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12/31/2010S/2011/538Security Council - Work assessment under United States presidency (December 2010) - Letter from United States (excerpts)2009/08/23,2010/12/31
12/31/2009MarketStudy_WFPImpact of closure and high prices on food market in the oPt - Study prepared for WFP2009/12/31
12/31/2009A/65/13 (SUPP)UNRWA - 2009 Annual report of the Commissioner-General2009/12/31
12/31/2009A/AC.183/L.2/Add.31Palestine question/Mideast situation - Compilation of resolutions and decisions adopted in 2009 (English and French)2009/12/31
12/31/2009SEC(2010) 515European Neighbourhood Policy (2009) - Progress report on the OPT - Working document/Non-UN document2009/12/31
12/31/2009HU1209_RegionalDonations to UNRWA 2010 emergency appeal - OCHA regional humanitarian update (excerpts)2009/12/31
12/31/2009OPT Monthly Update (December 2009), The Year in Review - UNICEF Newsletter2009/12/31
12/31/2009NahrelBaredReportRelief and Early Recovery Appeal (RERA) for Nahr el-Bared Palestine Refugees - UNRWA Report (summary)2009/12/31
12/31/2009A/64/13/Add.1UNRWA 2010-2011 Programme budget2009/12/31
12/31/2009Dev24Developments/Peace process review: January-December 20092009/12/31
12/31/2009DPR/Chron/2009/12Chronological Review of Events/December 2009 - DPR review2009/12/31
12/31/2009S/2010/387Security Council - Work assessment under Burkina Faso presidency (December 2009) - Letter from Burkina Faso (excerpts)2009/12/31
12/31/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-1209OPT: socio-economic report (December 2009) - UNSCO2009/12/31
12/31/200910-49426DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXII, No. 12 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (December 2009) - DPR publication2009/12/31
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Settlement expansion - Letter from Palestine2009/12/31
12/31/2009HM1209The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (December 2009) - OCHA report2009/12/31
12/31/2009UNRWA_MedTermStrategy2010-15UNRWA medium-term strategy 2010-20152009/12/31
12/29/2009EgyptFM_SettlementsEgyptian Foreign Minister on Israeli decision to build new settlements in East Jerusalem - Press release2009/12/29
12/29/2009Gaza now in "the Mud Age" one year after air strikes - UN Radio interview with UNRWA spokesman2009/12/29
12/29/2009Settlement expansion in East Jerusalem - EU Presidency statement/Non-UN document2009/12/29
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Access to holy places, Nablus raid, anti-wall protesters - Letter from Palestine2009/12/28
12/28/2009Independent expert urges end to blockade - UN Radio interview with Special Rapporteur Falk2009/12/28
12/28/2009EU provides additional €5.5 million to support UNRWA’s environmental health programme in Gaza - UNRWA press release2009/12/28
12/28/2009Egypt blocks Gaza protesters - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2009/12/28
12/27/2009SG/SM/12688One year anniversary of “Operation Cast Lead” - SecGen statement - Press release2009/12/27
12/23/2009High level World Bank delegation concludes fact-finding mission to West Bank and Gaza - World Bank press release2009/12/23
12/23/2009HR/09/231First anniversary of Gaza war - Sp. Rapporteur (Falk) - Media statement2009/12/23
12/22/2009The Palestinian economy: towards recovery and sustained growth - UNCTAD policy brief2009/12/22
12/22/2009WBN338OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (16-22 Dec 2009)2009/12/22
12/22/2009Food security and vulnerability analysis - OPT (Dec 2009) - WFP, FAO report2009/12/22
12/21/2009GA/10907Permanent sovereignty over natural resources - GA vote - Press release (excerpts)2009/12/21
12/21/2009Red right arrow IconA/RES/64/185Permanent sovereignty over natural resources in the OPT, Golan - GA resolution2009/12/21
12/21/2009Online Yearbook presents Palestinian students’ future dreams - UNRWA article2009/12/21
12/21/2009A/C.2/64/L.12Permanent sovereignty over natural resources in the OPT, Golan - GA draft resolution - Adopted2009/12/21
12/21/2009A/64/PV.66Permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people over natural resources - GA vote - Verbatim record (excerpts)2009/12/21
