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07/08/2011A/65/903Middle East situation/Palestine question - Astana Declaration/OIC Council of Foreign Ministers - Letter from Kazakhstan (excerpts)2011/07/08,2011/06/30
06/30/2011A/65/903Middle East situation/Palestine question - Astana Declaration/OIC Council of Foreign Ministers - Letter from Kazakhstan (excerpts)2011/07/08,2011/06/30
06/30/2011UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0611OPT socio-economic report (June 2011) - UNSCO2011/06/30
06/30/2011UNRWA_ParachuteGameGaza’s children parachute into Guinness Book of World Records for third year in a row - UNRWA press release2011/06/30
06/30/201112-20818DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXIV, No. 6, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (June 2011) - DPR publication2011/06/30
06/30/2011S/2011/509Security Council - Work assessment under Gabon presidency (June 2011) - Letter from Gabon (excerpts)2011/06/30
06/30/2011DPR/Chron/2011/6Chronological Review of Events/June 2011- DPR review2011/06/30
06/30/2011HM0611The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (June 2011) - OCHA report2011/06/30
06/29/201112-30032UN International Meeting in Support of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Brussels, 28-29 June 2011) - Report - DPR publication2011/06/29
06/29/2011GA/PAL/1207UN International Meeting in Support of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Brussels, 28-29 June 2011) - Plenary II & III, Closing session - Press release2011/06/29
06/29/2011UN International Meeting in Support of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Brussels) - Concluding statement by Organizers2011/06/29
06/29/2011UNRWA_SUMGAMESUNRWA Organises four Guinness World record busters as part of 5th Summer Games - UNRWA article2011/06/29
06/29/2011Spokesman says SecGen believes aid should enter into Gaza through established routes - Noon briefing (excerpts)2011/06/29
UN International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East (Budapest, 12-13 July 2010) - SecGen message - Press release2011/06/28
06/28/2011GA/PAL/1205UN International Meeting in Support of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Brussels, 28-29 June 2011) - Plenary I - Press release2011/06/28
06/28/2011WBN407OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (22-28 June 2011) - Report2011/06/28
06/28/2011GA/PAL/1204UN International Meeting in Support of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Brussels, 28-29 June 2011) Opening session - Press release2011/06/28
UN International Meeting in Support of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Brussels, 28-29 June 2011) - SecGen message - Press release2011/06/28
06/28/2011FAO_PlanofActionFAO Plan of Action 2011-2013 for West Bank & Gaza Strip - FAO report2011/06/28
06/28/2011SG_ResumeTalksUN International Meeting in Support of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Brussels) - SecGen message - UN news item2011/06/28
06/28/2011GA/PAL/1205UN International Meeting in Support of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Brussels, 28-29 June 2011) - Plenary I - Press release2011/06/28
06/28/2011SG_ResumeTalksUN International Meeting in Support of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Brussels) - SecGen message - UN news item2011/06/28
06/27/2011Spokesman says SecGen made clear that existing land routes should be used to bring aid to Gaza - Noon briefing (excerpts)2011/06/27
06/24/2011SG/SM/13669Release of IDF Sergeant Gilad Shalit - SecGen statement - Press release2011/06/24
06/24/2011WBN406OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (8 - 21 June 2011) - Report2011/06/24
06/24/2011PR/15/2011EU makes a second contribution in 2011 to the Palestinian Authority for social allowances to poor Palestinian households - EU press release/Non-UN document2011/06/24
06/23/2011Red right arrow IconS/PV.6562Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2011/06/23
06/23/2011S/Agenda/6562Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo provisional agenda2011/06/23
06/23/2011Resume_TalksUSG for Political Affairs Pascoe calls for urgent resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks - SecCo briefing - UN news item2011/06/23
06/23/2011UNRWA_Saudi$70MSaudi Arabia pledge $70 million to finance refugee housing in Gaza - UNRWA press release2011/06/23
06/23/2011SC/10290USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs Security Council - SecCo press release2011/06/23
06/23/2011Spokesman says ASG for Peacekeeping Operations Mulet welcomes Israel's approval of construction projects - SC briefing on the MidEast and QoP - Noon briefing (excerpts)2011/06/23
