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02/28/1948A/AC.21/UK/99UN Palestine Commission - Economic Report for Palestine - Report from United Kingdom1948/02/28
02/28/1948PAL/139Palestine question - British MPs' letter to SecGen on Palestine - Press release1948/02/28
02/28/1948A/AC.21/UK/51UN Palestine Commission - Food supply - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/28
02/27/1948A/AC.21/JA/23UN Palestine Commission - Jewish Agency liaison with the Commission - Communication from the Jewish Agency for Palestine1948/02/27
02/27/1948A/AC.21/UK/46UN Palestine Commission - Militia in Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/27
02/27/1948Red right arrow IconPAL/138Future government of Palestine - UN Palestine Commission as successor Government of Palestine/UK memorandum (excerpts) - Press release1948/02/27
02/26/1948A/AC.21/UK/47UN Palestine Commission - Ben Yehuda Street explosion - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/26,1948/02/24
02/26/1948A/AC.21/SR.45Economic, financial and security issues - 45th mtg. - Summary record1948/02/26
02/26/1948A/AC.21/UK/45UN Palestine Commission - Urban Property Tax - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/26
02/26/1948A/AC.21/UK/44UN Palestine Commission - Commission calls on Palestine Administration employees to continue their service when the Mandate expires - Memorandum1948/02/26
02/26/1948A/AC.21/P/26UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/26
02/26/1948A/AC.21/JA/22UN Palestine Commission - Jewish detainees in Kenya - Communication from the Jewish Community Council, Haifa1948/02/26
02/25/1948S/685Draft resolution on Palestinian Question - Submitted by USA1948/02/25
02/25/1948A/AC.21/P/25UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/25
02/25/1948A/AC.21/UK/43UN Palestine Commission - Questions and answers in Parliament on recent outrage in Jerusalem - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/25
02/25/1948A/AC.21/SR.44Administrative issues - UNPC 44th mtg. - Summary record1948/02/25
02/25/1948A/AC.21/M/5UN Palestine Commission - Communication from the Agudas Israel World Organization1948/02/25
02/25/1948A/AC.21/M/6UN Palestine Commission - Communication from the Agudas Israel World Organization1948/02/25
02/25/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/44/Rev.1UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (44th Meeting, Rev. 1)1948/02/25
02/24/1948A/AC.21/UK/47UN Palestine Commission - Ben Yehuda Street explosion - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/26,1948/02/24
02/24/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/44UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (44th Meeting)1948/02/24
02/24/1948A/AC.21/P/23UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/24
02/24/1948S/684Draft SecCo resolution on Palestinian Question - Submitted by Colombia1948/02/24
02/23/1948A/AC.21/UK/39UN Palestine Commission - Jewish illegal immigrants - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/23
02/23/1948A/AC.21/M/13UN Palestine Commission - Arab snipers - Communication from Local Council, Bat-Yam, Palestine1948/02/23
02/23/1948A/AC.21/M/9UN Palestine Commission - Destruction of properties - Communication from Central Union of Palestine Landlords' Associations1948/02/23
02/21/1948A/AC.21/UK/38UN Palestine Commission - Financial arrangements in Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/21
02/21/1948A/AC.21/UK/40UN Palestine Commission - 1948/49 Palestine budget - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/21
02/20/1948A/AC.21/JA/20UN Palestine Commission - Municipal police units in Palestine - Communication from the Jewish Agency for Palestine1948/02/20
02/20/1948A/AC.21/UK/41UN Palestine Commission - Treaties, conventions and international obligations of Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/20
02/20/1948A/AC.21/UK/42UN Palestine Commission - Mandate termination - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/20
02/20/1948A/AC.21/P/22UN Palestine Commission - Editorial comments from the Arab press on Palestine question1948/02/20
02/20/1948A/AC.21/JA/21UN Palestine Commission - Policy of the Mandatory Power in Palestine - Communication from the Jewish Agency for Palestine1948/02/20
02/19/1948A/AC.21/W.27Future government of Palestine/UN Palestine Commission - Continuity of laws - Working paper1948/02/19
02/19/1948A/AC.21/SR.43Consultation w/ Mr. Creech-Jones, rep of the U.K. govt., re. transfer of authority from the U.K. to the Commission - UNPC 43rd mtg. - Summary record1948/02/19
