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08/28/2012CRC/C/ISR/2-4Rights of Child Convention/Article 44 - 2nd-4th reports of Israel - Submission to the Cttee on the Rights of the Child (excerpts)2010/06/11,2012/08/28
06/30/2010UNRWAFRAMBVISITFrench Ambassador to Syria visits Yarmouk Camp - UNRWA Press release2010/06/30
06/30/2010WBSpFocus_0610Special Focus - West Bank: Movement and access - OCHA report2010/06/30
06/30/2010WorldBank_ArabDevAssistanceArab development assistance - Four decades of cooperation - World Bank report (excerpts)2010/06/30
06/30/2010WFPSitRep0610WFP operations in the OPT (June 2010) - Situation Report2010/06/30
06/30/2010UNRWA-Mexico_summercampUNRWA and Mexico offer refugee children joy and hope - Press release2010/06/30
06/30/2010IRINNews30062010Obstacles on road to Gaza rebuilding - IRIN News Article2010/06/30
06/30/2010UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0610OPT socio-economic report (June 2010) - UNSCO2010/06/30
06/30/2010DPR/Chron/2010/6Chronological Review of Events/June 2010 - DPR review2010/06/30
06/30/2010A 117/10Proximity talks, Settlement activity and demolitions in Jerusalem, attack on UNRWA facility - Statement by EU HR Ashton/Non-UN document2010/06/30
06/30/2010WBGupdateJune2010West Bank and Gaza update: Support for Private Sector Growth and Institution Building Under Unstable Conditions - World Bank publication2010/06/30
06/30/2010HM0610The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (June 2010) - OCHA report2010/06/30
06/30/2010WBN364OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (30 June - 6 July 2010)2010/06/30
06/30/2010UNRWASAUDIDONATEUNRWA Director Lauds Saudi Humanitarian Effort in Gaza - UNRWA Press release2010/06/30
06/30/201010-59481DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXIII, No. 6, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (June 2010) - DPR publication2010/06/30
06/30/2010S/2010/438Security Council - Work assessment under Mexico presidency (June 2010) - Letter from Mexico (excerpts)2010/06/30
06/30/2010UNRWAHANDBOOKUNRWA and Japan Launch Mother and Child Health Care Handbook - UNRWA press release2010/06/30
06/29/2010HRC/10/107Israel must avoid further violations of intl. law in E. Jerusalem, says UN Human Rights expert (Falk) - Press release2010/06/29
06/29/2010WBN363OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (23-29 June 2010)2010/06/29
06/29/2010IRINNews29062010Thousands of Gazans trek to Cairo for medical treatment - IRIN News Article2010/06/29
06/29/2010ProtectingChildhoodUNICEF honoured for short film on 'Protecting Childhood' in the OPT - UNICEF press release, video2010/06/29
06/28/2010UNRWAGamesAttackSecond Attack on Summer Games Locations Strongly Condemned by UNRWA - Press release2010/06/28
06/28/2010UNRWA_RecAttackUN officials condemn latest attack on UNRWA recreational facility - UN news item2010/06/28
06/28/2010Grandi_Al-AhramI hope for a solution to Palestinian question that would bring UNRWA’s existence to an end - UNRWA Commissioner-General - Al-Ahram interview/Non-UN document2010/06/28
06/28/2010Mideast situation/G8/G20 meetings - SecGen remarks to the press (Excerpts)2010/06/28
Vandalism of UNRWA summer games facility in Gaza - SecGen statement - Press release2010/06/28
06/28/2010GA/PAL/1168UN African Meeting on the Question of Palestine “Strengthening the support by African States for a just and lasting solution of the question of Jerusalem” (1-2 July 2010, Rabat) - Background release2010/06/28
06/26/2010Proximity talks, Gaza closure, flotilla investigation - G8 declaration (excerpts) - Non-UN document2010/06/26
06/25/2010A/ES-10/496Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Gaza blockade - Arab Group request to resume GA 10th Emergency Special Session - Letter from Libya2010/06/25
06/25/20102010/501/MENAWorld Bank Proposes $55 Million in New Funding for West Bank and Gaza projects - World Bank press release2010/06/25
06/25/2010UNRWA_BreastCancerAwarenessPalestinian Women Spread Breast Cancer Awareness in Yarmouk refugee camp - UNRWA article2010/06/25
06/25/2010SecGen proposal for an international investigation into flotilla aid raid - SecGen spokesperson - Noon briefing highlights (excerpts)2010/06/25
06/24/2010UNHCR chief stresses need to improve refugee conditions in Lebanon - UNHCR briefing note2010/06/24
06/24/2010SecGen_SilwanSecGen voices deep concern at municipal plan to demolish homes in East Jerusalem - UN news item2010/06/24
