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08/30/2017IRIN_EUAideUN Secretary-General calls for Palestinian unity in remarks at UNRWA school, Gaza2017/08/30
08/30/2017UNSCOUN Secretary-General's speech at the Museum of the Jewish People, Tel Aviv2017/08/30
08/29/2017PALESTINIAN AUTHORITYSecretary-General’s Remarks at Press Conference with Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah of the State of Palestine2017/08/29
08/28/2017Secretary-General’s remarks to the media with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel2017/08/28
08/22/2017SC/12963Amid Heightened Israeli-Palestinian Tensions, Violence, Parties Must Recommit to Two-State Solution - UN Security Council Press Release2017/08/22
08/22/2017S/PV.8028ASG for Political Affairs Jenča Briefs Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East, Including the Palestinian Question - Verbatim Record2017/08/22
Illegal Actions in the OPT - Letter from the State of Palestine2017/08/14
08/08/2017UNESCO_202EX/38UNESCO Executive Board Document on Occupied Palestine2017/08/08
07/29/2017E/RES/2017/L.34Economic and Social Repercussions of the Israeli Occupation on the Living Conditions of Palestinian People in OPT and Syrian Golan: ECOSOC Resolution2017/07/29
06/15/2017A/HRC/35/19/Add.1Additional Information Pertaining to the Comprehensive Review on the Status of Recommendations Addressed to All Parties Since 2009 with Regard to the oPt - Addendum2017/06/15
04/20/2017S/PV.7929Special Coordinator Mladenov briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question, Open Debate - Verbatim record2017/04/20
03/24/2017S/PV.7908Special Coordinator Mladenov Briefs Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East, Including the Palestinian Question - Verbatim Record2017/03/24
02/20/2017A/HRC/34/52/Add.1Promotion and protection of all human rights/Summary of cases transmitted to Governments and replies received (Israel) - HRC 34th Session - Report of the Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders (Michel Forst)(excerpts)2017/02/20
02/17/2017A/AC.183/2017/1Palestinian Rights Committee Programme of Work for 20172017/02/17
02/16/2017GA/PAL/1384Return to "Meaningful" Negotiations More Vital than Ever: Secretary-General's Statement to Palestinian Rights Committee at Beginning of 2017 Session2017/02/16
02/16/2017SC/12720UN Special Coordinator Urges Israel, Palestinians to Contemplate Future Carefully Amid Extremism and Displacement in the Middle East2017/02/16
02/16/2017S/PV.7885Special Coordinator Mladenov Briefs Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East, Including the Palestinian Question - Verbatim Record2017/02/16
02/09/2017CCPR/C/ISR/CO/4/Add.1International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - Concluding Observations on the Fourth Periodic Report of Israel2017/02/09
02/07/2017SG/SM/18429UN Secretary-General "Deeply Regrets" Adoption of "Regularization Bill"2017/02/07
01/25/2017A/HRC/34/36Implementation of HRC resolutions S-9/1 and S-12/1 on HR situation in Palestine - HRC 34th session - UNHCHR report2017/01/25
State of Palestine Calls Attention to Continuing Breaches of International Law - Letter from Palestine2017/01/24
01/18/2017S/2017/50Joint declaration of the International Conference on Peace in the Middle East - Letter from France2017/01/18
01/12/2017SC/12680UN Security Council Adopts Text Deeming Israel’s Settlements to Lack Legal Validity2017/01/12
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12/31/2016MBDec2016Action by UN System and IGOs Relevant to Question of Palestine (December 2016 Monthly Bulletin)2016/12/31
12/23/2016S/2016/1100UNSC Draft Resolution 2334 (2016) - Illegality of Israeli Settlements in Palestinian Territory Occupied Since 19672016/12/23
12/23/2016S/PV.7853Security Council Approves Resolution Regarding Israel’s Establishment of Settlements in the OPT - Verbatim Record2016/12/23
12/23/2016S/RES/2334 (2016)UNSC Resolution 2334 (2016) - Illegality of Israeli Settlements in Palestinian Territory Occupied Since 19672016/12/23
12/21/2016A/RES/71/247Permanent Sovereignty Over Natural Resources in OPT and Golan - GA Resolution2016/12/21
12/19/2016A/RES/71/184Right of Palestinian people to self-determination - GA resolution2016/12/19
12/06/2016A/71/PV.53Question of Palestine - GA 71st general debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)2016/12/06
11/30/2016A/71/PV.50Question of Palestine - GA 71st general debate - Verbatim record2016/11/30
06/02/2016E/2016/SR.27Situation of and Assistance to Palestinian Women - ECOSOC Debate, Vote on Draft Resolution - Summary Record (excerpts)2016/06/02
05/25/2016S/PV.7697Special Coordinator Mladenov briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record2016/05/25
04/21/2016Cttee-DPRfactsheet_20160421CEIRPP/DPR - Factsheet (April 2016)2016/04/21
03/24/2016S/PV.7657Special Coordinator Mladenov briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record2016/03/24
Hide details for 20152015
10/16/2015S/PV.7536Security Council holds emergency session on situation in Middle East, including Palestinian question - Verbatim record2015/10/16
08/19/2015S/PV.7506USG for Political Affairs briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including Palestinian question - Verbatim record2015/08/19
01/07/2015Note to correspondents - Accession of Palestine to multilateral treaties - Office of SecGen Spokesperson note2015/01/07
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12/16/2013S/PV.7084Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record2013/12/16
10/02/2013WorldBank_RptNoAUS2922West Bank and Gaza: Area C and the Future of the Palestinian Economy - World Bank study2013/10/02
07/30/2013SG/2196Quartet statement in support of resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations (30 July 2013) - SecGen press release2013/07/30
04/24/2013S/PV.6950 (Resumption 1)Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Feltman briefs SecCo, debate - Verbatim record - Resumption 12013/04/24
04/19/2013GA/PAL/1264Caracas Declaration in Solidarity with the Palestinian People and the State of Palestine - CEIRPP meeting, Caracas, 17-18 April - Press release2013/04/19
03/22/2013A/HRC/RES/22/29Follow-up to the report of the independent international fact-finding mission on implications of Israeli settlements - HRC 22nd session - Resolution2013/03/22
03/08/2013A/67/738Status of Palestine in the UN - Non-member observer State status - SecGen report2013/03/08
2013 a critical year for Mideast peace process - SecGen GA address - Press release (excerpts)2013/01/22
Hide details for 20122012
12/19/2012HM10-1112The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT (October-November 2012) - OCHA report2012/12/19
11/29/2012A/RES/67/19Status of Palestine in the UN/non-member observer State status - GA resolution2012/11/29
11/21/2012S/PV.6869Mideast situation/Palestinian question/Gaza ceasefire - Secretary-General briefs SecCo via video teleconference - Verbatim record2012/11/21
09/17/2012S/PV.6835Mideast situation/Palestinian question - Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo - Verbatim record (excerpts)2012/09/17
03/19/201212-20476revCEIRPP/DPR - Information note (March 2012)2012/03/19
01/24/2012S/PV.6706Mideast situation/Palestinian question - ASG for Political Affairs Fernandez-Taranco briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2012/01/24
01/24/2012S/PV.6706 (Resumption 1)Mideast situation/Palestinian question - SecCo Open debate - Verbatim record2012/01/24
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11/11/2011S/2011/705Palestine's UN application - Report of the SecCo Committee on the Admission of New Members2011/11/11
11/07/2011A/66/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2011 report2011/11/07
11/07/2011A/66/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2011 report2011/11/07
10/29/201136 C/PLEN/DR 1Admission of Palestine as member of UNESCO - Resolution2011/10/29
Palestine's letter of application for UN membership/Declaration of President Abbas, SecGen note2011/09/23
09/23/2011SG/2178Quartet to engage with parties towards resumption of negotiation, takes note of UN application - Quartet statement2011/09/23
09/02/2011GazaFlotillaPanelReportGaza aid flotilla incident - Report of the Secretary-General’s Panel of Inquiry (Palmer report) - Summary, report2011/09/02
08/25/2011S/PV.6602Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2011/08/25
08/12/2011A/66/296UNCCP - 65th report2011/08/12
06/23/2011S/PV.6562Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2011/06/23
03/22/2011S/PV.6501Mideast situation/Palestinian question - ASG for Political Affairs Fernandez-Taranco briefs SecCo- Verbatim record2011/03/22
02/05/2011SG/2168Quartet statement/Implications of regional developments to Arab-Israeli peace (5 February 2011) - EU Press release/Non-UN document2011/02/05
01/19/2011S/PV.6470Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2011/01/19
01/19/2011S/PV.6470Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2011/01/19
01/19/2011S/PV.6470 (Resumption 1)Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo, open debate - Verbatim record (Resumption 1)2011/01/19
01/19/2011S/PV.6470 (Resumption 1)Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Pascoe briefs SecCo, open debate - Verbatim record (Resumption 1)2011/01/19
Hide details for 20102010
11/29/2010UNISPALflyer2010United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine (UNISPAL) - Flyer2010/11/29
09/21/2010SG/SM/2162Quartet statement - Resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations (21 Sept. 2010) - Press release2010/09/21
08/20/2010SG/2161Quartet statement/Launch of direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians (20 August 2010) - Press release2010/08/20
07/21/2010S/PV.6363 (Resumption 1)Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs briefs SecCo, open debate (Resumption 1) - Verbatim record2010/07/21
06/21/2010SG/2160Quartet statement/Israel's announced easing of Gaza blockade (21 June 2010) - Press release2010/06/21
06/15/2010S/PV.6340Mideast situation/Palestinian question/Gaza aid flotilla - Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2010/06/15
05/18/2010S/PV.6315Mideast situation/Palestinian question - Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2010/05/18
05/10/2010HumDevRep0910"Investing in Human Security for a Future State" - UNDP 2009/10 Palestinian Human Development Report2010/05/10
04/27/2010Future of the two-State solution - UN Special Coordinator - Lecture at Truman Institute2010/04/27
02/26/2010A/64/L.48Follow-up to the report of the UN Fact Finding Mission on Gaza Conflict ("Goldstone report") (II) - GA draft resolution (Adopted)2010/02/26
01/27/2010S/PV.6265Mideast situation/Palestinian question - ASG for Political Affairs Fernandez-Taranco briefs SecCo, debate - Verbatim record2010/01/27
01/27/2010S/PV.6265 (Resumption 1)Mideast situation/Palestinian question - ASG for Political Affairs Fernandez-Taranco briefs SecCo, debate - Verbatim record (Resumption 1)2010/01/27
01/25/2010A/AC.183/2010/1Palestine question - CEIRPP programme of work for 20102010/01/25
Hide details for 20092009
12/21/2009A/RES/64/185Permanent sovereignty over natural resources in the OPT, Golan - GA resolution2009/12/21
12/18/2009A/RES/64/150Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - GA resolution2009/12/18
12/16/2009A/RES/64/125Assistance to the Palestinian People - GA resolution2009/12/16
12/10/2009A/RES/64/89UNRWA operations - GA resolution2009/12/10
12/10/2009A/RES/64/90Palestine refugees' properties - GA resolution2009/12/10
12/08/2009EC2985mtgMiddle East peace process, Jerusalem - Conclusions of the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting/Non-UN document2009/12/08
10/16/2009A/HRC/RES/S-12/1Human rights situation in OPT, incl. East Jerusalem/Goldstone report/Gaza blockade - HRC 12th special session - Resolution2009/10/16
10/06/2009A/64/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2009 report2009/10/06
09/25/2009A/64/490Human rights and humanitarian law violations/Gaza military operation - Report of the UN Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza conflict ("Goldstone report")2009/09/25
Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine - SecGen report2009/09/15
06/29/2009Red Sea - Dead Sea Water Conveyance Study Program - World Bank press release2009/06/29
05/14/2009UNISPAL List ot Acronyms2009/05/14
Report of UNHQ Board of Inquiry into incidents in the Gaza Strip (Ian Martin et al) - SecGen summary, letter to SecCo President2009/05/04
04/15/2009Palestine – Israel Journal, Vol 15 No. 4 & Vol 16 No. 1, 08/09The Role of UNRWA and the Palestine Refugees - UNRWA article2009/04/15
04/09/2009A/ES-10/455Register of Damage caused by the construction of the Wall - Progress report, letter from the Board2009/04/09
03/10/2009A/HRC/10/22Human rights situation in Palestine and other OATs/Israeli military operation in Gaza - HRC 10th session - Combined report by Special Rapporteurs, SecGen Sp. Representatives2009/03/10