02/19/1948A/AC.21/P/21UN Palestine Commission - British editorial comment on Palestine question1948/02/19
02/19/1948A/AC.21/P/20UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/19
02/19/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/43UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (43rd Meeting)1948/02/19
02/18/1948A/AC.21/UK/36UN Palestine Commission - Recent developments in Palestine - Communication from United Kingdom1948/02/18
02/18/1948A/AC.21/UK/28UN Palestine Commission - Payment to Supreme Moslem Council - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/18
02/18/1948A/AC.21/JA/18UN Palestine Commission - Jewish Government officials in Palestine - Communication from the Jewish Agency for Palestine1948/02/18
02/18/1948A/AC.21/SR.42Administrative & economic issues/Report to SecCo - UNPC 42nd mtg. - Summary record1948/02/18
02/18/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/42UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (42nd Meeting)1948/02/18
02/18/1948A/AC.21/UK/35UN Palestine Commission - Maintenance of law and order in Palestine - Communication from United Kingdom1948/02/18
02/18/1948A/AC.21/UK/37UN Palestine Commission - Medical services in Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/18
02/18/1948A/AC.21/UK/33UN Palestine Commission - Palestine Museum at Jerusalem - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/18
02/17/1948A/AC.21/W.26Future Government of Palestine/UN Palestine Commission - Postal services - Working paper1948/02/17
02/17/1948A/AC.21/UK/34UN Palestine Commission - UN Appeal for Children in Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/17
02/17/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/41UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (41st Meeting)1948/02/17
02/17/1948A/AC.21/12UN Palestine Commission - Documents distributed to the Commission - Note by Secretariat1948/02/17
02/17/1948A/AC.21/UK/30UN Palestine Commission - Bus attack - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/17
02/17/1948A/AC.21/P/18UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/17
02/17/1948A/AC.21/UK/29UN Palestine Commission - Tariffs and Trade - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/17
02/17/1948A/AC.21/UK/31UN Palestine Commission - Economic report - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/17
02/17/1948A/AC.21/P/24UN Palestine Commission - Press conference1948/02/17
02/17/1948A/AC.21/SR.41Administrative issues/Report to SecCo - UNPC 41st mtg. - Summary record1948/02/17
02/17/1948A/AC.21/UK/32UN Palestine Commission - Note for Sir Alexander Cadogan re. transfer of authority from the Mandate to the Commission1948/02/17
02/16/1948A/AC.21/JA/15UN Palestine Commission - Bombing of synagogue in Tel Aviv - Cablegram from Acting Mayor of Tel Aviv1948/02/16
02/16/1948A/AC.21/JA/19UN Palestine Commission - Offer of cooperation by the Hebrew Cttee of National Liberation1948/02/16
02/16/1948S/676UN Palestine Commission's special report to SecCo (Security in Palestine) - UNPC letter to SecGen1948/02/16
02/16/1948A/AC.21/P/17UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/16
02/16/1948A/AC.21/SR.39Report to SecCo/Housing issues - UNPC 39th mtg. - Summary record1948/02/16
02/16/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/40UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (40th Meeting)1948/02/16
02/16/1948A/AC.21/JA/16UN Palestine Commission - Arab armed forces - Cablegram from the Jewish Agency for Palestine1948/02/16
02/16/1948A/AC.21/JA/14UN Palestine Commission - Dismissal of price control officers in Palestine1948/02/16
02/16/1948A/AC.21/SR.40Administrative & economic issues/Immigration - UNPC 40th mtg. - Summary record1948/02/16
02/16/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/39UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (39th Meeting)1948/02/16
02/16/1948A/AC.21/UK/27UN Palestine Commission - Secretariat advance party - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/16
02/16/1948Red right arrow IconA/AC.21/9
Security problem in Palestine, request for armed force - UN Palestine Commission - Special report to SecCo1948/02/16
02/15/1948A/AC.21/P/16UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/15
02/13/1948A/AC.21/UK/25UN Palestine Commission - Postal Services in Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/13
02/13/1948A/AC.21/SR.38Report to SecCo/Administrative issues - UNPC 38th mtg. - Summary record1948/02/13
