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10/31/200910-31216DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXII, No. 10 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (October 2009) - DPR publication2009/10/31
10/31/2009Clinton-Netanyahu meeting - Pre-meeting joint press conference - USDOS press release/Non-UN document2009/10/31
10/31/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-1009OPT socio-economic report (October 2009) - UNSCO2009/10/31
10/31/2009OPT Monthly Update (October 2009), Focus on Education - UNICEF Newsletter2009/10/31
10/31/2009HM1009The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (October 2009) - OCHA report2009/10/31
10/31/2009DPR/Chron/2009/10Chronological Review of Events/October 2009 - DPR review2009/10/31
10/31/2009S/2009/625Security Council - Work assessment under Viet Nam presidency (October 2009) - Letter from Viet Nam (excerpts)2009/10/31
10/30/2009A/64/PV.31Human Rights Council report - GA debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)2009/10/30
10/30/2009CCPR/C/ISR/Q/3International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - Third periodic report of Israel - Human Rights Committee - List of issues2009/10/30
10/30/2009GA_GoldstoneRptGeneral Assembly to consider UN probe into Gaza conflict next week - UN news item2009/10/30
10/29/2009A/C.3/64/SR.35Report of the Human Rights Council - GA Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2009/10/29
10/29/2009Vanessa Redgrave gives benefit performance to support children in Gaza and southern Israel - UNRWA press release2009/10/29
10/29/2009UNRWA hosts panel discussion commemorating its 60-year operation - Press release2009/10/29
10/29/2009GA/10878Report of the International Court of Justice - GA debate - Press release (excerpts)2009/10/29
10/29/2009GA/SHC/3961Human rights - GA Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)2009/10/29
10/29/2009A/64/PV.30Report of the International Court of Justice/Separation wall - GA debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)2009/10/29
10/29/2009A/64/PV.29Report of the International Criminal Court - GA debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)2009/10/29
10/28/2009Haram Al-Sharif/Temple Mount disturbances, Goldstone report, Gaza reconstruction - SecGen press conference (excerpts)2009/10/28
10/28/2009SG/SM/12574Jerusalem International Forum (Rabat) - SecGen message - Press release2009/10/28
10/28/2009Jerusalem must be capital of both Israel and Palestine - SecGen message to Jerusalem Intl. Forum, Rabat- UN news item2009/10/28
10/28/2009Evictions and house demolitions in East Jerusalem - EU Presidency statement/Non-UN document2009/10/28
10/28/2009GA plenary meeting on report of 12th Special session of Human Rights Council - GA President spokesperson - Note2009/10/28
10/28/2009A/C.3/64/SR.32Human rights situation in the OPT, Goldstone report - GA Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2009/10/28
10/27/2009Japan's Ambassador to Lebanon hosts scholarship recipients - UNRWA refugee story2009/10/27
10/27/2009Drought Forces Palestinian Villagers to Buy Water - IRIN News Article2009/10/27
10/27/2009Jerusalem house demolitions, Gaza water supply, Goldstone report - SecGen and GA President spokespersons - Press briefing (excerpts)2009/10/27
10/27/2009AMA103Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA)/Update on Gaza crossings - 103rd biweekly implementation report (OCHA)2009/10/27
10/27/200914658Mideast peace process, permit extensions for Pal. deportees - EU Council/External Relations meeting - Press release/ Non-UN document (excerpts)2009/10/27
10/27/2009A/C.2/64/SR.22Permanent sovereignty over natural resources in the OPT and Golan - GA Second Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2009/10/27
10/27/2009HouseDemolitions_EJerUN calls on Israel to halt demolition of Palestinian homes - UN news item2009/10/27
10/27/2009GA/EF/3257Permanent sovereignty over natural resources in the OPT, Golan - GA Second Cttee debate, introduction of report - Press release (excerpts)2009/10/27
10/27/2009WBN332OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (21-27 Oct 2009)2009/10/27
10/27/2009UNRWA Receives Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean Prize for Excellence - UNRWA press release2009/10/27
10/26/2009UNRWA Job Creation Programme expansion to create 3,100 new jobs - UNRWA press release2009/10/26
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Al-Haram Al-Sharif - Letter from Palestine2009/10/26