02/02/2009GazaFlashAppealGaza Flash Appeal - United Nations2009/02/02
01/12/2009A/HRC/RES/S-9/1Grave violations of human rights in the OPT, Israeli military attack on Gaza, Fact-finding mission - HRC ninth special session - Resolution2009/01/12
01/08/2009S/RES/1860 (2009)Gaza ceasefire, humanitarian aid - SecCo resolution2009/01/08
Hide details for 20082008
12/16/2008S/RES/1850 (2008)Annapolis process - SecCo resolution2008/12/16
12/09/2008A/HRC/10/76Universal Periodic Review: Israel - HRC 10th session - Report2008/12/09
10/07/2008A/63/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2008 report2008/10/07
09/24/2008A/HRC/RES/9/18Israeli military operation in the OPT, Beit Hanoun shelling/High-level fact-finding mission - HRC ninth session - Resolution2008/09/24
09/11/2008A/62/49 (Vol. III)
Enlargement of CEIRPP membership/Nicaragua - General Assembly decision2008/09/11
06/23/2008NahrElBared_GovtLebVienna donor conference/Nahr El Bared refugee camp recovery and reconstruction appeal - Government of Lebanon document ("Vienna document")2008/06/23
06/20/2008A/AC.183/SR.309 (Resumption 1)Special meeting to mark 60 years of dispossession of Palestine refugees/Statements by experts - CEIRPP - Summary record (Resumption 1)2008/06/20
05/13/2008Greater freedom of movement for economic growth - West Bank and Gaza - Package proposal by Quartet Representative Blair/Non-UN document2008/05/13
04/30/200808-29734CEIRPP/DPR - Press backgrounder (2008)2008/04/30
04/30/2008DPI/2499The Question of Palestine and the United Nations - DPI brochure2008/04/30
03/30/2008US Secretary of State Rice’s meeting with PA Prime Minister Fayyad and Israel Defense Minister Barak/Agreed steps to implement Road Map - Statement by US Secretary of State Rice - USDOS press release/Non-UN document2008/03/30
01/10/2008President Bush discusses Israeli-Palestnian peace process - White House/Non-UN document2008/01/10
Hide details for 20072007
12/17/2007PRDPFinalPalestinian Reform and Development Plan (PRDP) - Palestinian Authority - Non-UN document2007/12/17
11/27/2007SG/2133Quartet principals meeting, statement/Annapolis conference - Press release2007/11/27
10/04/2007A/62/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2007 report2007/10/04
08/31/2007Fatalities_KeyTrendsIsraeli-Palestinian fatalities since 2000 - OCHA Special Focus2007/08/31
Quartet principals meeting, statement/Appointment of Tony Blair as Quartet Representative - Press release2007/06/27
06/18/2007A/HRC/RES/5/1HRC fifth session/Institution-building of Human Rights Council - Permanent agenda item on situation in occupied Arab territories - Resolution, agenda for programme of work (excerpts)2007/06/18
06/07/2007GA/PAL/105640 years of Israeli occupation - CEIRPP Bureau statement - UN press release2007/06/07
06/07/2007West Bank fragmentation - OCHA map2007/06/07
03/29/2007S/2007/232Arab peace initiative reaffirmed, Riyadh Arab Summit - LAS letter (excerpts)2007/03/29
Quartet principals consultations, statement/Establishment of Palestinian National Unity Government (21 March 2007) - Press release2007/03/21
Hide details for 20062006
12/12/2006S/PV.5584Situation in the Middle East/SecGen report - SecGen briefs the SecCo - Verbatim records2006/12/12
12/11/2006S/2006/956Situation in the Middle East - SecGen Annan's final report2006/12/11
10/17/2006A/ES-10/361Separation wall/Register of damage - SecGen report2006/10/17
10/06/2006A/61/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2006 report2006/10/06
10/04/2006GA/PAL/1019Fortieth anniversary of Israeli occupation/Civil society Plan of Action - CEIRPP meeting - Press release2006/10/04
08/03/2006GazaUNagenciesStatementSituation in Gaza - Statement by United Nations humanitarian agencies working in the OPT - Press release2006/08/03
Quartet principals meeting, statement/Temporary International Mechanism (17 June 2006) - Press release2006/06/17
05/09/2006SG/SM/10453Quartet principals meeting, statement, press conference (9 May 2006) - Press release2006/05/09
Quartet statement/New Palestinian Government (30 March 2006) - Press release2006/03/30
Quartet meeting, statement/"Quartet principles" (30 January 2006) - Press release2006/01/30
Hide details for 20052005
12/13/2005S/2005/797Quartet Special Envoy (QSE) mandate extension - SecGen letter to SecCo President2005/12/13
11/15/2005S336/05Agreement on Access and Movement (AAM), Agreed Principles for Rafah Crossing - Text/Non-UN document2005/11/15
11/10/2005GA/PAL/99330th anniversary of GA resolution 3376 (XXX) establishing Palestinian Rights Cttee - CEIRPP Bureau statement2005/11/10
10/05/2005A/60/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2005 report2005/10/05
09/20/2005SG/SM/10115Quartet principals meeting, statement on Gaza withdrawal, press conference (20 September 2005) - Transcript2005/09/20
07/11/2005E/CN.4/Sub.2/2005/17/Add.1Principles on housing and property restitution for refugees and displaced persons - CHR Sub-Comm. - Sp. Rapporteur special report (Addendum)2005/07/11
07/05/2005A/ES-10/304Consultations with parties to 4th Geneva convention/Separation wall - Report, Letter from Switzerland2005/07/05
06/28/2005E/CN.4/Sub.2/2005/17Principles on housing and property restitution for refugees and displaced persons ("Pinheiro Principles") - CHR Sub-Comm. - Sp. Rapporteur special report2005/06/28
06/28/2005S/2005/432Quartet Special Envoy (QSE) appointment - SecGen letter to SecCo2005/06/28
06/23/2005Gaza disengagement - Quartet principals meeting, statement (23 June 2005) - Non-UN document2005/06/23
05/06/2005S/2005/306Peace process - Appointment of Mideast UN Special Coordinator, Envoy to the Quartet (Alvaro de Soto) - SecGen letter to SecCo2005/05/06
03/01/2005London Meeting on Supporting the Palestinian Authority - Closing remarks by Tony Blair - UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office press release/Non-UN document2005/03/01
02/08/2005SG/SM/9713Sharm el-Sheikh summit, ceasefire - SecGen statement - Press release2005/02/08
02/08/2005Sharm el-Sheikh summit, ceasefire - PA President Abbas statement2005/02/08
02/08/2005Sharm el-Sheikh summit, ceasefire - PM Sharon statement2005/02/08
01/13/2005S/PRST/2005/2Palestinian presidential election - SecCo Presidential statement2005/01/13
Hide details for 20042004
11/01/2004Map No. 4235Phased Israeli redeployments 1994-2000 (Areas A, B, C) - Map2004/11/01
10/06/2004A/59/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2004 report2004/10/06
08/20/2004A/59/1 (Supp)Work of the Organization - SecGen report (excerpts)2004/08/20
07/20/2004A/RES/ES-10/15ICJ advisory opinion/Separation wall/Register of damage - GA 10th emergency special session - GA resolution2004/07/20
07/09/2004A/ES-10/273ICJ Advisory opinion on the Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the OPT - Full text2004/07/09
05/19/2004S/RES/1544 (2004)Demolition of homes in Rafah - SecCo resolution2004/05/19
05/06/2004A/RES/58/292Status of the OPT, incl. East Jerualem - GA resolution2004/05/06
05/04/2004Quartet statement (New York, 4 May 2004) - Text/Non-UN document2004/05/04
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12/22/2003A/RES/58/155Palestinian children - GA resolution2003/12/22
12/19/2003Separation wall/ICJ advisory opinion request - ICJ order2003/12/19
12/17/2003A/58/PV.75Hide details for Assistance to the Pal. People/Representation of the OPT/Credentials - GA general debate/Action - Verbatim recoAssistance to the Pal. People/Representation of the OPT/Credentials - GA general debate/Action - Verbatim record (excerpts)2003/12/17
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12/15/2003A/58/L.48Representation of the OPT/Credentials - GA draft resolution2003/12/15
12/10/2003Press Release 2003/42General Assembly requests ICJ advisory opinion on separation wall - ICJ press release2003/12/10
12/08/2003A/RES/ES-10/14Separation wall/ICJ advisory opinion request - GA 10th emergency special session - GA resolution2003/12/08
11/24/2003A/ES-10/248Separation wall - GA 10th emergency special session - SecGen report under A/RES/ES-10/132003/11/24
11/19/2003S/RES/1515 (2003)Endorsement of Quartet Road Map - SecCo resolution2003/11/19
10/21/2003A/RES/ES-10/13Israeli action in the OPT/Separation wall - GA 10th emergency special session - GA resolution2003/10/21
10/12/2003"Geneva Accord" (Yossi Beilin/Yasser Abed Rabbo document) - Geneva Initiative document/Non-UN document2003/10/12
Palestine question/Peaceful settlement/Quartet efforts - SecGen report under A/RES/57/1102003/10/10
10/09/2003A/58/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2003 report2003/10/09
10/05/2003S/2003/940Mideast situation/Violations of Lebanese and Syrian airspace, attack - Letters from Syria to SecGen, Security Council President2003/10/05
09/21/2003Evolution of UNRWA's mandate to Palestine refugees - Statement of Commissioner-General2003/09/21
09/19/2003A/RES/ES-10/12Hide details for Safety of elected President of the Palestinian Authority - GA 10th emergency special session - ResolutionSafety of elected President of the Palestinian Authority - GA 10th emergency special session - Resolution2003/09/19
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09/12/2003SG/SM/8868Israel's decision to expel Arafat - SecGen statement - Press release2003/09/12
09/08/2003SG/SM/8852Resignation of Palestinian Prime Minister - SecGen statement - Press release2003/09/08
08/26/2003A/58/1 (Supp)Work of the Organization - SecGen report (excerpts)2003/08/26
06/30/2003A/58/13 (SUPP)UNRWA - Annual report of the Commissioner-General2003/06/30
Ceasefire announcement by Palestinian groups - SecGen statement - Press release2003/06/30
04/30/2003S/2003/529Road Map to a permanent two-State solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - Quartet2003/04/30
02/20/2003Task Force on Palestinian Reform meeting (London, 20 Feb. 2003) - Statement2003/02/20
02/18/2003Ad Hoc Liaison Cttee meeting - UN Special Coordinator's statement2003/02/18
Arafat announcement to appoint a Prime Minister - SecGen statement - Press release2003/02/14
01/14/2003UN officials stress importance of London talks on Palestinian reform - UN news item2003/01/14
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12/20/2002Road map - Quartet principals meeting, statement (20 December 2002) - Non-UN document2002/12/20
11/13/2002SG/SM/8491SecGen's Anwar Sadat Memorial Lecture (Univ. of Maryland) - Press release2002/11/13
10/10/2002A/57/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2002 report2002/10/10
09/24/2002S/RES/1435 (2002)Mideast situation/Palestine question - Demand for cessation of violence reiterated/Israel to withdraw from Palestinian cities/PA to meet its expressed commitment - SecCo resolution2002/09/24
09/17/2002SG/SM/8389Quartet plan for Middle East peace - SecGen remarks to the press - Press release2002/09/17
09/17/2002Quartet principals meeting, statement/Road map (17 September 2002) - Non-UN document2002/09/17
09/04/2002SG/SM/8364Acts of violence in the OPT/Deportations - SecGen statement - Press release2002/09/04
08/19/2002Humanitarian envoy of the SecGen (Bertini) - Mission report/Non-UN document2002/08/19
08/09/2002Mideast situation, incl. Palestine question/Status of elected Palestinian leaders - SecGen statement - Note2002/08/09
08/07/2002SG/A/814Hide details for SecGen appoints Personal Humanitarian Envoy (Bertini) - Press releaseSecGen appoints Personal Humanitarian Envoy (Bertini) - Press release2002/08/07
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08/05/2002A/RES/ES-10/11Situation in the OPT/Jenin and other Palestinian cities - GA emergency session - Resolution2002/08/05
07/30/2002A/ES-10/186Events in Jenin and other Palestinian cities - SecGen report under A/RES/ES-10/10,2002/07/30
07/16/2002Mideast situation/Quartet meeting (New York, 16 July 2002) - Press communiqué/ Press conference transcript2002/07/16
06/24/2002SG/SM/8285US President Bush reaffirms Mideast peace process outcome should establish State of Palestine - SecGen statement - Press release2002/06/24
06/24/2002Two-State vision - US President Bush - Statement/Non-UN document2002/06/24
06/20/2002Mideast situation/Occupation, settlements/Lebanon/ Quartet efforts/Proposal for an int'l conference - Private meeting of the Security Council - SecGen remarks2002/06/20
05/07/2002A/RES/ES-10/10Hide details for Jenin and situation in other Palestinian cities - GA emergency session - ResolutionJenin and situation in other Palestinian cities - GA emergency session - Resolution2002/05/07
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05/02/2002SG/SM/8220SecGen disbands Jenin fact-finding mission - SecGen Spokesman's statement - Press release2002/05/02
Arab Peace Initiative - LAS Summit - Letter from Lebanon (excerpts)2002/03/28,2002/04/24
04/19/2002S/RES/1405 (2002)Humanitarian situation in the OPT - Urgency of access of humanitarian organizations emphasized/SecGen's fact-finding team on Jenin - SecCo resolution2002/04/19