02/13/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/38UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (38th Meeting)1948/02/13
02/12/1948A/AC.21/R/7UN Palestine Commission - Resistance to resolution/Security - Third draft of Special Report to SecCo1948/02/12
02/12/1948A/AC.21/SR.37Report to SecCo - UNPC 37th mtg. - Summary record1948/02/12
02/12/1948A/AC.21/UK/24UN Palestine Commission - British Members of the Palestine Police Force - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/12
02/12/1948A/AC.21/UK/23UN Palestine Commission - Advance Party and Aqir - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/12
02/12/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/37UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (37th Meeting)1948/02/12
02/12/1948A/AC.21/UK/26UN Palestine Commission - Illegal immigrants off Haifa - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/12
02/12/1948A/AC.21/R (no symbol)UN Palestine Commission - Resistance to resolution/Security - Third draft of Special Report to SecCo1948/02/12
02/12/1948A/AC.21/R/6UN Palestine Commission - Special Report to the Security Council - Conclusions proposed1948/02/12
02/12/1948A/AC.21/P/15UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/12
02/12/1948A/AC.21/UK/22UN Palestine Commission - Transfer Administrative responsibilities from Palestine Administration to the Commission - Draft note1948/02/12
02/12/1948A/AC.21/SR.37/Corr.1Report to SecCo - Summary record - UNPC 37th mtg. - Corrigendum1948/02/12
02/11/1948PAL/128Palestine question - UN Palestine Commission report/Food situation /Arab forces in Palestine - Press release1948/02/11
02/11/1948A/AC.21/SR.36Report to SecCo/Evacuation plans - UNPC 36th mtg. - Summary record1948/02/11
02/11/1948A/AC.21/P/14UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/11
02/11/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/36UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (36th Meeting)1948/02/11
02/10/1948A/AC.21/UK/20UN Palestine Commission - Reported activities of Lebanese officers - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/10
02/10/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/35UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (35th Meeting)1948/02/10
02/10/1948A/AC.21/UK/17UN Palestine Commission - Food supply - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/10
02/10/1948A/AC.21/SR.35Report to SecCo/Security issues - UNPC 35th mtg. - Summary record1948/02/10
02/10/1948A/AC.21/P/13UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/10
02/09/1948A/AC.21/UK/21UN Palestine Commission - Administrative responsibilities of the Commission/Security matters - Draft letter1948/02/09
02/09/1948A/AC.21/UK/16UN Palestine Commission - Report of Lebanese officers surveying ground for gun & mortar positions in Upper Galilee- Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/09
02/09/1948A/AC.21/UK/15UN Palestine Commission - Discussions in London/Advance Party re. advance party arriving in Palestine before expiration of the Mandate - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/09
02/09/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/34UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (34th Meeting)1948/02/09
02/09/1948A/AC.21/R/4UN Palestine Commission - Commission's difficulties implementing Resolution 181 - Second draft of Special Report to SecCo1948/02/09
02/09/1948A/AC.21/SR.34Report to SecCo/UK position after mandate expiry - 34th mtg. - Summary record1948/02/09
02/09/1948A/AC.21/UK/18UN Palestine Commission - Municipalities and local councils - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/09
02/09/1948A/AC.21/UK/19UN Palestine Commission - Recent developments in Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/09
02/09/1948A/AC.21/M/4UN Palestine Commission - Jewish emigration - Communication from the International Refugee Organization1948/02/09
02/09/1948A/AC.21/R (no symbol)UN Palestine Commission - Resistance to resolution/Security - Second draft of Special Report to SecCo1948/02/09
02/08/1948A/AC.21/P/11UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/08
02/07/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/33UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (33rd Meeting)1948/02/07
02/07/1948A/AC.21/11UN Palestine Commission - Partition of Palestine - Communication from Haiti1948/02/07
02/07/1948A/AC.21/SR.33Termination of Mandate - 33rd mtg. - Summary record1948/02/07
