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08/31/2013DPR/Chron/2013/8Chronological Review of Events/August 2013 - DPR review2013/08/31
08/31/2013UN-PCBS_SocEconFoodSecSurvey2012Socio-Economic and Food Security Survey in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (2012) - Palestine/FAO/UNRWA/WFP joint report2013/08/31
08/31/2013A/68/335UNCCP - 67th report2013/08/31
08/31/2013WHO_ReferralsAug2013Referral of patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (August 2013)2013/08/31
08/31/2013HB0813The Humanitarian Bulletin: OPT (August 2013) - OCHA report2013/08/31
08/31/201314-20212DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXVI, No . 8, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (August 2013) - DPR publication2013/08/31
08/31/2013S/2014/3Security Council - Work assessment under Argentina presidency (August 2013) - Letter from Argentina (excerpts)2013/08/31
08/30/2013In the West Bank, UNRWA supports students and parents accessing education - UNRWA article2013/08/30
08/30/2013A/68/355Work of the Sp. Cttee on Israeli practices - Provision of facilities and staff - SecGen report2013/08/30
08/29/2013Saudi Campaign supports food assistance for displaced Palestine refugees in Jordan - UNRWA press release2013/08/29
08/29/2013A/68/313Israeli practices/Fourth Geneva Convention - SecGen report2013/08/29
08/28/2013S/2013/514Concern about a biased report of the August 2013 SecCo briefing - Letter from Israel2013/08/28
08/28/2013IRIN_DoubleRefugeesAhmad, Palestinian refugee from Syria: “I feel we are double refugees” - IRIN article2013/08/28
08/27/2013UNRWA condemns the killing of UN staff member in the occupied West Bank - Statement by UNRWA Spokesman Gunness - Press release2013/08/27
08/27/2013OHCHR_DemolitionsOffice of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights voices concern over forced evictions of Palestinians in West Bank - UN news item2013/08/27
08/27/2013Israeli Deputy FM Elkin meets with Norwegian FM Eide - Mideast peace process - Israeli Deputy FM's Bureau press release/Non-UN document2013/08/27
08/27/2013Israel calls on UNRWA to refrain from one-sided political advocacy - Statement - Israeli Min. of Foreign Affairs press release/Non-UN document2013/08/27
08/26/2013Italy donates to UNRWA for food aid to Palestine refugees - UNRWA press release2013/08/26
08/26/2013Zaragoza City Council and Asturias Regional Govt contribute to UNRWA programmes - UNRWA press release2013/08/26
08/26/2013WBN522OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA weekly report (20 - 26 August 2013)2013/08/26
08/26/2013Building Resilience through Education - UNRWA hosts conference on Agency's education reform - UNRWA press release2013/08/26
Illegal Israeli actions in the OPT/Raid on refugee camp - Letter from Palestine2013/08/26
08/26/2013A/68/1 (Supp)Work of the Organization - SecGen report (excerpts)2013/08/26
08/25/2013Israel: Stop Unlawful West Bank Demolitions - Spike in Destruction Raises War Crime Concerns - Human Rights Watch report/Non-UN document2013/08/25
08/24/2013A/HRC/24/NGO/121Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs - HRC 24th session - NGO statement (Organization for Defending Victims of Violence)2013/08/24
08/23/2013Isr-HomeDemolitions_Jul-Aug2013Israeli home demolitions in occupied East Jerusalem (30 July - 20 August 2013) - PLO Negotiations Affairs Dept. factsheet/Non-UN document2013/08/23
08/23/2013FranceFM_Visit-PT-IsrVisit by French FM Fabius to the Palestinian territories and Israel (24-25 Aug. 2013) - French MoFEA press release/Non-UN document2013/08/23
Illegal Israeli actions in the OPT/Settlements/Refugee camps - Letter from Palestine2013/08/23
08/23/2013UNRWA Siblin Training Centre holds graduate ceremony for 433 students - UNRWA press release2013/08/23
08/23/2013A/68/347Persons displaced as a result of the June 1967 and subsequent hostilities - SecGen report2013/08/23
08/22/2013WBN521OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA weekly report (13 - 19 August 2013)2013/08/22
08/22/2013Allegations of incitement by UNRWA - Statement by UNRWA Spokesman Gunness - Press release2013/08/22
08/22/2013GA/11401GA appoints Bolivia as a member of the CEIRPP - Press release (excerpts)2013/08/22
08/22/2013A/HRC/24/NGO/51Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Closure and accountability - HRC 24th session - Statement by NGOs2013/08/22
08/22/2013A/HRC/24/30Human rights situation in OPT - HRC 24th session - SecGen report2013/08/22
08/22/2013A/HRC/24/NGO/66Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Right of return - HRC 24th session - NGO statement (Badil Resource Center)2013/08/22
08/22/2013A/HRC/24/NGO/72Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Mideast peace negotiations - HRC 24th session - Statement by NGOs2013/08/22
08/22/2013A/HRC/24/NGO/78Human rights violations in Palestine - HRC 24th session - NGO statement (Human Rights Now)2013/08/22
