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05/12/2009S/2009/244Israeli military action in Gaza - LAS Independent Fact-Finding Cttee - Report exec. summary, LAS letter2009/05/12,2009/04/30
04/30/2009S/2009/244Israeli military action in Gaza - LAS Independent Fact-Finding Cttee - Report exec. summary, LAS letter2009/05/12,2009/04/30
04/30/2009NAM 2009/MM/Doc.1/Rev.1NAM Ministerial Conference/Final document (Havana, April 2009) - Non-UN document (excerpts)2009/04/30
04/30/2009World Bank Economic Monitoring Note for West Bank and Gaza/IMF Macroeconomic & Fiscal Assessment2009/04/30
04/30/2009EJerSpFocus300409The planning crisis in East Jerusalem: "illegal" construction - OCHA Special Focus2009/04/30
04/30/2009NAM 2009/MM/Doc. 9NAM Ministerial Conference (Havana, April 2009) - Declaration on Palestine/Non-UN document2009/04/30
04/30/2009HM0409The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (April 2009) - OCHA report2009/04/30
04/30/2009UNESCO_181 EX/Decision 47Educational and cultural institutions in OATs - UNESCO decision2009/04/30
04/30/2009Life and livelihoods in Gaza are being made impossible - Opinion piece by USG for Humanitarian Affairs in "European Voice"2009/04/30
04/30/2009DPR/Chron/2009/4Chronological Review of Events/April 2009 - DPR review2009/04/30
04/30/2009OCHAopt_HumFrameworkMinimum framework for the provision of humanitarian assistance in Gaza - IASC Humanitarian Country Team document2009/04/30
04/30/2009UNESCO_181 EX/Decision 59UNESCO contribution to Gaza reconstruction and development - Decision2009/04/30
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Attacks by settlers, settlement expansion - Letter from Palestine2009/04/30
04/30/200909-60629DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXXII, No. 4 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (April 2009) - DPR publication2009/04/30
04/30/2009A/63/858NAM Ministerial Conference (Havana, April 2009) - Final Document, Declaration on Palestine - Letter from Cuba2009/04/30
04/30/2009Holmes_GShumanityUSG Holmes in opinion peace says "Humanity taking back seat to politics in Gaza" - UN news item2009/04/30
04/30/2009UNDP_EarlyRecoveryEarly Recovery Mapping Workshop - Report2009/04/30
04/30/2009UNESCO_181 EX/Decision 12Jerusalem's cultural heritage - UNESCO decision2009/04/30
04/30/2009S/2009/353Security Council - Work assessment under Mexico presidency (April 2009) - Letter from Mexico (excerpts)2009/04/30
04/30/2009S/2009/229Security Council - Work assessment under Libyan presidency (March 2009) - Letter from Libya (excerpts)2009/04/30
04/30/2009Minimum Framework for the Provision of Humanitarian Assistance in Gaza - OCHA framework2009/04/30
04/30/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0409OPT socio-economic report (April 2009) - UNSCO2009/04/30
04/29/2009S/PV.6114Children and armed conflict - SecCo meeting - Verbatim record (excerpts)2009/04/29
04/29/2009Education for all Week - Gaza's students struggle to return to damaged schools - UNICEF press release2009/04/29
04/29/2009AB4744Additional financing for third NGO project in the Gaza Strip - The World Bank Group - Project report2009/04/29
04/29/2009SC/9646Children and armed conflict - SecCo meeting - Press release (excerpts)2009/04/29
04/29/2009Khan Dannoun sewage project improves the lives of camp inhabitants - UNRWA press release2009/04/29
04/28/2009Restrictions on Palestinian water sector development (World Bank study) - Israeli Min. of Foreign Affairs response - Press release/Non-UN document2009/04/28
04/28/2009WBN308OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (22 - 28 April 2009)2009/04/28
04/28/2009UNRWA opens new health centre renovated through US funding - UNRWA press release2009/04/28
04/28/2009Situation of children in Gaza remains precarious 100 days after end of conflict - UNICEF press release2009/04/28
04/28/2009AMA90Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA) - Ninetieth biweekly implementation report (OCHA)2009/04/28
04/28/2009Qatar contribution to UNRWA to create short-term jobs - UNRWA press release2009/04/28
04/28/2009Change of command in TIPH - TIPH press release2009/04/28
04/28/2009UNRWA and EU inaugurate sewage project for refugee camp in Syria - UNRWA press release2009/04/28
04/27/2009UNRWA and EU inaugurate girls' dormitory at Damascus Training Centre - UNRWA press release2009/04/27
04/27/2009German Ambassador Opens UNRWA School in Wihdat Refugee Camp - UNRWA press release2009/04/27
04/27/20099098/09Middle East peace process - Council of the European Union - EU press lines/Non-UN document (excerpts)2009/04/27
04/27/2009Efforts to track communicable diseases in Gaza - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2009/04/27