06/23/2011UNRWA_KidsenjoybeachesUNRWA school girls enjoy a summer of fun on Gaza's beaches - UNRWA article2011/06/23
06/23/2011Festival that integrates music into the first grade curriculum introduced in West Bank school - UNRWA article2011/06/23
06/23/2011GA/PAL/1203UN International Meeting in Support of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Brussels, 28-29 June 2011) - Background release2011/06/23
06/23/2011Falk_EndBlockadeUN Special Rapporteur Falk calls for immediate lifting of Israel's blockade of Gaza - UN news item2011/06/23
06/22/2011UN officials visit Burj Barajeh refugee camp in Lebanon - UNRWA article2011/06/22
06/22/2011UN Special Coordinator Serry welcomes Israel's decision to approve construction projects in Gaza - UN news item2011/06/22
06/22/2011WFPGazaFoodRep0611Changes in household conditions following Israel's 20 June 2010 New Access Regime in Gaza - WFP report2011/06/22
06/22/2011Spokesman says UN SecGen welcomes Israel's approval of construction projects - Noon briefing (excerpts)2011/06/22
06/21/2011Annual Report 2010 of the EU’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Policies and their Implementation in the OPT & Lebanon - EU press report/Non-UN document (excerpts)2011/06/21
06/21/2011Jordan PM al-Bakheet warns of instability if UNRWA is not property funded - UNRWA press release2011/06/21
06/21/2011Live theatre performances deliver health messages to Palestinian refugees in Jordan - UNRWA article2011/06/21
06/21/2011UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Shakira visits Jerusalem school to highlight the power of education - UN news item2011/06/21
06/21/2011Grandi_AidUNRWA ComGen Grandi requests more donations to bridge deficit/SecGen Ban speaks to Israeli Defense Minister Barak - UN news item2011/06/21
06/21/2011UNRWA Commissioner-General's statement to UNRWA's Advisory Commission - Impact of recent development in the OPT and the region on Palestine refugees - Press release2011/06/21
06/21/2011S/2011/378A flotilla planning to challenge Israeli Gaza blockade - Letter from Israel2011/06/21
06/21/2011UNRWA schoolgirl wins 2nd place in Jordan's national athletic competition - UNRWA article2011/06/21
06/21/2011Ashton_RemarksEU High Representative Ashton's remarks on her MidEast visit as part of EU's European Neighborhood Policy - EU press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2011/06/21
06/20/2011A/AC.183/SR.333CEIRPP 333rd meeting - Briefings by UNRWA, Assn.of Intl. Development Agencies (AIDA) - Summary record2011/06/20
06/20/2011GA/PAL/1202CEIRPP 333rd meeting - Press release2011/06/20
06/20/2011Shortages of drugs and medical disposables in Ministery of Health's Gaza - WHO - Report2011/06/20
06/20/2011UNRWA's response to what it calls a misleading and biased "Jerusalem Post" article on Gaza Education - UNRWA article2011/06/20
06/20/2011UNRWA official discusses World Refugee Day short-film competition in an interview with BBC - UNRWA article2011/06/20
06/20/2011PalRef_FilmawardYoung Palestinian refugee from Lebanon wins UN film competition - UN news item2011/06/20
06/20/2011Spokesman says SecGen wants aid to Gaza to go through established channels - Noon briefing (excerpts)2011/06/20
06/19/2011UNESCO_35 COM 7A.22Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls - UNESCO World Heritage Cttee (35th session) - Decision2011/06/19
06/17/2011Australia contributes to UNRWA health services in Lebanon - UNRWA press release2011/06/17
06/17/2011UNRWA organizes first sports festival for disabled children in the West Bank - UNRWA press release2011/06/17
06/17/2011Human Rights Council requests a concluding report on the Gaza flotilla incident by the end of its 20th session - Human Rights Council - Press release (excerpt)2011/06/17
06/16/2011UNRWA_GazaSummerGames2011Gaza summer games kick off for fifth year - UNRWA press release2011/06/16
06/16/2011UNRWA_SchoolgirlsvisitTVUNRWA Schoolgirls visit TV station to discuss their successful human rights-based project - UNRWA article2011/06/16
06/15/2011UNRWA_Formula1carKhan Younis students creates racing car with recycled parts - UNRWA press release2011/06/15
06/15/2011A 234/11Ashton visits Jordan, Egypt, Israel and OPT- EU press release/Non-UN document2011/06/15
06/14/2011West Bank festival organized to celebrate education achievements - UNRWA press release2011/06/14
06/14/2011HerdersFactSheet-2010West Bank - Area C: Herders Fact Sheet 2010 - UNRWA Bedouin refugees - Factsheet2011/06/14
06/14/2011HRC11/086Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories - Human Rights Council debate - Press release2011/06/14
06/13/2011UNRWA_GazaBlockadeGaza blockade anniversary report - UNRWA press release2011/06/13