06/24/2010Opportunities Amidst Crises: UNRWA and Palestine Refugees In Today's Middle East - UNRWA Commissioner-General’s lecture at American University in Beirut2010/06/24
06/23/2010UNRWAGreenUNRWA participates in the UN Goes Green campaign on World Environment Day - UNRWA press release2010/06/23
06/23/2010UNRWAFITSuccess for UNRWA Students in Royal Fitness Awards - UNRWA article2010/06/23
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Expulsion of Jerusalem PLC members/Gaza blockade/Settlements - Statement by PA Council of Ministers - Letter from Palestine2010/06/22,2010/06/21
06/22/2010UNRWA_FundShortageFunding shortages limiting UN ability to aid Palestinian refugees - UN news item2010/06/22
06/22/2010WBN362OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report 16-22 June 2010)2010/06/22
Allegations regarding Lebanese vessels sailing to Gaza - Letter from Lebanon2010/06/22
06/22/2010IRINNews22062010More Items Allowed Into Gaza - IRIN News Article2010/06/22
06/22/2010A/ES-10/492Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Gaza blockade/Investigation of flotilla attack - NAM, OIC and Arab Group at the UN - Letter from Egypt, Libya and Syria2010/06/22
06/22/2010IRINNews22062010_factboxPalestinian Refugee Factbox/Timeline - IRIN News Article2010/06/22
06/22/2010UNICEF Syria supports vocational training centre for adolescent refugees at risk - UNICEF press release2010/06/22
06/22/2010UNRWA-CG_AdvComm-StatementUNRWA Advisory Commission meeting - UNRWA Commissioner-General’s statement2010/06/22
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Expulsion of Jerusalem PLC members/Gaza blockade/Settlements - Statement by PA Council of Ministers - Letter from Palestine2010/06/22,2010/06/21
06/21/2010A/ES-10/494Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Attack on Gaza aid flotilla - Malaysian Parliament resolution, PM letter - Letter from Malaysia2010/06/21
06/21/2010Red right arrow IconSG/2160Quartet statement/Israel's announced easing of Gaza blockade (21 June 2010) - Press release2010/06/21
06/21/2010EaseBlockQuartet welcome Israel’s easing of Gaza blockade - UN news item2010/06/21
06/21/2010DP/FPA/DCP/OPT/4Population issues/assistance - UNFPA - Draft programme document for the OPT2010/06/21
06/20/2010HM0510The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (May 2010) - OCHA report2010/06/20
06/20/2010West Bank film wins World Refugee Day competition - UNRWA press release2010/06/20
Attack on Gaza aid flotilla - OIC communiqué, Letter from Syria2010/06/18,2010/06/06
06/18/2010S/2010/323Attack on Gaza aid flotilla - Malaysian Parliament resolution - Letter from Malaysia2010/06/18
06/18/2010UNRWAPR180610US Will Contribute $60 Million to UNRWA - USDOS press release2010/06/18
06/18/2010A/HRC/14/24/Add.1Promotion and protection of all human rights/Extrajudicial executions - Special Rapporteur report (Alston)/HRC 14th session - Communications to and from Governments/Cases in Israel, OPT) - Addendum (excerpts)2010/06/18
06/18/2010UN Special Coordinator will seek to verify details of Israeli easing of Gaza Blockade - Spokesperson for SecGen - Highlights of noon briefing2010/06/18
Show details for 06/18/201006/18/2010HR10/10UN Special Committee concerned about human rights situation in the OPT, Jerusalem, Golan - Sp. Cttee fact-finding mission - Press release2010/06/18
06/18/2010HRC/10/086Human Rights Council Concludes Fourteenth Regular Session -- HRC press release (Excerpts)2010/06/18
06/18/2010A/HRC/14/26/Add.1Promotion and protection of all human rights/Independence of judges and lawyers/Military courts - Special Rapporteur (de Albuquerque) report/HRC 14th session - Communications with Israel, Gaza authorities)2010/06/18
06/18/2010Sp. Coordinator to verify Israeli easing of Gaza blockade - SecGen Spokesperson - Noon briefing (excerpts)2010/06/18
06/18/2010WBN361OPT: Protection of Civilians - OCHA Weekly Report 9-15 June 20102010/06/18
06/18/2010S/2010/321Aid ships planning to depart from Lebanon to Gaza - Letter from Israel2010/06/18
06/18/2010SecGen to continue efforts for international panel to probe flotilla incident - UN Radio feed/article2010/06/18
06/18/2010SpCttee_OPTvisitUN Special Committee calls for end to systematic rights violations by Israel in occupied territories - UN news item2010/06/18
06/18/2010A/ES-10/498Register of Damage caused by the construction of the Wall - Progress report, letter from the Board2010/06/18
06/17/2010UNRWA reacts to Israel's decision to ease the Gaza blockade - UN Radio audio feed2010/06/17
