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03/09/2009S/2009/138Security Council - Work assessment under Japan presidency (February 2009) - Letter from Japan (excerpts)2009/03/09,2009/02/28
02/28/2009S/2009/138Security Council - Work assessment under Japan presidency (February 2009) - Letter from Japan (excerpts)2009/03/09,2009/02/28
02/28/2009Hamas letter addressed to US President Obama - UNRWA Commissioner-General's statement2009/02/28
02/28/2009HU0209_RegionalRegional response to the Gaza crisis - OCHA regional humanitarian update (excerpts)2009/02/28
02/28/200911-22835DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXII, No. 2 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (February 2009) - DPR publication2009/02/28
02/28/2009UNRWA rebuts claims made by The Australian on school massacre in Gaza - UNRWA press release2009/02/28
02/28/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0209OPT socio-economic report (February 2009) - UNSCO2009/02/28
02/28/2009HM0209The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT, Number 34 (February 2009) - OCHA report2009/02/28
02/27/2009PEGASE_PAsupport_Feb09EU PEGASE direct financial support to PA budget (Feb 2009) - Progress report/Non-UN document2009/02/27
02/27/2009MEMO/09/88The EU in the Middle East Peace Process - EU memorandum/ Non-UN document (excerpts)2009/02/27
02/27/2009IP/09/335European Commission to pledge €436 million for Gaza at donors' conference in Egypt - EU press release/Non-UN document2009/02/27
02/26/2009Al-Bustan (Silwan/East Jerusalem) area under threat of demolition - OCHA map2009/02/26
02/26/2009UNDP_FarmersFarmers to receive compensation for damaged property in Gaza - UNDP press release2009/02/26
02/26/2009A/HRC/10/35Palestinian pregnant women giving birth at Israeli checkpoints - HRC 10th session - Report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights2009/02/26
02/26/2009UNDP-Italy_NahrElBared_270209UNDP to implement Italy-funded Nahr el-Bared recovery project - UNDP press release2009/02/26
02/25/2009EMPA_BureauStatement200109Situation in Gaza - Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly Bureau statement/Non-UN document2009/02/25
02/25/2009IMF_Rep250209West Bank and Gaza macroeconomic and fiscal framework: Third review of progress - IMF report for AHLC2009/02/25
02/25/2009Human rights - USDOS 2008 Country Report: Israel and the OPT - Non-UN document2009/02/25
02/25/2009Qatar donates $10 million to UNRWA for Gaza - UNRWA Press release2009/02/25
02/25/2009UNICEF_VaccinationPA Ministry of Health and UNICEF launch Gaza vaccination campaign - UNICEF press release2009/02/25
02/24/2009S/2009/107Security Council - Work assessment under France presidency (January 2009) - Letter from France (excerpts)2009/02/24,2009/01/31
02/24/2009FAO-WFP_EFSAreportGaza Emergency Food Security Assessment (EFSA) - FAO/WFP report2009/02/24
02/24/2009WBN299OPT: Protection of civilians, military activities, West Bank demolitions - OCHA Weekly report (18-24 Feb 2009)2009/02/24
02/24/2009Gaza_CashAidUN agencies distribute cash to Gazans for shelter - UN news item2009/02/24
02/24/2009QatarDonation_DEEPQatar Charity contributes to UNDP/PAPP Deprived Families Economic Empowerment Programme (DEEP) in OPT - UNDP press release2009/02/24
02/24/2009UNDP_InsideGazaAttitudes and perceptions of Gaza Strip residents after the Israeli military operations - UNDP public opinion survey2009/02/24
Qatar donation for Gaza emergency needs - SecGen statement - Press release2009/02/23
02/23/2009ALNAPevaluation_230209Gaza humanitarian crisis: Lessons for operational agencies - ALNAP paper/Non-UN document2009/02/23
02/23/2009Gaza Emergency - IASC WASH (Water, sanitation and health) Cluster - UNICEF weekly situation report (No. 5)2009/02/23
02/23/2009QatarDonationQatar gives $40 million mostly for Gaza, to aid UN humanitarian relief - UN news item2009/02/23
02/23/2009Syrians continue to raise funds for "The Children of Gaza" campaign - UNRWA article2009/02/23
02/23/2009Gaza crisis - Food situation as of 23 Feb. 2009 - WFP update2009/02/23
02/23/20096729/09Middle East peace process - European Council conclusions/ Non-UN document (excerpts)2009/02/23
02/23/2009Solid waste management for Gaza and southern West Bank - World Bank project document2009/02/23
02/23/2009GazaHumSitRep230209Humanitarian situation in Gaza, mine action - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report2009/02/23
