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2014/07/28
07/28/2014S/PV.7225Security Council meets to issue statement on the grave situation in Gaza - Verbatim record2014/07/28
07/28/2014WHO appalled by attacks on health-care facilities in Gaza - WHO press release2014/07/28
07/28/2014Australia provides humanitarian assistance to Gaza as it expresses deep concern about the continuing conflict - Australian Foreign Ministry media release/Non-UN document2014/07/28
07/28/2014French President Holland urges Palestinian President Abbas to support initiatives begun to secure a lasting truce in Gaza - communiqué issued by the French President/Non-UN document2014/07/28
07/28/2014WHOSitRpt_Issue5WHO Report: "Conflict escalation in Gaza, complex emergency" (Issue 5) - WHO situation report2014/07/28
07/28/2014OchaGazaSitRpt_280714Hostilities in Gaza and Israel - OCHA situation report (28 July 2014)2014/07/28
07/27/2014SG/SM/16050Secretary-General urges 24-hour extension of humanitarian pause to break deadly violence in Gaza - SG statement2014/07/27
07/27/2014Queen Rania and UNRWA Commissioner-General Krähenbühl discuss support for Gaza - UNRWA press release2014/07/27
07/27/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue19Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 19) - UNRWA update2014/07/27
07/27/2014OchaGazaSitRpt_270714Hostilities in Gaza and Israel - OCHA situation report (27 July 2014)2014/07/27
07/27/2014WFPSitRpt_270714WFP Gaza Emergency, 27 July 2014 - WFP situation report #162014/07/27
07/26/2014SG/SM/16049Secretary-General welcomes 12-hour humanitarian pause in Gaza and appeals for renewal of political progress - SG press statement2014/07/26
07/26/2014UNSCO Special Coordinator Serry calls for an extension of the humanitarian pause - UNSCO statement2014/07/26
07/26/2014UK Foreign Secretary joins other ministers in call for extended ceasefire in Gaza - UKFCO press release/Non-UN document2014/07/26
07/26/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue18Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 18) - UNRWA update2014/07/26
07/26/2014OchaGazaSitRpt_260714Hostilities in Gaza and Israel - OCHA situation report (26 July 2014)2014/07/26
07/26/2014Gaza_HumSnap260714Gaza Emergency: Humanitarian Snapshot - OCHA factsheet2014/07/26
07/25/2014Secretary-General with other leaders in Cairo call for a 7-day humanitarian ceasefire, extending over the Eid period - SG's remarks2014/07/25
07/25/2014UNICEF's statement on the Israeli attack of UN school premises in Gaza - UNICEF statement2014/07/25
07/25/2014UN Office in Geneva holds briefing focusing on the emergency in Gaza - UNOG regular press briefing (excerpts)2014/07/25
07/25/2014222-2014Spain condemns in the strongest possible terms the attack on the UNRWA school in Gaza - Spanish MoFAC statement/Non-UN document2014/07/25
07/25/2014UAE Red Crescent contributes to UNRWA for post-conflict construction in Gaza - UNRWA press release2014/07/25
07/25/2014Jordan's NGO Tkiyet Um Ali donates for emergency food supply for displaced Gazans - UNRWA press release2014/07/25
07/25/2014British ministers comment on deaths of Palestinian civilians killed during an Israeli missile strike at an UNRWA school in Gaza - UKFCO press release/Non-UN document2014/07/25
07/25/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue17Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 17) - UNRWA update2014/07/25
07/25/2014UNFPA alarmed over impact of Gaza violence on women, girls - UN Population Fund press release2014/07/25
07/25/2014NoonBriefing_250714Secetary-General continues talks on on possible ceasefire in Gaza - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2014/07/25
07/25/2014140725/03EU calls on all parties to agree to an immediate ceasefire - EU statement/Non-UN document2014/07/25
07/25/2014OchaGazaSitRpt_250714Hostilities in Gaza and Israel - OCHA situation report (25 July 2014)2014/07/25
07/25/2014Japan_MistrikeCondJapan deplores the missile strike of a UN-run school in Gaza that caused a large number of casualties - Japan MInistry of FA statement/Non-UN document2014/07/25
07/25/2014Ireland pledges continued support for Palestinian people - Ireland DoFAT press release/Non-UN document2014/07/25
07/24/2014SG/SM/16046Secretary-General appalled by the Israeli attack on an UNRWA school in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza - SG press release2014/07/24