04/10/2002S/PRST/2002/9Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo supports Quartet statement (Madrid) - SecCo presidential statement2002/04/10
04/04/2002S/RES/1403 (2002)Mideast situation/Palestine question/Quartet efforts - SecCo resolution2002/04/04
03/30/2002S/PV.4503Mideast situation/Palestine question/Saudi peace proposal, two-state vision - SecCo debate, SecGen statement - Verbatim record2002/03/29,2002/03/30
03/30/2002S/RES/1402 (2002)Mideast situation/Palestine question - Calls for cease-fire, withdrawal of Israeli troops from Palestinian cities - SecCo resolution2002/03/30
03/29/2002S/PV.4503Mideast situation/Palestine question/Saudi peace proposal, two-state vision - SecCo debate, SecGen statement - Verbatim record2002/03/29,2002/03/30
Arab Peace Initiative - LAS Summit - Letter from Lebanon (excerpts)2002/03/28,2002/04/24
03/12/2002S/RES/1397 (2002)Mideast situation/Palestinian question - Two States vision affirmed - SecCo resolution2002/03/12
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12/20/2001A/RES/ES-10/8Escalation of violence, parties to implement Mitchell report, return to negotiations - GA 10th emergency special session - Resolution2001/12/20
12/20/2001A/RES/ES-10/9Outcome of conference of High contracting parties to Fourth Geneva Convention - GA 10th emergency special session - Resolution2001/12/20
12/05/2001Conference of High Contracting Parties of 4th Geneva Conv. - HR High Commissioner's statement - Press release2001/12/05
Pres. Bush remarks on Middle East, Israeli-Palestinian conflict - SecGen statement - Press release2001/11/19
Mideast situation/Meeting between the FMs of the five permanent members of the SecCo and the SecGen - Letter (excerpts)2001/11/12
11/11/2001A/56/PV.46Mideast situation - GA general debate, Arafat statement - Verbatim record (excerpts)2001/11/11
10/25/2001SC/7188Calls for Israeli withdrawal from "Area A"/Tripartite security meetings - SecCo president press statement2001/10/25
10/25/2001Quartet meeting, statement - UNSCO press release2001/10/25
10/10/2001A/56/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2001 report2001/10/10
09/30/2001Impact on Palestinian Economy of confrontation, border closures & mobility restrictions - UNSCO report (1 Oct. 2000-30 Sept. 2001)2001/09/30
The uprising ("Al Aqsa intifada") anniversary - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman2001/09/28
08/12/2001SG/SM/7912Seizure of Orient House/other properties - SecGen statement - Press release2001/08/12
06/17/2001SG/T/2286SecGen activities in the Middle East, 12-17 June - Press release2001/06/17
04/30/2001Mitchell_Committee_ reportSharm el-Sheikh Fact-Finding Committee - Report ("Mitchell Report")/Non-UN document2001/04/30
01/18/2001S/2001/66UNIFIL/Southern Lebanon/ SecGen's Personal Representative appointment (de Mistura) - SecGen report2001/01/18
Hide details for 20002000
Mideast situation/Palestine question/ Camp David Summit (July 2003)/ Sharm el-Sheikh Summit (Oct. 2003) - SecGen report2000/11/22
11/21/2000A/55/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 2000 report2000/11/21
11/16/2000E/CN.4/2001/114Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR - OPT mission report of High Commissioner2000/11/16
11/07/2000SG/SM/7617Mideast peace process/Protection force - SecGen press conference at UNHQ - Transcript (excerpts)2000/11/07
10/20/2000A/ES-10/PV.14Mideast situation/Jerusalem/Settlements/Sharm el-Sheikh summit 16-17 October 2000 - GA ESS debate, SecGen statement - Verbatim record2000/10/20
10/20/2000A/RES/ES-10/7Jerusalem/Settlements - GA emergency session - Resolution2000/10/20
10/07/2000S/RES/1322 (2000)Mideast situation, incl. Palestinian question - Excessive use of force against Palestinians condemned/ Israel to abide by Fourth Geneva Convention/ Inquiry efforts welcomed - SecCo resolution2000/10/07
07/25/2000SG/SM/7494Mideast peace process/Camp David Summit (July 2000) - SecGen statement - Press release2000/07/25
07/20/2000S/2000/718UNIFIL/ Israeli withdrawal/ SecGen visit to Middle East - SecGen report2000/07/20
Hide details for 19991999
12/17/1999A/RES/54/152Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, state option - GA resolution1999/12/17
12/08/1999S/1999/1227Mideast situation/Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, PersRep to PLO, PA - SecCo President letter1999/12/08
11/15/1999A/54/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1999 report1999/11/15
Palestine question/Mideast situation/Peace process (Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum) - SecGen report1999/10/12
09/16/1999S/1999/984Mideast situation/Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, PersRep to PLO, PA - SecCo President letter1999/09/16
09/10/1999S/1999/983Mideast situation/Special Representative to multilateral talks (Madrid)/Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, PersRep to PLO, PA - SecGen letter to SecCo President1999/09/10
Israeli-Palestinian agreement at Sharm El-Sheikh (4 Sept. 1999)/Interim arrangements, start-up of final status talks - SecGen statement - Press release1999/09/04
09/04/1999Agreement - Sharm El-Sheikh Memorandum - Non-UN document1999/09/04
Palestine question/Self-determination/ Extension of interim period - Statement by the Central Council of the PLO/Postponement of declaration of state - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1999/05/04
02/09/1999A/RES/ES-10/6Jerusalem/Settlements - GA emergency session - Resolution1999/02/09
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12/07/1998A/DEC/53/424Assistance/ Use of term "OPT" - GA decision1998/12/07
12/04/1998E/C.12/1/Add.27Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Covenant - Concluding observations on initial report of Israel1998/12/04
11/05/1998A/53/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1998 report1998/11/05
10/26/1998A/52/1002/Corr.1Palestinian question/Participation of Palestine in the UN - SecGen note (Corr.)1998/10/26
10/23/1998SG/SM/6769Israeli-Palestinian Wye River Memorandum (23 Oct. 1998)/Peace process impasse broken - SecGen statement - Press release1998/10/23
10/23/1998Agreement - Wye River Memorandum (23 October 1998) - Non-UN document1998/10/23
09/24/1998S/1998/890Mideast situation - Statement by the FMs of the SecCo Permanent Members (excerpts)1998/09/24
08/04/1998A/52/1002Palestine question/Participation of Palestine in the UN - SecGen note1998/08/04
07/31/1998A/53/287Protocols Additional to the Geneva Conventions/Palestine’s participation - SecGen status report1998/07/31
07/28/1998CCPR/C/79/Add.93Civil and Political Rights/ Initial report of Israel - Human Rights Council concluding observations, Covenant held applicable to the occupied territories1998/07/28
07/13/1998S/PRST/1998/21Jerusalem/Boundaries - SecCo Presidential statement1998/07/13
07/07/1998A/RES/52/250Participation of Palestine in the UN expanded - GA resolution1998/07/07
06/22/1998SG/SM/6608Expansion of Jerusalem's boundaries - SecGen statement - Press release1998/06/22
05/18/1998A/52/921- S/1998/436Mideast peace process - Appeal by presidents of France and Egypt - Letter from Egypt and France1998/05/18
04/09/1998CCPR/C/81/Add.13Civil and Political Rights - Human Rights Council consideration of initial report of Israel1998/04/09
03/23/1998SG/SM/6501Peace process/Crisis of confidence - SecGen address to Palestinian National Council - Press release1998/03/23
03/17/1998A/RES/ES-10/5Jerusalem/Settlements/Fourth Geneva Convention - GA emergency session - Resolution1998/03/17
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12/02/1997A/52/L.62Mideast situation/Peace process - GA draft resolution1997/12/02
11/28/1997E/1990/5/Add.39 part 1Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Covenant - Israel initial and 2nd report1997/11/28
11/13/1997A/RES/ES-10/4Jerusalem/Settlements - GA emergency session - Resolution1997/11/13
11/10/1997A/52/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1997 report1997/11/10
09/25/1997S/1997/743Mideast situation/Meeting between the FMs of the five permanent members of the SecCo and the SecGen - Letter (excerpts)1997/09/25
08/31/199797-24262The status of Jerusalem - Study1997/08/31
08/05/1997CERD/C/294/Add.1Racial Discrimination Convention - Israel combined 7th to 9th periodic reports1997/08/05
Economic and social repercussions of Israeli settlements - ESCWA report - SecGen note1997/07/22
07/21/1997WOM/994Women Convention/ Israel initial and second report - CEDAW review, programmes for occupied territories - Press release1997/07/21
07/15/1997A/RES/ES-10/3Jerusalem/Settlements - GA emergency session - Resolution1997/07/15
07/09/1997A/ES-10/10Jerusalem/Settlements - GA emergency session - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1997/07/09
07/07/1997A/ES-10/8Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Request for resumption of GA emergency session - Letter from Egypt1997/07/07
Jerusalem/Settlements - GA emergency session - SecGen report1997/06/26
06/11/1997Map No. 3243 Rev.4Territories occupied by Israel since June 1967 - Map1997/06/11
06/03/1997Map No. 3640 Rev.3Jerusalem occupied and expanded by Israel in June 1967 - Map1997/06/03
06/02/1997Map No. 3996"Greater" Jerusalem Area - Map1997/06/02
04/25/1997A/RES/ES-10/2Jerusalem/Settlements/Efforts to revive peace process - GA emergency session - Resolution1997/04/25
04/08/1997CEDAW/C/ISR/1-2Women Convention - Israel initial and second periodic reports to CEDAW (excerpts)1997/04/08
03/13/1997A/RES/51/223Jerusalem/Settlements - GA resolution1997/03/13
01/21/1997Agreement on TIPH - Situation in Hebron - Non-UN document1997/01/21
01/15/1997SG/SM/6145Israel-PLO agreement on Hebron - SecGen statement - Press release1997/01/15
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12/04/1996A/RES/51/29Mideast peace process - GA resolution1996/12/04
11/19/1996A/51/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1996 report1996/11/19
10/01/1996Map No. 3070 Rev.17Map showing Israeli settlements established in the Territories occupied in June 19671996/10/01
09/28/1996S/RES/1073 (1996)Situation in the OPT/Jerusalem tunnel - Calls for the protection of Palestinian civilians, resumption of peace negotiations - SecCo resolution1996/09/28
Situation in the OPT incl. Jerusalem, tunnel - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1996/09/26
Situation in the OPT/Blockade, closure - Letter from Arafat1996/04/02
03/13/1996SG/SM/5921Summit of Peacemakers (Sharm Al-Sheikh) - SecGen statement - Press release1996/03/13
01/22/1996SG/SM/5879Palestinian elections - SecGen statement - Press release1996/01/22
Hide details for 19951995
12/04/1995A/RES/50/21Mideast peace process - GA resolution1995/12/04
11/17/1995A/50/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1995 report1995/11/17
Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecGen report under A/RES/49/62 D1995/11/07
11/04/1995GA/PAL/710Assassination of Prime Minister Rabin - CEIRPP Bureau statement - Press release1995/11/04
Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (a.k.a. "Oslo II")1995/09/28
05/17/1995S/PV.3538Jerusalem/Land expropriation - SecCo meeting, voting - Verbatim record1995/05/17
Israeli settlements - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1995/01/17
Hide details for 19941994
12/20/1994A/RES/49/21 NAssistance to the Palestinian people/Elections, police training and public administration - GA resolution1994/12/20
12/16/1994A/RES/49/88Mideast peace process - GA resolution1994/12/16
11/16/1994A/49/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1994 report1994/11/16
Israel-Jordan peace treaty1994/10/26
08/08/1994CERD/C/282Racial Discrimination Convention - Israel urgent report, TIPH Memorandum of Understanding1994/08/08,1994/05/02
Washington Declaration signed by Jordan and Israel (Washington, DC, 25 July 1994) - Letter from Russia and the United States, Jordan and Israel1994/07/25
SecGen appoints Special Coordinator in the OTs/UN assistance focal point - Press release1994/06/01
Agreement on the Gaza Strip and the Jericho Area: Palestinian Authority, international presence, Paris Protocol1994/05/04
05/02/1994CERD/C/282Racial Discrimination Convention - Israel urgent report, TIPH Memorandum of Understanding1994/08/08,1994/05/02
04/25/1994A/49/44, paras. 159-171Torture Convention/ Israel initial report - CAT concluding observations1994/04/25
03/18/1994S/RES/904 (1994)Hebron - Measures to guarantee protection/Efforts to invigorate peace process - SecCo resolution1994/03/18
03/01/1994S/PV.3341Hebron - SecCo meeting - Verbatim record1994/03/01
02/28/1994S/PV.3340Hebron - SecCo meeting/No objection to Palestine participation - Verbatim record1994/02/28
01/25/1994CAT/C/16/Add.4Torture Convention - Israel initial report1994/01/25
Hide details for 19931993
12/20/1993A/RES/48/158 (A-D)Palestine question/CEIRPP/DPR/DPI/Peaceful settlement/Madrid peace process/ Conference to Support Mideast Peace - GA resolutions1993/12/20