04/27/2009UNRWA in Syria raises US$ 4.1 Million for the Children of Gaza - UNRWA press release2009/04/27
04/27/2009CAT/C/ISR/Q/4Israel's fourth periodic report - Committee against Torture - List of issues for consideration2009/04/27
04/26/2009Greece funds construction of new school for Palestine refugees - UNRWA press release2009/04/26
04/26/2009WHO/HAC Highlights No. 255Health action in crises/OPT - WHO information highlights 20-26 Apr 2009 (excerpts)2009/04/26
04/25/2009Bahrain contribution for reconstructions projects in Gaza - UNRWA Press release2009/04/25
04/24/2009LogCluster240409Gaza humanitarian assistance - IASC Logistics Cluster - Situation report 18-24 April 2009)2009/04/24
04/24/2009A/CONF.211/SR.10Durban Review Conference - Issues arising from the Conference/Racism, discrimination - Summary record (excerpts)2009/04/24
04/24/2009S/2009/218Lebanon situation/Militias/Refugee camps - SecGen ninth semi-annual report under S/RES/1559 (2004) (excerpts)2009/04/24
04/24/2009Reflections on the role of UNRWA - UNRWA Commissioner-General - Statement at Woodrow Wilson Institute2009/04/24
04/23/2009Investigation of Israeli military actions in Gaza, Board of inquiry report - SecGen spokesperson - Press briefing (excerpts)2009/04/23
04/23/2009A/CONF.211/SR.7Durban Review Conference - General segment - Summary record (excerpts)2009/04/23
04/23/2009Food situation in Gaza - FAO food emergencies update (No. 2, April 2009, excerpts)2009/04/23
04/23/2009"Khalil Jibran Spirit of Humanity" award - UNRWA Commissioner-General acceptance speech2009/04/23
04/23/2009UNRWA Commissioner-General visits Syria - UNRWA press release2009/04/23
04/23/2009FundingUpdate_1stQtr09Gaza Flash Appeal and OPT Consolidated Appeal funding - OCHA quarterly update (1st Qtr. 2009)2009/04/23
04/23/2009SEC2009_519/2European Neighbourhood Policy - 2008 OPT progress report/Non-UN document2009/04/23
04/23/2009UNRWA wins prestigious "Khalil Jibran Spirit of Humanity" award - UNRWA press release2009/04/23
04/23/2009MEMO/09/181European Neighbourhood Policy: OPT/EU-PA relation - EU report/Non-UN document2009/04/23
04/22/2009GenderNeedsSurvey_GSNeeds of women and men in Gaza in the aftermath of the Israeli military operation- UNIFEM survey2009/04/22
04/22/2009IsraeliImportsBan_GazaIsraeli ban on imports into Gaza puts economic recovery on hold - UN news item2009/04/22
04/22/2009A/CONF.211/SR.5Durban Review Conference - General segment - Summary record (excerpts)2009/04/22
04/22/2009Football game between Belgian and Palestinian teams on 6 May to raise funds for Palestinian children - UNRWA press release2009/04/22
04/21/2009Remarks by President Obama and King Abdullah of Jordan - White House press conference/Non-UN document2009/04/21
04/21/2009RC09004Durban Review Conference/High-level segment - Statements - Press release2009/04/21
04/21/2009Gaza environmental infrastructure damage assessment/ UNEP Exec. Director's mission to Gaza - Press release2009/04/21
04/21/2009WBN307OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (15 - 21 April 2009)2009/04/21
04/21/2009UN Gender Task Force launches survey on needs of men and women in the aftermath of the Israeli Gaza offensive - UNIFEM press release2009/04/21
04/21/2009Worsening malnutrition among Gaza children - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2009/04/21
04/21/2009UNICEF-ECHO_GazaChildrenUNICEF and EC/ECHO support counselling for Gaza’s children - UNICEF Press release2009/04/21
04/21/2009A/CONF.211/SR.3Durban Review Conference - High-level segment - Summary record (excerpts)2009/04/21
04/20/2009S/Agenda/6107Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo provisional agenda2009/04/20
04/20/2009World Bank report on restrictions on Palestinian water sector development - World Bank press release2009/04/20
04/20/2009E/CN.9/2009/8Commission on Population and Development - Nomination of Israel for chairmanship of 43rd session - Group of Arab States letter2009/04/20
04/20/2009A/CONF.211/PC.4/7Durban Review Conference/Combatting racism and discrimination - UNESCO contribution (excerpts)2009/04/20
04/20/2009S/PV.6107Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2009/04/20
04/20/200947657-GZRestrictions on Palestinian Water Sector Development - World Bank study2009/04/20
04/20/2009SC/9638USG for Political Affairs B. Lynn Pascoe briefs SecCo - Diplomatic engagement with the Mideast peace process - Press release2009/04/20
04/20/2009S/2009/10/Add.16Mideast situation - SecCo list of agenda items, SecGen summary statement (Addendum)2009/04/20
04/19/2009WHO/HAC Highlights No. 254Health action in crises/OPT - WHO information highlights 13-19 April 2009 (excerpts)2009/04/19
04/18/2009Holmes_GSUSG for Humanitarian Chief Holmes warns of dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip - UN news item2009/04/18