10/26/2009International Religious Freedom Report 2009/OPT - USDOS Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor report (excerpts/Non -UN document)2009/10/26
10/23/2009A/C.3/64/SR.27Human rights - GA Third Cttee debate/Dialogue with Sp. Rapporteur on violence against women - Summary record (excerpts)2009/10/23
10/23/200935 C/Resolution 75Educational and cultural institutions in the occupied Arab territories - UNESCO Gen. Conf. resolution2009/10/23
10/23/2009UNRWA launches anti-poverty programme - UNRWA press release2009/10/23
10/23/2009GA/SHC/3958Report by Special Rapporteur on violence again women (Rashida Manjoo) - GA Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)2009/10/23
10/23/2009SecGen discusses Gaza, humanitarian, other issues with senior Israeli officials - SecGen associate spokesperson - Press briefing highlights (excerpts)2009/10/23
10/22/2009Referral of Goldstone report to SecCo - SecGen deputy spokesperson - Press briefing (excerpts)2009/10/22
10/22/2009Travel restrictions hit Gaza students - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2009/10/22
10/22/2009LongHealthyLives_UNRWALong and healthy lives - Protecting & preserving health of Palestine refugees - UNRWA report2009/10/22
10/22/2009A/C.3/64/SR.24Human rights situation in the OPT/("Goldstone Report") - GA Third Cttee debate/Sp. Rapporteur (Falk) report - Summary record (excerpts)2009/10/22
10/22/2009GA/SHC/3957Sp. Rapporteur on situation of human rights in OPT (Falk) presents annual report to GA Third Cttee - Press release (excerpts)2009/10/22
10/21/2009A/C.3/64/SR.22Human rights - GA Third Cttee debate, dialogue with High Commissioner for Human Rights - Summary record (excerpts)2009/10/21
10/21/2009WFP provides school snacks in the West Bank and Gaza Strip - WFP press release2009/10/21
10/21/2009S/2009/542Lebanon situation/Militias/Refugee camps - SecGen tenth semi-annual report under S/RES/1559 (2004) (excerpts)2009/10/21
10/21/2009GA/SHC/3956Human rights/Goldstone report - GA Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)2009/10/21
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Jerusalem house demolitions - Letter from Palestine2009/10/20
10/20/2009WBN331OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (14-21 Oct 2009)2009/10/20
10/20/2009A/C.3/64/SR.21Human rights - GA Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2009/10/20
10/19/2009UNRWA to construct a cemetery for Palestine refugees in Lebanon - UNRWA press release2009/10/19
10/19/2009UNRWA students make a stand against Poverty - UNRWA refugee story2009/10/19
10/18/2009UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow concludes visit to Israel and OPT - UNICEF press release2009/10/18
10/16/2009A/C.3/64/SR.16Rights of children - GA Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2009/10/16
10/16/2009Red right arrow IconA/HRC/RES/S-12/1Human rights situation in OPT, incl. East Jerusalem/Goldstone report/Gaza blockade - HRC 12th special session - Resolution2009/10/16
10/16/2009HRC_16OctMtgEndorsing Gaza war report, UN Human Rights Council condemns Israel - UN news item2009/10/16
10/16/2009A/HRC/DEC/S-12/101Human rights situation in the OPT, including E. Jerusalem - Transmittal of resolution to GA - HRC decision2009/10/16
10/16/2009HRC/09/130Human Rights Council endorses recommendations of Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza conflict - Press release2009/10/16
10/16/2009GA/SHC/3953Rights of the Child - GA Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)2009/10/16
10/16/2009ICC-OTP-20091016-PR465International Criminal Court's jurisdiction over crimes committed in Palestine - Palestinian delegation presents arguments - ICC press release2009/10/16
10/16/2009Palestinian Women Mark the International Day of Rural Women - UNIFEM press release2009/10/16
10/16/2009A/64/53/Add.1Resolutions and decisions adopted by the Human Rights Council at its twelfth special session session - Human Rights Council report2009/10/16
10/16/2009HRC/09/131Human Rights Council concludes twelfth special session by adopting resolution calling for implementation of Goldstone report recommendations - Press release2009/10/16
10/15/2009Water situation in OPT - IASC WASH (Water, sanitation and health) Cluster - Monthly situation report (No. 16)2009/10/15
10/15/2009Farmers in Gaza struggle with damaged agricultural land - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2009/10/15