02/22/2009WHO/HAC Highlights No. 247Health situation in OPT - WHO information highlights 16-22 Feb 2009 (excerpts)2009/02/22
02/21/2009S/2009/10/Add.7Mideast situation - SecCo list of agenda items, SecGen summary statement (Addendum)2009/02/21
02/20/2009978-92-807-2957-3From conflict to peacebuilding - Role of natural resources and the environment - West Bank and Gaza case study - UNEP report (excerpts)2009/02/20
02/20/2009A/64/25Environmental situation in the Gaza Strip - 23th UNEP Governing Council session/Global Ministerial Environment Forum - Report/decision2009/02/20
02/20/2009Israel's planned settlement construction - EU Presidency declaration2009/02/20
02/19/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/103Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Gaza - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (International Federation of Human Rights Leagues)2009/02/19
02/19/2009Commission of the African Union expresses concern over worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza - OCHA AU-Liaison Office update2009/02/19
02/19/2009UNRWA Deputy Commissioner-General visits Syria - UNRWA press release2009/02/19
02/19/2009Gaza_USpolsHead of UNRWA 'extremely pleased' over Gaza visit of US politicians - UN news item2009/02/19
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/House demolitions - Letter from Palestine2009/02/18
02/18/2009SC/9597UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry briefs Security Council - Advancing Middle East peace - Press release2009/02/18
02/18/2009S/PV.6084Mideast situation/Palestinian question - Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2009/02/18
02/18/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/102Human rights situation in the occupied Syrian Golan - HRC 10th session - NGO joint statement2009/02/18
02/18/2009Australian paralympic champion visits Syria to raise awareness of disabilities - UNRWA Press release2009/02/18
02/18/2009FAOnewsletter_0209Gaza Special Edition - FAO newsletter2009/02/18
02/18/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/91Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Collapse of water and sanitation sector in Gaza - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions)2009/02/18
02/18/2009P6_TA_2009_0057Humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip - European Parliament resolution - Non-UN document2009/02/18
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Settlements - Letter from Palestine2009/02/18
02/18/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/55Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Fact-finding mission to Gaza mandate - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (Al-Haq, Law in the Service of Man and Defence for Children International)2009/02/18
02/18/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/101Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs - HRC 10th session - NGO statements (Union of Arab Jurists, EAFORD, General Arab Women Federation, Nord-Sud XXI, Arab Lawyers Union, Indian Movement Tupaj Amaru, General Federation of Iraqi Women, United Towns Agency for the North-South Cooperation, International Association of Democratic Lawyers, International Educational Development-Humanitarian Law Project, Women International Democratic Federation, Association of Humanitarian Lawyers)2009/02/18
02/18/200920090218IPR49756European Parliament adopts resolution calling for Gaza damage assessment and evaluation of the needs of the population - EU press release/Non-UN document2009/02/18
02/17/2009WBN298OPT: Protection of civilians, military activities, access - OCHA Weekly report (11-17 Feb 2009)2009/02/17
02/17/2009Spanish Arts and Music Festival raises funds for Gaza - UNRWA refugee story2009/02/17
02/17/2009Extraordinary Session of the UNRWA Advisory Commission - Commissioner-General's statement2009/02/17
02/17/2009EU announces additional €41 million for UNRWA in response to Gaza crisis - Press release2009/02/17
02/17/2009FAO_FoodSituation1Crop prospects and food situation/Gaza, West Bank - FAO report (excerpts)2009/02/17
02/17/2009Queen Rania: "The World Owes UNRWA a Huge Debt Of Gratitude" - Press Release2009/02/17
02/17/2009Thousands of Gazans remain homeless - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2009/02/17
02/17/2009AMA85Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA) - Eighty-fifth biweekly implementation report (OCHA)2009/02/17
02/16/2009Gaza Emergency - IASC WASH (Water, sanitation and health) Cluster - Weekly situation report (No. 4)2009/02/16