02/06/1948A/AC.21/JA/10UN Palestine Commission - Security in Jerusalem - Communication from the Jewish Agency1948/02/06
02/06/1948A/AC.21/R/3UN Palestine Commission - Security - Rough draft of Report to SecCo1948/02/06
02/06/1948A/AC.21/10UN Palestine Commission - Partition recommendation - Statement from the Arab Higher Committee1948/02/06
02/06/1948A/AC.21/SR.32Termination of Mandate/SecCo report - UNPC 32nd mtg. - Summary record1948/02/06
02/06/1948A/AC.21/JA/11UN Palestine Commission - Status of the Jewish Agency for Palestine - Communication from the Jewish Agency1948/02/06
02/06/1948A/AC.21/P/10UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/06
02/06/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/32UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (32nd Meeting)1948/02/06
02/05/1948A/AC.21/SR.31Termination of Mandate/Acts of aggression/Working papers - UNPC 31st mtg. - Summary record1948/02/05
02/05/1948A/AC.21/P/9UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/05
02/05/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/31UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (31st Meeting1948/02/05
02/04/1948A/AC.21/SR.30/Corr.1Security considerations/Jerusalem - Summary record - UNCP 30th mtg. - Corrigendum1948/02/04
02/04/1948A/AC.21/UK/6UN Palestine Commission - Security forces in Jerusalem - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/04
02/04/1948A/AC.21/SR.30Security considerations/Jerusalem - UNPC 30th mtg. - Summary record1948/02/04
02/04/1948A/AC.21/UK/12UN Palestine Commission - Evacuation of British Forces - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/04
02/04/1948A/AC.21/UK/11UN Palestine Commission - Alleged activities of Lebanese officers - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/04
02/04/1948A/AC.21/UK/9UN Palestine Commission - Palestine Museum in Jerusalem - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/04
02/04/1948A/AC.21/P/8UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/04
02/04/1948A/AC.21/UK/10UN Palestine Commission - Incursions into Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/04
02/04/1948A/AC.21/UK/8UN Palestine Commission - Trans-Jordan Frontier Force - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/04
02/04/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/30UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (30th Meeting)1948/02/04
02/04/1948A/AC.21/M/2UN Palestine Commission - Advance party visit1948/02/04
02/04/1948A/AC.21/UK/7UN Palestine Commission - Food supply - Letter from United Kingdom1948/02/04
02/03/1948A/AC.21/P/7UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/03
02/03/1948Red right arrow IconA/AC.21/W.25UN Palestine Commission's relations with SecCo - Working paper1948/02/03
02/03/1948A/AC.21/W.21Future Government of Palestine/UN Palestine Commission - Financial provisions - Working paper1948/02/03
02/03/1948A/AC.21/W.23Future Government of Palestine/UN Palestine Commission - Palestine Administration's assets - Working paper1948/02/03
02/03/1948A/AC.21/13UN Palestine Commission - Relations with Security Council - Working paper by Secretariat1948/02/03
02/03/1948A/AC.21/UK/5UN Palestine Commission - Administrative responsibilities of the Commission - Draft letter1948/02/03
02/03/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/29UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (29th Meeting)1948/02/03
02/03/1948A/AC.21/W.24Future Government of Palestine/UN Palestine Commission - Questions for mandatory power: public information services - Working paper1948/02/03
02/03/1948A/AC.21/UK/13UN Palestine Commission - Association of officers of Palestine Government - Information from United Kingdom1948/02/03
02/03/1948A/AC.21/SR.29Termination of mandate - UNPC 29th mtg. - Summary record1948/02/03
02/02/1948A/AC.21/Agenda/28UN Palestine Commission - Agenda (28th Meeting)1948/02/02
02/02/1948A/AC.21/JA/12UN Palestine Commission - Acts of aggression by Arab States - Memorandum from the Jewish Agency1948/02/02
02/02/1948A/AC.21/P/12UN Palestine Commission - Press conference1948/02/02
02/02/1948A/AC.21/W.22Future Government of Palestine/UN Palestine Commission - Communication problems in Palestine - Working paper1948/02/02
02/02/1948A/AC.21/P/6UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/02
02/02/1948A/AC.21/SR.28Preparatory Economic Commision/Administrative and security matters - UNPC 28th mtg. - Summary record1948/02/02
02/01/1948A/AC.21/P/5UN Palestine Commission - Daily News Summary1948/02/01
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