12/14/1993A/RES/48/58Mideast peace process/Madrid peace conference - GA resolution1993/12/14
Mideast situation/Convening, at a certain stage, of an Int'l Mideast Peace Conference/Madrid, Declaration of Principles - SecGen report under A/RES/47/64 D1993/11/19
11/18/1993A/48/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1993 report1993/11/18
09/30/1993A/48/376Palestine refugees/Protection - SecGen report1993/09/30
Agreement - Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements (a.k.a. "Oslo Accord")1993/09/13
09/10/1993A/48/1Work of the Organization - SecGen report (excerpts)1993/09/10
09/09/1993Israel-PLO recognition - Exchange of letters between PM Rabin and Chairman Arafat/Arafat letter to Norwegian FM (Non-UN documents)1993/09/09
Situation in the OPT/Closures - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1993/05/28
02/19/1993E/CN.4/RES/1993/2 (A+B)Human rights situation in the OATs/Sp. Rapporteur mandate "until the end of occupation" - CHR resolution1993/02/19
Situation in the OPT/Extrajudicial killings/Deportees in southern Lebanon - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1993/02/18
01/25/1993S/25149Deportations/UN envoy missions - SecGen report under S/RES/799 (1992)1993/01/25
Situation in the OPT/Deportees in southern Lebanon - CEIRPP statement1993/01/21
Hide details for 19921992
12/22/1992A/RES/47/172Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli settlements/ Inalienable right to natural resources - GA resolution1992/12/22
12/18/1992S/RES/799 (1992)ccupying Power's deportation of hundreds of Palestinian civilians condemned - SecCo resolution1992/12/18
Situation in the OPT/Deportees in southern Lebanon - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1992/12/17
12/11/1992A/RES/47/64 (A-E)Palestine question/CEIRPP/DPR/DPI/Convening, at a certain stage, of an Int'l Mideast Peace Conference would promote peace/Uprising (Intifadah)/SecCo measures needed to provide int'l protection/UN supervision - GA resolutions1992/12/11
12/09/1992A/47/L.41Mideast situation/Palestine question core of conflict - GA draft resolution1992/12/09
Mideast situation/Palestine question/ Peace Conference on the Middle East (Madrid)/Special Representative to multilateral talks (Madrid) - SecGen report under A/RES/46/821992/11/27
Mideast situation/Question of Palestine/No sufficient agreement on Int'l Mideast Peace Conference/Special Representative to multilateral talks (Madrid) - SecGen report under A/RES/46/751992/11/27
11/05/1992A/47/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1992 report1992/11/05
Situation in the OPT/Prisoners' hunger strike - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1992/10/08
Situation in the OPT/Nablus curfew - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1992/07/16
Palestine question/Illegal process of colonization - 25th anniversary of occupation - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1992/06/05
06/01/199292-22664Water resources of the occupied Palestinian territory - Study1992/06/01
Situation in the OPT/Ill-treatment of detainees - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1992/02/11
Situation in the OPT/Deportations - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1992/01/06
01/06/1992S/RES/726 (1992)Deportations of Palestinians - Occupying Power's decision strongly condemned - SecCo resolution1992/01/06
Hide details for 19911991
12/17/1991A/RES/46/130Principles of national sovereignty/Electoral processes - GA resolution1991/12/17
Jerusalem/Israeli measures/Illegal settlement activities - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1991/12/16
12/16/1991A/RES/46/82 (A+B)Mideast situation/Palestine question core of conflict/Inalienable national rights/Jerusalem/Golan - GA resolution1991/12/16
12/16/1991A/RES/46/86Racism and racial discrimination/Revocation of resolution 3379 ("Zionism as racism") - GA resolution1991/12/16
12/11/1991A/RES/46/75Convening of an Int'l Mideast Peace Conference would promote peace/Madrid Peace Conference welcomed - GA resolution1991/12/11
12/11/1991A/RES/46/76The uprising (intifadah) of the Palestinian people/SecCo measures needed to provide int'l protection - GA resolution1991/12/11
11/15/1991A/46/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1991 report1991/11/15
Mideast situation/Palestine question/ Madrid Peace Conference (30 Oct.-1 Nov. 1991)/ Special Representative - SecGen report1991/11/15
10/19/1991Invitation to Madrid Middle East Peace Conference ("Madrid Principles") - US, USSR letter/Non-UN document1991/10/19
09/01/1991Map No. 3652Ground water flows and river basins involving the OPT - map1991/09/01
05/24/1991S/RES/694 (1991)Hide details for Deportations of Palestinians - Israel in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention - SecCo resolutionDeportations of Palestinians - Israel in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention - SecCo resolution1991/05/24
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04/22/1991A/45/1000Palestine refugees - GA President's visit to the OPT, Jordan - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman/Report1991/04/22
04/09/1991S/22472Situation in the OPT/Protection efforts/Fourth Geneva Convention meeting, measures/UN monitoring - SecGen report under S/RES/681(1990)1991/04/09
03/27/1991S/22408Situation in the OPT/Curfews/Deportations - SecCo President's Statement1991/03/27
01/04/1991S/22046Violence in Gaza - SecCo press statement1991/01/04
Hide details for 19901990
12/31/199091-19890The Question of Palestine: 1979-1990 backgrounder - Study1990/12/31
12/20/1990S/22027Mideast situation/Int'l conference, at an appropriate time, properly structured - SecCo president statement1990/12/20
12/20/1990S/RES/681 (1990)Situation in the OPT/Deportations/Protection efforts/ Fourth Geneva Convention meeting, measures/UN monitoring - SecCo resolution1990/12/20
12/14/1990A/RES/45/130Right of peoples to self-determination/Struggle by all available means - GA resolution1990/12/14
12/06/1990A/RES/45/68Proposed int'l peace conference under UN auspices, S/RES/242/ Principles for comprehensive peace/ UN supervision - GA resolution1990/12/06
12/06/1990A/RES/45/69The uprising (intifadah) of the Palestinian people/SecCo measures needed to provide international protection - GA resolution1990/12/06
Mideast situation/Palestine question/No sufficient agreement for Int'l Peace Conference on the Middle East - SecGen report under A/RES/44/421990/11/12
11/09/1990A/45/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1990 report1990/11/09
11/01/1990S/21919/Add.3Al-Haram al-Shareef incidents - Israel report - SecGen report/Addendum1990/11/01
10/31/1990S/21919Jerusalem/Al-Haram al-Shareef incidents/ Protection/ Fourth Geneva Convention meeting, measures/ Impartial presence - SecGen report under S/RES/672 (1990)
10/24/1990S/RES/673 (1990)Situation in the OPT - Israel to comply fully with S/RES/672 (1990) - SecCo resolution1990/10/24
10/12/1990S/RES/672 (1990)Jerusalem/Al-Haram al-Shareef incidents - SecGen to send mission - SecCo resolution1990/10/12
USA suspension of 1988 dialogue with PLO/Convening of the International Peace Conference - PLO Executive Committee statement - Letter from Palestine1990/06/22
03/31/1990PalChildren_1990studyPalestinian children in the OPT - Study1990/03/31
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12/04/1989A/RES/44/40Mideast situation/Int'l Peace Conference under resn. 38/58 C - GA resolution1989/12/04
Message from Egypt to the SecGen, incl. the "Ten points" - Letter from Egypt1989/11/22
11/17/1989A/44/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1989 report1989/11/17
10/27/1989A/44/690Mideast situation/Steps by Governments - SecGen report under A/RES/43/541989/10/27
10/06/1989A/RES/44/2The uprising (intifadah) of the Palestinian people/SecCo measures needed to provide int'l protection - GA resolution1989/10/06
08/30/1989S/RES/641 (1989)Continuing deportation by the occupying Power of Palestinian civilians deplored - SecCo resolution1989/08/30
07/06/1989S/RES/636 (1989)Hide details for Deportations - Israel to desist from deporting other Palestinian civilians - SecCo resolutionDeportations - Israel to desist from deporting other Palestinian civilians - SecCo resolution1989/07/06
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05/18/1989131 EX/45Application for Admission of Palestine into UNESCO1989/05/18
05/12/1989131 EX/43Request for admission of Palestine to UNESCO - Executive Board 131st Session - Explanatory note/Corrigenda/Addendum1989/05/12
04/20/1989A/RES/43/233SecCo measures needed to provide int'l protection/Israeli military operation in Nahalin - GA resolution1989/04/20
Communique by PLO Central Council/Convening of an effective Int'l Peace Conference under UN auspices - Letter from Palestine1989/04/03
01/01/1989PeaceConf_1989studyThe Need for Convening the International Peace Conference on the Middle East - Study1989/01/01
Hide details for 19881988
12/31/198889-20684 (0)The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem (Foreword, table of contents) - Study1988/12/31
12/31/198889-20684 (4)The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem Part IV: 1984-1988 - Study1988/12/31
12/15/1988A/RES/43/176Palestine question/National rights/Int'l Peace Conference under UN auspices, based on S/RES/338/ Principles /Preparatory cttee/OPT UN supervision - GA resolution1988/12/15
12/15/1988A/RES/43/177Acknowledgement of proclamation of State of Palestine/Designation "Palestine" to be used instead of "PLO" - GA resolution1988/12/15
12/13/1988A/43/PV.78Palestine question/Arafat statement - GA debate (Geneva) - Verbatim record (excerpts)1988/12/13
12/09/1988A/RES/43/160Observer status of national liberation movements - GA resolution1988/12/09
12/06/1988A/RES/43/54Mideast situation/Jerusalem/Golan/Int'l Peace Conference under A/RES/38/58 C/SecCo preparatory cttee - GA resolution1988/12/06
Declaration of State of Palestine - Palestine National Council1988/11/15
11/15/1988A/43/928Palestine question/PNC Declaration on provisional Government - Letter from Palestine1988/11/15
11/15/1988SG/SM/4219Palestine question/PNC Declaration of Independence - SecGen statement - Press release1988/11/15
11/03/1988A/RES/43/21The uprising (intifadah) of the Palestinian people - GA resolution1988/11/03
10/27/1988A/43/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1988 report1988/10/27
08/26/1988S/20156Situation in the OPT/Applicability of Fourth Geneva Convention - Note, statement by SecCo President1988/08/26
07/31/1988Dismantling legal and administrative links with West Bank - King Hussein of Jordan address to the nation - Non-UN document1988/07/31
04/29/1988A/42/952PLO mission to UN/dispute between UN and Host Country - ICJ advisory opinion1988/04/29
04/25/1988S/RES/611 (1988)Mideast situation/Assassination of Khalil El-Wazir in Tunisia by Israel - SecCo resolution1988/04/25
Mideast situation/Int'l Peace Conference under A/RES/38/58 C - SecGen report under A/RES/42/66 D1988/03/31
03/23/1988A/RES/42/230Committee on Relations with the Host Country report/ICJ order (unanimously adopted on 9 March 1988) - GA resolution1988/03/23
03/02/1988A/RES/42/229 (A+B)Committee on Relations with the Host Country report/ Request for ICJ advisory opinion - GA resolution1988/03/02
Situation in the OPT/CEIRPP recommendations/ Int'l Mideast Peace Conference on the Middle East (GA/RES/38/58 C) - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1988/03/01
01/21/1988S/19443Situation in the OPT/Means for ensuring safety and protection - SecGen report under S/RES/605 (1987)1988/01/21
01/14/1988S/RES/608 (1988)Deportations - Israel to rescind order to deport Palestinian civilians - SecCo resolution1988/01/14
01/05/1988S/RES/607 (1988)Deportations - Israel to refrain from deporting Palestinian civilians - SecCo resolution1988/01/05
Hide details for 19871987
12/22/1987S/RES/605 (1987)Intifadah/Human rights violations strongly deplored/ SecGen's recommendations on protection requested - SecCo resolution1987/12/22
12/02/1987A/RES/42/66(A-D)Palestine question/CEIRPP/DPR/DPI/Int'l Peace Conference under A/RES/38/58 C/ SecCo preparatory committee - GA resolutions1987/12/02
10/16/1987A/42/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1987 report1987/10/16
Situation in the OPT/Int'l Peace Conference under A/RES/38/58 C - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1987/09/22
Mideast situation/No sufficient agreement on Int'l Peace Conference under A/RES/38/58 C - SecGen report under A/RES/41/43 D1987/05/07
Situation in the OPT/Detainees - PLO letter - Letter from Tunisia1987/04/10
Hide details for 19861986
12/08/1986S/RES/592 (1986)Hide details for Situation in the OPT - Israel to abide by Fourth Geneva Convention - SecCo resolutionSituation in the OPT - Israel to abide by Fourth Geneva Convention - SecCo resolution1986/12/08