10/15/2009UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors meet in Gaza to put focus on the plight of children - UNICEF press release2009/10/15
10/15/2009A/C.4/64/SR.10DPI Special Programme on Palestine - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2009/10/15
10/15/2009Human Rights Council twelfth special session on human rights situation in OPT - Webcast2009/10/15
10/15/2009WBN330OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (7-13 Oct 2009)2009/10/15
10/15/2009Schoolchildren to Stand Up Against Poverty - UNRWA refugee story2009/10/15
10/15/2009Germany and UNDP inaugurate a school for the blind in Beit Jala - UNDP/Germany press release2009/10/15
10/15/2009HRC/09/129Human Rights Council opens twelfth special session on human rights situation in OPT and E. Jerusalem - Press release2009/10/15
10/15/2009Human Rights Council twelfth special session on human rights situation in OPT incl. E. Jerusalem - UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - Statement2009/10/15
10/15/2009A/HRC/S-12/L.1Human rights situation in OPT/Jerusalem/Goldstone report/Gaza blockade - HRC 12th special session - Draft resolution (Adopted)2009/10/15
10/15/2009GA/SPD/430Questions related to information - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)2009/10/15
10/14/2009A/HRC/S-12/NGO/2Human rights in Gaza/Follow-up to Goldstone report - HRC 12th special session - NGO statement (North-South XXI)2009/10/14
10/14/2009SecCoBriefing_141009Top UN official says Israel, Palestinians must refrain from increasing tensions -SecCo briefing/debate - UN news item2009/10/14
10/14/2009S/PV.6201Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo, debate - Verbatim record2009/10/14
10/14/2009GA/SHC/3951Promotion and protection of children's rights - GA Third Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)2009/10/14
10/14/2009A/C.3/64/SR.13Rights of children - GA Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2009/10/14
10/14/2009S/Agenda/6201Mideast situation/Palestinian question - SecCo meeting - Provisional agenda2009/10/14
10/14/2009S/2009/10/Add.41Mideast situation/Palestinian question - SecCo list of agenda items, SecGen summary statement (Addendum)2009/10/14
10/14/2009SC/9767USG for Political Affairs B. Lynn Pascoe briefs SecCo, debate - 'Goldstone report' - Press release2009/10/14
10/14/2009GA/SPD/429Questions related to information - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)2009/10/14
10/14/2009A/C.4/64/SR.9DPI Special Programme on Palestine - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2009/10/14
10/14/2009S/PV.6201 (Resumption 1)Mideast situation/Palestinian question - Security Council debate - Verbatim record (Resumption 1)2009/10/14
10/14/2009UNRWA welcomes US$ 1 million donation from India - UNRWA press release2009/10/14
10/14/2009A/HRC/S-12/NGO/3Appeal to endorse and implement the Goldstone report - HRC 12th special session - NGO joint statement2009/10/14
10/14/2009A/HRC/S-12/NGO/1Human rights in Gaza - HRC 12th special session - NGO statement (Association of World Citizens)2009/10/14
10/14/2009A/HRC/S-12/NGO/4The need for endorsement of the UN fact-finding mission report (Goldstone report) - HRC 12th special session - NGO joint statement2009/10/14
10/13/2009Special session of Human Rights Council - UNOG press briefing (excerpts)2009/10/13
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/E. Jerusalem demolitions - Letter from Palestine2009/10/13
10/13/2009HRC_15OctMtgHuman Rights Council to discuss recent UN probe into Gaza conflict - UN news item2009/10/13
10/13/2009NoonBriefing_131009Special session of Human Rights Council / SecGen report on peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine - Spokesman's Office noon briefing (excerpts)2009/10/13
10/13/2009A/C.3/64/SR.11Advancement of women - GA Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2009/10/13
10/13/2009AMA102Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA)/Update on Gaza crossings - 102nd biweekly implementation report (OCHA)2009/10/13
10/13/2009NV_13102009Human Rights Council twelfth special session to discuss human rights situation in the OPT incl. E. Jerusalem - Human Rights Council note verbale2009/10/13
10/13/2009A/ES-10/465Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Jerusalem - OIC statement - Letter from Syria2009/10/13
10/13/200913984/09Extension of permits for Palestinian deportees - Council of
the European Union common position/ Non-UN document (excerpts)