04/17/2009Romania: First group of Palestinian refugees arrives in emergency transit centre - IOM press release2009/04/17
04/17/2009LogCluster170409Gaza humanitarian assistance - IASC Logistics Cluster - Situation report (9-17 April 2009)2009/04/17
04/17/2009Assessment of waste management needs - Gaza Analysis Mission - Disaster Waste Recovery (DWR) report2009/04/17
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Attacks by settlers, Holy sites - Letter from Palestine2009/04/16
04/16/2009Gaza water infrastructure - World Bank - Damage assessment2009/04/16
04/15/2009Red right arrow IconPalestine – Israel Journal, Vol 15 No. 4 & Vol 16 No. 1, 08/09The Role of UNRWA and the Palestine Refugees - UNRWA article2009/04/15
04/15/2009OPT Monthly Update (April 2009) - UNICEF Newsletter2009/04/15
04/15/2009Racism/Durban II conference new draft text - UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - Press release2009/04/15
04/15/2009Global hunger hotspots: OPT - WFP update2009/04/15
04/14/2009WBN306OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (8-14 April 2009)2009/04/14
04/14/2009AMA89Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA) - Eighty-ninth biweekly implementation report (OCHA)2009/04/14
04/09/2009Hamas-Fatah rift leaves Gaza patients stranded - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2009/04/09
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT/Attacks by settlers - Letter from Palestine2009/04/09
04/09/2009UNICEF Celebrates Palestinian Child Day - UNICEF Press release2009/04/09
04/09/2009Waiver and Certification of Statutory Provisions regarding PLO office - US Presidential memorandum for Secretary of State/Non-UN document2009/04/09
04/09/2009Red right arrow IconA/ES-10/455Register of Damage caused by the construction of the Wall - Progress report, letter from the Board2009/04/09
04/08/2009New survey highlights urgent need to address pregnant women's health in the Gaza Strip - UNFPA press release2009/04/08
SecGen meets with UNHQ Board of Inquiry on Gaza (Ian Martin et al) - SecGen Spokesman's statement - Press release2009/04/08
04/08/2009Denmark's contribution to Gaza Quick Response Plan - UNRWA press release2009/04/08
04/07/2009WBN305OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA Weekly report (1-7 April 2009)2009/04/07
04/07/2009UNHQ Board of Inquiry on Gaza (Ian Martin et al) - SecGen press encounter (excerpts)2009/04/07
04/07/2009Greece contribution to UNRWA Quick Response Plan - UNRWA press release2009/04/07
04/07/2009WHO_WorldHealthDayMaking hospitals safe in emergencies/Gaza - WHO report (excerpts)2009/04/07
04/07/2009E/CN.9/2009/9Commission on Population and Development - Nomination of Israel for chairmanship of 43rd session - Letter from Israel2009/04/07
04/07/2009AofCReportSecond Alliance of Civilizations Forum (Istanbul) - Report (Excerpts)2009/04/07
04/07/2009Ceremony for alumni of Japan Scholarship Programme for refugee students - UNRWA Commissioner-General's statement2009/04/07
04/06/2009World Health Day 2009: Gazans Still Recovering From Ill Effects of Conflict - UNICEF article2009/04/06
04/05/20098482/09Mideast situation - EU-US Summit (Prague) - EU press lines/Non-UN document (excerpts)2009/04/05
04/03/2009Saudi Arabia's donation to UNRWA - UNRWA Press release2009/04/03
04/03/2009Resolution 22/11Housing development in the OPT - UN-Habitat Governing Council 22nd session - Resolution2009/04/03
04/03/2009HRC/09/058Human Rights Council appoints Richard J. Goldstone to lead independent fact-finding mission on Gaza conflict - Human Rights Council Press release2009/04/03
04/03/2009PrConf_UNRWA_030409Gaza humanitarian access - UNRWA Director of Gaza Operations - Press conference2009/04/03
04/02/2009WFP launches first food voucher operation in the Middle East - WFP press release2009/04/02
04/02/2009WASH_SewageInfra-PubHealthRisksSewage infrastructure and public health risks in the Gaza Strip - Report for WHO2009/04/02
04/02/2009WFP_FoodVouchersPalestinians to benefit from first Mideast WFP food voucher operation - UN news item2009/04/02
04/02/2009SecCoPres_PrConf020409President of SecCo introduces work programme for April, including Mideast briefing - Press conference (excerpts)2009/04/02
04/01/2009Yarmouk Women's Programme Centre is developing refugee women's economic and social capacity - UNRWA refugee story2009/04/01
04/01/2009LogCluster_KaremShalomBorder procedures for Gaza humanitarian cargo at Karem Shalom crossing - IASC Logistics Cluster - Diagram2009/04/01
04/01/2009SG/SM/12162SecGen welcomes formation of new Israeli Government - SecGen statement - Press release2009/04/01
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