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12/02/1986A/RES/41/43(A-D)Palestine question/CEIRPP/DPR/DPI/Int'l Peace Conference under A/RES/38/58 C/ SecCo preparatory cttee - GA resolutions1986/12/02
09/17/1986A/41/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1986 report1986/09/17
02/28/1986S/17880Mideast situation - Peace Conference under A/RES/40/96 - SecGen note1986/02/28
01/21/1986S/PV.2644Jerusalem - SecCo debate - Verbatim record1986/01/21
Hide details for 19851985
12/12/1985A/RES/40/96(A-D)Palestine question/CEIRPP/DPR/DPI/Int'l Peace Conference under A/RES/38/58 C - GA resolutions1985/12/12
10/04/1985S/RES/573 (1985)Attack on PLO HQ in Tunisia - Armed aggression condemned - SecCo resolution1985/10/04
10/01/1985A/40/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1985 report1985/10/01
09/13/1985S/12845Establishment of UNIFIL - SecGen report1985/09/13
Mideast situation/Palestine question - Israel's measures further exacerbate tensions - Letter from Acting CEIRPP Chairman1985/08/08
Situation in the OPT/House demolitions near Hebron, Yatta/ Proposed int'l Mideast peace conference/ CEIRPP recommendations - Letter from Acting CEIRPP Chairman1985/07/12
05/31/1985S/RES/564 (1985)Mideast situation/Lebanon/ Humanitarian assistance/ Palestinian refugee camps - SecCo resolution1985/05/31
Mideast situation/Palestine question - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1985/03/29
Situation in the OPT/Study on "Road Plan 50", ICJ - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1985/02/05
01/01/198585-23923Living conditions of the Palestinian People in the Occupied Territories - Study1985/01/01
Hide details for 19841984
12/11/1984A/RES/39/49(A-D)Palestine question/CEIRPP/DPR/DPI/Int'l Peace Conference under A/RES/38/58 C - GA resolutions1984/12/11
10/05/1984A/39/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1984 report1984/10/05
08/08/1984A/39/403Situation in the OPT - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1984/08/08
Mideast situation, peace conference - Proposals by the Soviet Union on a Middle East settlement - Letter from USSR1984/07/29
07/01/198484-15556Israeli settlements in Gaza and the West Bank (Part II) - Study1984/07/01
Situation in the OPT/Process of annexation - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1984/01/09
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12/31/198389-20684 (3)The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem Part III: 1978-1983 - Study1983/12/31
12/13/1983A/RES/38/58(A-E)Palestine question/CEIRPP/DPR/DPI/ICQP/NGOs/Call for an Int'l Peace Conference endorsed with guidelines (A/RES/38/58 C)/ SecGen preparatory measures - GA resolutions1983/12/13
10/12/1983A/38/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1983 report1983/10/12
Int'l Conference on the Question of Palestine (ICQP)/Declaration, Programme of Action - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1983/09/07
09/07/1983A/CONF.114/42International Conference on the Question of Palestine (ICQP) - Geneva (1983) - Report1983/09/07
Sovereignty over natural resources in the OPT - SecGen report1983/06/21
Situation in the OPT/Schoolgirls - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1983/03/30
03/30/1983S/15675Mideast situation/Palestine question/NAM Cttee on Palestine established - NAM New Delhi Summit - Final document, Letter from India (excerpts)1983/03/30
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12/31/198281-33457Israeli settlements in Gaza and the West Bank (Part I) - Study1982/12/31
12/30/1982InstitutionsWBG_1982StudySocial, economic and political institutions in the OPT - Study1982/12/30
10/12/1982A/37/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1982 report1982/10/12
10/12/1982A/37/525, S/15451Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecGen report under A/RES/36/226 A, A/RES/36/147 E, A/RES/ES-9/1 and A/RES/ES-7/41982/10/12
09/19/1982S/RES/521 (1982)Massacre of Palestinian civilians in Beirut/Sabra and Shatila - SecCo resolution1982/09/19
Mideast situation/Brezhnev speech/Proposal for convening an int'l Mideast conference - Letter from Soviet Union1982/09/15
Twelfth Arab Summit Conference/Fez Declaration/UN supervision of OPT- Letter from Morocco1982/09/09,1981/11/25
08/19/1982A/RES/ES-7/7International Conference on the Question of Palestine - GA emergency session - GA resolution1982/08/19
08/19/1982A/RES/ES-7/8Int'l Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression - GA resolution1982/08/19
08/04/1982S/RES/517 (1982)Situation in Lebanon/Palestinian armed forces to move from Beirut/UN observers - SecCo resolution1982/08/04
07/04/1982S/RES/513 (1982)Situation in Lebanon/Lebanese and Palestinian civilian populations in South Lebanon and in West Beirut - SecCo resolution1982/07/04
06/26/1982A/RES/ES-7/5Palestine question/Situation in Lebanon - GA emergency session - GA resolution1982/06/26
06/19/1982S/RES/512 (1982)Situation in Lebanon/Lebanese and Palestinian civilian populations - SecCo resolution1982/06/19
Mideast situation/Lebanon/PLO - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1982/06/15
06/06/1982S/RES/509 (1982)Situation in Lebanon - Israel to withdraw all its military forces/All parties to cease all military activities - SecCo resolution1982/06/06
06/05/1982S/RES/508 (1982)Situation in Lebanon - All the parties to cease all military activities - SecCo resolution1982/06/05
04/28/1982A/RES/ES-7/4Palestine question/Jerusalem/Dismissal of elected Palestinians - GA emergency session - GA resolution1982/04/28
Situation in the OPT/Dissolution of elected city councils, Dura, Nablus - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1982/02/18
Twelfth Arab Summit Conference/Fez Declaration/UN supervision of OPT- Letter from Morocco1982/09/09,1981/11/25
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Twelfth Arab Summit Conference/Fez Declaration/UN supervision of OPT- Letter from Morocco1982/09/09,1981/11/25
12/17/1981A/RES/36/173Sovereignty over national, natural resources in the OATs - GA resolution1981/12/17
12/17/1981A/RES/36/226(A+B)Mideast situation/Palestine question core of conflict/Peace indivisible/Inalienable national rights/Jerusalem/Golan - GA resolution1981/12/17
12/17/1981S/RES/497 (1981)Mideast situation/Golan - Israel to rescind decision imposing its laws, jurisdiction and administration in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights - SecCo resolution1981/12/17
12/16/1981A/RES/36/146(A-H)Palestine refugees/UNRWA reports - GA resolution1981/12/16
12/16/1981A/RES/36/148International co-operation to avert new flows of refugees/Right of return - GA resolution1981/12/16
12/10/1981A/RES/36/120(A-F)Palestine question/CEIRPP/ICQP/CEIRPP to act as ICQP PrepCttee/Inalienable rights in Palestine/Jerusalem - GA resolutions1981/12/10
Twelfth Arab Summit Conference/Fez Declaration/UN supervision of OPT- Letter from Morocco1982/09/09,1981/11/25
Mideast situation/OPT/Balfour Declaration anniversary, "autonomy" - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1981/11/13
10/28/1981A/RES/36/15Jerusalem/Excavations - GA resolution1981/10/28
10/28/1981A/RES/36/9Right of peoples to self-determination - GA resolution1981/10/28
10/23/1981S/14739Question of Palestine/SecCo measures under Chapter VII - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1981/10/23
10/16/1981A/36/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1981 report1981/10/16
07/21/1981S/RES/490 (1981)Situation in Lebanon - Call for cessation of all armed attacks - SecCo resolution1981/07/21
Settlements/Mattityahu Drobless plan/Settlements by Israel in the illegally occupied Arab territories - Letter from CEIRPP Acting Chairman1981/06/19
01/01/198181-20829Palestinian Children in the Occupied Territories (1981) - Study1981/01/01
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12/19/1980S/RES/484 (1980)Situation in the OPT/Expulsions - Mayors to return - SecCo resolution1980/12/19
12/16/1980A/RES/35/207Mideast situation/Inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people/Rejection of partial agreements - GA resolution1980/12/16
12/15/1980A/RES/35/167Observer status of national liberation movements recognized by OAU and/or by LAS - GA resolution1980/12/15
12/15/1980A/RES/35/169(A-E)Palestine question/CEIRPP/DPR/ Inalienable rights in Palestine/ Israel's "basic law" on Jerusalem censured/ SecCo measures under Chapter VII - GA resolutions1980/12/15
12/11/1980A/RES/35/124International cooperation to avert new flows of refugees, right of return - GA resolution1980/12/11
11/25/1980S/14268Israeli settlements - SecCo Commission report under S/RES/465 (1980)1980/11/25
11/11/1980S/14248Jerusalem/Diplomatic Missions - SecGen report1980/11/11
Mideast situation/OPT/Jerusalem/Refugees/Search for peaceful settlement - SecGen report under A/RES/34/701980/10/24
10/03/1980ICAO/RES/A23-5Jerusalem/Airport - ICAO Assembly resolution1980/10/03
10/01/1980A/35/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1980 report1980/10/01
08/20/1980S/RES/478 (1980)Jerusalem - Israel's "basic law", refusal censured/ Measures null and void/ Obstruction to peace/ Diplomatic missions to be withdrawn - SecCo resolution1980/08/20
Jerusalem status - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1980/08/04
07/29/1980A/RES/ES-7/2Palestine question/CEIRPP recommendations/ Inalienable rights in Palestine - GA emergency session - GA resolution1980/07/29
06/30/1980S/RES/476 (1980)Jerusalem/Concern over Knesset steps/Necessity to end occupation/Israel to abide by SecCo resns - SecCo resolution1980/06/30
Palestine question/Self-determination/Role of PLO - EC Venice declaration - Letter from Italy1980/06/13
06/05/1980S/RES/471 (1980)Settlements/Bombing attacks against Palestinian Mayors - SecCo resolution1980/06/05
Situation in the OPT - Attacks on Palestinian mayors - Arafat letter to SecGen - Letter from Bahrain1980/06/03
05/20/1980S/RES/469 (1980)Expulsions of Palestinian officials - Israel to rescind these illegal measures - SecCo resolution1980/05/20
05/08/1980S/RES/468 (1980)Expulsions of Palestinian officials - Israel to rescind these illegal measures - SecCo resolution1980/05/08
03/12/1980S/13839Israeli Settlements/Inalienable rights in Palestine - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1980/03/12
03/12/1980S/13840Status of Jerusalem - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1980/03/12
03/01/1980S/RES/465 (1980)Israeli settlements/Fourth Geneva Convention applicable, Establishment of settlements to cease, no legal validity, States not to provide assistance - SecCo resolution1980/03/01
01/01/198080-15649The International Status of the Palestinian People - Study1980/01/01
01/01/198080-16332Israel's Policy on the West Bank Water Resources (1980) - Study1980/01/01
01/01/198080-34375_GermanPalestine question - Historical backgrounder (German) - Study1980/01/01
01/01/1980AcqLand_1980studyAcquisition of land in Palestine - CEIRPP Study1980/01/01
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12/12/1979E/ECWA/SDHS/CONF.4/5Palestinian women/Inclusion of the Palestinian women item in the proceedings of the 1980 World Conference - Report of the Regional Preparatory Meeting of ECWA1979/12/12
12/06/1979A/RES/34/70Mideast situation/Early convening with all parties of Mideast Peace Conference under S/RES/338 (1973) - GA resolution1979/12/06
12/04/1979S/13679Israeli settlements - SecCo Commission report under S/RES/452 (1979)1979/12/04
Mideast situation/Palestine question/Jerusalem - SecGen report1979/10/24
10/19/1979A/34/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1979 report1979/10/19
07/20/1979S/RES/452 (1979)Israeli settlements/Fourth Geneva Convention - SecCo resolution1979/07/20
07/14/1979S/13450/Corr.1Israeli settlements - SecCo Commission report under S/RES/446 (1979)/ Corrigendum1979/07/14
07/12/1979S/13450Israeli settlements - SecCo Commission report under S/RES/446 (1979)1979/07/12
07/10/1979S/13450/Add.1Israeli settlements - SecCo Commission report under S/RES/446 (1979)/Addendum1979/07/10
Mideast situation - Egypt-Israel peace treaty - Letter from Iraq1979/03/22
03/22/1979S/RES/446 (1979)Israeli settlements - Establishment of settlements to cease, no legal validity/ Israel not to transfer own population/ Commission to be appointed - SecCo resolution1979/03/22
03/16/1979A/34/124Mideast situation/Palestine question - Egypt-Israel peace efforts, treaty - Letter from Egypt1979/03/16
01/01/197979-36136The Question of Palestine - Study1979/01/01
01/01/1979GenConv_1980studyQuestion of the Observance of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 in OPT - Study1979/01/01
01/01/1979ST/SG/SER.F/3Right of Self-Determination of the Palestinian People - Study1979/01/01
01/01/1979ST/SG/SER.F/4International Law Analysis of Major UN Resolutions Concerning the Question of Palestine - CEIRPP study1979/01/01
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12/20/1978A/RES/33/147Assistance to the Palestinian people/UNDP mandate - GA resolution1978/12/20
