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09/05/2013A/67/980Istanbul Conf. on Mediation - Middle East peace process - Letter from Turkey (excerpts)2013/09/05,2013/04/11
06/26/2013S/2013/382Security Council - Work assessment under Rwanda presidency (April 2013) - Letter from Rwanda (excerpts)2013/06/26,2013/04/30
04/30/2013S/2013/382Security Council - Work assessment under Rwanda presidency (April 2013) - Letter from Rwanda (excerpts)2013/06/26,2013/04/30
04/30/2013UNRWA condemns mass displacement of Palestine refugees in Syria - UNRWA press release2013/04/30
04/30/2013UKFOffice_WBGviolenceUK Foreign Office Minister concerned about violence in the West Bank and Gaza - UKFCO press release/Non-UN document2013/04/30
04/30/2013Palestine and UNDP sign agreement for electrical substation for industrial park funded by Japan - UNDP press release2013/04/30
04/30/2013GA/PAL/1268UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Addis Ababa, 29-30 April) - Plenary II and III, closing session - Press release2013/04/30
04/30/2013Austrian State Secretary and Russian Deputy FM discuss Middle East issues - Austrian Federal Ministry press release/Non-UN document2013/04/30
04/30/2013FoodSecWatch0413Food Security Watch - West Bank and Gaza Strip - April 2013 - WFP report
04/30/2013DPR/Chron/2013/4Chronological Review of Events/April 2013 - DPR review2013/04/30
04/30/2013UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Addis Ababa, 29-30 April) - Chairman's Summary2013/04/30
04/30/2013HM0413The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (April 2013) - OCHA report2013/04/30
04/30/2013WHO_ReferralsApril2013Referral of patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (April 2013)2013/04/30
04/30/201313-40912DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXVI, No. 4, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (April 2013) - DPR publication2013/04/30
04/30/201313-50026UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Addis Ababa, 29-30 April 2013) - Report - DPR publication2013/04/30
Assistance to the Palestinian people - SecGen report2013/04/30
UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Addis Ababa, 29-30 April) - SecGen message - Press release2013/04/29
04/29/2013Remarks by Secretary Kerry and PM Al Thanmeet after meeting with Arab League Delegation on Middle East peace - USDOS press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2013/04/29
04/29/2013GA/PAL/1267UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Addis Ababa, 29-30 April) - Opening session and Plenary I - Press release2013/04/29
04/29/2013WBN506OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (23 - 29 April 2013)2013/04/29
04/29/2013UNRWA_JICAassistanceJICA funds rehabilitation of infrastructure in Ein El Hilweh Camp - UNRWA press release2013/04/29
04/28/2013UNRWA_BrazilDonation-2013Major food donation to the Palestinians from Brazil - UNRWA press release2013/04/28
04/26/2013EU_DemolitionsLocal EU statement on Israeli demolitions - EU press release/Non-UN Document2013/04/26
04/26/2013UNESCO_191 EX/Decision9Jerusalem's cultural heritage - UNESCO decision2013/04/26
04/26/2013UNESCO_191EX/Decision10Implementation of 190 EX/Decision 14 on the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Rachel's Tomb - UNESCO decision2013/04/26
04/26/2013UNESCO_191EX/Decision5-ProgIssueImplementation of resolution and decision on Ascent to Mughari Gate in Jerusalem - UNESCO decision2013/04/26
04/26/2013UNESCO_191EX/Decision35Reconstruction and development of Gaza - Director-General's report - UNESCO decision2013/04/26
04/26/2013UNESCO_194 EX/Decision11Jerusalem's cultural heritage - UNESCO decision2013/04/26
04/25/2013UNRWA_UAEredcrescent-RefsSyriaUAE Red Crescent donation to support Palestinian refugees in Syria - UNRWA press release2013/04/25
04/25/2013NoonBriefing_250413SecCo Mideast and QoP briefing/UNESCO mission to Jerusalem/Falk's comments - Transcript of Spokesman's noon briefing (excerpts)2013/04/25
04/25/2013MaanDevCtr_UprootedLivelihoodsUprooted livelihoods: Palestinian villages and herding communities in the Jordan Valley - Report by Ma'an Development Center2013/04/25
04/24/2013PR/12/2013bEU Neighbourhood Policy Progress Report for Palestine: steady progress despite challenges - Report/press release/Non-UN document2013/04/24