06/10/2011UNRWA_Access-BidduWest Bank farmers struggle to access own land - UNRWA press release2011/06/10
06/10/2011EU-RussiaSummit_0611Mideast peace process - EU-Russia Summit-main outcomes (excerpts) - EU press release/Non-UN document2011/06/10
06/10/2011A/ES-10/522Register of Damage caused by the construction of the Wall - Progress report, letter from the Board2011/06/10
06/09/2011A/HRC/17/L.1Follow-up to the report of the UN fact-finding mission on Gaza aid flotilla - Human Rights Council - Draft resolution (adopted)2011/06/09
06/09/2011UNRWA_DisplacedChildrenChildren displaced by West Bank demolitions in May - UNRWA press release2011/06/09
06/09/2011UNRWA_DemolitionWatchDemolition watch - UNRWA report2011/06/09
06/08/2011OCHA_OPT-RestrictingAidRestricting aid: The challenges of delivering assistance in the OPT - AIDA study2011/06/08
06/08/2011UNRWA_LabourMarketNew UN research challenges conventional view of the West Bank economy - UNRWA press release2011/06/08
06/08/2011A 227/11Burning and vandalism of West Bank mosque - Statement by EU HR Ashton/Non-UN document2011/06/08
06/08/2011S/2011/357IDF attack on Malaysian aid ship - Letter from Malaysia2011/06/08
06/07/2011IRIN_HearingAidHuge demand for hearing aids among Palestinians - IRIN news article2011/06/07
06/07/2011HC11/054UN High Commissioner for Human Rights condemns killing of protestors in occupied Golan Heights and urges investigations - Press release2011/06/07
06/07/2011UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process on attack on a mosque in the West Bank - Statement2011/06/07
06/07/2011WBN405OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (1 - 7 June 2011) - Report2011/06/07
06/06/2011SG/SM/13622SecGen press conference at UNHQ - Transcript (excerpts)2011/06/06
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Incidents during observance of 44 years of Israeli occupation - Letter from Palestine2011/06/06
06/06/2011IRIN_RafahOpening-DownsideThe downside of Rafah's opening - IRIN news article2011/06/06
06/06/2011A 224/11Incidents in the area of separation on the occupied Syrian Golan - Statement by EU HR Ashton/Non-UN document2011/06/06
06/06/2011UNDP Special Representative and Japanese Representative visit wastewater treatment project - UNDP/PAPP press release2011/06/06
06/05/2011SG/SM/13621Events in the area of separation on the occupied Syrian golan - SecGen statement - Press release2011/06/05
06/04/2011A/HRC/20/NGO/46Right to reparation in the context of "Operation Cast Lead" - HRC 20th session - NGO statement (Palestinian Centre for Human Rights)2011/06/04
06/04/2011Enhancing the rights of Palestinian children and juveniles - UNDP/PAPP press release2011/06/04
06/03/2011UNRWA brings the Afro-Brazilian Capoeira to West Bank children - UNRWA press release2011/06/03
06/03/2011WBN404OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (25-31 May 2011) - Report2011/06/03
06/03/2011Suspension of Limitations Under the Jerusalem Embassy Act - Obama memorandum for Secretary of State/Non-UN document2011/06/03
06/03/2011ILO_Workers-OAT-2011ILO annual report on the situation in the oPt calls for development logic to replace security logic - ILO press release2011/06/03
06/02/2011UNIFIL_BorderClashesUNFIL general confers with Israelis, Lebanese to avoid repeat of border clashes - UN news item2011/06/02
06/02/2011Kuwait Red Crescent makes donation to poorest Gaza refugees - UNRWA press release2011/06/02
06/02/2011SecGen_PeaceProcessIn Italy, SecGen tells President Abbas now is the time for genuine Israeli-Palestinian negotiations - UN news item (excerpts)2011/06/02
06/02/2011SG-Abbas-RomeMtg_Readout020611Secretary-General meets with PA President Abbas - SecGen Spokesperson - Readout2011/06/02
06/01/201120110526STO20297European Parliament delegation visit to Israel, OPT - Interview with European Parliament member Proinsias De Rossa - EU article/Non-UN document2011/06/01
06/01/2011UNICEF_PalChildren-AssessmentThe situation of Palestinian children in the OPT, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon - Assessment based on Rights of the Child Convention (2010) - UNICEF report2011/06/01
06/01/2011UNRWA_YouthOutreachYouth outreach in UNRWA's 2010 Microfinance Portfolio - UNRWA focus note2011/06/01
06/01/2011ILC.100/DG/APPSituation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - Intl. Labor Conf's. 100th session/ILO Director-General's report - Appendix2011/06/01
06/01/2011ILC100-PR31The situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - ILO Director-General's reply - Provisional record (excerpts)2011/06/01
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