12/07/1978A/RES/33/28(A-C)Palestine question/CEIRPP/Special Unit - GA resolutions1978/12/07
12/07/1978A/RES/33/29Mideast situation/Early convening with all parties of Mideast Peace Conference under S/RES/338 (1973) - GA resolution1978/12/07
11/30/1978S/12943Mideast situation - SecCo Presidential statement1978/11/30
11/29/1978A/RES/33/24Right of peoples to self-determination/Struggle by all available means - GA resolution1978/11/29
11/28/1978A/33/35/Corr./Rev.1Palestine question - CEIRPP 1978 report/Corrigendum/Rev.1978/11/28
11/01/1978Map 3014Territory occupied by Israel in 1967 and UN peacekeeping forces - Map1978/11/01
11/01/1978ST/SG/SER.F/2Right of return of the Palestinian People - CEIRPP, SUPR study1978/11/01
10/23/1978S/RES/438 (1978)UNEF II/ Steps to implement S/RES/338 (1973) - SecCo resolution1978/10/23
10/18/1978A/33/35/Corr.1Palestine question - CEIRPP 1978 report (Corrigendum)1978/10/18
Question of Palestine/Mideast situation - SecGen report1978/10/17
10/06/1978A/33/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1978 report1978/10/06
09/17/1978Framework for Peace in the Middle East/ "Camp David" - Text/Non-UN document1978/09/17
05/31/1978S/RES/429 (1978)UNDOF - Peace efforts noted/Parties to implement S/RES/338 (1973)/ Mandate renewed - SecCo resolution1978/05/31
03/19/1978S/RES/425 (1978)Mideast situation/Lebanon - Establishment of UNIFIL - SecCo resolution1978/03/19
01/18/1978S/12531CEIRPP recommendations/Palestine National Council's endorsement - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1978/01/18
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12/31/197789-20684 (2)The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem Part II: 1947-1977 - Study1977/12/31
12/02/1977A/RES/32/40(A+B)Palestine question/CEIRPP's recommendations/Establishment of a Special Unit/Solidarity day - GA resolutions1977/12/02
11/30/1977S/RES/420 (1977)UNDOF - Durable, just peace efforts noted/Parties to implement S/RES/338 (1973) - SecCo resolution1977/11/30
11/25/1977A/RES/32/20Mideast situation/Early convening with all parties of Mideast Peace Conference under S/RES/338 (1973), joint statement of Co-Chairmen (1 October 1977) - GA resolution1977/11/25
09/23/1977A/32/35Palestine question - CEIRPP 1977 report1977/09/23
07/22/1977E/RES/2089 (LXIII)PLO full membership in ESCWA - ECOSOC resolution1977/07/22
04/26/1977ECWA/RES/36 (IV)PLO participation, full membership - ECWA resolution1977/04/26
03/28/1977S/12308CEIRPP recommendations/Palestine National Council's endorsement - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman1977/03/28
03/25/1977S/PV.1993 (OR)
Mideast situation/Palestine participation - SecCo decision1977/03/25
02/06/1977A/AC.183/L.31Invitation to Member States and IGOs to participate in work of CEIRPP - Note by the Chairman, SecGen letter1977/02/06
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12/09/1976A/RES/31/61Mideast situation - Early resumption with all the parties of Mideast Peace Conference under S/RES/338 (1973) - GA resolution1976/12/09
12/09/1976A/RES/31/62Mideast peace conference - Early convening of Mideast Peace Conference under S/RES/338, UN auspices called for - GA resolution1976/12/09
11/24/1976A/RES/31/20Palestine question/CEIRPP's recommendations - GA resolution1976/11/24
11/11/1976S/12233Situation in the OPT/ Israel's measures had no legal validity/Fourth Geneva Convention applicable/ Jerusalem - SecCo President statement1976/11/11
10/22/1976S/RES/396 (1976)UNDOF - Search for a comprehensive settlement/ Parties to implement S/RES/338 (1973) - SecCo resolution1976/10/22
10/18/1976A/31/271PLO UN status/ Peace Conference on the Middle East - SecGen report1976/10/18
07/21/1976A/31/35Palestine question - CEIRPP's report to GA (1976)1976/07/21
06/29/1976S/12119Palestine question/CEIRPP recommendations - SecCo vetoed draft resolution1976/06/29
05/28/1976S/12090Palestine question - CEIRPP report to SecCo, recommendations, programme of implementation to enable the Palestinian people to exercise inalienable rights1976/05/28
05/28/1976S/RES/390 (1976)UNDOF - Durable, just peace efforts noted/Parties to implement S/RES/338 (1973) - SecCo resolution1976/05/28
05/26/1976S/PV.1922 (OR)Situation in the OATs/Fourth Geneva Convention - SecCo President statement1976/05/26
04/30/1976A/AC.183/4Summary of work of UNCCP - CEIRPP document1976/04/30
03/17/1976A/AC.183/L.10CEIRPP meeting - PLO replies to Committee members' questions/ ICJ - Summary record1976/03/17
03/11/1976A/AC.183/L.3Palestine question at the UN (1947-1975)/Historical background - CEIRPP document1976/03/11
02/27/1976GA/PAL/4CEIRPP meeting - Press release1976/02/27
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12/17/1975A/PV.2443Appointment of CEIRPP members - GA meeting record1975/12/17
12/05/1975A/RES/3414 (XXX)Mideast situation/Early reconvening with all the parties of Mideast Peace Conference under S/RES/338 (1973)/ Inalienable Palestinian national rights/ Conference Co-Chairmen - GA resolution1975/12/05
12/04/1975S/PV.1859 (OR)Mideast situation - SecCo debate - Verbatim record1975/12/04
11/30/1975S/RES/381(1975)UNDOF/Mideast problem incl. the Palestinian question/ Mandate renewed - SecCo resolution1975/11/30
11/10/1975A/PV.2399Question of Palestine - Establishment of CEIRPP, PLO invited to participate in peace efforts/debate, vote - Verbatim records1975/11/10
11/10/1975A/RES/3375 (XXX)Invitation to PLO to participate in peace efforts - GA resolution1975/11/10
11/10/1975A/RES/3376 (XXX)Palestine question/Establishment of CEIRPP to recommend a programme of implementation of inalienable rights - GA resolution1975/11/10
11/10/1975A/RES/3379 (XXX)Elimination of all forms of racial discrimination: Zionism as racism - GA resolution1975/11/10
11/07/1975A/PV.2397Question of Palestine - Establishment of CEIRPP/debate- Verbatim records1975/11/07
11/07/1975A/PV.2398Question of Palestine - Establishment of CEIRPP/debate- Verbatim records1975/11/07
11/06/1975A/PV.2395Question of Palestine - Establishment of CEIRPP/debate- Verbatim records1975/11/06
11/06/1975A/PV.2396Question of Palestine - Establishment of CEIRPP/debate- Verbatim records1975/11/06
11/05/1975A/PV.2393Question of Palestine - Establishment of CEIRPP/debate- Verbatim records1975/11/05
11/05/1975A/PV.2394Question of Palestine - Establishment of CEIRPP/debate- Verbatim records1975/11/05
11/04/1975A/PV.2392Question of Palestine - Establishment of CEIRPP/debate- Verbatim records1975/11/04
11/03/1975A/PV.2390Question of Palestine - Establishment of CEIRPP/debate- Verbatim records1975/11/03
11/03/1975A/PV.2391Question of Palestine - Establishment of CEIRPP/debate- Verbatim records1975/11/03
10/23/1975S/RES/378 (1975)Mideast situation/UNEF II/ Search for a comprehensive settlement/ All parties to implement S/RES/338 (1973) - SecCo resolution1975/10/23
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11/29/1974S/RES/363 (1974)UNDOF - Durable, just peace efforts noted/Parties to implement S/RES/338 (1973)/ Mandate renewed - SecCo resolution1974/11/29
11/22/1974A/RES/3236 (XXIX)Palestine question/Inalienable rights of the Palestinian people: Self-determination, independence, sovereignty, return - GA resolution1974/11/22
11/22/1974A/RES/3237 (XXIX)PLO UN status/PLO to participate as observer in GA - GA resolution1974/11/22
11/13/1974A/PV.2282 and Corr.1Palestine question/Arafat statement - GA debate - Verbatim record1974/11/13
10/28/1974PLO sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people - LAS Rabat Summit - resolution1974/10/28
10/23/1974S/RES/362 (1974)Mideast situation/UNEF II - Underlying problems unresolved - SecCo resolution1974/10/23
10/15/1974ICAO/RES/A21-7Jerusalem/Airport - ICAO Assembly resolution1974/10/15
10/14/1974A/RES/3210 (XXIX)Invitation to the PLO - GA resolution1974/10/14
09/11/1974A/9742* and ADD.1-4*Question of Palestine agenda item request - Letter1974/09/11
05/31/1974S/11302/Add.1Mideast situation - Israel, Syria disengagement agreement text to be signed - SecGen report1974/05/31
05/31/1974S/RES/350 (1974)Mideast situation - UNDOF to be set up/ Israel, Syria disengagement agreement under S/RES/338 (1973) welcomed - SecCo resolution1974/05/31
04/08/1974S/RES/346 (1974)Mideast situation/UNEF II - Disengagement only first step to Mideast peace - SecCo resolution1974/04/08
01/23/1974S/11198/Add.1Mideast situation/Geneva peace conference/ Egypt-Israel disengagement agreement/ Map - Letter from SecGen1974/01/23
01/13/1974S/11198Mideast situation/Geneva peace conference/ Egypt-Israeli agreement on disengagement - Letter from SecGen1974/01/13
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12/17/1973A/RES/3175 (XXVIII)Sovereignty over national resources in the OATs - GA resolution1973/12/17
12/15/1973S/RES/344 (1973)Mideast Peace Conference (Geneva) under S/RES/338 - SecCo resolution1973/12/15
12/07/1973A/RES/3092 (XXVIII) (A+B)Israeli practices/Fourth Geneva Convention - SpCttee report - GA resolutions1973/12/07
11/30/1973A/3070Right of peoples to self-determination - GA resolution1973/11/30
10/25/1973S/RES/340 (1973)Mideast situation/UNEF II to be set up/ Implementation of S/RES/338 and S/RES/339 (1973) - SecCo resolution1973/10/25
10/22/1973S/RES/338 (1973)Hide details for Mideast situation/Call for cease-fire/ Parties to implement S/RES/242 (1967)/ Negotiations to start - SecCo reMideast situation/Call for cease-fire/ Parties to implement S/RES/242 (1967)/ Negotiations to start - SecCo resolution1973/10/22
[Replication or Save Conflict]
05/18/1973S/10929Efforts on Mideast undertaken by UN since June 1967 - SecGen report to SecCo under S/RES/3311973/05/18
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12/13/1971A/RES/2799 (XXVI)Mideast situation/Efforts to reach a peace agreement - GA resolution1971/12/13
11/30/1971S/10403Mideast situation/Special Representative's activities (Jarring), aide-memoire to Israel, UAR - SecGen report1971/11/30
09/25/1971S/RES/298 (1971)Israel to rescind measures which may change the status of Jerusalem - SecCo resolution1971/09/25
Jerusalem/Government House - SecGen report1971/08/20
Jerusalem/Government House - SecGen report1971/04/20
02/18/1971S/10124Jerusalem/Government House/United Nations rights - SecGen report1971/02/18
02/01/1971S/10070/Add.1Mideast situation - SRSG Gunnar Jarring's mission - SecGen further report1971/02/01
01/04/1971S/10070UN Middle East Mission under SecCo resolution 242 ("Jarring mission") - SecGen report1971/01/04
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12/07/1970A/RES/2656 (XXV)UNRWA Working Group on Financing established - GA resolution1970/12/07
11/30/1970A/RES/2649Right of peoples to self-determination/People of Palestine/Struggle by any means - GA resolution1970/11/30
11/04/1970A/RES/2628 (XXV)Mideast situation/Establishment of a just and lasting peace/ Respect for the rights of the Palestinians/ Special Representative - GA resolution1970/11/04
10/05/1970A/8089Israeli practices - SpCttee's first report1970/10/05
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12/10/1969A/RES/2535(XXIV)A-CPalestine refugees/UNRWA reports/Inalienable rights of the Palestinian people reaffirmed - GA resolutions1969/12/10
09/15/1969S/RES/271 (1969)Holy places/Al-Aqsa arson damage - Condemns Israel's failure to comply/Israel scrupulously to observe the Geneva Conventions, military occupation law - SecCo resolution1969/09/15
07/03/1969S/RES/267 (1969)Jerusalem - Israel to rescind all measures taken which may tend to change the status of the City/Security Council to reconvene - SecCo resolution1969/07/03
07/01/1969S/9149/Add.1/Corr.1Jerusalem/Israeli measures - SecGen report under S/RES/252 (1968)/Addendum/Corrigendum1969/07/01
06/30/1969S/9149/Add.1Jerusalem/Israeli measures - SecGen report under S/RES/252 (1968)/Addendum1969/06/30
05/12/1969S/9537Jerusalem/Israeli measures - SecGen report under S/RES/267 (1969)1969/05/12
04/11/1969S/9149Jerusalem/Israeli measures - SecGen report under S/RES/252 (1968)1969/04/11
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12/19/1968A/RES/2443 (XXIII)Israeli practices/Establishment of the SpCttee - GA resolution1968/12/19
10/14/1968S/8851Requested humanitarian mission to the OATs - SecGen report under S/RES/2591968/10/14
09/27/1968S/RES/259 (1968)Situation in the OATs/Safety, welfare and security of the inhabitants/ Requests to dispatch a Special Representative - SecCo resolution1968/09/27
09/18/1968S/RES/258 (1968)Mideast situation/Cease-fire ordered/ Peaceful settlement/ Special Representative - SecCo resolution1968/09/18
08/16/1968S/RES/256 (1968)Mideast situation/Condemns Israel's further military attacks - SecCo resolution1968/08/16
05/21/1968S/RES/252 (1968)Jerusalem - Israel's legislative and administrative measures invalid/Israel to rescind all such measures - SecCo resolution1968/05/21
05/03/1968S/PV.1421 (OR)Situation in the OPT/Jerusalem mayor (Rouhi El-Khatib) - SecCo debate - Verbatim record1968/05/03
05/02/1968S/RES/251 (1968)Jerusalem/Military parade - SecCo resolution1968/05/02