02/16/2009WHO_GazaHealthNeedsGaza Strip initial health needs assessment - WHO report2009/02/16
02/16/2009GazaHumSitRep160209Humanitarian situation in Gaza, ceasefire violations - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report2009/02/16
02/16/2009EarlyRecovery_FAQsEarly Recovery Processes in Gaza - IASC Early Recovery Cluster - Frequently Asked Questions2009/02/16
02/16/2009EarlyRecovery_FactsheetIASC Early Recovery Cluster/ Network OPT - Factsheet2009/02/16
02/16/2009International Conference on Gaza Reconstruction to be held in Cairo on 2 March 2009 - Egyptian Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2009/02/16
02/15/2009WHO/HAC Highlights No. 246Health situation in OPT - WHO information highlights 9-15 Feb 2009 (excerpts)2009/02/15
02/13/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/58Human rights situation requiring Human Rights Council attention/Protection of civilians in Mideast - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies)2009/02/13
02/13/2009SecCo renews call from greater humanitarian access to Gaza - UN news item2009/02/13
02/13/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/63Mandate of Human Rights Council/Killing of civilians and children in Gaza - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (Society Studies Centre)2009/02/13
02/13/2009CR\774603ENExtraordinary Visit by EP Delegation for relations with the PLC to Ramallah, Gaza and Jerusalem - Draft report/Non-UN document2009/02/13
02/13/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/68Promotion and protection of all human rights/Conscientious objection - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (Conscience and Peace Tax International) (excerpts)2009/02/13
02/13/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/76Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Israeli military aggression against the Gaza Strip - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (Federación de Asociaciones de Defensa y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos)2009/02/13
02/13/2009A/AC.183/2009/1Palestine question - CEIRPP programme of work for 20092009/02/13
02/13/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/54Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Gaza - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (Bahrain Women Association)2009/02/13
02/13/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/78Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Attack on UNRWA compound in Gaza - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (Sudan Council of Voluntary Agencies, African American Society for Humanitarian Aid & Development)2009/02/13
02/13/2009ICC_130209Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki and Justice Minister Ali Khashan visit ICC Prosecutor - ICC press release/Non-UN document2009/02/13
02/12/2009S/2009/90Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo list of items - Letter from Syria2009/02/12
02/12/2009SG/SM/12099Gaza Board of Inquiry (Ian Martin et al) commences work - SecGen statement - Press release2009/02/12
02/12/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/16Promotion and protection of all human rights/Torture of Palestinian and Arab prisoners - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (Organization for Defending Victims of Violence)2009/02/12
02/12/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/19Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (Organization for Defending Victims of Violence)2009/02/12
02/12/2009Gaza_ExportFlowers sent to Europe first Gaza export in a year - UN news item2009/02/12
02/12/2009UNRWA and EU inaugurate a new secondary school in Lebanon - Press release2009/02/12
Opening of CEIRPP 2009 session - SecGen remarks - Press release2009/02/12
02/12/2009UNRWA at 60 - Paying tribute to six decades of service and achievement - Web site link2009/02/12
02/11/2009Gaza aid groups run into trouble with Hamas - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2009/02/11
02/11/2009WFP reaches more than 222,000 hungry in Gaza - WFP press release2009/02/11
02/11/2009A/AC.183/SR.315CEIRPP meeting, election of Bureau, SecGen statement - Summary record2009/02/11
02/11/2009A/AC.183/2009/L.1CEIRPP meeting - Provisional agenda2009/02/11
02/11/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/11Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Forced displacement in OPT - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (Badil)2009/02/11