12/21/2009Goldstone report - GA President press conference (excerpts)2009/12/21
12/21/2009A/64/416Permanent sovereignty over natural resources - GA Second Committee report, draft resolution (Excerpts)2009/12/21
12/19/2009HRH Prince Nayef of Saudi Arabia receives UNRWA Distinguished Donor Award
- UNRWA press release
12/18/2009Red right arrow IconA/RES/64/150Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - GA resolution2009/12/18
12/18/2009EU provides €10 million for UNRWA educational activities - Press release2009/12/18
12/18/2009Signing of new EU contribution to UNRWA education programme - Media invitation2009/12/18
12/18/2009A/HRC/13/26Follow-up to the World Conference on Human Rights - Activities by Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights/HRC 13th session - Report (excerpts)2009/12/18
12/18/2009A/64/438Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - GA Third Cttee report (excerpts), draft resolution (Adopted)2009/12/18
12/18/2009A/64/PV.65Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - GA vote - Verbatim record (excerpts)2009/12/18
12/18/2009GA/10905Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - GA vote (Plenary) - Press release (Excerpts)2009/12/18
12/17/2009GazaFreedomMarchGaza Freedom March - Lead organizer (CODEPINK) press conference, video2009/12/17
12/17/2009S/PV.6248Mideast situation/Palestinian question - Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo, debate - Verbatim record2009/12/17
12/17/2009SPEECH/ 09/584Middle East Peace Process - Statement of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy - European Parliament press release/Non-UN document2009/12/17
12/17/2009UNSCO_SCbriefing_Dec09UN Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo - UN news item2009/12/17
12/17/2009S/Agenda/6248Mideast situation/Palestine question - Briefing by Special Coordinator - SecCo provisional agenda2009/12/17
12/17/2009SC/9826UNSpecial Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry briefs SecCo, debate - Press release, video2009/12/17
12/16/2009S/2009/653Security Council - Work assessment under Austria presidency (November 2009) - Letter from Austria (excerpts)2009/12/16,2009/11/30
12/16/2009A/C.4/64/L.13UNRWA operations - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)2009/12/16
12/16/2009A/64/PV.64Assistance to the Palestinian people - GA adoption of resolution - Verbatim record (excerpts)2009/12/16
12/16/2009Red right arrow IconA/RES/64/125Assistance to the Palestinian People - GA resolution2009/12/16
12/16/2009A/64/L.35/Add.1Assistance to the Palestinian People - GA draft resolution - Addendum2009/12/16
12/16/2009GA/10904Assistance to the Palestinian people - GA debate, vote - Press release (excerpts)2009/12/16
12/16/2009Security Council extends UN Disengagement Force on Israeli-Syrian front - UN news item2009/12/16
12/16/2009A/64/L.35Assistance to the Palestinian People - GA draft resolution (Adopted)2009/12/16
12/15/2009Thirtieth session of the GCC Supreme Council - Palestinian issue and Middle East peace process - Final communiqué/Non-UN document (excerpts)2009/12/15
12/15/2009Cttee_SettlementsCEIRPP calls on International community to act against Israeli settlements – UN news item2009/12/15
12/15/2009WBN337OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (9-15 Dec 2009)2009/12/15
12/15/2009GA/PAL/1142Israel's settlement activity in the OPT - CEIRPP Bureau statement - Press release2009/12/15
12/15/2009SpFocus_WBareaCRestricting space: The planning regime applied by Israel in Area C of the West Bank - OCHA special focus2009/12/15
12/14/2009Gaza Board of Inquiry - SecGen press conference (excerpts)2009/12/14
12/14/2009UNRWA launches emergency appeal for 2010 - Press release2009/12/14
12/14/2009Palestine refugees in global context: issues and prospects - Lecture by UNRWA Commissioner-General at the American University, Cairo2009/12/14
12/14/2009LAS session marking UNRWA's 60th anniversary - UNRWA Commissioner-General speech2009/12/14
12/14/2009UNSCO_MosqueAttackAttack on West Bank mosque draws condemnation from UN Special Coordinator - UN news item2009/12/14