04/27/1968S/RES/250 (1968)Jerusalem/Military parade - SecCo resolution1968/04/27
04/16/1968S/8546Jerusalem/Settlements - Letter from Jordan1968/04/16
03/24/1968S/RES/248 (1968)Mideast situation - SecCo condemns Israel's military action in Jordan - SecCo resolution1968/03/24
03/08/1968S/8445Situation in the OPT/Expulsion of the Mayor of Jerusalem - Letter from Jordan1968/03/08
Jerusalem - League of Nations-approved UK Commission report on the Western Wall (1930) - Letter from Jordan1968/02/23
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11/23/1967S/8259Designation of Special Representative under S/RES/242 (Jarring) - SecGen note1967/11/23
11/22/1967S/PV.1382 (OR)Mideast situation - SecCo debate, vote (S/RES/242) - Verbatim record1967/11/22
11/22/1967S/RES/242 (1967)Mideast situation/Withdrawal of Israeli forces, termination of states of belligerency - Resolution 242 - SecCo resolution1967/11/22
09/18/1967A/RES/2257 (ES-V)Mideast situation/Agenda item referred to GA regular session - GA 5th ESS resolution1967/09/18
09/15/1967A/6797*Protection of civilians/Internally displaced persons - Gussing mission report, SecGen report under A/RES/2252 (ES-V) and S/RES/237 (1967)1967/09/15
09/12/1967A/6793,S/8146Mission of Personal Representative in Jerusalem - SecGen report under A/RES/2254 (ES-V)1967/09/12
09/01/1967Khartoum resolution - LAS - Text/Non-UN document1967/09/01
1967 internally displaced persons/Humanitarian assistance/Gussing mission interim report - SecGen report1967/08/18
07/21/1967A/RES/2256 (ES-V)Mideast situation/GA 5th ESS to adjourn - GA resolution1967/07/21
07/14/1967A/RES/2254 (ES-V)Jerusalem/Israeli measures - GA 5th ESS - Resolution1967/07/14
07/04/1967A/RES/2252 (ES-V)1967 war/Humanitarian assistance - GA 5th emergency session - Resolution1967/07/04
07/04/1967A/RES/2253 (ES-V)Jerusalem/Israeli measures - GA 5th emergency special session - Resolution1967/07/04
06/17/1967A/6730 & Add.1-3 &
UNEF I withdrawal (16 May - 17 June 1967) - SecGen report, addenda, corrigendum1967/05/16,1967/06/17
06/14/1967S/RES/237 (1967)Mideast situation/Displaced persons/ Return of inhabitants/ Respect for inalienable human rights/Humanitarian questions - SecCo resolution1967/06/14
06/07/1967S/PV.1350 (OR)Mideast situation - SecCo debate, adoption of resolution 234 - Verbatim record1967/06/07
06/06/1967S/PV.1348 (OR)Mideast situation - SecCo debate, adoption of resolution 233 - Verbatim record1967/06/06
06/06/1967S/RES/233 (1967)Mideast situation/Outbreak of fighting - SecCo resolution1967/06/06
06/05/1967S/7930Mideast situation/Government House, Jerusalem - UNEF I , UNTSO supplemental information - SecGen report1967/06/05
05/16/1967A/6730 & Add.1-3 &
UNEF I withdrawal (16 May - 17 June 1967) - SecGen report, addenda, corrigendum1967/05/16,1967/06/17
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11/25/1966S/PV.1328 (OR)Attack on As Samu - SecCo action/The Palestine question (Last consideration of item) - SecCo verbatim record1966/11/25
11/25/1966S/RES/228 (1966)Mideast situation/Israel military action in Hebron area, territory of Jordan - SecCo resolution1966/11/25
11/17/1966A/RES/2154 (XXI)Palestine refugees/UNRWA reports - GA resolution1966/11/17
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12/15/1965A/RES/2052 (XX)Palestine refugees/UNRWA reports - GA resolution1965/12/15
11/23/1965A/6115*Work of UNRWA - Report of the Special Political Committee (4th Cttee)to GA, draft resolutions1965/11/23
09/11/1965LAS 1965 Protocol on the Treatment of Palestinian Refugees ("Casablanca Protocol") - Non-UN document1965/09/11
02/10/1965A/RES/2002 (XIX)Palestine refugees/Extension of UNRWA mandate - GA resolution1965/02/10
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04/28/1964A/AC.25/W/84Identification and valuation of refugee property/Methods by land expert - CCNUP - Working paper1964/04/28
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12/03/1963A/RES/1912 (XVIII)Palestine refugees/UNRWA reports - GA resolution1963/12/03
11/01/1963A/5545UNCCP - Special Representative's resignation (Joseph E. Johnson) - 21st progress report1963/11/01
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12/20/1962A/RES/1856 (XVII)Palestine refugees/UNRWA reports - GA resolution1962/12/20
12/07/1962A/5337UNCCP - Special Representative's mission - 20th progress report1962/12/07
04/09/1962S/RES/171 (1962)
Mideast situation/Lake Tiberias area - SecCo resolution1962/04/09
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12/20/1961A/RES/1725 (XVI)Palestine refugees/UNRWA reports - GA resolution1961/12/20
10/13/1961A/4921 and Add.1UNCCP - 19th progress report and addendum: Special Representative report1961/10/13
10/05/1961A/AC.25/W/83Land Expert's interim report - Identification and valuation of Arab refugee property - UNCCP - Report1961/10/05
10/02/1961A/AC.25/W/81/Rev.2Palestine refugees Question of compensation - UNCCP - Working paper/Revised1961/10/02
04/21/1961A/RES/1604 (XV)Palestine refugees/UNRWA reports - GA resolution1961/04/21
04/11/1961S/RES/162 (1961)
Mideast situation/Israel, Jordan - SecCo resolution1961/04/11
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12/09/1959A/RES/1456 (XIV)Palestine refugees/Extension of UNRWA mandate - GA resolution1959/12/09
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12/12/1958A/RES/1315 (XIII)Palestine refugees/UNRWA report/Education and vocational training/UNCCP consultations - GA resolution1958/12/12
01/22/1958S/RES/127 (1958)
Mideast situation/Jerusalem/Government House zone - SecCo resolution1958/01/22
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12/12/1957A/RES/1191 (XII)Palestine refugees/UNRWA report/UNCCP consultations - GA resolution1957/12/12
08/15/1957Map 979Gaza - UNEF I deployment - Map1957/08/15
02/28/1957A/RES/1018 (XI)Palestine refugees/UNRWA report/UNCCP consultations - GA resolution1957/02/28
02/02/1957A/RES/1125 (XI)UNEF functions - GA resolution1957/02/02
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11/05/1956A/RES/1000 (ES-I)1956 war/Establishment of UNEF - GA emergency session - GA resolution1956/11/05
11/02/1956A/RES/997 (ES-I)1956 war - GA emergency session - GA resolution1956/11/02
10/31/1956S/RES/119 (1956)
Mideast situation/Egypt - GA emergency special session call - SecCo resolution1956/10/31
10/13/1956S/RES/118 (1956)
Mideast situation/Egypt/Suez question - SecCo resolution1956/10/13
06/04/1956S/RES/114 (1956)
Mideast situation/SecGen mission on behalf of SecCo - SecCo resolution1956/06/04
04/04/1956S/RES/113 (1956)
Mideast situation/Tensions along armistice lines - SecCo resolution1956/04/04
01/19/1956S/RES/111 (1956)
Lake Tiberias area - SecCo condemns Israel's attack of 11 December 1955 as flagrant cease-fire violation - SecCo resolution1955/12/11,1956/01/19
12/11/1955S/RES/111 (1956)
Lake Tiberias area - SecCo condemns Israel's attack of 11 December 1955 as flagrant cease-fire violation - SecCo resolution1955/12/11,1956/01/19
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01/19/1956S/RES/111 (1956)
Lake Tiberias area - SecCo condemns Israel's attack of 11 December 1955 as flagrant cease-fire violation - SecCo resolution1955/12/11,1956/01/19
12/11/1955S/RES/111 (1956)
Lake Tiberias area - SecCo condemns Israel's attack of 11 December 1955 as flagrant cease-fire violation - SecCo resolution1955/12/11,1956/01/19
12/03/1955A/RES/916 (X)Palestine refugees/UNRWA report/UNCCP consultations - GA resolution1955/12/03
09/08/1955S/RES/108 (1955)
Mideast situation/Egypt/Outbreak of violence in area along armistice line - SecCo resolution1955/09/08
07/28/1955UNA/AC.37 (063.5) N61955 project to supply Nile water to Gaza: UNRWA-Egypt report (excerpts)1955/07/28
03/30/1955S/RES/107 (1955)
Armistice demarcation line between Egypt, Israel/ Infiltration - SecCo resolution1955/03/30
03/29/1955S/RES/106 (1955)
Mideast situation/Egypt, Israel/ Cease-fire violations under S/RES/54 (1948) - SecCo resolution1955/03/29
01/06/1955S/3343Mideast situation - Israeli-Syrian Mixed Armistice Commission resolution - UNTSO report1955/01/06
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12/04/1954A/RES/818 (IX)Palestine refugees/UNRWA report/UNCCP consultations - GA resolution1954/12/04
11/08/1954A/AC.25/AR/80Arab States regret USA & UK decision to present credence in Jerusalem (corpus separatum) - Transmittal to UNCCP by SG - Letter to the SecGen1954/11/08
08/01/1954S/3278Mideast situation/Jerusalem incident/Cease-fire violation - UNTSO report1954/08/01
06/19/1954S/3251Attack on Nahhalin village - Jordan-Israel Mixed Armistice Commission resolution - UNTSO report1954/06/19
01/04/1954A/2629UNCCP/Jerusalem - 13th progress report1954/01/04
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11/27/1953A/RES/720(VIII) (A+B)Palestine refugees/UNRWA reports - GA resolution1953/11/27
Attack on West Bank village of Qibya - SecCo censures Israel's action, requests Jordan to prevent crossings - SecCo resolution1953/11/24
10/27/1953S/PV.630Attacks on West Bank village Qibya, Gaza Bureij camp - UNTSO report (Bennike), SecCo debate, SecGen statement - Verbatim record1953/10/27
Water works in demilitarized zone to be suspended - SecCo resolution1953/10/27
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12/21/1952A/RES/619 (VII)Mideast situation - General armistice agreements complaint - GA resolution1952/12/21
11/06/1952A/RES/614 (VII)Palestine refugees/UNRWA reports - GA resolution1952/11/06
01/26/1952A/RES/512 (VI)UNCCP unable to fulfil mandate/Governments concerned have primary responsibility for reaching settlement- GA resolution1952/01/26
01/26/1952A/RES/513 (VI)Palestine refugees/UNRWA reports - GA resolution1952/01/26
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11/20/1951A/1985UNCCP - 10th Progress Report (From 23 January to 19 November 1951)1951/11/20
09/17/1951A/AC.25/IS.68Comprehensive proposals submitted by UNCCP to Ithe delegations of srael, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria1951/09/17
09/01/1951S/RES/95 (1951)
Egypt's interference with shipping in Suez Canal/Return of permanent peace in Palestine - SecCo resolution1951/09/01
06/30/1951A/1905UNRWA - Annual report of the Director1951/06/30
06/12/1951S/2194Egypt-Israel Armistice Agreement Special Cttee activities/Suez Canal/Peace in Palestine - UNTSO report1951/06/12
05/29/1951A/AC.25/W/61/Add.1Definition of a "refugee" - UNCCP Working paper - Addendum1951/05/29
05/18/1951S/RES/93 (1951) - S/2157Mideast situation/Return to permanent peace in Palestine - Israel, Syria to observe Armistice Agreement - SecCo resolution1951/05/18
05/08/1951S/RES/92 (1951)
Mideast situation/Israel, Syria - SecCo calls on parties to cease fighting - SecCo resolution1951/05/08
04/09/1951A/AC.25/W/61Definition of the term "refugee" under GA resolution 194 - UNCCP - Working paper1951/04/09
02/09/1951A/AC.25/W/58UNCCP - Israeli regulations on property of absentees - Working paper of the Secretariat1951/02/09
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12/14/1950A/RES/394 (V)UNCCP/Measures for the protection of rights, property and interests of refugees/Refugee Office mandate - GA resolution1950/12/14
12/14/1950A/RES/468 (V)Jerusalem international regime/Cancellation of financing - GA resolution1950/12/14
12/02/1950A/RES/393 (V)Assistance to Palestine refugees, UNRWA, reintegration,repatriation, resettlement - GA resolution1950/12/02
11/17/1950S/RES/89 (1950)
Mideast situation/Expulsion of Palestine Arabs/ Return of permanent peace in Palestine - SecCo resolution1950/11/17
10/06/1950A/1451/Rev.1UNRWA - Interim report of the Director and the Advisory Commission1950/10/06
09/02/1950A/1367/Rev.1UNCCP - General progress report, supplementary report1950/09/02
08/01/195094(b)Palestine: Land ownership by sub-district (1945) - Map1950/08/01
06/14/1950A/1286Jerusalem/International regime - Trusteeship Council report to the GA1950/06/14
06/14/1950T/RES/701Jerusalem/International regime - Trusteeship Council resolution1950/06/14
05/25/1950Tripartite Declaration re Armistice borders - US, UK, France -Non-UN document1950/05/25
05/15/1950A/AC.25/W/45Legal implications of the refugees' rights/obligations of the Commission in paragraph 11 of Resolution 194 (III) - UNCCP - working paper1950/05/15
04/22/1950A/AC.25/W/43Compensation for Palestine refugees property - UNCCP Note1950/04/22
04/04/1950T/592Jerusalem/Statute for the city - Trusteeship Council report1950/04/04
03/30/1950A/AC.25/W/42Relations between UNRWA and UNCCP - UNCCP Memorandom - Working paper1950/03/30
02/22/1950S/1471Egypt-Israel General Armistice Agreement - "modus vivendi" to the agreement1950/02/22
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12/31/1949547.IArmistice lines of 1949 - Map1949/12/31
12/30/1949T/431Jerusalem/International regime - Trusteeship Council resolution, correspondence/Ben-Gurion statement - Trusteeship Council document1949/12/30,1949/12/21