06/17/2010P7_TA-PROV(2010)0235Israeli military operation against the humanitarian flotilla and the Gaza blockade - European Parliament resolution/Non-UN document2010/06/17
06/17/2010Lack of Medical Equipment and Spare Parts Compromises Gaza’s Health System
- WHO Press Release
06/17/2010IRINNews17062010Flotilla aid to enter Gaza under UN supervision - IRIN News Article2010/06/17
06/17/2010IRINNews17062010ISRAEL-OPT: Flotilla Aid to Enter Gaza Under UN Supervision - IRIN News Article2010/06/17
06/17/2010ILOpr12-13-2010Situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - Presentation of report/ILO 99th session (twelfth & thirteenth sittings) - Provisional record (excerpts)2010/06/17
06/17/2010UNRWAARTICLE170610Widowed Father Rebuilds Home and Life with UNRWA - UNRWA article2010/06/17
06/17/2010UNDPR17062010Netherlands and UNDP Sign a $2.8 Million Agreement In Support of the Palestinian Justice System - UNDP Press Release2010/06/17
06/17/2010SG/SM/12964Israel reviews closure policy in Gaza - SecGen statement - Press release2010/06/17
06/17/2010EUParl_Flotilla-blockadeEuropean Parliament calls for international inquiry on flotilla attack and end to blockade - EU press release/Non-UN document2010/06/17
06/16/2010ILOpr10-2010Situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - Presentation of ILO report at 99th session - Provisional record (excerpts)2010/06/16
06/16/2010UNIFEM_NeedsGuidebookTowards gender equality in humanitarian response in Gaza - UNIFEM - Guidebook2010/06/16
06/16/2010UNRWAPR160610UNRWA Unveils a New Danish-Funded School in Yarmouk - UNRWA press release2010/06/16
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/East Jerusalem/Expansion of "Ramat Shlomo" settlement - Letter from Palestine2010/06/16
06/16/2010S/PV.6341 (Resumption 1)Children and armed conflict - SecCo meeting (Resumption 1) - Verbatim record (excerpts)2010/06/16
06/16/2010SC/9956Children and armed conflict - SecCo meeting, debate - Press release (Excerpts)2010/06/16
06/16/2010Israeli raid on the Freedom Flotilla - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey press release/Non-UN document2010/06/16
06/15/2010UNRWAMEDIAMedia Campaign Seeks to Raise Funds for UNRWA Programmes - UNRWA news item2010/06/15
06/15/2010S/2010/10/Add.24Mideast situation - SecCo list of agenda items, SecGen summary statement - Addendum (excerpts)2010/06/15
06/15/2010GolanHeights150610SecGen proposes six-month extension for UNDOF - UN news item2010/06/15
06/15/2010Special Coordinator briefs SecCo on Gaza - Spokesperson for SecGen - Highlights of noon briefing2010/06/15
06/15/2010Red right arrow IconS/PV.6340Mideast situation/Palestinian question/Gaza aid flotilla - Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2010/06/15
06/15/20102010/472/MENARed Sea Dead Sea study program to report on latest findings - World Bank press release2010/06/15
06/15/2010SC/9954Mideast peace process, Gaza blockade - UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry briefs SecCo - Press release2010/06/15
06/15/2010ILOpr8-9-2010Situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - Presentation of report/ILO 99th session (eighth & ninth sittings) - Provisional record (excerpts)2010/06/15
06/14/2010ILOpr7-2010Situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - Presentation of report/ILO 99th session (seventh sitting) - Provisional record (excerpts)2010/06/14
06/14/2010A/HRC/14/CRP.4Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Follow-up to report of UN Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza conflict (Goldstone report) - HRC 14th session - Progress report2010/06/14
06/14/2010HRC/10/077Human Rights Council considers situation in OATs, follow-up to Goldstone report - Press release2010/06/14
06/14/2010PrConf_140610Follow-up to Goldstone Report/ Israel's panel to investigate Gaza aid flotilla - Daily Press Briefing by Assoc. Spokesperson for the SecGen - Transcript (Excerpts)2010/06/14
06/14/2010HC/10/035UN High Commissioner announces members of independent cttee to monitor investigations into Gaza conflict - Press release2010/06/14
06/14/2010Gaza closure, flotilla inquiry - European Council conclusions/Non-UN document2010/06/14
06/11/2010CRC/C/ISR/2-4Rights of Child Convention/Article 44 - 2nd-4th reports of Israel - Submission to the Cttee on the Rights of the Child (excerpts)2010/06/11,2012/08/28
06/11/2010ILO/10/28New ILO report on situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - ILO press release2010/06/11