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Settler violence, mosque arson - Letter from Palestine2009/12/14
12/11/2009UNRWA Commissioner-General joins PA Minister of Women's Affairs in combatting violence against women - UNRWA press release2009/12/11
12/10/2009A/C.4/64/L.16Applicability of the 4th Geneva Convention - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)2009/12/10
12/10/2009Red right arrow IconA/RES/64/90Palestine refugees' properties - GA resolution2009/12/10
12/10/2009Red right arrow IconA/RES/64/89UNRWA operations - GA resolution2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/RES/64/94Israeli practices/OPT - GA resolution2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/RES/64/87Assistance to Palestine refugees - GA resolution2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/RES/64/881967 displaced persons - GA resolution2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/RES/64/95Israeli practices/Golan - GA resolution2009/12/10
12/10/2009UNDP/PAPP hosts Auction and Exhibit featuring art from Gaza - UNDP/PAPP press release2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/C.4/64/L.18Israeli practices in the OPT - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/RES/64/91Work of the SpCttee to investigate Israeli practices - GA resolution2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/C.4/64/L.14Palestine refugees' properties - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)2009/12/10
12/10/2009Italy supports musical education for young refugees- UNRWA press release2009/12/10
12/10/2009Qatar Charity sends 18 trucks of aid to Gaza - UNRWA press release2009/12/10
12/10/2009Young Palestinians celebrate 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child - UNICEF Press release2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/C.4/64/L.15Work of the SpCttee to investigate Israeli practices - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/C.4/64/L.17Israeli settlements - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/C.4/64/L.121967 displaced persons - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/RES/64/93Israeli settlements - GA resolution2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/64/PV.62UNRWA, Sp. Cttee to Investigate Israeli Practices - GA Vote - Verbatim record (excerpts)2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/RES/64/92Applicability of the 4th Geneva Convention - GA resolution2009/12/10
12/10/2009GA/10902UNRWA, Israeli practices in the Occupied Territories - GA vote (Plenary) - Press release (Excerpts)2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/C.4/64/L.11Assistance to Palestine refugees - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)2009/12/10
12/10/2009Jerusalem: City of Dispossession - UNRWA Commissioner-General speech on her last official visit to Jerusalem and on International Human Rights Day2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/C.4/64/L.19Israeli Practices/Golan - GA - Draft resolution (Adopted)2009/12/10
12/09/2009CAP2010-OPT_PR2010 OPT consolidated humanitarian appeal - OCHA Press release2009/12/09
12/09/2009Egypt, Mauritania and Qatar renew support for UNRWA - UNRWA press release2009/12/09
12/09/2009UNRWA launches new Refugee Registation Information System - UNRWA press release2009/12/09
12/09/2009CAP_2010_oPtOPT: 2010 consolidated humanitarian appeal (CAP) - OCHA2009/12/09
12/09/2009CAP2010-OPT_OverviewA Protracted Crisis of Human Dignity - Overview of 2010 consolidated appeal for the OPT2009/12/09
12/08/2009Confronting disposession: creating facts in the mind - Op-ed by outgoing UNRWA Commissioner-General2009/12/08
12/08/2009UAE pledges US$2.5 million for UNRWA - UNRWA press release2009/12/08
12/08/2009WBN336OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (25 Nov-8 Dec 2009)2009/12/08
12/08/2009Red right arrow IconEC2985mtgMiddle East peace process, Jerusalem - Conclusions of the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting/Non-UN document2009/12/08
12/07/2009Settlement freeze in the West Bank, two-State solution - SecGen and GA President spokespersons - Press briefing highlights (excerpts)2009/12/07