08/22/2013A/HRC/24/NGO/81Universal periodic review/Israel - HRC 24th session - NGO statement (Habitat Intl. Coalition)2013/08/22
08/22/2013A/DEC/67/422Palestine question - Enlargement of CEIRPP membership/Bolivia - GA decision2013/08/22
08/21/2013SC/11100ASG for Political Affairs Fernandez-Taranco briefs Security Council - SecCo press release2013/08/21
08/21/2013ASG Fernandez-Taranco's Security Council briefing (20 August 2013) - DPA press release2013/08/21
08/20/2013ASG Fernandez-Taranco on Israeli-Palestinian talks, other developments - SecCo briefing - UN news item2013/08/20
08/20/2013SC/11097/Rev.1*Protection of civilians in armed conflict, situation in the OPT - SecCo meeting, open debate - Press release (excerpts)2013/08/20
08/20/2013S/Agenda/7020Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo 7020th meeting - Provisional agenda2013/08/20
08/20/2013S/PV.7020ASG for Political Affairs Fernandez-Taranco briefs SecCo on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record2013/08/20
08/20/2013A/68/3Economic & social repercussion of the Israeli occupation/Palestinian women - ECOSOC 2013 report (excerpts)2013/08/20
08/19/2013World Humanitarian Day - Ynet op-ed article written by UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator (Rawley) - OCHA press release2013/08/19
08/19/2013UNDP and Bahraini RCO sign agreement to establish E. Jerusalem public library - UNDP/PAPP press release2013/08/19
08/19/2013SG-UNHQ_OTC190813Secretary-General’s press encounter at UNHQ - SecGen off-the-cuff remarks (excerpts)2013/08/19
08/19/2013A/68/343Palestine refugees' properties and their revenues - Replies received from Member States - SecGen report2013/08/19
08/16/2013SG-IsrPM_OTC160813Secretary-General’s press encounter with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu - SecGen off-the-cuff remarks2013/08/16
08/16/2013SG-PalPres_OTC150813Secretary-General’s press encounter with Palestinian Pres. Abbas - SecGen off-the-cuff remarks2013/08/16
08/16/2013SG-IsrPres_OTC160813Secretary-General’s press encounter with Israeli Pres. Peres - SecGen off-the-cuff remarks2013/08/16
08/16/2013SG-RabinGravesite_OTC160813Secretary-General’s remarks at grave site of former Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin - SecGen off-the-cuff remarks2013/08/16
08/16/2013SG-Indyk_Readout160813Secretary-General's meeting with US Sp. Envoy Martin Indyk - Spokesperson's readout (excerpts)2013/08/16
08/16/2013SG-IsrLeaders_Readout160813Secretary-General's meeting with Israeli leaders - Spokesperson's readout2013/08/16
08/15/2013SG-KingAbdullah_Readout150813Secretary-General's meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan – Spokesperson's readout (excerpts)2013/08/15
08/15/2013SG-JordanFM_Readout150813Secretary-General's meeting with Jordanian FM Judeh– Spokesperson's readout (excerpts)2013/08/15
08/15/2013SG_MEtrip-0813Israeli-Palestinian talks, Egypt and Syria on agenda as UN chief arrives in Middle East - UN news item2013/08/15
08/15/2013Denmark_MEtalksDenmark fully supports John Kerry's efforts for peace in the Middle East - Phone meeting between Danish FM and US Secy of State, statement - Danish Foreign Min. press release/Non-UN document2013/08/15
08/15/2013German FM Westerwelle visits Israel and Palestine to express support for resumption of peace talks - German Federal Foreign Office press release/Non-UN document2013/08/15
08/15/2013SG-PalPres_Readout150813Sec-Gen's meeting with Palestinian Pres. Abbas, other Pal. officials – Spokesperson's readout2013/08/15
Launch of UN Development Assistance Framework - SecGen remarks - Press release2013/08/15
08/15/2013USDOS_DPB #139Israeli-Palestinian peace talks/settlements/unilateral activity - USDOS daily press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2013/08/15
08/15/2013SG/T/2916SecGen's activities in State of Palestine, 15 August 2013 - Press release2013/08/15
08/14/2013HC13/060Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay urges Hamas to halt Gaza executions - Statement - UNHCHR office press release2013/08/14
08/14/2013IsrSettlements_Jul-Aug2013Israeli settlement announcements since the resumption of negotiations (30 July – 13 August 2013 - PLO Negotiations Affairs Dept. report/Non-UN document2013/08/14
08/14/2013UKFCO Minister for the Middle East Burt deeply concerned at planned Gaza executions - UKFCO press release/Non-UN document2013/08/14
08/14/2013USDOS_DPB #138Israeli-Palestinian peace talks/settlements/prisoners/Jerusalem - USDOS daily press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2013/08/14
08/14/2013Israel's participation in Horizon 2020 - First round of negotiations - EU statement/Non-UN document2013/08/14
08/14/2013UNRWA condemns the death of member of staff in Syria - UNRWA press release2013/08/14
08/14/2013A/68/318Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - SecGen report (excerpts)2013/08/14