04/24/2013SCbriefing_USG-DPA-240413With Syrian crisis threatening entire Mideast, UN Political Affairs Chief urges Israeli-Palestinian progress - SecCo briefing - UN news item2013/04/24
04/24/2013SC/10985SecCo briefing by USG for Political Affairs Feltman followed by open debate on the situation in the Middle East, including the question of Palestine - Press release2013/04/24
04/24/2013S/Agenda/6950Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo 6950th meeting - Provisional agenda2013/04/24
04/24/2013UNESCO_ExpertMission-JerusalemUNESCO expert mission to assess state of Old Jerusalem - UNESCO press release2013/04/24
04/24/2013S/PV.6950Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Feltman briefs SecCo, debate - Verbatim record2013/04/24
04/24/2013Mideast situation/Palestinian question - SecCo open debate - CEIRPP Chairman's statement2013/04/24
04/24/2013Red right arrow IconS/PV.6950 (Resumption 1)Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Feltman briefs SecCo, debate - Verbatim record - Resumption 12013/04/24
04/24/2013Palestinian Civil Police, UNDP and EUPOL COPPS conduct workshop on police accountability - UNDP press release2013/04/24
04/24/2013USG Feltman's Security Council briefing (24 April 2013) - DPA press release2013/04/24
04/23/2013UNRWA_KhalafAhmadAlHabtoorFdtnUNRWA and Al Habtoor Foundation continue to provide cash assistance to Palestine refugees in Syria - UNRWA press release2013/04/23
04/23/2013GA/PAL/1265UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine to be held in Addis Ababa, 29-30 April - Background release2013/04/23
04/23/2013PR/12/2013EU supports 10th payment under PA's "Private Sector Reconstruction in Gaza" programme - Press release/Non-UN document2013/04/23
04/22/2013UNRWA_RussianFedDonationRussian Federation contributes to UNRWA's programmes - UNRWA press release2013/04/22
04/22/2013UNRWA_Women-JCPWest Bank women take charge, decreasing unemployment rates - UNRWA article2013/04/22
04/22/2013WBN505OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (16 - 22 April 2013)2013/04/22
04/21/2013US Secretary of State Kerry discusses Middle East peace process in Istanbul - USDOS press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2013/04/21
04/19/2013WBN504OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (9 - 15 April 2013)2013/04/19
04/19/2013Red right arrow IconGA/PAL/1264Caracas Declaration in Solidarity with the Palestinian People and the State of Palestine - CEIRPP meeting, Caracas, 17-18 April - Press release2013/04/19
04/19/2013Office of Quartet Representative assesses situation in Gaza - Press release/Non-UN document2013/04/19
04/19/2013A/HRC/23/NGO/1Final session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine/Israeli violations in the OPT - HRC 23rd session - NGO statement (Mouvement contre le Racisme et pour l’Amitié entre les Peuples (MRAP))2013/04/19
04/18/2013UNRWA_NetherlandsDonation-2013The Netherlands contributes funds for UNRWA's provision of assistance, protection and advocacy - UNRWA press release2013/04/18
04/18/2013S/2013/234Situation in Lebanon/Refugee camps - SecGen seventeenth semi-annual report under S/RES/1559 (2004) - Report (excerpts)2013/04/18
04/17/2013Palestinian PM Fayyad delivers farewell speech on his last weekly address on Voice of Palestine: - WAFA news item/Non-UN document2013/04/17
04/16/2013UNRWA_EC-LAS_EngagingYouthConfUNRWA students score above math and science averages in the West Bank - UNRWA article2013/04/16
04/16/2013GA/PAL/1263CEIRPP Bureau issues statement in observance of Palestinian Prisoners Day - Press release2013/04/16
04/16/2013UN humanitarian chief visits Nahr el-Bared camp - UNRWA press release2013/04/16
04/15/2013Serry_FayyadResignationResignation of PA Prime Minister - Statement by UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Serry2013/04/15
04/15/2013GA/PAL/1262Venezuela to host special CEIRPP meeting, 17-18 April - Press release2013/04/15
04/15/2013UK Foreign Secretary regrets departure of Palestinian PM Fayyad - UK statement/Non-UN document2013/04/15
SecGen commends PM Fayyad’s commitment to improving the lives of Palestinians - SecGen statement - Press release2013/04/15
04/15/2013IRIN_GazaFightersA who’s who of fighters in Gaza - IRIN news article2013/04/15