07/24/2014SG's Sp. Advisors on the Prevention of Genocide & on the Responsibility to Protect said actions of all parties must be investigated and those responsible for war crimes must be held accountable - UN press release2014/07/24
07/24/2014Secretary-General at press encounter with US Sec. of State Kerry in Cairo asks Israelis and Palestinians to stop and the int. community has to take action now - SG's remarks2014/07/24
07/24/2014PR/09/2014EU makes contribution to the PA's payment of July salaries and pensions ahead of Eid Al-Fitr - EU press release/Non-UN document2014/07/24
07/24/2014HR14/212Human Rights Council Coordination Committee and Special Rapporteur dismayed by the deaths, injuries, displacement and devastation caused by the hostilities in Gaza -- statement2014/07/24
07/24/2014Statement by UNRWA Commissioner-General Krähenbühl on multiple deaths and injuries at UNRWA school in Beit Hanoun, Gaza - UNRWA statement2014/07/24
07/24/2014OIC_UNHRCGazaInvesOIC welcomes UNHRC resolution on investigating Israeli violations in Gaza - OIC statement/Non-UN document2014/07/24
07/24/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue16Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 16) - UNRWA update2014/07/24
07/24/2014Health needs escalate as crisis in Gaza continues - UN Population Fund dispatch2014/07/24
07/24/2014NoonBriefing_240714Secretary-General appalled by attack on a UN school in Gaza - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2014/07/24
07/24/2014Secretary-General's remarks at press encounter with US Secretary of State Kerry - SG's remarks2014/07/24
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Death toll in Gaza now stands at 790 Palestinians - Letter from Palestine2014/07/24
07/24/2014WHO calls for creation of humanitarian corridor in Gaza - WHO press release2014/07/24
07/24/2014UNESCO_GazaDeath240714UNESCO Director-General Bokova condemns the killing of Palestinian cameraman Hamad in Gaza City - UNESCO press release2014/07/24
07/24/2014OchaGazaSitRpt_240714Hostilities in Gaza and Israel - OCHA situation report (24 July 2014)2014/07/24
07/24/2014WFPSitRpt_240714WFP Gaza Emergency, 24 July 2014 - WFP situation report #152014/07/24
07/24/2014Gaza_HumSnap240714Gaza Emergency: Humanitarian Snapshot - OCHA factsheet2014/07/24
07/23/2014HRC Chief Pillay tells council members that Gaza civilians require their urgent attention - HRC 21st Special Session - OHCHR statement/press release2014/07/23
07/23/2014SG/SM/16045Secretary-General alarmed by the placement of rockets in an UNRWA school in Gaza - SG press release2014/07/23
07/23/2014ASG for Humanitarian Affairs' statement on the situation in Gaza - HRC 21st Special Session - OCHA press release2014/07/23
07/23/2014A/HRC/RES/S-21/1HRC adopts resolution deciding to dispatch an independent, int commission of inquiry to Gaza - HRC resolution2014/07/23
07/23/2014WFP reaches out to conflict-affected people in Gaza - WFP press release2014/07/23
07/23/2014UK Foreign Secretary Hammond says UN Human Rights Council resolution will not aid the peace process - UKFCO press release/Non-UN document2014/07/23
07/23/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue15Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 15) - UNRWA update2014/07/23
07/23/2014Secretary-General's remarks to press with Israeli President Peres - SG's remarks2014/07/23
07/23/2014NoonBriefing_230714Secretary-General continues efforts towards a ceasefire in Gaza - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2014/07/23
07/23/2014Secretary-General's remarks to press after meeting with US Secretary of State Kerry - SG's remarks2014/07/23
07/23/2014Secretary-General's remarks to press after meeting with Jordanian Foreign Minister Judeh - SG's remarks2014/07/23
07/23/2014Secretary-General's meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Liberman - SecGen Spokesperson - Readout2014/07/23
07/23/2014SyriaCrisisUpdate_230714Syria Regional Crisis Response Update 76 - UNRWA report2014/07/23
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Appeal to the int. community to stop the Israeli aggression in Gaza - Letter from Palestine2014/07/23
07/23/2014UNRWA official tells Human Rights Council of the toll the Gaza conflict is taking on civilians - statement2014/07/23
07/23/2014Special Rapporteur tells Human Rights Council of his dismay at the the devastation resulting from the renewal of hostilities in Gaza - statement2014/07/23