02/11/2009GA/PAL/1111CEIRPP meeting/Opening 2009 session, adoption of work programme - Press release2009/02/11
02/10/2009CERF_Feb09Central Emergency Response Fund allocation for Gaza humanitarian relief - OCHA newsletter (excerpts)2009/02/10
02/10/2009WBN297OPT: Protection of civilians, humanitarian aid, ceasefire violations - OCHA Weekly report (4-10 Feb 2009)2009/02/10
02/10/2009GazaHealthSituation_4Feb09Health Situation in Gaza (4 Feb. 2009), damage assessment of 122 Gaza health facilities - WHO update2009/02/10
02/10/2009UNDP_DamagedHomes10,000 families in Gaza to receive cash assistance for damaged homes - UNDP press release2009/02/10
02/10/2009Gaza_TextbooksChildren in Gaza left without textbooks as paper restriction continues - UN news item2009/02/10
02/10/2009UNFPA looks out for needs of women in Gaza - UNFPA Press release2009/02/10
02/10/2009SG/SM/12092Establishment of UN Board of Inquiry into incidents at UN premises in Gaza (Ian Martin et al) - SecGen press conference at UNHQ - Transcript (excerpts)2009/02/10
02/10/2009A/HRC/10/NGO/2Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Impact of Gaza war on children - HRC 10th session - NGO statement (EAFORD)2009/02/10
02/10/2009UNESCOPressRelease_100209Director-General outlines UNESCO's response to Gaza crisis - Press release2009/02/10
02/10/2009US-funded health center in Nahr el-Bared refugee camp inaugurated - UNRWA press release2009/02/10
02/09/2009West Bank school kids organize to send aid to Gaza - UNRWA refugee story2009/02/09
02/09/2009Gaza_060209UNRWA lifts suspension of aid imports into Gaza - Press release2009/02/09
02/09/2009PrConf_CoomaraswamyGingHumanitarian situation in Gaza - Press conference by SRSG for Children and Armed Conflict, UNRWA Director of Operations, Gaza - Press transcript2009/02/09
02/09/2009UNDP_GazaSurveyGazans cite psychological toll, unemployment as major concerns - UNDP survey - UNDP/PAPP press release2009/02/09
02/09/2009Homeless Gazans struggle to find shelter - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2009/02/09
02/09/2009SecGen briefs Security Council on recent trip - UN news item2009/02/09
02/09/2009GazaHumSitRep090209Humanitarian situation in Gaza, confiscation of UNRWA aid, ceasefire violations - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report2009/02/09
02/08/2009WHO/HAC Highlights No. 245Health situation in OPT - WHO information highlights 2-8 Feb 2009 (excerpts)2009/02/08
02/08/2009Gaza crisis: Psycho-social consequences for women - UNFPA/CFTA report2009/02/08
02/06/2009EU contributes €66 million to UNRWA, reiterates call from Gaza crossings to fully open - Press release2009/02/06
02/06/2009Confiscation of UNRWA aid supplies by Hamas - USG for Humanitarian Affairs statement2009/02/06
02/06/2009PrConf_UNRWA_060209Humanitarian situation in Gaza, blockage of borders, confiscation of aid - UNRWA's Director of Gaza Operations - Press conference2009/02/06
02/06/2009Violation of women's rights during Gaza conflict - CEDAW statement2009/02/06
02/06/2009OSRSG/09025-06SRSG for Children and Armed Conflict visit to Gaza and southern Israel - Press release2009/02/06
02/06/2009UNRWA suspends imports into Gaza following aid confiscation - Press release2009/02/06
Humanitarian goods seized by Hamas - SecGen statement - Press release2009/02/06
02/06/2009UNICEF_BoardSessionUNICEF executive board session focuses on Gaza crisis - UNICEF press release2009/02/06
02/06/2009LogCluster060209Gaza humanitarian assistance (4-6 Feb 2009) - IASC Logistics Cluster consolidated situation report2009/02/06
02/06/2009UNESCO_060209UNESCO strengthens Palestinian participatory democracy and public dialogue - UNESCO press release2009/02/06
02/06/2009Gaza_060209UN suspends aid operation after second Hamas-linked theft of supplies - UN news item2009/02/06
02/05/2009Central Emergency Response Fund allocates $1 million for WFP logistics support in Gaza - OCHA press release2009/02/05
02/05/2009Preventing flow of illicit weapons to Gaza - Expert meeting in Copenhagen, 4-5 Feb. 2009 concludes - Danish Foreign Ministry press statement/Non-UN document2009/02/05
02/05/2009UNICEF_SpRepVisitSRSG for Children and Armed Conflict visit to Gaza and southern Israel - Press release2009/02/05
02/05/2009GazaHumSitRep050209Gaza humanitarian situation - Field update from the Humanitarian Coordinator - OCHA situation report2009/02/05
02/05/2009OCHA-Partnership_GazaHumSitRep20Gaza humanitarian situation (31 Jan-5 Feb) - OCHA situation report, Fact sheet, Map2009/02/05