04/14/2013Norway regrets Prime Minister Fayyad's resignation - Norwegian For. Ministry press release/Non-UN Document2013/04/14
04/13/2013UNRWA_ItalianMin-PalRefugeesItalian Minister visits Palestine refugees displaced from Syria - UNRWA press release2013/04/13
04/12/2013SG/T/2899SecGen discusses Middle East peace process w/ US President Obama - Press release (excerpts)2013/04/12
04/12/2013A66/28Health conditions in the OPT, Golan - WHO 66th World Health Assembly - Secretariat report2013/04/12
04/11/2013A/67/980Istanbul Conf. on Mediation - Middle East peace process - Letter from Turkey (excerpts)2013/09/05,2013/04/11
04/11/2013G8 Foreign Ministers confirm commitment to working toward Middle East peace (London, 10-11 April 2013) - statement (excerpts)/Non-UN document2013/04/11
04/11/2013Bahrain's FM Shaikh Khalid Al Khalifa meets with Palestine's President Abbas - Bahrain MoFA Press release/Non-UN document2013/04/11
04/11/2013Folke Bernadotte Academy Delegation Visits Office of the Quartet Representative - Press release/Non-UN document2013/04/11
04/10/2013Statement by UN Humanitarian Coordinator Rawley on deteriorating situation in the Gaza Strip - Press release2013/04/10
04/10/2013UK Minister of State for International Development's speech to the Hebron Chamber of Commerce - DIFD press release/Non-UN document2013/04/10
04/10/2013Palestinian businesses go global with UK support - DIFD press release/Non-UN document2013/04/10
04/10/2013COGAT atempts to eradicate foot and mouth disease in the Gaza Strip - COGAT press release/Non-UN document2013/04/10
04/09/2013PACE sub-cttee appeals to Israel to review prisoner's case - Press release/Non-UN document2013/04/09
04/09/2013UNRWA_GazaInstallationsUNRWA reopens its installations in Gaza - UNRWA press release2013/04/09
04/09/2013UNRWA reopens food distribution centres in Gaza - IRIN news article2013/04/09
04/08/2013PACE sub-cttee on resumption of peace negotiations - Press release/Non-UN document2013/04/08
04/08/2013UNRWA hosts event in Amman to launch campaign to combat diabetes & high blood pressure - UNRWA article2013/04/08
04/08/2013WBN503OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (2-8 April 2013)2013/04/08
04/08/2013COGAT studies cooking gas shortage in Gaza - COGAT press release/Non-UN document2013/04/08
04/08/2013France condemns attacks on UNRWA headquarters in Gaza - French MoFEA statement/Non-UN document2013/04/08
04/08/2013HSP/WUF/6/3Summary report of UNRWA's networking event at the WUF (Naples, 1–7 September 2012) - Report of the WUF sixth session - UN-Habitat document (excerpts)2013/04/08
04/06/2013UNRWA marks World Health Day with drawing competition in Syria - UNRWA article2013/04/06
04/05/2013GA/PAL/1261CEIRPP 350th meeting - Unrest in the West Bank; upcoming Caracas meeting - Press release2013/04/05
04/05/2013UNRWA highlights results of health reform in Lebanon - World Health Day - UNRWA article2013/04/05
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2013/04/05
04/05/2013A/AC.183/SR.350CEIRPP 350th meeting - Political developments, CEIRPP meetings - Summary record2013/04/05
04/04/2013UNRWA_GazaProtestsStatement on demonstrations inside UNRWA compound in Gaza - UNRWA press release2013/04/04
04/04/2013S/2013/214Mideast situation/Rocket attacks from Gaza - Letter from Israel2013/04/04
04/04/2013British Foreign Office concerned by deaths of Palestinian teenagers - UKFCO Press release/Non-UN document2013/04/04
04/04/2013UNRWA_CG-PalRefugeesUNRWA Commissioner-General visits Palestine refugees displaced from Syria - UNRWA press release2013/04/04
04/04/2013PR/11/2013EU contributes to Palestinian Authority's March salaries and pensions - EU press release/Non-UN document2013/04/04
04/04/2013PACE sub-committee to visit Jordan and the Palestinian territories - PACE press release, draft prog/Non-UN document2013/04/04
04/03/2013UN Special Coordinator Serry issues statement on rocket fire from Gaza - UNSCO Press release2013/04/03
04/03/2013UNRWA_DamagedHomesSaudi fund supports reconstruction of refugee families' damaged homes in Gaza - UNRWA press release2013/04/03
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Death of Palestinian prisoner - Letter from Palestine2013/04/02
04/01/2013WBN502OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (26 March - 1 April 2013)2013/04/01
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