10/13/2009A/C.4/64/SR.8DPI Special Programme on Palestine - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2009/10/13
10/13/2009HRC/09/128Human Rights Council to hold special session on human rights situation in OPT on 15 October - Press release2009/10/13
10/12/2009A/64/PV.17Middle East situation/Palestine question - GA general debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)2009/10/12
10/12/2009S/2009/531Request to attend SecCo meeting - Letter from Palestine2009/10/12
10/12/2009UNDP provides hearing aids for Gaza children - Press release2009/10/12
10/12/2009SecGen discusses UN Fact-Finding Mission report with PA President - SecGen spokesperson - Press briefing (excerpts)2009/10/12
10/12/2009A/64/15 (Part IV)
Assistance to the Palestinian people - Trade and Development Board 56th session/Summary of discussion - UNCTAD report to GA (excerpts)2009/10/12
10/09/2009UNESCO_040809Middle East seminar hears UN call for journalists to do more to encourage peace - Press release2009/10/09
10/08/2009S/2009/524Request for urgent SecCo meeting on UN Fact-Finding Mission report - Letter from OIC, Syria2009/10/08
10/08/2009UN Envoy visits Temple Mount compound; urges calm in Jerusalem - UNSCO press release2009/10/08
10/08/2009LogCluster081009Gaza humanitarian assistance - IASC Logistics Cluster - Situation report (11 Sept-8 Oct 2009)2009/10/08
10/08/2009Request for SecCo meeting on UN Fact-Finding Mission report - PA Foreign Minister - Media stakeout, Webcast2009/10/08
10/08/2009Outcome of SecCo consultations on UN Fact-Finding Mission report, UNSCO head visits holy site - SecGen spokesperson - Press briefing (excerpts)2009/10/08
10/08/2009Waiver and Certification of Statutory Provisions regarding PLO office - Obama memorandum for Secretary of State/Non-UN document2009/10/08
10/08/2009UNSCO_JerusalemHolySiteUN Special Coordinator seeks to defuse tension at holy site in Jerusalem - UN news item2009/10/08
10/07/2009S/2009/519Request for urgent SecCo meeting on UN Fact-Finding Mission report - Letter from NAM, Egypt2009/10/07
10/07/2009SecCo consultations on UN Fact-Finding Commission report, some goods allowed into Gaza - SecGen spokesperson - Press briefing (excerpts)2009/10/07
10/07/2009S/2009/538Human rights and humanitarian law violations/Gaza military operation - Report of the UN Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza conflict - Letter from Libyan PR to SecCo2009/10/07
10/07/2009Gaza_CrossingsUNSCO reports entry of goods into Gaza, Nahal Oz pipeline remains closed - UN news item2009/10/07
10/06/2009WBN329OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (30 Sept-6 Oct 2009)2009/10/06
10/06/2009UN Fact-Finding Mission report, Gaza crossings - SecGen spokesperson - Press briefing (excerpts)2009/10/06
10/06/2009S/2009/510Request for urgent SecCo meeting on UN Fact-Finding Mission report - Letter from Libya2009/10/06
10/06/200935 C/Resolution 49Safeguarding the cultural heritage of Jerusalem - UNESCO resolution2009/10/06
10/06/200935 C/Res. 74Request for the Admission of Palestine - UNESCO General Conf. 35th session - Resolution2009/10/06
10/06/2009Red right arrow IconA/64/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2009 report2009/10/06
10/06/2009Spain contributes to rebuild UNRWA school in Lebanon - Press release2009/10/06
10/05/2009New Director for UNRWA Syria - UNRWA press release2009/10/05
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Clashes in Jerusalem holy sites - Letter from Palestine2009/10/05
10/05/2009Stone laying at Terra Santa School in Jericho - UNDP/PAPP press release2009/10/05
10/05/2009GA/PAL/1137Situation in East Jerusalem - CEIRPP Bureau statement - Press release2009/10/05
10/05/2009A/AC.183/SR.318CEIRPP meeting, adoption of report to GA - Summary record2009/10/05
10/05/2009GA/PAL/1136CEIRPP meeting/adoption of annual report - Press release2009/10/05
10/02/2009SecCo work programme for October 2009/Middle East situation, Goldstone report - SecCo President press conference (excerpts)2009/10/02
10/02/2009HRC/09/126Human Rights Council closes twelfth regular session - NGO statements - UNOG press release (excerpts)2009/10/02
10/02/2009Report of UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza conflict - GA President press conference (excerpts)2009/10/02
10/02/2009HRC/09/125Human Rights Council defers resolution on report of Fact-Finding Mission on Gaza Conflict to March - UNOG press release (excerpts)2009/10/02