06/11/2010WBN360OPT: Protection of Civilians - OCHA Weekly Report 2-8 June 20102010/06/11
06/11/2010UNRWAFOOTRefugee camp football team wins Jordan Cup - UNRWA news item2010/06/11
06/11/2010FlotillaInquiryGaza flotilla inquiry must comply with standards, UN expert says - UN news item2010/06/11
06/11/2010Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions: Israeli inquiry into Gaza flotilla raid must be given genuine capacity to find facts - OHCHR press release2010/06/11
06/10/2010GA/PAL/1167CEIRPP meeting, briefing by former US Amb. Peck on Gaza flotilla - Press release2010/06/10
06/10/2010UNRWATAKUNRWA and the Palestinian Refugees after Sixty Years: Some Relections - Lex Takkenberg - Article in "Refugee Survey Quarterly"2010/06/10
06/10/2010President Obama announces new funds to UNRWA for Gaza and the West Bank - UNRWA press release2010/06/10
06/10/2010UNRWABARTThe Mandate of UNRWA at 60 - Lance Bartholomeusz - Article in "Refugee Survey Quarterly"2010/06/10
06/10/2010ILOpr3-4-2010Situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - Presentation of report/ILO 99th session (third-fourth sittings) - Provisional record (excerpts)2010/06/10
06/10/2010UNRWAPUB10062010Special "Refugee Survey Quarterly" Issue Focuses on UNRWA - UNRWA news item2010/06/10
06/10/2010ILOReportNew UN report highlights bleak economic situation for Palestinians - UN news item2010/06/10
06/10/2010UNRWABOCCOUNRWA and the Palestinian Refugees: A History within History - Riccardo Bocco - Article in "Refugee Survey Quarterly"2010/06/10
06/09/2010A/AC.183/SR.324CEIRPP 324th meeting, briefing by Amb. Peck on Gaza flotilla - Summary record2010/06/09
06/09/2010Gaza aid waiting at border crossing - IRIN News Article2010/06/09
06/09/2010IRINNews09062010Gaza Flotilla Aid Waiting at Border Crossing - IRIN News Article2010/06/09
06/09/2010UNRWAOUD09062010Poems of Palestine as Oud Player Abado Sings in Amman - UNRWA news item2010/06/09
06/09/2010UNRWALABOR09062010Labourers celebrated at awards ceremony - UNRWA news item2010/06/09
06/08/2010GATurksFlotAssembly President and Turkish Leader Discuss Gaza Flotilla Incident - UN news item (excerpts)2010/06/08
06/08/2010CCPR/C/99/1International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Periodic reports by Estonia, Israel, Colombia, Cameroon - Human Rights Committee - Provisional agenda2010/06/08
06/08/2010IRINNews08062010Destroying the Last Remnants of Gaza War/UXOs - IRIN News Article2010/06/08
06/08/2010Gaza flotilla investigation - SecGen Spokesperson - Noon briefing (excerpts)2010/06/08
06/08/2010Aid convoy to Gaza - CEIRPP upcoming press conference feat. former US diplomat - Media advisory2010/06/08
06/08/2010SG Stresses Importance of International Involvement in Probe into Flotilla Incident - SecGen Spokesperson - Noon briefing (Excerpts)2010/06/08
06/08/2010UNRWAA87062010A Life on the Run for Footballer Refugee - UNRWA article2010/06/08
06/07/2010A/HRC/13/53/Rev.1Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/"Goldstone report", settlements - Special Rapporteur (Falk)/HRC 13th session - Report (Revised)2010/06/07
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Gaza attacks, Jerusalem expulsions, settler violence... - Letter from Palestine2010/06/07
06/07/2010UNRWANEWS07062010UNWRA Commissioner-General Filippo Grandi hopes the flotilla tragedy will be a turning point - UNRWA news item2010/06/07
Attack on Gaza aid flotilla - OIC communiqué, Letter from Syria2010/06/18,2010/06/06
06/06/2010UNRWAPR06062010Britain to give £19m in aid to Gaza - UNRWA press release2010/06/06
06/05/2010SecGen telephone calls with Prime Ministers of Turkey and Israel/Flotilla investigation - SecGen statement2010/06/05
06/05/2010BanPhoneTurkIsraelSecGen discusses probe into Gaza ship incident with leaders of Turkey and Israel - UN news item2010/06/05
06/04/2010USG for Humanitarian Affairs looks for mechanism to get more aid to Gaza - Press conference2010/06/04
06/04/2010UNLebFlotillaTalksGaza flotilla raid the focus of talks between UN and Lebanese official - UN news item2010/06/04
06/04/2010HR10/086EUN Special Committee on Israeli Practices to visit Egypt, Jordan and Syria - UNOG Press release2010/06/04
06/04/2010E/2010/34 (Part II)
E/ICEF/2010/7 (Part II)*
Assistance to Palestinian women and children - UNICEF 2010 annual session - UNICEF Executive Board report (excerpts)2010/06/04
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