12/07/2009UNFPA Participates in Solidarity Day with the Palestinians - UNFPA Press release2009/12/07
12/07/2009A/64/PV.59Assistance to the Palestinian People - GA debate, introduction of draft resolution - Verbatim record (excerpts)2009/12/07
12/07/2009GA/10900Assistance to the Palestinian people - GA debate - Press release (excerpts)2009/12/07
12/07/2009A/64/PV.60Assistance to the Palestinian People - GA debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)2009/12/07
12/07/2009Jordan's King highlights need to build UNRWA's capacity - UNRWA Press release2009/12/07
12/06/2009Delegation for relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council - European Parliament press release/Non-UN document2009/12/06
12/04/2009GA/EF/3273Agriculture in the OPT/Resolution on Agricultural Technology for Development - GA Second Cttee debate, vote - Press release (excerpts)2009/12/04
12/04/2009A/C.2/64/SR.39Sustainable development/Agricultural development - GA Second Cttee debate, vote - Summary record (excerpts)2009/12/04
12/03/2009A/64/L.20/Add.1Palestine question/CEIRPP - GA draft resolution - Addendum2009/12/03
12/03/2009A/64/L.25/Add.1Mideast situation/Syrian Golan - GA draft resolution - Addendum2009/12/03
UNRWA Pledging Conference - Press release2009/12/03
12/03/2009A/64/L.24/Add.1Mideast situation/Jerusalem - GA draft resolution - Addendum2009/12/03
12/02/2009UN agencies in the OPT mark World AIDS Day - Press release2009/12/02
12/02/2009GA/10896Palestine question, Middle East situation - GA adopts six resolutions - Press release2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/64/L.23/Add.1Palestine question/Peaceful settlement - GA draft resolution - Addendum2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/64/L.21/Add.1Palestine question/DPR - GA draft resolution - Addendum2009/12/02
12/02/2009S/2009/614Mideast situation/Rocket attacks - Letter from Israel2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/RES/64/21Mideast situation/Syrian Golan - GA resolution2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/RES/64/19Palestine question/Peaceful settlement - GA resolution2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/RES/64/17Palestine question/DPR - GA resolution2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/64/L.24Mideast situation/Jerusalem - GA draft resolution - Adopted2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/RES/64/16Palestine question/CEIRPP - GA resolution2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/64/L.21Palestine question/DPR - GA draft resolution - Adopted2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/64/L.20Palestine question/CEIRPP - GA draft resolution - Adopted2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/64/L.25Mideast situation/Syrian Golan - GA draft resolution - Adopted2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/64/L.22Palestine question/DPI - GA draft resolution - Adopted2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/64/L.23Palestine question/Peaceful settlement - GA draft resolution - Adopted2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/64/L.22/Add.1Palestine question/DPI - GA draft resolution - Addendum2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/RES/64/20Mideast situation/Jerusalem - GA resolution2009/12/02
12/02/2009A/RES/64/18Palestine question/DPI - GA resolution2009/12/02
12/01/2009A/64/405UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee report to the GA, draft resolutions2009/12/01
12/01/2009A/64/PV.53Question of Palestine, Middle East situation - General Assembly debate, introduction of draft resolutions - Verbatim record2009/12/01
12/01/2009A/64/PV.52Question of Palestine, CEIRPP and SecGen reports - General Assembly debate - Verbatim record2009/12/01
12/01/2009UNSCO_DemolitionsUNSCO urges halt to demolitions, evictions in East Jerusalem - UN news item2009/12/01
12/01/2009GA President stresses need to establish just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the Mideast - Note attributable to GA President spokesperson2009/12/01