08/13/2013EU missions in Jerusalem & Ramallah statement on impending executions in Gaza - EU press release/Non-UN document2013/08/13
08/13/2013NoonBriefing_130813Secretary-General to travel to the Middle East - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2013/08/13
08/13/2013HR13/216UN human rights experts express deep concern on alleged ongoing judicial harassment, intimidation and abusive treatment against Palestinian human rights defender - UNHCHR office press release2013/08/13
08/13/2013Number of settlements, settlers in Palestine - PCBS press release/Non-UN document2013/08/13
08/13/2013Japan deeply deplores approval by Israel of construction of housing units in the West Bank and E. Jerusalem - Press statement - Japanese Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2013/08/13
Illegal Israeli actions in the OPT/Settlements - Letter from Palestine2013/08/13
08/13/2013S/2013/484Monthly UNSCO reports on Israeli infractions - Letter from Israel2013/08/13
08/12/2013NoonBriefing_120813Settlements in oPt are "illegal" - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2013/08/12
08/12/2013UKFCO_Resumption-MEtalksFCO encourages parties to focus on resumption of Middle East peace process - Press release/Non-UN document2013/08/12
08/12/2013Turkey_MEtalksInitiation of talks between Palestine and Israel in preparation of direct negotiations in the Middle East peace process - Turkish Foreign Ministry statement - Press release/Non-UN document2013/08/12
08/12/2013WBN520OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA weekly report (6 - 12 August 2013)2013/08/12
08/11/2013German FM Westerwelle to visit Israeli & Palestine to support resumption of peace talks - German Federal Foreign Office press release/Non-UN document2013/08/11
08/09/2013UK condemns Israeli settlement announcement and calls for focus on negotiation - UKFCO press release/Non-UN document2013/08/09
08/09/2013WFP_Pal-FoodSecurityStrengthening food security coordination platform in the State of Palestine - WFP operation document2013/08/09
08/08/2013Israeli-Palestinian peace talks to resume on 14 August 2013 - USDOS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2013/08/08
08/07/2013UKFCO-DG_Resumption-MEtalksUKFCO Director General for Political Affairs reiterates UK’s strong support for US efforts on the Middle East peace process - British Consulate Jerusalem press release/Non-UN document2013/08/07
08/07/2013UNRWA and partners work to support students’ psychosocial well-being - UNRWA article2013/08/07
08/07/2013UNRWA and Habtoor celebrate partnership with iftar in West Bank - UNRWA press release2013/08/07
08/06/2013UAE Red Crescent assists 14,000 Gazans during Ramadan - UNRWA press release2013/08/06
08/06/2013UNRWA partners w/ Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation to feed 25K Gazans during Ramadan - UNRWA press release2013/08/06
08/05/2013France_SettlementsFrance deplores inclusion of settlements on Israel's national priority aid list - French MoFEA press release (5 Aug 2013)/Non-UN document2013/08/05
08/05/2013WBN519OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA weekly report (30 July - 5 August 2013)2013/08/05
08/04/2013Palestine: The Development of Fortified, Ethnically-exclusive Jewish Enclaves in the West Bank Considering the Political Agency of Residual Landscapes in the West Bank - Global Research report/Non-UN document2013/08/04
08/04/2013Tony Blair: There is hope amid the turmoil of the Middle East - Article by QR/Non-UN document2013/08/04
08/02/2013Statement by the Japanese Minister for For. Affairs on the resumption of direct negotiations between Palestine and Israel - Rep. Office of Japan to the PA press release/Non-UN document2013/08/02
08/02/2013PrConf_SecCo-020813SC work programme for August 2013/Middle East peace process - SecCo President - Press conference (excerpts)2013/08/02
08/02/2013A/HRC/24/NGO/1Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Arrests of Palestinian children - HRC 24th session - NGO statement (Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l'amitié entre les peuples)2013/08/02
08/01/2013UNRWA issues special appeal for patients in Lebanon - Press release2013/08/01
08/01/2013EU and the Netherlands contribute to PA's July salaries and pensions - EU press release/Non-UN document2013/08/01
08/01/2013US President Obama calls Palestinian President Abbas - White House readout/Non-UN document2013/08/01
08/01/2013US President Obama calls Israeli PM Netanyahu - White House readout/Non-UN document2013/08/01
08/01/2013Greece_MEtalksGreece welcomes reopening of direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians - Deputy PM and FM Venizelos’ statement - Greek Foreign Min. press release/Non-UN document2013/08/01
08/01/2013Sole Palestinian producer produces 100 tons of Dead Sea salt per month for World Food Program - WFP article2013/08/01
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