12/21/1949T/431Jerusalem/International regime - Trusteeship Council resolution, correspondence/Ben-Gurion statement - Trusteeship Council document1949/12/30,1949/12/21
12/20/1949T/RES/427Jerusalem - Removal of Israel's offices to the city - Trusteeship Council resolution1949/12/20
12/19/1949T/RES/426Jerusalem - Statute for the city - Trusteeship Council resolution1949/12/19
12/10/1949A/RES/356 (IV)Jerusalem/International regime/Financing - GA resolution1949/12/10
12/09/1949A/RES/303 (IV)Jerusalem/International regime/ Protection of holy places - GA resolution1949/12/09
12/08/1949A/RES/302 (IV)Palestine refugees - Establishing UNRWA, Advisory Commission/UNCCP consultations, Economic Survey Mission - GA resolution1949/12/08
11/30/1949229Jerusalem - Principal Holy Sites - Armistice line - Map1949/11/30
Protection of holy places - Letter from the Conciliation Commission1949/11/16
11/12/1949A/973/Add.1UNCCP Jerusalem international regime proposal - UNCCP statement1949/11/12
10/28/1949A/AC.25/Com.Tech/W.3Arab Refugee Congress' account of the Dawaymeh massacre - UNCCP's Technical Cttee on Refugees - Working paper1949/10/28
S/INF/3/Rev. 1
Jerusalem/Demilitarization - SecCo discussion postponement - Decision1949/10/25
09/15/1949A/992Palestine refugees, Economic Survey Mission - UNCCP 4th progress report1949/09/15
09/01/1949A/973Jerusalem/International regime - UNCCP draft instrument - UNCCP communication1949/09/01
08/12/1949ICRC-Conv.IVConvention (IV) relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war (Fourth Geneva Convention) - U.N.T.S. No. 973, Vol. 75/Non-UN convention1949/08/12
08/11/1949S/RES/72 (1949)
S/1376, I
Tribute to Count Folke Bernadotte/Mediators/Armistice agreements - SecCo resolution1949/08/11
08/11/1949S/RES/73 (1949)
S/1376, II
Armistice Agreements/SecCo truce superseded/ Acting Mediator relieved of resp./UNTSO - SecCo resolution1949/08/11
07/27/1949S/1353/Add.1/Corr.1Israeli-Syrian General Armistice Agreement - Communication from UN Acting Mediator1949/07/27
07/27/1949S/1353/Add.2Israel-Syria General Armistice Agreement/Annex I - Communication from UN Acting Mediator1949/07/27
07/25/1949A/AC.25/SR.81Inclusion of the Palestine Question in the 4th GA's Agenda - UNCCP 81st Meeting - Summary record (Lausanne Talks)1949/07/25
07/20/1949S/1353Israel-Syria General Armistice Agreement1949/07/20
07/20/1949S/1353/Add.1Israel-Syria General Armistice Agreement/Annex II - Communication from UN Acting Mediator1949/07/20
06/24/1949A/AC.25/W/16Proposals by parties during the Lausanne exchanges of views - UNCCP - Working paper1949/06/24
06/21/1949A/927Lausanne Protocol/Jerusalem/Boundaries - UNCCP 3rd progress report1949/06/21
05/11/1949A/RES/273 (III)Israel membership in the UN - GA resolution1949/05/11
05/06/1949A/AC.24/SR.46Israel's membership in the UN - Ad Hoc Political Committee- Summary record1949/05/06
04/20/1949ST/DPI/SER.A/47Palestine question - DPI Research Section Background Paper No. 471949/04/20
04/03/1949S/1302/Rev.1Israel-Jordan General Armistice Agreement - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator, Map (Green Line)1949/04/03
03/28/1949A/AC.25/W/7Numbers of Palestine refugees per location/Capital and land required for their resettlement - UNCCP - Working paper1949/03/28
03/24/1949S/1296/Add.1Israel-Lebanon General Armistice Agreement - Cablegram from UN Acting Mediator/Addendum1949/03/24
03/23/1949S/1296Israel-Lebanon General Armistice Agreement1949/03/23
03/04/1949S/RES/69 (1949)
Israel membership in the UN - SecCo resolution1949/03/04
03/04/1949S/.PV.414Admission of Israel to UN membership - SecCo debate, vote - Verbatim record1949/03/04
03/01/1949A/819First progress report - UNCCP - Report1949/03/01
02/23/1949S/1264/Corr.1Egypt-Israel General Armistice Agreement1949/02/23
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12/29/1948S/RES/66 (1948)
Situation in Palestine/Cease-fire/UNCCP to nominate representatives - SecCo resolution1948/12/29
12/11/1948A/PV.186Palestine question - Progress Report of the UN Mediator - GA debate, vote, adoption of resolution 194 (III), designation of UNCCP members - Verbatim record (excerpts)1948/12/11
12/11/1948A/RES/194 (III)Palestine question - UN Mediator report, Conciliation Commission to be established, Jerusalem status, refugees - GA resolution 1941948/12/11
12/01/1948A/C.1/SR.220Palestine UN Mediator report/Israel admission application/ ICJ advisory opinion vote - GA First Cttee debate - Summary record1948/12/01
11/19/1948A/RES/212 (III)Assistance to Palestine refugees/Establishing UNRPR, special fund - GA resolution1948/11/19
11/16/1948S/RES/62 (1948)
Situation in Palestine/Chapter VII - Armistice to be established for permanent peace in Palestine - SecCo resolution1948/11/16
11/04/1948S/RES/61 (1948)
Situation in Palestine - withdrawal of forces, permanent truce lines/Appoints Committee of the Council - SecCo resolution1948/11/04
S/INF/2/Rev. 1 (III)
Negeb situation - SecCo decision1948/10/19
10/19/1948S/RES/59 (1948)
Situation in Palestine/Mediator assassination report, authorities to facilitate truce supervision - SecCo resolution1948/10/19
10/18/1948A/689Assistance to refugees - UN Acting Mediator - Supplement to progress report1948/10/18
09/27/1948S/1018Assassination of the UN Mediator - UNTSO report1948/09/27
S/INF/2/Rev. 1 (III)
Palestine mission head - PersRep of the SecGen approved to head Palestine mission (Bunche) - SecCo decision1948/09/18
09/16/1948A/648Mediation, truce supervision, refugees, proposals for peaceful settlement (a.k.a. "Bernadotte plan") - UN Mediator on Palestine - Progress report1948/09/16
09/16/1948S/1025Palestine question/Truce observation (11 June - 9 July 1948) - Mediator report1948/09/16,1948/07/09
08/19/1948S/RES/56 (1948)
Situation in Jerusalem/Truce violations - SecCo resolution1948/08/19
07/15/1948S/RES/54 (1948)
Situation in Palestine/Chapter VII - SecCo determines that the situation is a threat to the peace - SecCo resolution1948/07/15
07/12/1948S/888Palestine question/Arab League positions - UN Mediator report to SecCo1948/07/12
07/09/1948S/1025Palestine question/Truce observation (11 June - 9 July 1948) - Mediator report1948/09/16,1948/07/09
07/07/1948S/PV.330Palestine truce prolongation/ Government-related terminology - SecCo debate, voting - Meeting record (excerpts)1948/07/07
07/07/1948S/RES/53 (1948)
Situation in Palestine/Prolongation of the truce - SecCo resolution1948/07/07
06/28/1948S/863Palestine question/peaceful settlement - UN Mediator (Bernadotte) - Proposals presented to Arab and Jewish authorities1948/06/28
05/29/1948S/RES/50 (1948)
Hostilities in Palestine/Military observers/Chapter VII - SecCo calls for cease-fire orders for a period of four weeks, gives instructions to supervise observance - SecCo resolution1948/05/29
05/22/1948S/RES/49 (1948)
Military operations in Palestine/Cease-fire order/Truce Commission/Jerusalem - SecCo resolution1948/05/22
05/14/1948A/RES/186 (S-2)United Nations Mediator in Palestine/ Appointment, terms of reference/ End of UN Palestine Commission - GA second special session - Resolution1948/05/14
05/14/1948A/RES/189 (S-2)UN Palestine Commission/Appreciation of its work - GA second special session - Resolution1948/05/14
05/14/1948PAL/166Palestine question - Chronology of major developments - Press release1948/05/14
05/14/1948PAL/170Palestine question - Appointment of Municipal Commissioner for Jerusalem - Press release1948/05/14
05/06/1948A/RES/187 (S-2)Jerusalem/Appointment of a Special Municipal Commissioner - GA second special session - Resolution1948/05/06
05/05/1948A/544Jerusalem/Protection of city - Trusteeship Council report1948/05/05
04/21/1948T/118/Rev.2Jerusalem - Trusteeship Council's draft statute for the city - Trusteeship Council document1948/04/21
04/21/1948T/RES/34(II)Jerusalem/Statute for the city - Referral to the General Assembly - Trusteeship Council resolution1948/04/21
04/17/1948S/RES/46 (1948)
United Kingdom Mandatory Power/ SecCo President's truce efforts/Arms embargo - SecCo resolution1948/04/17
04/10/1948A/532Palestine question - UN Palestine Commission unable to implement res. 181 - Report1948/04/10
04/01/1948S/RES/43 (1948)
S/714, I
Violence and disorder in Palestine/ Truce - SecCo calls on armed groups to cease acts of violence - SecCo resolution1948/04/01
04/01/1948S/RES/44 (1948)
S/714, II
Future government of Palestine - SecCo requests GA special session - SecCo resolution1948/04/01
03/22/1948A/AC.21/W.28/Add.1Future Government of Palestine/UN Palestine Commission - Food import requirements for Palestine from 15 May to 1 October 1948 - Working paper/Addendum1948/03/22
03/10/1948T/RES/32(II)Jerusalem/Statute of the city - Trusteeship Council resolution1948/03/10
03/05/1948S/RES/42 (1948)Problem of security in Palestine - SecCo appeals to all to prevent, reduce disorders - SecCo resolution1948/03/05
02/27/1948PAL/138Future government of Palestine - UN Palestine Commission as successor Government of Palestine/UK memorandum (excerpts) - Press release1948/02/27
Security problem in Palestine, request for armed force - UN Palestine Commission - Special report to SecCo1948/02/16
02/03/1948A/AC.21/W.25UN Palestine Commission's relations with SecCo - Working paper1948/02/03
01/29/1948A/AC.21/7Future government of Palestine - UN Palestine Commission's first monthly progress report to SecCo - Report1948/01/29
01/22/1948A/AC.21/W.18Future government of Palestine/UN Palestine Commission - Possibility of establishing int'l force - Working paper1948/01/22
01/10/1948A/AC.21/W.10UN Palestine Commission - Elections to the constituent assemblies - Working paper1948/01/10
01/09/1948PAL/100Palestine question/First meeting of the UN Palestine Commission - SecGen statement - Press release1948/01/09
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12/31/194789-20684 (1)The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem Part I: 1917-1947 - Study1947/12/31
11/29/1947103.1 (b)Palestine - Plan of Partition with Economic Union under A/RES/181 - Map1947/11/29
11/29/1947104 (b)Jerusalem/Boundaries under A/RES/181, proposed by the Ad Hoc Committee - Map1947/11/29
11/29/1947A/PV.128Future government of Palestine - GA debate, vote on resolution 181 - Verbatim record1947/11/29
11/29/1947A/RES/181(II)Palestine plan of partition with economic union - General Assembly resolution 1811947/11/29
11/29/1947Map No. 3067 Rev.1United Nations partition plan of 1947 - Map1947/11/29
11/26/1947GA/PAL/88Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question Created - Press release1947/11/26
10/23/1947GA/PAL/28Establishment of working groups on Jewish DP's, legal issues, unitary state - Ad Hoc Cttee\ Subcommittee #2 meeting - Press release1947/10/23
09/03/1947A/364Question of Palestine/Majority plan (Partition), Minority plan (Federal State)- UN Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) - Report1947/09/03
08/31/1947PAL/91UN Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) - Background information - Press release1947/08/31
08/31/1947PAL/93UN Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) - Final meeting - Press release1947/08/31
07/01/1947A/AC.14/8Political History of Palestine under British Administration - UK memorandum1947/07/01
05/15/1947A/2/PV.79Palestine question/Constituting SpCttee on Palestine (UNSCOP)/First Cttee report - GA voting action/First special session closed - Verbatim record (excerpts)1947/05/15
05/15/1947A/RES/106 (S-1)Palestine question/Establishment of UN Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) - GA first special session - Resolution1947/05/15
05/15/1947A/RES/107 (S-1)Palestine question/Threat or use of force - GA first special session - Resolution1947/05/15
05/13/1947A/307Palestine question/Constituting SpCttee on Palestine (UNSCOP) - First Cttee report1947/05/13
05/07/1947A/RES/105 (S-1)Palestine question/Arab Higher Committee hearing - GA first special session - Resolution1947/05/07
05/05/1947A/RES/104 (S-1)Palestine question/Jewish Agency for Palestine hearing - GA first special session - Resolution1947/05/05
04/25/1947A/294Palestine question - GA first special session - List of additional agenda items1947/04/25
04/02/1947A/286Palestine question/Future government/Special Session of the General Assembly - UK letter to Acting Secretary-General1947/04/02
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12/31/1936Mandate 1936Mandate for Palestine - Report of the Mandatory to the LoN1936/12/31
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Jerusalem - United Kingdom Commission report on the Western Wall (1930) - LoN report/Letter from Jordan1930/12/01
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12/31/1929Mandate 1929Mandate for Palestine - Report of the Mandatory to the LoN for 19291929/12/31
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07/24/1922C.529.M.314.1922.VI.Mandate for Palestine - League of Nations1922/07/24
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11/02/1917Balfour Declaration - UK/Non-UN document1917/11/02
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