07/23/2014HR14/100HRC at its special sessions establishes an int. commission of inquiry for the oPt - HRC press release2014/07/23
07/23/2014HRC14/097Human Rights Council opens special session on human rights situation in the oPt - Press release (excerpts)2014/07/23
07/23/2014HRC14/098Human Rights Council concludes its special session and establishes a commission of inquiry for the oPt - Press release2014/07/23
07/23/2014WHOSitRpt_Issue4WHO Report: "Conflict escalation in Gaza, complex emergency" (Issue 4) - WHO situation report2014/07/23
07/23/2014OchaGazaSitRpt_230714Hostilities in Gaza and Israel - OCHA situation report (23 July 2014)2014/07/23
07/23/2014Gaza_EmerPowerDistGaza Emergency: Power Deficit - OCHA factsheet/infographic2014/07/23
07/23/2014A/HRC/S-21/2Ensuring respect for international law in OPT - HRC resolution - HRC report on 21st special session2014/07/23
07/23/2014Remarks of US Sec of State Kerry before meeting with UN Secretary-General in Jerusalem - USDoS transcript/Non-UN document2014/07/23
07/23/2014Remarks of US Sec of State Kerry following meeting with President Abbas in Ramallah - USDoS transcript/Non-UN document2014/07/23
07/23/2014Gaza_HumSnap230714Gaza Emergency: Humanitarian Snapshot - OCHA factsheet2014/07/23
07/23/2014SG/T/2972Secretary-General's activities in Israel, State of Palestine, 22-23 July - Press release2014/07/23
Secretary-General briefs Security Council from Ramallah on the situation in Gaza - SG's video conference2014/07/22
07/22/2014Secretary-General's remarks to press with Palestinian Prime Minister in Ramallah - SG's remarks2014/07/22
07/22/2014Secretary-General's remarks to press with Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon in Tel Aviv - SG's remarks2014/07/22
07/22/2014UNRWA strongly condemns shelling of a school in Gaza sheltering civilians and calls for an investigation - UNRWA statement2014/07/22
07/22/2014A/HRC/S-21/NGO/4Aid and children's organizations call for a ceasefire in Gaza -- NGOs' statement (Defence for Children Int., Terre Des Hommes Federation Int., World Vision Int.)2014/07/22
07/22/2014A/HRC/S-21/NGO/10Israel should face war crimes trials over Gaza -- NGOs' statement (Union of Arab Jurists, General Arab Women Federation, Tupaj Amaru, Int. Educational Development, World Peace Council)2014/07/22
07/22/2014S/Agenda/7222Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo 7222nd meeting - Provisional agenda2014/07/22
07/22/2014S/PV.7222Secretary-General briefs SecCo on the situation in Gaza, open debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)2014/07/22
07/22/2014UNRWA appeals for support for over 100K Palestinians in Gaza displaced by the conflict with Israel - UNRWA press release2014/07/22
07/22/2014For the 2nd time, UNRWA condemns placement of rockets in one of its schools - UNRWA press release2014/07/22
07/22/2014UAE donation will be used to provide food-aid to Palestininian refugees in Syria - UNRWA press release2014/07/22
07/22/2014UN Office in Geneva holds briefing focusing on the emergency in Gaza - UNOG regular press briefing (excerpts)2014/07/22
07/22/2014OIC_GazaIntComOIC Secretary General asks int. com. to stop continued Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people - OIC statement/Non-UN document2014/07/22
07/22/2014IRIN_End2014Key points for a longterm peace between Israel and the Gaza Strip - IRIN news article2014/07/22
07/22/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue14Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 14) - UNRWA update2014/07/22
07/22/2014Secretary-General's remarks to press with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu - SG's remarks2014/07/22
07/22/2014Secretary-General's meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu - SecGen Spokesperson - Readout2014/07/22
07/22/2014Secretary-General's meeting with Egyptian President Sisi - SecGen Spokesperson - Readout2014/07/22
07/22/2014NoonBriefing_220714In SecCo briefing conducted from Ramallah, Secretary-General voices hope that fighting between Israel and Hamas will end soon - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2014/07/22
07/22/2014A/HRC/S-21/NGO/1NGO calls for an immediate end to the Israeli military operations in Gaza - NGO statement (Int. Commission of Jurists)2014/07/22
07/22/2014A/HRC/S-21/NGO/5Solidarity expressed for the Palestinian people - NGO statement (Int. Youth and Student Movement for the UN)2014/07/22
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